WW2 German footage on Youtube in Britbongistan

I've noticed something odd when looking at footage of DE EBIL NAHDZEES on Youtube.
Whenever I watch some footage, in the most recent example, the Waffen SS in combat, almost completely non-political and nothing that would go amiss in "normal" documentaries, it gets banned in the UK just a few days later.

I don't enjoy using Hooktube due to its founder funding literal cuck porn, but the SS video I mentioned that has been banned in the UK is still up on there.

I wonder if the government of this shithole would be petty enough, between ignoring children being raped, to watch me and other britbongs and try to ban anything related to DA NAHDSEES we come across.
I'd suspect, looking at the things banned, that a motive for that is to stop anyone looking at the videos and thinking "they look like strong, valiant soldiers, maybe they weren't that bad", as judged by the comments on many of these kinds of videos.

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What's the name of the song? It's slipped from my memory but it's very beautiful.
Been expanding my playlist of Wardruna, Burzum, Garmarna, etc lately.
Enjoy a beautiful Scottish song as thanks.

Regarding your question, I'd say that's exactly it. When people see DE EBIL NAHDZEES in actual combat - fighting bravely, honorably, etc it presents quite a contrasting image to the "babykilling murderous cowards" image presented by (((Hollywood))) and other (((mass media))). Every comments section I see on those videos is filled with comments saying
Not to mention the fact that such videos themselves tend to attract people like us who undoubtedly redpill people in the comments section.

Honestly it is perfectly sensible as to why (((they))) would ban it if you view things from the kike's perspective. They stand nothing to gain by leaving it up except more young white men finding the truth and finding courage+inspiration, and have already demonstrated they're willing to put a man in jail for teaching a fucking dog to do a Roman salute as a joke. It's up to us to show normies how desperate they are to hide such basic historical footage and what that reveals about their agenda.

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Thanks user.
The song is Valravn - Krummi

Comment sections, particularly Youtube are definitely flooding with those comments, as much as they try to deny it, the right is expanding at a breakneck pace and the speed is only increasing.

The British government are fucking stupid doing what they are doing, if they were smart they would just leave everything and enforce "regular" laws as they should be, but they continuously just keep giving us more of a basis to say "What the fuck is this government doing" and perpetuate red pills, whether it be ignoring rape gangs or arresting a white man for his Roman-saluting Pug.

I fully expect the government to fold in the next few years due to this.

user, I don't know what you mean by that, but I just looked up the acronym and came across a low-frequency radio station in Portland, and this is some slightly freaky shit.

Something is off about some of the things ,childish songs, followed by anti-gun songs, and a girl just came on in an intermission reading out the intermission listing off the station and frequency, which seemed pretty normal, the kid originally sounded like the woman presenter's child, but I'm not sure.

Then the kid started talking, definitely off of a script, about gun laws and shootings, with the woman presenting saying "Yes, that's right!" between her saying things and getting some wrong, such as the pronunciation of "Columbine".

Apparently anti-gun songs and children are the theme for today, but something seems off about it, other than the blatant indoctrination of a little girl.

KFFP means kike free first post. Lurk more.

It's gone to the back of my mind as it's spammed in virtually every thread without context or meaning, I virtually don't even notice it at this point.

First xD

Let me add another detail to that. Some of you may not know, that ALL of the news-footage from 33-45 is sealed away by the government in germany. The only way you could view any of the original footage is by sending a request to the "bundesarchiv", the german gov. archive containing all things, and stating what you request to see, REASON why, and giving away all of your personal information. In other words, if you are not a loyal zogbot studio doing another hitpiece on evil germany, you'll never get to see these.

They are also really stingy with their copyrights excuse, so even if you have never before seen footage on your hands and you put it on youtube, you'll have more lawsuits and alphabet-soups coming for you than shrieking fangirls to a justin bieber concert 10 years ago.

Probably unrelated but I remember some time ago on cuckchan where really obscure videos (for example worker's song of the Westwall) with less than 5k views would get posted and the next day it was gone. The videos were on the platform for years too.

There is some important stuff in the KGB archives in Moscow too. You can imagine how easy it is to acces them.

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i always advise a healthy dose of paranoia and all that, but im also studying math at uni, with computer algorithms as my main thing, and i can tell you that basically no government on earth has capacity to do surveillance on 1000+ nobodies at all times
no, it has to be the algorithms, algorithms today can no longer keep an eye on all of us, but they can get a vague idea of what nazi vids are and what nazi vids arent

im kinda sad that we (people who know the truth about the superiority of white race, and arent ashamed of it) basically have no foothold in the math/algorithms side of things because i really think that they are increasingly important
i also see no reason why normie internets couldnt be flooded by proper truthful information, and benefits of white race's proper place in the world, with the use of tireless bots

It'd be an absolute shame if someone pulled off a heist, stole, and published a lot of it now wouldn't it?

OP's brain actually worked today for a second so he had to share. Really not worth a thread though, friendo.

I know that, but that sort of justification for removing documentary footage would even be looked at sideways by normalfags.

I don't think there's anything strange in it, antifa and other leftist vermin are known to lurk on the chans, it's only natural that they'd report a video they don't like, leading to it being deleted / flagged.

upload to www.freedomsafespace.com
they dont give a fuck what you upload. kinda implies it in the title


The UK is an orwellian nightmare, get out of there you cunt.


The US and UK are victims of more propaganda than the evil nazis/Germans.
After all, they're supposed to be the heroes.

Check out "refeeding syndrome" on wikipedia for a very subtle example, for example.

German pages states that concentration camp inmates died from that, the English page omits this little factoid, even though it was the primary source of research/knowledge of it.

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