Asian mom breastfeeds white mom's child on plane!!!

White mom was not breastfeeding her own child and did not have (((formula)))!
Explain again why (((white women))) are better than Asian women?

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Can a [non-beta mommies boy soy bitch] man explain what is going on here?

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i think it's time to just kill all women

No! No!
We replace them first! Silly!

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Behold, the oldest known gender copypasta ever boiled into existence:

Know this, Aryan brothers.
Ye are KINGS!
Trust not what women say, instead, see what they do.
The female gender has abysmal levels of Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone, the most important hormones for: strong libido and satisfying orgasm.

The hidden truth is that females cannot orgasm from vaginal or anal penetration.
Their only means of orgasm is either by physical clitoral stimulation or peak mental fantasy.

When a lady is truly orgasming you’ll notice it is the result of one of the following scenarios:
a) She is tightly crossing/pressing together legs to stimulate clitoris.
b) Your body is rubbing hard against her clitoris.
c) She is massaging clitoris with her own fingers.
d1) Her eyes are closed (peak mental fantasy) and there is a very good chance she is fantasizing about being raped/dominated.
d2) If this ‘relationship’ does not go well, then down the road this ‘pretend’ moment actually becomes reality to her, resulting in a very believable false rape accusation.

Do not fall for kike and/or feminist degenerate lustful tricks - this is the sexual dynamic bitter truth. (OP, what we now call a redpill)


I was going to call one of you a schizo and the other a retard, You pick which one you are.

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Am I to understand that (((white women))) truly are this degenerate, to the point where they dont even breastfeed their own babies and forget (((formula))) to the point where Asian moms emergency breastfeed their babies???


White women are overpriced trash. Fuck them while they are young and stupid, put a bastard in them, otherwise evade them.

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Drink some water. Then overclock your 3.5 braincells to muster 1 –just one– argument.

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An argument please. Lets have a friendly and productive discussion about why white women are having no kids and asian moms arebreastfeeding the babies they do have.

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Everyone knows Zig Forums/pol/ is overrun by women!
Sexy nazi girl was removed a long time ago by feminist mods.

Gnets am I right? Bring nazi girl back!

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Is your mother white, OP?

Do you have an intact hymen?


Oy vey don't you just hate white women? :^)


That white baby probably drank the first nutricious milk in its life! Getting sent back to its mother and glucose syrupe (((formula))) is cancer!

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You cannot assume women are capable of breaking free from persuasive sources such as education or the media, such as men are, women are biologically more naturally submissive than men, no matter how much they pretend and how much of a contradition it seems to be in the West when it comes to "strong women",
I'd like the source of the breastfeeding claim.
If you're correct I'd argue that because in the West, there is a strong focus on traditional familial values in the media and education, because of this there are a slew of single mothers and also working mothers (less stay at home moms) and it's much more convenient to use forumla if they're a single mother, possibly.

I read that white women are breastfeeding at an all time high right now, Asians and Whites at the top, black and hispanic at the lower end (forumla feeding).

White women aren't a problem, intristically, their biological nature doesn't just change at a whim, it is a spirtual and mental problem, of which makes them devolve into acting our their biological instincts the less we have control of them.
Asians (broad term) are more family orientated, but in places like South Korea that seems to be on a steady decline in this aspect (relating to a patriarchal family) and the slew of steadily escalating degeneracy in normal non-adult media, in Japan however there seems to be a strong divide between "for kids" and "for adults", but in a degenerate society, the divide blurs.

To throw your ancestral genetics down the well because you just "give up" for your idealized asian woman is weak and against nationalistic values and more so a globalist value. We lost our grip on our white women and now they act out in their true primal nature more so, but to give up the whole ancestral heritage because of that? Weak.
All women devolve into primal whores if a country has morally degraded enough, the more women have power, the more they can act out their whorish instincts.
If you think asians aren't capable of being huge degenerate whores, you must be blind.

You just seem like a miffed genetic defect to me, or even worse, a non-white.

Fuck off, kike, and take your lolberg jew away with you.

I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands!
Im a rich med student, I run a company.
50% of white women I see have niger children.
I always talk to them and ask them about the child.

90% of the time they tell me the father was their drug dealer who gave her free drugs for sex. Women are children! They need white PATRIARCHS!!

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Remove womens rights.
Kill the women that disobey.
ok, bro, ok. See you when Western civ collapses.
You will be swinging a machete at my head.

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Yes, scatter to try to dox me.
Implying I told the truth.

Western civilization in one picture.

Yeah I'm so sure Schlomo.

Well, at least the Asian woman will FUCKING FEED YOUR BABY!

2nd pic only thing wrong with this is that the cuck trusts the old whore & wants to build a relationship instead of bedding her and forgetting her.Everyone should know that women are liars particularly now when there are no social pressures or consequences for women. Add to this the woman is old and entering “the baby crazy phase” and you have recipe for disaster.

8/pol/ is fucked.
I love to raid the hipster farm garden at night so I have to go now!

I have fresh Kale and lettuce to harvest!
See ya!

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Baby formula is glucose trash. Contains no essential fats found in breast milk which are necessary for brain development. White women are fucking trashy subhumans and narcissists.