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Why is nationalism such a powerful idea and why do people think that the system of global apartheid has always existed?

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It's less about the overt aspects of nationalism, like loving your country, having a sense of duty etc, and more about the implied aspects, like killing brownies and raping the women of the countries you invade.

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Nationalism just an extent of dare I say it, human's inherit tribal nature. Even in the Soviet Union ww2 is the great PATROITIC war. The best the left can do is try to take nationalism back for itself.

Nationalism is a 19th century meme. Nation-states literally didn’t exist. Socially-engineered identities and state-worship is all nationalism is. If you really cared your culture you’d be anti-state

Elaborate how anarchism helps culture.

This one is actually ridiculously easy. Consider there is a quirk your country has, that no one else has. Usually it involves food only your fellow countrymen can digest, like Hessian Applewine or Hessian Handkäs. That stuff is so disgusting for foreigners, it can overcomes the great rift that is usually between Frankfurt and Offenbach, Darmstadt and Offenbach, Mainz and Offenbach and even Wiesbaden and Offenbach. It's a unifying factor.

Towards whom? In the end "country" is an abstract concept, which hides the people behind it who demand duty towards the country, which means duty towards them. All it does is leading the masses to a mincer. So you care for the purity of your race? You will get quite the opposite in places like Verdun, where French and German mince not just mixed but fertilised the area quite equally effective.

You don't have to go that far. It was enough when they were just a different tribe. The bible is full of it. Hebrew was just one of many Semitic tribes and their biggest strifes were against their cousins the Moabites, the Edmoites, the Ammonites, the Amalekites. They even stoop down to the childish claims that the progenitors of the Moabites and the Ammonites are the result of incest between Lot and his daughters.

this concept is older than nationalism. Most ancient female goddesses of war were also the godesses of love. Three guesses why.

Wtf I love nationalism now

"I don't like it therefore its a meme"

……… NOT an argument.


It is proven to be more useful for imperialists to impropriate it than for leftists to hold it. Something like that.

ok…duly noted

anyways, why is anarchism such a viable idea when they can just get attacked from all sides and get their women raped and killed?

Humans like to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves, which is how they are so easily controlled by things like idpol and religion.

Humans don't have a tribal nature. In the Paleolithic, human bands had no sense of territorialism or identity, and when facing other bands, simply moved. As to why identity did not exist is because symbolism didn't.

Why is any sociopolitical system when they can be subject to the same conditions?

true. so why the fuck are we even discussing anything to begin with?

Read Sorel.

This raises an interesting issue.
The left wing of politics is predominantly urban, whereas rural areas remain predominantly conservative.
Why are there not more on the left who wish to be more free range and live in the countryside?
Why do those who hold leftist views almost unilaterally assent to being factory farmed by society's owners?

ah, a fellow Sorel fan from the other side. neat.

It's more of group preference of conservative and liberal. Not leftist views in the slightest.

global apartheid has always existed for the most part due to geographic reasons alone. it wasn't always so easy to travel. divergent evolution of humans is a testament to just how separated we were for so long.

why are leftists so fucking dumb you do realize aeroplanes didn't exist for mass consumer travel prior to above 1960 right holy shit

Not being aware of other people existing or lacking the way to contact them everyday isn't the same as apartheid.
Trough history, some civilizations were very isolationists whereas some others had coexistence of several ethnies and/or faiths and cultures within their borders, and amongst thoses you had either some form of integrational system (Ancient Roman empire citizenry) or communities that just lived next to each other .
The strict separation of people was in no way universal.

why don't rightwingers have any sense of history at all?
I guess its only possible to have such young-adult-fantasy-tier understanding of past societies if you don't have any grasp of social change on a historical scale

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Hold up now didn't the Sentinelese willingly accept people twice and got fucked over because of it? To them everyone outside their border must be monsters.

Daily reminder that the West Coast is more rural than the Deep South, which is nothing but hideous urban sprawl and impoverished suburbs.

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Even if you weren’t such a brainlet I’d ask what point you are trying to make. It’s hilarious if you think borders are the same as natural formations