Civil War Logistics in Trump's America

How will the war be waged in the best timeline?
I've noticed that nearly all of the infographs detailing the intricacies of the war will are written under the assumption that a kike puppet will be in office. Second pic related even begins by stating the military will side with the rebelling forces and automatically create a losing war of attrition for the (((establishment))). The information presented by it and the others is certainly valuable, but the fact is that they were written for the wrong universe based on the following points:
>The near universal military and actual civilian support Trump enjoys
>The immense in-fighting amongst the maggots chewing their way through the remains of the DNC's corpse that would prevent the shabbos goyim and kikes from developing a survival strategy even if they managed to regain a semblance of their infrastructure

Instead of the oft assumed scenario of 15~30% of the White population fighting alongside deserting military members against a chimaera of kikes, cucks, and rapeapes for roughly three years, I am beginning to think that the war will be both shorter and fought in two race-based stages–first between the various shitskins themselves, then the remaining subhumans against the White population. I draw this conclusion based on the following developments:

In essence I see the war beginning first in the major population centers as niggers and spics panic upon the realization that the free ride is over, and they begin to attack one another fo' dem program moniez on an unprecedented scale. This will result in a rise in police activity against shitskins that the cucks will protest en masse as the MSM orders them to feel outraged, which in turn will force the national guard to mobilize to contain the soy soldiers. From there the development into the race war is inevitable. Whatever apes and goblins are left will be either supplied arms by or trained by glow in the darks, with the only real goal being to kill as many Whites as possible before they are exterminated.

The kikes know they missed their chance and will try to salvage the situation by starting a race war they know their mud dolls cannot win out of sheer petty spite. Naturally this is all just my armchair strategist assumptions, and I wholly invite any Zig Forumsack with actual militaristic sense to tell me how much of a faggot I am and how things will really go down. Post infographs, how-to guides, anything that would be relevant in the most cleanly divided civil war the world will ever see.

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user, please. They don’t want race war. That’s why the last FUCKING CENTURY happened the way it did. Frogs boiling.

grid goes down. nobody is prepared. preppers get murdered. zogbots set up camps and areas they can control. people line up for camps. zogbots patrol their areas of control and send some forces to eradicate resistance. they fly over and overtly spray any opposition crops with poison. after a few years any resistance is gone. they implement their slave nation with technology stashed in their underground bases. eventually the matrix becomes reality as kikes eat sleeping goyim.

All we need to do is cut off transnational supply lines and the war is won. They'd all starve.
That said I doubt there will be a civil war. If there is, it'll be some short stint by the communists. Most ring-wingers are middle-class which is probably the worst for mustering an army from. If you want power you need rich people orchestrating from behind the scenes, along with a lot of poor desperate young men. Teens that are turning into adults have it rough in terms of getting a job and getting established; most simply can't do it. But there are literally 0 far-right billionaires/intellectuals to work from behind the scenes. If we are ever to take power it will likely be through the political system.


thiel? bannon? has to be someone

plenty of gen-z'ers ready to get things going. lol at kike nigger spic cabal aka cabal aka glow govt raising age to 21 for guns. it's…it's afraid

why is pol promoting pence by the way with the graphics. pence promotion is deep state move to get us ready for them making move on trump

seems like that's a way to start a war right there. if they fucking touch trump

That makes me think of something - aren't the current and up and coming teenagers the most conservative teenage generation we have seen in a while? Probably reactionary due to growing up with rampant degeneracy and no economic future. So wouldn't that prime the young and dispossessed - the very group that fights during revolt situations - to likely be on our side?

I wouldn't count on it.
I bet it's just getting more polarized and vocal between the left and right.

So according to you, we will never take power. Got it.

The Israel fellator? Come on.

I doubt they care about degeneracy. What's more likely is the hyper-left liberal brainwashing is too obvious. Pretty much like anything the failing school system tries to promote.

What sucks about this, is that they have all the sea ports.

It's an unfortunate fact that we can't take power under the status quo. That's not to say that political maneuvering against the left, like Hitler did, wouldn't work. There's also the possibility of some cataclysm which shakes things up, but it's not a good idea to have your hopes and dreams contingent on something that may never happen. Although I don't know why someone always gets mad when I say we aren't going to just get a DOTR spontaneously. It's also kind of weird because Zig Forums also seems to dislike fringe extremist movements.

Thiel, Trump, and the Koch brothers are mostly just conservatives with a dash of libertarianism. Definitely not the types who would help a national socialist takeover of the government.

America would have to draw on its overseas resources in order to get supplies and help. The first important thing to note is that with the American military preoccupied, Iran and Assad can defeat Israel and Saudi Arabia. Japan would also likely remilitarize in order to assist (((us))), but they'd probably tell the kikes to fuck off after they realize they can do whatever they want now. It would end up similar to the British empire's dissolution after WW2. The difference being that instead of being a simple imperialistic capitalist empire, America is the capital of international jewry.

The whole reason they don't throw us all into camps right now is because they know they wouldn't win in that scenario. They've chosen this route very carefully. I suggest reading the protocols of the learned elder's of zion for more information on how the "New World Order" operates.

Come on, user, are those real suggestions or are you just blackpilling

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They'll eat themselves, I think you have the right of it.

I think we highly overestimate the man power of the Establishment. A lot of their power is through sheer smoke and mirrors deception - they RELY on the media to portray state actors as competent and ever vigilant. But the truth of the matter is tons of crimes go unsolved' and the police/national guard were never made to handle a critical mass. In the event of a civil war - the establishment would only be able to reliably maintain specific enclaves. There's only roughly 4 million military and law enforcement personnel. They'd have a hard time facing up to a civilian militia of comparable size - if that militia utilized guerrilla, scorched earth tactics. There would be massive chaos because plenty of people would just become abandoned between the respective battle lines. And retaining order would prove impossible for the establishment - they just simply don't have the manpower.

I think we highly overestimate the man power of the Establishment. A lot of their power is through sheer smoke and mirrors deception - they RELY on the media to portray state actors as competent and ever vigilant. But the truth of the matter is tons of crimes go unsolved' and the police/national guard were never made to handle a critical mass. In the event of a civil war - the establishment would only be able to reliably maintain specific enclaves. There's only roughly 4 million military and law enforcement personnel. They'd have a hard time facing up to a civilian militia of comparable size - if that militia utilized guerrilla, scorched earth tactics. There would be massive chaos because plenty of people would just become abandoned between the respective battle lines. And retaining order would prove impossible for the establishment - they just simply don't have the manpower.

It'll never happen. Whites/conservatives won't go on the offensive. They'll do defense only to the verge of annihilation.

The minute they nut up and commit to war they will obliterate the shitskins/commies.

Maybe a Trump assassination or long term uncontrolled chimpouts could trigger something, but I doubt it even then.

I think you guys are underestimating the government. Stop thinking that
1. The military wouldnt happily stomp us out, using any type of weaponry they could find. You think the US govt couldnt nuke us? We bombed the shit out of serbia during their revolution and Russia backed down like bitches. They WILL do the same here.

2. Our militia just would spring up from the dirt. Most 3%, millitia members and NS people are not only incompetent but are DOCUMENTED by either the government. Or local antifa organizations. This is because before anyone gets into contact with millitia movements, they broadcast their views in thr public sphere. Think about stuff like Snowdens dragnet.

3. Russia would support a revolution.
Can you guess which one? Not us! Theyll support another october revolution, where all those antifa members that already get police protection from us now get to roam free with machine guns.

4. The right has any organization.

We have no leadership and our members are total cowards. People on the right still try to build careers, families and live healthy lives. Your local anarchist lives in a dumpster, has multiple infections and has a lengthy crime record.

Before shooting you!

The right wing might actually turn in their guns. The left will just break the law! They dont care!
You guys keep acting as if we somehow have our work cut out for us. As if we arent in the minority, under supplied and with few willing to die. We dont even have a million people!  We also dont have a competent general to lead us or any real means of supplies. The international response from us, including from Europe would be "nuke the nazi". (((They))) would even make it a meme.
Anyone who has studied the october revolution knows that it didnt begin in the country, it began in the cities, where the left has a stranglehold. Then it spread to the country, where anyone who resisted was thrown into those terrible camps.

You know what you do? You build small cells, 8 or 9 well trusted people. Anyone else wants to join: make a new cell. This prevents us from getting RICO'd. Hold small training sessions that report back to some degree of leadership. Any time a cell has trouble, call for help and have a cell create a distraction. Do this enough in key points in the city so that people can triangulate distinct divisions.

Next you dig. You fucking dig the whole mountains out. You hide in the dirt with random trap doors everywhere. This way cops/communists chasing you could always walk into an ambush.  This is what NVK did to avoid the US military. Mountains are also natural protectors against nukes. Build bases. Now. Build them right now.

I guarantee only about 20% of those 4 million would show up for duty if there was ever any severe degree of unrest. They would not abandon their families, especially not given the incompetence of your average Family Readiness Officer. They'd desert first.
T. former Field Grade Marine Corps Infantry Officer


Funny you mention that.

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simply epic

What did he mean by this?
Also I hate it when pants are that high. At least wear socks ffs.

purely hypothetical of course, but the mass school shootings could be part of the push to demonize guns to younger generations. holder is on tape in the 90s talking about brainwashing people about guns. i remember after columbine tons of anti gun and anti nra propaganda was pushed through the school systems. i remember seeing the nra blacklist being pushed to elementary school students to sign after going through guns are bad conditioning. the california school shooting that was really the beginning of the modern mass shooting hysteria and the transition from serial killers to mass shooting was easily distorted and lied about to craft the narrative they wanted. for all the shrieking about violence in films and tv most of it has been along the lines of only the approved people should have guns.

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See that's the thing , I like hot tubbing

Control bridges and rivers also
mountain passes

Just cut off the food and water supply. As long as our side doesn't do stupid shit like assault cities it's simply a matter of cutting them off of supply.

Blockade of NYC


Nationalist Alliance
Forces: 10,000 infantry, 10 tanks, 1 destroyer and 10 light patrol boats
Casualties: 0

Progressive City States of America
Forces: 8 million militia, 1 million ethnic gangs
Casualties: 9 million


As if the "prgressive City States" had anyone who really would sign up for joining a militia. They at best would have a Red Army scenario, when politicall commissars would round up millions of cuck-males and niggers, supply them with 1 gun for 10 people and whip them into attacking organised troops.
At any rate, i'll repeat what i've said in other civil war threads:
If the jews thought a civil war would be beneficial, they would have done it by now. Instead they chose the slow infiltration approach. We know they fear an armed revolution, which is why they want to ban guns.

the US millitaries plan is to cut off all access to the cities and cutting the electricity off which will kill the water supply and ATM/ETB system.

Then after about 3 weeks , the cities would become hell zones as if a nuclear bomb went off, or some zombie apocalypse.

I've often thought about his too. The jew knows that a consumerist lifestyle sedates people and weakens their anger, all for "feel-good" bullshit. If we want to provoke more right-wing feeling, we must stir hatred and rage into whites, be the "nazis" the jews want us to be. You think they anticipated our moves by marking anyone violent as stupid, and instantly labeling National Socialists as violent and full of rage? I say they have, but we should use this to our advantage, double down and say we are damn angry and ready to kill, we are their worst nightmare, we will make the holohoax real. This is what they fear, let's take a lesson fom Rockwell here. Have you all forgot "Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed"?. Time has shown how conservatives lose time after time because they care about PR. PR-cuckery is the worst thing to have happened to us, we have let the enemy control our senses and set boundaries for where we can fight. If we want to be succesful, we can't listen to what the enemy tells us, we should use all tactics available and make them fear us and our next move.

There is a book called the civil war 2 or the second civil war by some ex Yugoslavia war guy. He has already predicted the last 20 years in this book.. written in early 90s. He predicted all this identity political shit as well. Feel free to search the free pdf online

I guess we should all be building militias then
The problem I see in your analysis is that while you point out the weakness of the estanlishment, you merely assume that the system destabilizes on its own. You may be right that in the event of a collapse, the establishment will retreat into tiny enclaves. But what is the catalyst for this collapse?
Also, we have serious weaknesses ourselves that may prove fatal for the system. If Zig Forums were an army, deadly infighting would allow a prostrate system critical time to reorganize and take the offensive. And we aren't the only force opposing the establishment. Other white nationalist organizations exist and many Zig Forumsacks would rather stab them than focus on the enemy. Theyd do so shouting "traitors first" and believe that they're doing a good job when in truth, they're only wasting time, manpower, and resources on potential allies

I guess we should all be building militias in that case
The problem I see in your analysis is that while you point out the weakness of the estanlishment, you merely assume that the system destabilizes on its own. You may be right that in the event of a collapse, the establishment will retreat into tiny enclaves. But what is the catalyst for this collapse?
Also, we have serious weaknesses ourselves that may prove fatal for the system. If Zig Forums were an army, deadly infighting would allow a prostrate system critical time to reorganize and take the offensive. And we aren't the only force opposing the establishment. Other white nationalist organizations exist and many Zig Forumsacks would rather stab them than focus on the enemy. Theyd do so shouting "traitors first" and believe that they're doing a good job when in truth, they're only wasting time, manpower, and resources on potential allies

He said Zig Forumsack not /yid/ack.

Uh, user?

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The entire country is a militia.

I hope city anons remember to keep a couple cans of gas in case they need to get out in a hurry when they stop delivering.

yep thomas chittum, also fought in nam and rhodesia

The war starts in Commifornia - what a surprise. And is fought along 3 ethnic lines - spic, nigger, and white with the country being divided into 3 ethnic nations. Canada is forced into the white Ethnostate. Chittum predicts Civil War II starting in 2020. Praise Kek make it happen!

organizations can be formed really fast, don't stress the militia part, they will rise select their own leadership and operate independently. All that takes is one town hall meeting. Building them now only gives them time to paint the target.

The catalyst will be the debt, the "revolution" will be planned by the elite. the war will be fast, the military will sit back and guard the big stuff, the debt will be wiped upon new government. Nothing fundamentally will have changed after its said and done.

smoke em if you got em

Fuck off KGBfaggot. Promote civil war elsewhere.

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They don't have to promote what you CIAniggers have fomented for decades.

they don't realize our ability to revolt is our strength not our weakness. sad.

Just a friendly reminder that the vast, vast majority of all freight rail crossing the Mississippi does so on 1 of just 7 major bridges. There are plenty of smaller alternate bridges but they are mostly in a state of disrepair. The loss of just 2 of these crossings would bring the rail network which supplies most of the country's grain to a complete halt due to congestion.

That will not happen, but they can start a fire with it I suppose.

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Confirmed for not a Zig Forumsack.

I'm not trying to make a "le 56%" argument here but Canada's demographics have experienced a catastrophic shift in the 22 years since that book waa written. They're whiter than the US but not for long. Any scenario in the US that plays oht like he predicts would result in the Chinese literally annexing the Canadian west coast, plus a ton of ethnic divisions opening up elsewhere. I could see the plains territories and the maritimes joining a white American Ethnostate but the rest of that country is as ethnically fucked as any pozzed American city.

False. 90s Russia was in turmoil. Putin was a godsend to Russia. See: Crimea

Pretty much what I was thinking, the fall of the soviet union put the entire nation into hell. It was easy pickings.

KGBfags spotted. Die.

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Part 1
Before talking about how to fight an American Civil War, one must ask how will it start? Needless to say, the first source of conflict between the American people is politics (Right vs Left). So with that, let's see the scenarios:
Now of these scenarios, we can pretty much remove the "populace revolt" ones; despite all the grumbling and whining, Americans are well fed, are mostly employed, able to buy trinkets of all kinds, able to vote, etc. Things have to get far, far worse for people to say "fuck all my life plans and savings" and go about picking up a gun to die in the streets. On top of this, war of any sort is expensive. Even the Taliban need millions of dollars to fund their activities, which is something that some spontaneous, out-of-the-blue sort of revolt will not have.
We can also exclude government elements at this time. As we can see from Syria, civil wars are outrageously destructive, and any person thinking of starting a coup has a lot more to lose than to gain. So in order for a civil war to start, things have to get a whole lot worse. Fortunately for the sake of this brainstorming, there's a lot of things in the near future that can go bad:
Only one of these things won't be enough to tip the scales. They all add up to bring about a government's inability to enforce it's will on it's citizens or itself.
So, for brainstorming, let's create a fictional "Dooms day" Scenario:

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To be continued

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So here we are, the Great American Civil War II has begun.
Leftists have the momentum at first.
The Rightists have some work to do
Given that the Rightists will be mostly based in the sprawling countryside, mobility will be their greatest asset
We're seeing in Syria and Iraq what the future of finding in open countryside might look like; heavily armored trucks mounted with an assortment of weaponry. Naval, Artillery and Air Superiority would be paramount to winning any conflict though
In fact, Syria can teach us much about what to expect and what to prepare for in the event of a civil war
Not so. Just think of the smuggling rings that would form. Plus, in order to starve a city, you have to siege it first. With a military/police force in disarray, how would one be able to effectively siege a city? Even the surrounded parts of East Ghouta and Aleppo where able to hold out for years
As stated, they can change this quick. Many Syrians were also no guns, but the black market will fill any demand. Many leftists fund gangs and other black market groups by buying drugs. These same groups often peddle guns as well. They may not be well equipped at first, but a dedicated foe will change that over time
Many do not this is true. But just as the 3 percenters mention, you dont need the whole population to be involved. Many more Syrians fled the land than joined the warring parties and fought. The same would happen here. They only need some single digit percent of people to join them to have a multi-million strong force
Any questions or comments?

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Ho-ly fuck user, this is exactly whats going to happen. If Trump is elected the globalists will enable the Left to protest at first. These protests will break out into riots, then picking up as you described with racial tensions exploding in and around major cities. The spark will begin in Chicago and California's major cities; SanFran, Oakland, and L.A. OR - if Trump loses and Winfrey is "elected" (she is running and is a serious threat to Trump, all else is smoke & mirrors) the Right will protest and scream "Nigger traitor" but thats about it. The scenarios you describe will occur and by 2023-2024 the early stages you describe will play out & Civil War II is in full swing. 2020 is going to be a photo-finish. I could see an "event" happening that forces Trump to call off the elections, fast forward to your scenarios of violent outbreak.

Reported for not even trying.

You’re seriously not dumb enough to think an actual war is going to happen, right? You know that people aren’t ever going to revolt. Ever.

I would just like to point out that the cities are easy to destroy. You just need to be willing to spread the most terrifying diseases man has ever known. Hard to fight a war if you have weaponized smallpox.

Didnt even make that correlation, thanks

No I dont think there'll be a war if things go as they usually do. The scenario I posted was entirely hypothetical. A "Dooms day scenario" as I described above

I'm sure that many militias would go their own way and fight the left on their own terms. Groups like (((Atomwaffen))) don't have to play by the rules and become second-hand mercenaries and meat shields.

The problem I see in that is that even insurgencies are expensive as fuck. They'd drain their own bank accounts just getting enough food to last through a year of campaigning, let alone clothes, ammo, weapons, medicine, fuel, paychecks to feed their families, etc. A dedicated, independent group might be able to every now and then come together and do a night raid or conduct an act of sabotage or something, but in the end they'll still need to hold a job to fund their own livelihood, their families, or go to a place/sponsor that can support them

Frankly, we're in a much better spot than we were before Trump got in. Instead of having to potentially fight the US military and/or foreign troops they call in, we're looking at fighting off a Soros-backed color revolution/civil unrest with the military helping us against the rebels.

Powers: Russia will come in on our side, China is a maybe. Britain will side with the cucks, Israel is likely to side with the cucks but Trump has been working to flip them. Canada and Mexico will remain officially neutral. Unofficially, BC and Ontario may help the rebels, rest of Canada is likely to stay out with parts of western Canada possibly sending militia/aid to fight the cucks. Unofficially, Mexico will provide staging areas for cuck operations and some limited support. Other nations aren't able to project enough force to be a major concern militarily.

Scenarios: outside of Texas, the grid is vulnerable and everyone knows it. The cucks will probably lose a direct assault on DC and/or military installations, and then take the grid down. Which means it will come down in most of the country, and it will not come back up for a long time in some places, and you need to be prepared for that. That means several months of food and water (you die of thirst much faster than hunger). Stockpile any medication you need. After the grid down, expect general guerilla warfare.

Combatants: expect several categories. Blacks and Mexicans will be riled up into rioting. Expect typical armament: baseball bats, knives, High Point pistols, a few shotguns, and a rifle or two. Tactics: stay back and pick them off with a rifle.

The more dangerous category of combatant will be the Soros-trained Antifags. He will give them carbines, pistols, explosives, smaller anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, and maybe a few machine guns, but expect typical armament to be some dreadhead with an AK. Training will focus on how to ambush, blow things up, and general terrorist-tier shit. They won't know how to fight at distance, they won't know how to defend/patrol territory so they will be relatively easy to assault/ambush if you can find them. If they leave the cities, they're toast.

How to prepare: Most of the fighting will be 300 yards and in. So, get a reliable carbine, lots of magazines, and train with it extensively. Get at least a plate carrier, but preferably a very full set, including a helmet, armor for the arms and legs, armored knee and elbow pads, etc. You want a lot of armor if you're fighting close-range engagements. Get used to taking long walks with all your shit on, 3 miles in kit (or equivalent weight, like a weighted backpack) 3 days a week week is a good baseline. Get a reliable, full-sized pistol. If you can carry 2 magazines to reload, even better. Soft armor is a good option for every day wear: light, can be worn under work clothes, stops pistols, shotguns, and shrapnel. Consider a "grey man" kit of soft armor and concealable weapons: long-barrel pistol in a powerful cartridge (.357 magnum, .44 magnum, 10 mm) to engage threats at a greater distance than 9mm/.40/.45, and/or a rifle that can be concealed, such as a collapsible rifle that can be put in a backpack, short barrel rifle, etc. 10 magazines and 1000 rounds of rifle ammo, 3 magazines and 200 rounds of pistol is a good start. 100 magazines and 10,000 rounds of rifle and 5 magazines 1000 rounds of pistol is even better. Finally, get a good radio and lots of spare batteries.

Training: at a minimum, take at least a single class devoted to a single weapon. Like a pistol, rifle, or shotgun class. A basic gun safety or concealed carry course is not enough. Standing on a range and shooting at still targets is not enough, even if you are very good at it. Gun fights involve stress and they tend to be determined by who gets their gun out of the holster and into the fight quickly (without dropping it or shooting themselves). If possible, try to get a 2-day class in pistol and another 2-day class in rifle. Don't skimp on this shit, I'd rather have a guy with a high point and a Mosin Nagant who spent a week with Jeff Cooper than a guy with a fancy getup that doesn't even know how to safely draw his pistol. Let me say it again: DON'T SKIMP ON YOUR FUCKING TRAINING!

Tactics: find a small group nearby and practice with them. Better to have 3 guys that you absolutely trust than 20 guys that can't be relied on. Learn how to conduct a patrol, respond to ambush, clearing rooms, and dynamic entry (breaching). Do drills with airsoft/paintball guns. Airsoft is a good training mechanism because, if nothing else, it teaches people to snap into action and get their ass to cover when bullets start flying (non-airsoft veterans tend to freeze). Learn how the military divides their forces and uses them, and do likewise. Learn how to breach a house with a 4-man rifle squad, how to deploy a platoon to cover a perimeter, etc.


Medical: you need to learn basic combat medical. How to stop bleeding, tourniquet use, sucking chest wounds, how to set a limb, that kind of shit. You also need to get kits for these things. If you're too fucking lazy to learn how to do it, at least stockpile the kits for someone who does. If you can get more advanced trauma medical training, even better.

Mental: you need to prepare yourself and your family for a fight. Every day, the likelihood of some kind of armed internal conflict if growing, and people need to be ready to snap out of their illusion and fight if need be.

Shut the fuck up, CIA. Russian has been our ally since the very beginning, and you're butt hurt because you know they'll jump in on our side when the day of the rope comes to Langley, Virginia. It may be Green Berets, it may be US military, it may be state police, it may be Oath Keepers, it may be Spetsnaz, but someone is coming for you niggers. And soon.

The money and time problem is something a lot of people sidestep. You need to dedicate your whole life's worth to fighting. No kids, no wife, no family. Just stockpiling for total war. Even here on Zig Forums most don't understand this. You can't have a family and expect to fight.

Weaponized smallpox is too elaborate for a Civil War Red vs. Blue scenario.

However, simpler diseases like cholera are far easier to acquire and use in urban areas.

Monkey wrench the sewerage system and the cities will descend into a Haiti tier shithole in a matter of weeks.

Weaponized smallpox was an example. Anyone who works in an infectious disease research and control center will have access to some terrifiying shit. The healthcare system in the US is overloaded as is. An epidemic of a lethal dosease will destroy the cities.

Basic, reliable carbine: $600.

Basic, reliable pistol: $400

Armor: $400

Magazines: $400

Ammo: $500

Rifle and pistol training: $1000.

We're at $3300 to be on par with the average US police or infantryman, and a step ahead of whoever Soros is going to send to fight us. Most poor people spend more than that on luxuries in a year.

You just named the first initial costs for arming one person.
Now arm 100. That's $330,000 up front
Now feed 100 people, 2 meals a day, for a week
Now provide water for 100 people for a week
Now store and transport all that food and water. What are your costs looking like now?

Despite ((their)) control of the media, and increasingly because of it, the corrupt deepstaste, neocohens, Democrats, etc. will NOT regain governmental controls through the political process.
They will be forced to resort to a more direct approach - a deposition or coup. They already realize this and are making preparations, laying the moral grounds for this action in the media, as evidenced today by the ((spontaneous…)) children's demonstrations - a classic communist revolution tactic.
The coup will tear our Nation into pieces that cannot reunite. Fighting along ideological and racial lines will escalate and death will ensue. Ultimately nearly half the population dies from violence, starvation, and disease.

I don't know who will win.

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Bullshit. We have already survived a civil war stated by the B'nai B'rith and masonic kikes. We'll do it again.

Plausible, unfortunately.

My money is the side that has all of the gun owners, police, and military.

You'll be ahead of Jamal and Jose but not Bob the fed or John the soldier. Good comms cost $100 minimum. Land to train is at least $50k. Pickups to move around on are at least $10k. Armoring for those trucks is $25k minimum. Heavy weapons like semi auto M2HB are $8.5k. Explosives and rockets/arty will require a seperate isolated piece of land to test and perform R&D. There's is a lot more to guerrila war than a chest rig and a rifle.

user you should know by now nobody is on our side, we don't exist in a vacuum, any support we receive is with the full intention of further destabilization by the ruskies who benefit the most from a civil war in the U.S. they'll arm antifa just as quickly as they arm Zig Forumsacks.
The old saying still rings true: Trust, but verify.

3% increase in estimated costs. Are you Jewish?

Shooting ranges exist. And no, a basic plot of land does not cost $50k in most places.

Like most people's car won't get them down to wherever Antifa is having their chimpout?

Because we're going to be conducting full patrols of a city, and not just watching our area?

Now you're just making shit up because you're obviously a shill and you've wet yourself because we're talking about people like you. How much does it hurt to know that you're an impotent cuck, the men are going to take this country back, and your mothers, sisters, and daughters will all flock to us aching to be ravished by the conquerors.

You write a great action-adventure fiction there, but I don't believe it. I criticize as follows:

1. You would need some hugely galvanizing event to kick it off. Modern people are cynical and this is harder to do than it used to be. For the sake of argument, assume that you can actually somehow spark the fireworks (despite our haze of porn, junk food, luxuries, and cynicism). No matter how fast the chaos spreads outward from the event, the chaos needs time to spread.

2. After the galvanizing event, international finance is disrupted. International supply chains, which supply the USA with crude oil, decide that the USA is not likely to pay its bills. Oil gets expensive. (This does not disrupt oil use for quite a few days in the USA because they have stored gasoline.)

3. Within 24 hours after the galvanizing event, millions of supply chain managers and transportation engineers have realized that oil will be getting very expensive in the short term. Also, the international markets are having a heart attack, so various grocery chains will run screaming and crying to the government for bailouts. If anyone in the USA government has a lick of sense (and that's a big "if") the USA government will decide that keeping groceries moving off the farms and into the cities is the top priority. Prompt martial law is to be expected . Unlike chaos, martial law would move very fast. The USA bureaucrats are itching to implement it.

In the footrace between chaos and martial law, your scenario can only get started if chaos moves faster than martial law. I don't imagine that could happen.

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I think he expects people do that on their own and just show up.

Shills agreeing with each other. Mossad, say hi to CIA. That's how a militia works. You'd know that if you read the fucking Constitution you swore to uphold, and which will be used to prosecute you.

US became a net exporter of oil in 2013.

Yes, but niggers are easily agitated and martial law works against them because the armed forces would have to quell the unruly niggers and cause the tinfoil crowd to panic. Localized martial law is very likely but would be nearly impossible to implement nationwide during a civil war.

How retarded are you? I bet you think that baofeng you have is high grade kit huh? You probably don't even know what the difference between VHF and UHF is.
Most don't allow you to shoot on the move or dismount.
Grow up child. You aren't training a militia on 15 acres. 50 acres to practice shooting beyond 200m and mobile patrol fundamentals.
The average person doesn't have a vehicle that can operate over rough ground at speed nor be uparmored.
So when Jamal shoots his stolen AR at your squad you can take cover and return fire. I guess you think of yourself and your men as meat sheilds. I agree with you.
Kys. Arty is the most important support you'll have in a total war scenerio.
It feels awesome to know your mentality is the mentality of my enemies.

That kills indiscriminately. It will kill Whites along with kikes. It will kill SJW lemmings along with dedicated White Patriots. It will kill neo-con traitors along with pro-White intellectuals.

If released in the cities it will kill kikes and their pets. Patriots in cities will need to leave or be exposed. Rural areas are more immune to it thanks to distances between people.

Fair criticism, I do greatly appreciate your addition!
In the fictional scenario, I thought of a way by which to turn a cynical population surrounded by luxuries and dreams of a future, into a cynical population with no means of sustaining their hedonism or their dreams. Seeing the desolation of their own personal lives, I felt, would be enough to set them off. I fully accept the possibility that they could also be too lazy to do anything from then on. But do look at how energized some of these kids became once Trump was elected. Sure, all they really do is kick over trashcans, but they are out protesting every other week!

As for the desperate need for consistent fuel and food supplies, I do again refer back to the Syrian war, and the power of black markets.
With a government that is unable to fully enforce a martial law regime, even if it wanted to, those oil refineries are going to have a lot of goods sitting in storage, going unsold, not filling their paychecks and maintenance costs. They will be desperate to sell to anyone. Same for the farmers

I did not fully account for the global market as a whole. Only so much I could hand jam in a minute! How would EU/BRICS fill the void we leave as our economy implodes? Would it mean that foreign powers might lack the ability to influence our politics/fund rebel groups?

KGBfags shilling hard af. Sage and report. Promote Civil War elsewhere.

Kill yourself.

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When has a militia sustained a consistent campaign in the 21st century totally independent of foreign funding?
Also, you're calling anyone critical of your analysis Mossad/CIA niggers? C'mon, calm down

That's all well and good but where do they go most small town and the people therein are a bit clannish and untrusting. You multiply that with an epidemic and hundreds evacuating and you have an issue.

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We have race specific binary aerosol agents that work 100% of the time. Whites could be spared worldwide. 500,000,000 total , all problems solutioned

I'm not even promoting Civil War. It's a fictional scenario
As I stated in my first post, It'd be a horrible event with all to lose and hardly anything to gain.

That is in no way certain. The Bubonic plague killed 90% of Europeans in some areas.
Rural areas aren't what they used to be. The age of a White family with a 20 acre plot of land is over. I live in a rural area and I'm quite close to my neighbor. Besides, releasing a deadly disease in a city would cause a massive fleeing of cities. Those who flee would carry the disease into all corners of America. Also, fighting a war in the midst of a biblical plague becomes untennable. Such an option is a last resort of a last resort.

Besides, we don't have access to smallpox. Even if we were organized, it would be near impossible to get it.

That's a much better option. You say that they work 100% of the time. I'm not so certain as it's never been attempted before.

Not only that but the progressives seem to be disarming themselves.

You suggested the $100 number. Did you guys have a shift change or something?

Oh my god, you'll have to practice drawing at home with dry fire or an airsoft gun, while still being able to practice shooting, malfunction clearances and reloads on a range. What will we ever do, CIA?

You guys just can't restrain your hatred for the American populace, you fucking traitor. God I'm gonna be happy when we storm CIA headquarters.

It may be in your best interest to avoid taking this discussion in the direction of ropes.

Read the thread. The scenario is not militia vs. US military, it's militia + US military + Russia vs. cucks.

No, I'm calling people who act like CIA nigger CIA niggers. You need to do a little more reading on online information warfare tactics so you can do a better job of spotting them.

I'm not complete sure that is true, but I am confident that we have fairly race specific agents that have been tested, such as SARS.

I'm pretty comfortable saying that anyone here who is calling people KGB agents instead of CIA is working for the CIA. No one here believes Russia is a major threat to the country.

If those pills were any blacker theyd implode on their own weight.
Nuking your own population is a pretty difficult thing to do.
0.0000000000000001BTC Has been deposited in your account.

But what is the likelihood of the establishment using chem and bio weapons as a last resort attack? I’d say pretty good. Crazy weaponry they never tell you about messes with the predictions a little bit. Would any insurrection survive a space weapon or supervirus etc?

Patriots in the city need to be out where they need to be as soon or before bullets fly. Us country fuckers will have the passes and bridges secured within minutes

You're either incredibly prescient or from the future. 99% of the thoughts I've read in threads like this are the same ones I've meditated over or read a million times but I've never cone across such a fully fleshed out, and completely supportable, concept like yours. I doubt that is how things play out but that chain of events is both realistic and likely enough that I have to applaud you for thinking through so many logical steps to arrive at that conclusion of events.

This is the best ZOG can throw at us everyone.
For a basic bitch waterproof 2 way HT. Anything serious will cost more.
Jesus it gets better. Vid fucking related.

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