This is place is dead

What went wrong?

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we should've had flags like 4cuck. it's the one thing i miss from there.

Maybe youll find the magic bullet cuck.

The chans are going to shit, but this could be a good thing as it can consolidate to only the more dedicated users.

you mean the 5-10 pedos who stick around realizing there's no more moderation anymore so they can post whatever they want? not my kind of thing.

/intl/ shills astroturfed complaints about what were breddy good natsoc mods and gave the (((feds))) a convenient cover to compromise chodenigger, who is now performing a community disruption psyop on (((their))) behalf.

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Zig Forums was founded upon being counterculture. Founded upon being the "bad guy", the outsiders, the social outcasts, the losers. Liking Trump was what the losers did, because he didn't have a chance and everyone knew it. But that was okay because Zig Forums was a place for those that did not belong.

Then Trump won. Suddenly it was cool to like Trump. LOTS of people started to like him. It wasn't edgy and cool to be a racist fuckwit anymore; the entire country was doing it! In an instant, the carefully developed counterculture firmly became mere culture. The outcasts found themselves like the Joker, who didn't know what to do with their car now that they'd caught it. Worst of all, they'd become normalfags. Their behavior which was supposed to shock and horrify and offend was just passe. Trump, himself, said worse things on Twitter all the time.

There was nothing left to do but shut off the lights and leave.

Maybe you should have thought about that before you let kikey ban everyone with an IQ over 89 and have JIDF and spam-bots flood the place with Zognald propaganda and other garbage.

I have returned after a couple of years just to remind you of what you could have had. Whatever money the kikes paid you shut it down.png won't match the lost revenue long term. On a more political level, people expect something new, not another rebranding of the same shit that they've been seeing for the past 60 years. You failed to deliver.

Trusting the Jew proved to be a bad business model.

Back to your containment board
>>>Zig Forums

How about stop accusing everyone of being a Jew?

Or maybe stop following obvious CIA niggers like Patrick Little, Weev and Christopher Cantwell?

Kill yourself moarpheus

There are diggers on 4cuck. Good ones too, that probably just havent been banned and made their way over here yet. There needs to be an exodus. As much cancer that would wander here it would eventually get turned off by the formatting alone. Nobody starts on Zig Forums so I kind of hope a few good autists get thrown this way. And any user that can contribute anything is preferable at this point

Trump did exactly what he was paid to do. Demoralize White America into no longer giving a shit about politics.

Fuck off. Pat Little is one of our only hopes on a professional level and has done more then you or I have faggot

He's done literally nothing aside from preach to the choir.

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I can't speak for the others, but lack of moderation to deal with the shills has driven me away. We can't even have a thread anymore without it going off topic and turning into a D&C insult fest. Our ability to work together to get shit done has been compromised. I still pop in occasionally to observe the state of the board, but I don't post like I used to.

Gas youself rabbi

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I didn't see a denial.

I agree with this. Trump and the election was the knife in the heart of Zig Forums. Same for 4chan, even though 4chan had been cucked way before.

The differences between the races go far beyond skin color. Blacks make this really obvious. They have lower intelligence and are much more prone to violent crime. This is genetic. Racial realism is a necessity if we are to have a future as a people.

Ah yes, because in the genious minds of uneducated scum, all ISPs all over the world can just affort to dosh out external IP adresses like candy. There are maybe four IPs for at leas ten thousand people where I'm from.

Patrick Little is a shill.

His main goal is to associate any criticism of the Jews with terrorism.

If you are against the Jews, you are a TERRORIST.

Another tactic he uses is trying to make everyone that criticizes Jews look like one-dimensional anti-semites.

Patrick Little is a shill.

His main goal is to associate any criticism of the Jews with terrorism.

If you are against the Jews, you are a TERRORIST.

I remember when this board got less than 5 posts a day and foreign language boards were above it.

Identical posts, different ID's… hmm who's the fucking (((shill))) here moshe?

oyyyyyyy vey

The absolute state.

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Yeah, one of you faggots copied my post that I deleted to edit

oy vey

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What an ugly fuck.

No. Glowniggers are now running Zig Forums within virtual instances.
We've been separated into various groups according to earlier profiling, so are effectively sandboxed from other anons seeing Zig Forums in other instances, and we are mostly interacting with AI/NPCs which they are trying to learn from us. How else do you explain the lack of BO activity in the face of obvious shilling and bots running amok?
The PPH you saw was a glitch in the matrix.
Do you think that's air you're breathing? Really user?

what part of divide & conquer did you not get? If only you knew how bad things really are.

It's not the only difference, but it's still the most popular reason around here. Nobody is ever convinced to be a racist because of infographics; it's always the reverse, people trying to justify it by making the infographics. Not to say they're wrong, just going backwards.

Otherwise, you're correct, but it's statistics. Is an entire population of whites smarter and better than an entire population of blacks? No doubt about it! But most of the time it's just some dumb redneck high school dropout using it to pretend he's smarter than every nigger, even the ones who are doctors and scientists and the one that become President some time like a hundred years ago or whatever. Reality doesn't bear this out as true.

We all know that everyone here screams about niggers and faggots because it's "bad" to do so. It's a child's "committing a taboo" high, that's long since worn off. So many are growing up and realizing how pointless it all is. Go get a girl knocked up and have a family, like normalfags. It's more fun to be a normalfag, strangely enough.

You've outed yourself in multiple ways, but I'm not telling ((​(you))) how.

Most threads that I see on the catalog are uninteresting to me, so that's not holding up.

It's more likely that this board has about 50 users in total on average, and that everyone else is a bot, shill, or someone raiding the board.

This can't be stressed hard enough. We are racists because our selection mechanisms are working properly, in spite of all the propaganda not to be.

For me (and I'd wager many others here) it was the exact opposite of that. Few people start out racist in today's society. We're told that we're all the same and believing that lie feels good. This place changed me. I became aware of the differences between the races and I couldn't deny the data. I became aware of the reality of white genocide and began to see the forces moving against our people - things that I never would have noticed before when I was living under the haze of multiculturalism.

I think the fall of the chans did start in 2016, but it wasn't because chan culture was going mainstream. The things we do often go mainstream eventually, and we just make up more creative stuff. Back in 2016 we got shit done, and I think we were recognized as a genuine threat. So, they responded by doing the same thing they do everywhere else. They infiltrated this place, and destroyed it from within.

This place would be dead if it wasnt for all the shills raising the post numbers.

That's gothic king cobra. Is he really popular?

Racist is a portmanteau of race and realist.

Trump train was enforced by ban and all the good posters were banned. I received a multi year ban for making a single post making fun of Q. This combined with the influx of normies made the board so boring and stupid for so long that even if you felt like evading the ban there was no reason to.

this pretty much

Just means now shit gets real. We've seen what's possible. Time to up the ante.

Literal fucking Kike shill. Stop replying to yourself. there are hundreds of people posting every day. the only Post Full of Nothing but Bots is this one because you Literally do nothing but feel sorry for yourself

My prediction is that when 2020 rolls around, the legacy media will ramp up their 'Trump is Hitler' rhetoric to 9000 again. And the people who have been upset that Trump isnt actually Hitler will be back on side.


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Why did you stick around? To warn other annons to not waste their time by sticking around?