Listen, all vidya today is shit, simply the presence of leftist politics is enough to make people unsatisfied by them...

Listen, all vidya today is shit, simply the presence of leftist politics is enough to make people unsatisfied by them, so the plan is this:

1. Zig Forums will find a way to collaborate on the creation of video games.

2. Zig Forums will not make a game that contains any politics whatsoever, instead they will simply focus on making a game that is good enough to become very popular, Zig Forums will continue making games.

3. In small increments, Zig Forumsitics will be inserted into the games, the increases in dosage will be small and gradual, just like the increasing prevalence of leftists politics into media had been since the Jews first took over, we have to start at the beginning and move at the same pace, but the sooner we start, the sooner we can grow - we are borrowing their tactics for our own cause because those are the techniques that have been shown to be most effective.

4. we must camouflage ourselves as much as possible, this means covering up the political orientations and beliefs of our public personas, so as to not taint the company making the games, a company which should also not be seen to have any clear political element to it, and is instead apolitical and focused on making fun games in a landscape devoid of them. Most of us already have experience with living double lives, so I hope it won't be too much to ask.

5. when politics is being placed into a work, the best refuge is to hide within fiction, set it in a fictional world, make no statements, but simply make it possible for the reader to interpret political meaning from non-literal speech (allusions, allegories, etc.) this should be simple for the more learned and traditional among you, as that is the same way mythology and folklore spreads it's message, this includes the bible, and cautionary tales told to the children of the Hitler's Germany.

6. an overdose on redpills produces a violent reaction, tolerance must be built, the analogy of frogs in water might be relevant here.

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Any guy who plays serious video games past age 21— 22 has issues. Have some moderation in life.

What do you do for fun?

Drink a lot and make death threats on Zig Forums

I run a business, which is pretty much a live action game with real consequences for missing the mark.

Why are you posting degenerate weebshit.

So technically OP is looking for a personal army to make video games that do exactly what the opposition does. The outrage will give limp wristed journos clicks, companies will get protests and advertisers will bow out. Gamers will not play the game unless it is good. Games are not easy to make, let alone good. Injecting identity politics to combat other identity politics to somehow convince the fat autist wearing sweat pants to EB games and buying the scratch protection for his disks that the boogeyman is coming him. Good plan.

Seriously gas yourself.

I agree. Fuck you OP and your OELshit.
t. man who will carry weebshit to his grave

Democracy 3 is shit. You can completely. remove ethnic minorities but then you suffer from race riots, ghettos, and all other race related issues for some reason. Everything else is shit too and fuck you.

Not old enough for me.

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The idea is to redpill the normies by making games.
1. we can advertise by word of mouth, it has been shown that this can be a very effective means of gaining attention, this is one of the reasons why games have been most commonly chosen as our battleground in the mediawars we so desperately need to start.

2. normies will not be scared off, because we will not be maing angry goy games, our first gamers wont have redpills at all, it will simply be a normal game of very good quality that is completely lacking in political content, when this gets popular the next game will have a fraction of a redpill, by making it in such small and almost unnoticeable quantities, we can avoid detection and rejection, the idea is building tolerance in the audience, each game we make, we increase the political commentary by a slight amount, slowly and steadily. this is what the kikes did in all forms of media since they came to the united states, and they got their stuff out right under the noses of a public that was actively looking out for it (during what was labelled as the "red scare"), this is what we will do.
3. these games aren't for us, we can enjoy playing them, but they are made for the normies, whether or not you think games are faggy is irrelevant, this is war, we don't get to choose our weapons or our tactics, we use whatever will be useful, we play the board as it was set.

be as undetectable and unpredictable as the storm clouds, when you strike, strike as sudden and as powerful as lightning, and retreat just as swiftly.

You should be ashamed, user.

This. OP is a faggot.

Listen, go back to reddit.

I did not make the "Zig Forums approved gaming" image, nor do I agree with what it says, but it's currently the only one of it's kind out there. If you want a better one, make it yourself! I only posted it because it was related to the thread subject matter.
That, and I hoped you would be inspired by it's awfulness to make a better version, so that I could download it and check those games out for myself.

I like to play 90's video games to remind myself how relaxed and laid-back people were back in the 90's.

No good games have been made after the year 2000.


Either add it to the chart or add yourself to the oven, you stupid faggot.

Video games are for children. There is much work to do.

Wanna hangout?

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This wouldn't be a hard thing to do. You'd need three people tops, and that's only assuming you can't make your own sprites or compose your own music.

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What do you guys think about vr? I really enjoy it and it's actually pretty legitimate this time. I think it would be really cool to make some Zig Forums vr games.

I played Angry Goy in Bigscreen the other night and people were pretty receptive and laughing.

I'd really like to meet up with others in vr from here.

Holy fuck, this just proves Zig Forums is just a bunch of newfags.

Skyrim is for de nords!

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Meanwhile, he works for the Thalmor.


Skyrim is a shit game.

ulfric was actually a controlled op for the empire to destabilize skyrim and the nords so they can walk in a claim territory
empire is the real Zig Forums side, beth made them seem evil in skyrim
thalmor are jews.

The nords…They will be defeated in 10 years.

You know Bethesda wrote the Thalmor to be Jews. Not only Jews, but Kabbalistic tikkun ulom or whatever that phrase was, Jews. The Thalmor want to destroy the Towers of Tamriel, destroying reality in the process, so they can be like their Et'Ada forebears

me to budy

you know, simply making a game that is does not contain a trace of SJW politics is enough to get quite an audience these days, if we consistently make games like that, it would be enough to create a loyal fanbase.
Then, once we have the following and resources, we can start the gradual insertion of small, but (incrementally increasing) doses of Zig Forumsitical content, while officially maintaining that the production team has no political alignment at all, and that all interpretations made about the games are simply fan-theories that cannot be confirmed nor denied without potentially limiting profits or artistic freedom.
We (the production crew) can even pretend to be left wingers of the so-far-left-it-is-way-out of the overton window sort, by going further than the Jews are planning on taking things at the current point in time, and shunning those who fall short of it, we can excuse the team for being very selective in their hiring and firing practices, we can even pretend to be all sorts of oppressed groups when they call us out on diversity (such as saying we are some other group commonly lumped in with whites, like jewish, arab, spic, gypsy, etc. along with a whole other rainbow of fetishes and psychotic disorders (LGBTPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456+))

Why not just make a good game with no politics and show everyone how much fun it is to play a game with no bullshit?

Battlefield 5 (just released) isn't bad. It takes place in WWII but they fucked the real flag during that time (will be fixed with mods soon enough).

You know you can pretty much do anything right?

As a great lover of Video games, I can tell you right now that such an endeavor is a complete waste of time. The amount of redpilling you can do directly in real life is so much more than through that in some indie game that nobody will play.

Besides, the golden age of Video games has long since past. There's no point going againt the flow of the ages (check out the 5 stages of an empire if you want to know what I mean). Now is the time for political turmoil.


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Yeah that's been High Elves forever, long before that shit game existed or you ever heard 'The Elder Scrolls'.

Nope, you can't.

Essential NPCs is a thing in Skyrim. Skyrim is shit.

The absolute state of Zig Forums.


Despite whatever demotivational shill responses you'll get, I agree with you 100%. Points 3-6 are great. However I see issue with this:
This makes tons of sense if you're making a game with buddies. But any game with a Zig Forums sticker on it will invariably devolve into something like Angry Goy (minus the e-celeb shit, unless half is involved, which it would).

We should become independent gamedevs, who should make games with small increments of what points 3-6 lay out. But you can't have a game that Zig Forums made without something as hamfisted as hitler mowing down gay niggers with a minigun. Which can be tons of fun, but won't redpill anyone.

What we need instead is groups that, while friendly to Zig Forums, are not Zig Forums themselves. Groups with namefags whose reputation and direction remains across more than one game. Think of Gex, or how the guys behind Katawa Shoujo weren't themselves /b/ or how the guy who made Unteralterbach wasn't himself krautchan.

I didn't play any of the games I mentioned, but they were influential.

In the same way, we need to form groups, with names/pseudonyms, with people that have a direction in mind and the drive to push through mid-development hell.

We need to network with like-minded folk in small groups, small enough that no bad apples will ruin it, but just barely big enough that a game can be made. e.g., one or two guys for art and one or two for code is already enough. More is fine, but more than 20 would absolutely be a bad idea.

Networking is the hardest step. We need to find a way around this, because the work itself would be fun/rewarding.

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They don't control him. It's stated explicitly in the letter that he turned against them.

If you want to make it more captivating, either give it a real story with depth like LISA, or cutesy half-animal critters.

Building mods is the way to go, not building entire games.

And there's lots of good mods out there.

Anyway games with stories in them like HL2 suck shit; going through a passage with bots posed along the way is an annoying bore.

Here's some good unpolluted games for you to play;

Digital Combat Simulator in one of its many permutations.

Total War. Go to the Total War Center for all the amazing variants and their mods. Nothing to fear there from commies.

Arma 3. Zillions of mods. Go to Armaholic for all the mods. ISIS mod is great mod

even /v/ can barelly do this and they have more drawfags, music fags and codefags than Zig Forums, there was a dev who was making a VN and he got tired of listening to /v/ beocs of how retarded it was, now they are currently working on a RPG maker game called user's Bizarre Adventure and it looks amateurish as fuck

you're delusional if you think Zig Forums could ever get past step 1. Zig Forums can't even make good threads anymore


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I hope you aren't talking about the lolcow I think you are.
There are some people that deserve bullying and no about of OC will change that.

are you autistic

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A fantasy retelling of Hellstorm with cutesy animal characters and all the names/locations/details changed just enough so people didn't realize what story they were being told until it was to late could actually work extremely well. Like Watership Down but with nazi doggos.

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In fact I like this idea so much just may do this myself, because as another user said, imageboard creative collaborations are usually impossible and gay, especially with something that demands as much focus as vidya dev.
Except I probably wont do the animal thing, because furshit is disgusting and I don't want to give those deviant art faggots any ideas.
Polite sage for doublepostan.

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Yeah the German Campaign in CoD2 is far superior.


Kill yourself bethdrone kike.


original STALKER was based.

Agree completely.
You can tell that it will work by the sheer number of demotivational shills already trying to dismiss it.
Insert OUR politics everywhere, starting from games. And purge leftist politics away from all media.

Skyrim, despite having lots of turd-tier writing and idiotic goings-on; was fundamentally about a war between Nationalism and Globalism that was spurred on because of a disagreement about the identity of the divine; the Elves said it was just for them, the Men said that a Man was God.

It is VERY unsubtly portrays Nationalism in a positive light, far more positive than the Imperial/Multicultural alternative which is seen as appeasing or serving a (((another race))). A million normalfags were shouting 'Skyrim for the Nords!'. Regardless of reservations for it as an actual gameplay experience; the message it sent and gave to the world was undeniably Zig Forumsack to the core.

There's actually a disturbing amount of 'far-right' glorification that takes place in many of the seemingly most pozzed video-games. Bloody Blizzard of all companies makes myriad allusions to the fact that characters like Garrosh and Daelin were right (who are essentially ultra-nationalists who espoused genocide for the lesser races). The game has a lot of 'no they evil bad guys' but then in various cutscenes and simple logical observations of what actually happens in the game; they are proven right. You would think they would show how Nationalism and genocide actually weaken the world, especially as they easily could by just making up some ridiculous magical enemy that feeds off of it; but no, they show how the fractured 'alliances' breed endless hatred, war and civil strife and the allowance of other races brings only ruin for each sides civilians.

OP, as you can tell by the fact that the only decent posts in this thread have been you and

video games are a religious matter for Zig Forums, or at least that is how many see them. Very few will have the presence of mind to see video games not as an art, but as a tool. With that being said, I can offer my services. I am well adept at coding and have made a few simple games in Unity in 2D and am also a CS major. I also have experience with trying to get a group to program a game unpaid and I can tell you that it is nearly impossible. The only way you can get people to build a game without early compensation is if they REALLY want to make to game WITH OTHERS. Otherwise, they will build games themselves or drop out. I could go on, but what are your skills OP and anyone else in this thread, how could you contribute?
no. In a group of 3-4 people (ASSUMING they REALLY are interested in making a game with others) you will have plenty of ideas to pick from.

Let's assume Zig Forums can actually organize and find the ability and willpower to go along with this plan, which is never going to happen when /v/ can barely put together an RPG maker game.
As soon as you get to point 3, you'll be morally equivalent to leftists, and you won't have the control of the (gaming-related or not) media the leftists currently have.
That means, as soon as you reach point 3 the media will use what you are doing to justify lefitist political shoehorning, while condemining you as everything-ists.
Points 4 to 6 will be completely ineffective as defense, as the left-controlled media is already attacking apolitical games for not having tons of blacks in medieval poland and similar idiocy.
At best, your game will be irrelevant.
At worst, it will be counterproductive.

Also, another idea would be to make non-political games as an outspoken far-right company. This may be a better alternative than being deceptive. If anyone found out about the original idea, people would be hurt that their favorite game developer was trying to deceive them. On the other hand, if we said we were far-right from the start and yet made games that were non-political we could boast the moral high ground over the leftists which would garner more support from those that care that the game industry is under seige by (((them))).


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Look at how much the general public loathes preachy games now.
Maybe they're fed up with it, maybe they've had enough of being lied to and mocked and pressured into deaking with low quality propaganda dressed up as a game.
And that is with a very large and powerful propaganda machine against them, a machine with a far enough reach to exert some control over 4chan and lead to the creation of this site.
And after seeing the impending downfall of such a corrupt organization, you want to retrace their steps, sweeping all criticism away with one /r/atheism tier meme.

very vain way to judge someone … i really dont care if you dont like my hobby.

Get your own life loser. Im not socializing with you about sports ball because you thinks its "manly" … enjoy kneeling for the flag faggot.

I have a job and eat decent… I have my areas of interest and one of them happens to be video games. The peak of modern media. I really dont care about your social club. Your time is over and your kind are becoming less and less necessary. I hope you enjoy your life, im enjoying mine.

For networking, people should act like Jews. Where they trade industry-level techniques/innovations/resources and provide discounts on their services for those who align with them.

Don't make it obvious that you're a 1488 group because it'll ensure deplatforming, distrust, and discord. A common theme that I see with a lot of right wing groups is that they first get ostracized by the left through labels like "racist" and "homophobe", later getting ostracized by the right through labels like "jewish shill" and "fbi informant". The same (((actors))) are prevalent in both to disrupt organization. To prevent this scenario from playing out, you have to identify as a different group that has an ideal antithetical to the left (pro free speech, pro-natalism, etc), force each of your members to be communicate with each other (prohibit dms and enable public discussion), and publish your logs so that your own members would police their own speech (your logs would redpill normalfags if you don't sound like a white antagonist from a Tarantino film).

This goes without saying, but kick anyone out who is retarded enough to remove your group by advocating violence or criminal activity after questioning them for people who gave them that idea. They're usually the leakers as well since they're broken toys who are incapable of remaining temporarily quiet to permanently save their country and culture, you don't need unrealistic thinkers like Bowers who make it tremendously difficult for right wing activism to occur through their stupidity.

What do you mean by 'serious video games' ?
Is a comedy game OK? Like that doom mod where you can fug the aliens.

A lot of great devs came from modding (counter strike, Natural Selection 2, Pubg) since it comes with several limitations and a specialized toolset. It's decades behind the current industry though. People only modded because most free engines weren't available at the time and there were limited documentation for game dev.

That's a good thing since people are marketing it for you. They might be redpilled and do a 180.




Yeah but it would turn all the rape scenes from from tragic and visceral into pic related.
Also I wouldn't want the firebombing of totally-not-Dresden to come across as unintentionally hilarious. What with all the burning furries.

Attached: Furfags get the oven.jpg (254x247, 46.76K)

I "played" that a couple of months ago. It's a hundred hour movie with the most infuriating non-interactivity gameplay, I've ever witnessed in a game of this size. You simply cannot play it without constant hand holding, there is nothing to explore because there are no dungeons just pretty looking foliage. The missions are as repetitive as it gets, going for better loot is nothing but a waste of time, there is no inventory management, it's all just bare bones filler content in between all those cutscenes. I mean I like good stories, but suffering for 200 hours to watch a movie already stretched to a hundred hours is just insane. Gwent has literally more real fulfilling gameplay than all of the main game.

That's not true and a common misconception.
The Thalmor decribes Ulfric as a useful tool, which they could possibly make use of. He is not actually working with them.

and that's a good thing ;)

Sorry man, Torfags aren't my target demographic. But if I ever make a game about drug addicted pedophile Zig Forums troons starving to death while waiting in line for their state funded hormone pills, I promise that you'll be the first to know.

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shots fired … dont try to understand these people. Just argue and dismiss their idiocy

The absolute state of your argument.

What is there to argue in favor of WWII revisionism that includes niggers, gimps and pink haired women on the frontlines?

Start and stop right there. The key to good goal creation is to become as concrete as possible with your goal. Otherwise your brain categorizes it in the abstract and indeterminate future, which will never get done. You want to do Zig Forums-derived amateur video game development, which means you're going to need interested Zig Forumsacks capable and willing to contribute towards the following roles:
To find these people, you will likely need to look towards /v/ or towards previous Zig Forums-tier games and approach those who worked on them. You then have to get a discrete communication line open to collaborate with your team, assign roles and obligations, then set up deadlines and expectations for the project. Forget about quibbling about the particulars of the game and is messaging until you have a team to work with. The opinion of those actually willing to do the work are worth infinitely more than random anons online.

The only purpose to make a thread here would be to see if you can get any interested Zig Forumsacks who want to collaborate, and then send them over to the AGDG Thread on /v/ to look for a particular post where you advertise your project idea and the link to a communication platform to figure out whether you want to invite them to the team or not. Make proton email addresses for email communication just for game development purposes, and then assess what resources you have, what you'll need, and what kinds of projects you could do.

As for the kinds of games you can make with low budget and low knowledge, the easiest of all would be idle or clicker games. VN's are also fairly straightforward if you've got a writer and a platform like Ren'py or TyranoBuilder. Another option is to look at a site like Kongregate and get some inspiration from some of the games there.

You're not going to make a triple-A game from collecting Zig Forumsacks. The best case scenario is that you'll find a handful of good men to communicate with and make a manageable project that you'll maybe put onto Steam or Kongregate. I'd recommend making a free project first since money complicates things and then see if you and your team would be interested in any for-profit operations later.

There you go, a partial roadmap of where you should be heading. Approach every element of your ambitions in concrete terms and you'll be more successful than you expect.

Attached: AGDG.png (500x500, 7.58K)

Forgot to mention text-based games are also some of the easiest to create. With good writing they can be extremely engaging without needing much or any artwork.

I still play vidya, I know I probably shouldn't, at least not as much as I do. I have a good job though that I work very hard at, and play after work just to distract myself from spending all my time on here tbh. I know this is a weakness, but honestly I still play vidya so I don't drive myself crazy with all this redpill shit and end up killing myself, or driving people I love away.

lol If I was autistic I probably would have noticed it.

I just want a game thats basically halo reach clan raids but more polished, rules enforced by the game and not by honor, better forge, and teams of 16

I've probably done more biz than you have in your life and I can still on rare occasions find time to sit down and chill with some old school vidya.

Come on bruder
there are even hitler salute easter eggs in FF8, kek. Old jap shit is based asf.

Go back to making one of your 10+ daily RDR2 circlejerk threads on /v/, you jewish negroid.

Can everyone just shut the hell up about the Zig Forums recommended games image? I told you, I didn't make it, I don't agree with it, and I only posted it because it was one of the few images I had relevant to this thread.

It's the only Zig Forumsgaming chart/image out there, if you don't like it, make a better one, show me how you'd fix it if that's your number one concern here.

Grow up, and stop derailing.

ur a fukkkin faget, kid

holy fuck this has to be the best bait ever made

Attached: 14e7376d4d197b237808dea35befd183dc5b70aa796c88c1ede09b1a689eb3fd.gif (239x277, 275.09K)

Put more effort into your OP then you lazy nigger. Fucks sake.

Nothing you make will be of any value if you are approaching the project with the intent to create a socio-political control tool. All of the greatest works of art are a result of love and devotion to the craft itself, specifically. This is why SJW art is such garbage, because it's clear that there is no interest or personal investment on the part of the creator in their own themes, ideas, or narratives.

That doesn't mean art can't be redpilled, in fact, there will be redpilled art, inevitably, as it's going to be a result of the fact there are redpilled people and some of them undoubtedly have a desire to express themselves. In my own experience, there is a lot of angst and frustration at the modern world, and I have no trouble channeling this into creative, productive endeavors.

However, the redpill art is going to be a legitimately new perspective. This is not going to come from people who are tolerant and accepting of the mainstream narratives about what is and is not cool. Redpill art is going to be made fun of a lot, and for a long time. In fact, most people on this board will go back to being blue pilled once the lines are drawn culturally, because most people on this board enjoy and prefer modern degenerate culture to a new, untested alternative. Fashwave is an example of what I am talking about. Fashwave is directly born of the "wave" trend, specifically vaporwave, and is entirely, aesthetically and spiritually bluepilled. There is a redpilled message etched onto the surface, but is superficial. The problem is as I said before: many people prefer this bluepilled stuff to what's to come. At the same time, this will separate the wheat from the chaff.

If you play video games you’re a loser

Stop wasting your male vitality on the digital jew.

get out of here stalker

Anyways it would be a decetnt idea for one of those survival war games a la "this war of mine"

It's nice to see someone else that recognizes the issue.

says some internet shit posting retard
why should I listen to you … prove your worth, wisdom and leadership

Im a software engineer that can pay their bills and live out of my parents house. So play video games kids it keeps your mind limber while also being better than going to parties that are infested with whores, nogs and drugs.

But play good games and some competitive games. You always want to exercise your fighting spirit

Pics related.

Attached: police_feminist_protest.JPG (1283x735 30.72 KB, 18.37K)

Must be a shit engineer to even bear that creaking pile of shit. Anyway, anyone on Zig Forums knowingly using a product from the PRISM front known a MS is just a weak hedonist.

is it, really?

Attached: polapproved.png (1920x1080, 4.23M)

Enjoy your 15 year old security vulns in Gentoo