Syria bombing: Jeremy Corbyn calls for War Powers Act to limit government's ability to launch air st

Syria bombing: Jeremy Corbyn calls for War Powers Act to limit government's ability to launch air strikes without asking MPs first

Jeremy Corbyn has called for a war powers act that would stop Theresa May from launching bombing raids without first consulting MPs.

The Labour leader said the prime minister should have strived for parliamentary approval before instigating UK involvement in yesterday's air strikes on Syrian targets.

And he called for a proper debate in parliament on Monday, concluding with a vote on action in Syria.

Mr Corbyn has already issued a plea for a independent UN-led investigation of last week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria.

"​I think parliament should have a say in this, and I think the prime minister could have quite easily done that," Mr Corbyn told the Andrew Marr Show after America, Britain and France launched missiles and tornadoes aimed at reducing Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles.

He added: "She took a decision some time last week that we were going to work with Macron and Trump in order to have an impact on the chemical weapons establishment in Syria.

"She could have recalled parliament last week - it is only the PM who can recall parliament - or she could have delayed until tomorrow when parliament returns. There is precedent over previous interventions when parliament has had a vote".

The MP for Islington North, who also called for a war powers act in 2016, continued: "I think what we need in this country is something more robust like a war powers act so governments do get held to account by parliament for what they do in our name".

In April 2016 ministers abandoned plans to introduce a war powers act that would have enshrined in law a commitment to gain parliamentary approval before deploying British troops in conflict.

Calls for a war powers act mounted after the military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. However, ministers decided that such a law would curb their freedom to act, make them susceptible to potential legal action, and result in their becoming entangled in arguments about the definition of training and combat missions.

In the US, the War Powers Act is a federal law intended to check the president's power to commit the country to an armed conflict without the consent of Congress. The War Powers Resolution requires the president to notify Congress within 48 hours of committing armed forces to military action.

Mr Corbyn has accused Ms May of “trailing after Donald Trump”. Condemning the attacks, he claimed they would make real accountability for war crimes less likely.

“Bombs won’t save lives or bring about peace," he said. "This legally questionable action risks escalating further, as US defence secretary James Mattis has admitted, an already devastating conflict and therefore makes real accountability for war crimes and use of chemical weapons less, not more likely.”

Ms May sidestepped a non-binding constitutional convention that dates back to the 2003 invasion of Iraq by launching strikes without prior approval from parliament.

However, the PM insisted speed was essential and the action against Syria was in the UK's national interest.

Ms May said the attacks were “right and legal” and “gave a very clear message to the regime”.

Allied air strikes were carried out in Syria in response to a suspected poison gas attack that led to the deaths of 40 people in the town of Douma near Damascus last Saturday.

The intervention is the largest so far by Western powers in the Syrian conflict, with more than 100 missiles launched at various targets. Labour has been opposed to a military strike on Syria since the chemical weapons attack on Douma.

Russia, an ally of the Syrian government led by Bashar al-Assad, has warned the strikes will have “consequences”. Russian president Vladimir Putin claimed the attack would aggravate the humanitarian crisis in the country.

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It wasn't a real attack.

Its a shame Corbyn is the closest thing we Brits have to being /ourguy/ and he is a socialist cuck. He is however a socialist cuck that calls out the (((war mongers))) and commissions hate filled graffiti that names (((them))).



Lets face it.

Israel wants to take over Golan Heights (oil).
Syria wants to have peace.
Russia wants to destroy ISIS.
Trump wants to please his jewish overlords.

If Trump wants to finish the war in middle east. He should meet up with Assad, Israeli PM, and Putin. And negotiate the land and finish off this conflict once and for all.

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I think you mean Trump is toeing the line so he doesn't get JFK'd. Baby steps.

You think Pissrael will settle for Golan Heights only?

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Read the article, 40 peoples are dead from the air strike. 4D chess amirite!

Russia can threaten to nuke them.

>Job is carried out by (((independent))) organization
>receive (((Nobel Peace Prize))) for it

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That's cute, you think Russia doesn't support Israel.

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Either way: here is a follow up on previous list, tell me what you think:

Iran wants to destroy Israel.
SaudiArabia wants to sell overpriced oil.
Yemen wants to support ISIS.
Kuwait wants to drink saudi semen.
Turkey wants to destroy PKK/Kurds.
Jordan wants to be a shithole.
Lebanon wants to destroy Israel.
Iraq wants to be american puppet.
Egypt wants to send more niggers to europe.

Iran wants to destroy Israel. But is probably already subverted and occupied, making it a useful bogeyman
SaudiArabia wants to sell overpriced oil. Because the house of saud is jewish. Saudi Arabia is basically southern israel.
Yemen wants to support ISIS. Which would mean they work with israel also then.
Kuwait wants to drink saudi semen. And has to the extent they may as well be considered jewish.
Turkey wants to destroy PKK/Kurds. And do the bidding of their masters israel.
Jordan wants to be a shithole. Can't have any resources worth judaizing then.
Lebanon wants to destroy Israel. And is probably infiltrated to fuck like Syria and Iraq.
Iraq wants to be american puppet. Funny way of saying it fell to the international jew.
Egypt wants to send more niggers to europe. The jews will be pushing all undesirables from their new lands towards europe as per the Kalergi plan.

Source? Common sense makes this claim highly suspicious considering the success Gaddafi's Libya had in preventing 'refugee' swarms from reaching Europe - as, if Egypt wanted to send them directly to Europe, the 'refugees' could have just gone around Libya and passed through Egypt, bringing crime and other social problems that the Egyptian government certainly would NOT want. I call bullshit.


barenakedReligion of Cuck™.com/2014/07/23/moammar-gaddafi-warned-europe-if-i-go-down-europe-goes-black/

Syria is not Israel, little yid. You must have an IQ of at least 115 to post here. Reported.

That back up the fact that Gaddafi's Libya stymied the tide of 'refugee' swarms, but nothing about Egypt.

no. theyre fighting the saudis and americans that created ISIS
no. thats why they let americans launch operations to syria from their country
no. they want america to go home
no. egypt doesent even have anything to do with the immigrants. the country next to it, libya, was the gates that americans blew open for the hordes

nothing about egypt. only proves that the US is to blame for most of our problems in europe

>the Jew is to blame*
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are you retarded? geopolitics doesent work that way you stupid newfag. also
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Here's a good allocation plan:
100% goes to Assad
0% to Israel

throw in jerusalem and its a deal


How about israel gets 50% of the oil, syria gets 50% ?

Without this deal there will be more losses than all the oil combined in golan heights.

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It seems that way, and that's a very sad, sad state of affairs. Seeing as Corbyn is a complete and total SJW twerp.

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israel wont just surrender that oil. they will fight to the last american.

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Are you idiot? You think Israel wants oil and not to fulfill some bullshit prophecy their crazy religion have? How can anyone browse Zig Forums and not know about Greater Israel?


Based communist.

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israel considers syria its clay, you know that because your rabbi told you. russians blocking greater israel are clearly not as pro-israeli as you fags want to make it seem. the pro-israeli elements in russia have to do with the leverage jews have in the russian oligarchy, not outright political, cultural and financial control like in the US

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The numerology stands with you. It must be so.

He didn't commission it, just defended it, on the grounds of free speech. I bet he was all for locking up the nazi dog bloke, though. Even though that guy is actually a commie and probably supports him, kek.
I'd actually be tempted to vote for him on the grounds of accelerationism and more dead Londoners (who are more than likely shitskins, arabs or kikes at this point), if his party wasn't the party of cancelling brexit. Which is highly suspect as it is, as he used to be against the EU but did a 180 degree cuckturn before the referendum.