So, about the GDPR thing

Has anyone actually tried to get their data from Facebook and such? What do they store and is it possible to delete it all? Or is GDPR just a puff of smoke? Just asking out of curiosity since I don't use those "services" which collect your data.

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Don't click this link btw. Forbes violates the GDPR themselves by having you to opt out of their tracking shit. Btw opting out takes half a minute and fails at the end when you're using https.
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Did YOU read your own linked article? It's about breaches. I'm asking about YOU YOURSELF trying to get your data off Facebook and others.

Just fuck off, nigger. We all know that technology companies are way above law and that capitalistic swines don't care about (((you))). You can't just ask them to send you the enormous bulk of data they have about you, if you have used phone or clearnet ever.
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Okay, so both if you haven't tried it. I'm looking for someone that HAS. You know, for real, practical results.

I'm sure that there are plenty of fags with botnet accounts but nobody will admit to that here.
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I did. There was fuck all since I log into my faceberg literally once a year. None of that shit like phonecalls and texts journalists bitch about because I don't use the app on my phone and never gave my phone number to the site. Maybe I've given a temporary number I haven't had for years if it was mandatory.

I did force a few annoying sites to (supposedly) delete my account by citing GDPR. I'm not actually in the EU, but I figured they don't know that. They never asked anyway, just sent me cucked emails from their "support specialist" but they did stop sending spam.

I can't believe how terribly the whole thing turned out. All that work for EU to pass a yuuuge piece of legislation, and the companies just turned it into a way to make web 2.0 even more obnoxious. They didn't skip a beat, didn't change anything about their business. Kek, somebody should shop that just hair on EU flag
The GDPR is only 88 pages long.

It wasn’t meant to change anything about the internet, but good luck founding your own business now.

please explain why the GDPR makes founding a business hard?

You have to follow all the shitty guidelines that are meanigless when you are running a small firm, let's say local bookstore. You have to log everything, describe how you are using all the data you are being collecting etc., and most of the time you have to hire one person who does this shit for you. You are not expected to be lawyer, you are not kike neither statist. In a local bookstore that sells old, expensive books that doesn't have any mark of the beast on them, you don't want to run any catalogues and shit. And there comes electronic bills, which are somewhat big investment with which you are sponsoring guberment and kikesoft, that costs somewhat around 1000 eurodollars.
Generally founding a business is more expensive now.

That's a good thing though

It is clear that you have no clue what the GDPR actually is yet you are making big claims about how awful it is and the terrible impact it has on muh small businesses.
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the corps do what they want and the governments are powerless if not complicit in some cases.

I'm a based american, so I just log whatever I want indefinitely

Provide an argument or I'm SWATting you, Jewpig.


no. has to provide an argument.

From my observation, a widespread result of GDPR is that now many websites show a huge banner claiming how GDPR allows or even necessitates them to gather, process, store and share with 3rd parties data on you by a myriad of means, and if you don't agree then you should just gtfo.

Yup. I got 2 GB of data from Facebook and 33 GB from Google.
Everything they can. Facebook even had logs of old photos I deleted and contact information, including call and SMS logs, even though I never gave the app permission to access my contacts, call logs and/or SMS.

Google stores even more information, including detailed location data (even though I disabled that option) and Internet history (I don't use Chrome BTW) based on ads and stuff.

Facebook stopped collecting more data about me after the GDPR was in effect though. Google's ad data about me was very outdated since I started blocking third party cookies and scripts and moved almost exclusively to free software.

I already contacted my country's GDPR enforce thingy and sent them a lot of evidence of this, so I hope they do their fucking job and sue the shit out of Facebook and Alphabet.

They told me a lot of companies are still violating the GDPR, and a lot of investigations are taking place right now. Hopefully, after a huge wave of GDPR-related fines comes out, companies will respect it.
Supposedly, yes.


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i haven't had a detailed look but i did get facebook and google takeouts (not in gdpr nation,so fucking close to one though)
facebook was from years ago and only had low-moderate usage, and even without giving fake information it listed very inaccurate interests:
some make a bit of sense but are outdated or misinterpreted. others are literally retarded. i guess you need high usage for any kind of reliability.
of course now my account is filled with bullshit by me coming back once a month to like stupid minion quotes and angican christian pages from france and putting fake bio like being an tumblr otherkin married to a fake cousin i invented. i'll request another takeout to see how well this (allegedly) worked.
~500MB total download, 8MB when omiting messages
google had more alarming things simply because of how much i used to used it (used to Chrome+stock android, think of things like dictionary autocomplete suggestions), even with many or all privacy settings enabled.
there's clearly stuff they don't share (eg demographics/ad interests), i could only find a list of ads interacted with
do you think someone could just change their location to germany, use VPN for a few months and then successfully request GDPR/etc. deletion without them making you prove your citizenship???

Here it is:
Only thing you can do is, hope they delete it.
However even if they don't delete it, your (((Markbook))) page can't be accessed anymore by plebs and other people can't try to steal your account anymore.

You can also download a report of what data they collected in the settings but it's probably just a tiny amount of what they actually have.

to this day. GDPR is currently laxly enforced.

Why wouldn't they just leave?

Ah, yes. Why wouldn't they simply leave the second biggest market there is instead of adding a couple of parameters to their servers and a small announcement on their website?

No wonder you retards know more than everyone else, have more technical expertise than everyone else; yet you're the only ones not taking advantage of the startup boom to raise millions of dollars. Y'all just talking out of your asses.

businesses dont like extravagent and superfluous fines. also europe is a smaller market than china, india, africa. definitely not second largest market. dumb ass.

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Sure thing, pajeet.

how can i get data that they dont have? you need an actively used account for that

i thought that its just working as intended. its a datamining platform and they sell that data. no actual breach(like those where you steal a database and dump it on some pastebin) happened.


there are no facebook trackers on sites like this. the only one that might have something is google because their crap is everywhere but even they wont know my real name or similar actually identifying information.


they cant have something that does not exist.

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GDPR does not require them to store data about you.
It does require them to tell you if it is storing data about you and why.
If you don't collect user data then how would the General Data Protection Regulation even apply hmmmm?

Wow what a mature well reasoned argument. Kys