The Philosophical Fundamentals of National Socialism

The Philosophical Fundamentals of National Socialism
A Call to the Weapons of the German Mind
Translated to English from scratch. I grantee for 100% accuracy!

You need to rename the file to .epub. Just saying because others had trouble with that in the past.

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Why do refuse?
The Subhuman says we need to,
It is Whites Who create. it is whites.

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Give all power to the state. It won't get jacked by the enemy because the color of our skin :)

You actually did it, you absolute mad man. I'm guessing you are the dude from Deutsch/pol/. I'm eternally grateful.

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I think there is a small mistake on page 18. It says
as soon as its results are passed on to the public

Can you put the file in a format that I can read?



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Why would you convert it?
Your conversion doesn't adjust to screen size.

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Translate Goebbels diaries pre 38 plz

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Then what's your problem here
My OP says

I'm not going to take the guarantee of some illiterate nigger.
Why do you want me to fucking rename the file?

This user at least saved you by posting a pdf.

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This is just what Zig Forums needs right now. It seems to me that so few people know even the basics about the philosophy that they're supporting– I'm not even talking about the newfags– I'm also referring to larping wignat medfags as well. You are a blessing. God willing lots of people read this.

Sieg heil, Hail victory

No srsly, Goebbels diaries are in German and French per 38 but not English in any mass production and definitely not in an easy to find .pdf. They are in a library somewhere, maybe. Anyways, the German ones easy to find. People need that knowledge, it would be a huge service to our race.


Finished reading it. It's a really nice read. It reminded me a lot of the writing of Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Again, thanks for taking the time and actually translating it.

Thank you for your appreciation and interest.

I'm really busy atm. Sadly have to decline.

I have a less than fluent ability to speak French, I could probably get my own translation off with thorough usage of Jewgle and a dictionary. Someone should do it.

You should do a high res scan first. We talked about it here.
If you scan it and just throw it on the clouds, somebody will do it.

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Don't you dare depend on that because that somebody always ends up being me.

I could possibly do that although I live on bread and water pretty much so I dont exactly have money laying around. Maybe Ill pick up a French copy and get around to it.


Small discussions on how to scan.
Oh and please, don't do any underlining. Not after you finish scanning anyway.

Tsch, better than not having anything in reserve right now, dear friend.
Informatik und genaue Literatur sind nicht meine Starkpünkte

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Don't push yourself too hard, friend. If you need to earn money then do it first. If you really have time off then just sneak into an uni and appropriate their high res scanners.

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This is virtually content free. 24 pages of history and a little namedropping? Stop wasting people’s time, amateur hour.

In PDF. There's also this translation

That translation is not complete.