HAPPENING NOW: Hundreds of migrants rush California port of entry, port has been shut down

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You are being shown this to build universal sympathy for Trump's wall. Once Trump has the wall, he can be reelected for 2020. Trump/Pelosi are on the same team. Question everything.

Mostly unarmed civilians running across a drainage canal with no cover. Fuck, if Trump had the balls to put up a single helicopter, we'd be safe from future attempts for a decade. There's even adequate drainage for the blood there.

I hate this world. The Romans (pre-3rd century) would have painted that whole space bright red and never given it a second thought.

Pretty much all nations would, from deepest darkest Africa to North Korea to Russia. The point is to make it appear that America is helpless to stop the invaders, but the solution, and the solution they want you to start demanding, is the Trump Wall.

There is more middle ground than you lead on. I’d much rather a wall and (((trump))) than no walk and (((trump))).

There's only one solution I will accept, and that's final.

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It was probably calculated that Trump cannot be reelected by without giving his base the wall. The wall will be brought, and Trump kept in power. "Change is bad for business," why invest so much into just four years when you can have eight?

This isn't even just "an invasion" I hate how people talk here in such vague terms. This is Mexico claiming it's clay - forget just Jewish influence, imagine how much money from the successful Mexican immigrant gets poured into supporting the complete abolition of our borders. Why? Because we through our complacency - NOT altruism OR compassion but pure apathy and hedonism, have allowed ourselves to be conquered without the firing of a single shot. We sluggishly gathered to the polls and Zig Forumss and cast our votes and that's it - that's our resistance movement, that's our strike back against the foreign lobbies and nightly crossings.. Well at least we elected Trump am I right?

Mexico only owned California for 24 years, and only because the Spaniards gave it to them when they left. Mexico was unable to govern or defend California so they SOLD it to the US fair and square. California was never really a part of Mexico, because the Mexicans never bothered to govern it. Read a history book, spic.

Pay your taxes, bitch.

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Lets use this opportunity of the US border guard BTFO of goblins to shit on Trump shall we?

This. Eveyone knows pol is a shit multitasker.

Guys this could be it, our opportunity to overthrow the international cabal. Do not let the opprotunity go to waste guys, get organised and protest, do something, we have potential momentum on our side.

let us in!
let us in!

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Something more than shitposting? I mean I said


What more do you want?

Those beaners looking at the wire are thinking shredded beef burrito.

Meet your new neighbors american shitposters !

And the hell? Those kids shouldn't be in diapers anymore and you shouldn't be stealing their shirts.

All you beaners look alike. Enjoy the view of our glorious fence.

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Hint: if it's blatant as fuck D&C it's 10/10 times a cuckchanner

No shit.

Those are apparently Peruvians, if you had Peruvians as neighbors it wouldn't be so bad, but unfortunately you have mexicans and central americans, the last is the bottom feeder of spics.

I want to adopt the loli in the left and start a large Aryan family.



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That wall cannot stop the desire for freedom.

Sounds about right.

A wall amounts to a door if legal immigration keeps on like it has.

yeah, both teams wear a star of david on their jersey's. there will be no wall. these people will be allowed in quietly by the millions. any monies allocated for a wall will be squandered by team kike, and the "poor migrants with only 8 children each just looking to make a better fajita" will be given amnesty.

Whether there is a wall or not makes no fucking difference if legal immigration continues.

Oh G_d the gas attacks, the children! It's another holocaust.

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Russia owned Fort Ross just north of Faggot Mecca for 30 years as well. Mexico couldn't even defend California from them. i hate it when shitlibs and kikes and mestizos blather "muh Mexifornia used to belong to the Ancient and Proud Aztecs, so let the spics in to reclaim their land, goy"

Didn't the aztecs only live in a small sliver of mexico anyway? We should help correct history by taking what they didn't have prior.

Are you that (((esoteric migrant)))/(((dacaryan))) faggot? Kill yourself.

Why didn't they use grenades?

On that note, I agree with user that Mexicans can save Los Angeles from being a sodomite mosh pit. With the guidance of Pedro, they could transform Compton to be an ethnically Spanish region.

It wouldn't change the fact that Los Angeles was at its peak in the 1950s with semi-white New Yorkers moving to the West.

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Poe's law is disallowing me from being able to tell if this post is bait.

Go to hell spic, you will never be white.

The aztecs were no more when the spaniards came in, it was the mexica empire
Chicanos don't know neither american nor mexican history, they should be simply ignored

100% of the posts on this board are bait.

Americans really don't have a lot to say about being white either. But they are the good guys here, the general, working population i mean



Underrated observation. Not merely adequate, one might say ideal.

European living in the US here. My wife works hard at home, it was hard at first with the language barrier, but she learned English enough to have conversations with me. We're expecting our second son next Spring.

Good for you. Only shitskins thought the wall wasn't an esoteric metaphor.

Tbh if white people the world over are to make it out of this shit as a people, it will all ultimately rest on Americas actions. Western Europe is all but gone and you can't expect the Eastern bloc to stand on their own for very long.


Russia is rising strong.

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Trips confirm

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Actually Hitler thought spics were closer to Aryans than burgers. I don't see why you even made that post.

Thank you for the music though, only Aryans can hear this and understand the beauty of that song!!

Russia has its own demographics problems, being Russian doesn't necessarily make one white. All pretext aside on RU/US relationship, we are not at odds despite how loud glow niggers and legacy media screeches.


What are you talking about shitskin?

I know what you mean ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Trump said that he'd use military force to protect our borders.
Well, here is a test of the truth of that statement.
Do you see the military using force to defend our borders? I don't.
For fuck sake, the people already want him to do something.
It's time to act yet he does nothing.

>InB4 all the Trump worshipers say; "Oh yeah? Well, you're a jew if you don't trust the plan! Keep votin' Republicuck!!!!!

Enjoy your ban Mohammed.

Streams have shown military choppers with guns out the sides

is that real?

They look far too old to still be wearing diapers….. so retarded spics are invading America and the US military is too busy defending israel's borders.

I know. Those border guards are firing smoke and gas at their own discretion while herding the goblins away from the border. Trump is a kike.

And yet no one has the balls to shoot them. These are invaders
They hate us.
It is normal and good to shoot hostile invaders.
Of course, they'd need orders to do so because the military is run by traitors. But Trump refuses to give them the orders.

Hell, fuck the military, there are millions of Americans who would do it for free
All the President needs to do is deputize us.
There comes a point where it no longer is chess and becomes treason and cowardice.

That ship sailed long ago, 1965 was the final nail in the coffin of America by the traitors.

Oh I see, youre problem is not that they are being repelled and kept out but that theyre not being shot. Run for president.

Eastern bloc has too much denisovan admix that influences their thoughts to align more like the bugs. They can survive but they will sacrifice anyone they don't consider one of them to get it.

This. You only need to use the military option once every now and then to keep the policy very clear to any potential invaders.

We need actual dictatorship. Dictatorship is better than diversity.

Honestly mexico should have been invaded and destroyed for their attempt to invade the US and for the drugs and crime that pours across everyday.

This democracy is a sham

You're right. We're actually more fucked'r than previously thought; but so many had unrealistic hope that the Cheeto-in-chief would at least stop the bleeding

"The North American population consists overwhelmingly of Germanic elements which have mingled very little with inferior colored peoples and this shows a very different sort of civilization and culture from Central and South America. In Central and South America, the mostly Latin (meaning people of Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese origin) settlers mingled, sometimes on a large scale, with the people who were native to the area. This one example by itself clearly and distinctly shows us the effect of racial mixture. The racially pure and almost unmixed Germanic peoples on the American Continent have risen to become the master of their land. He will remain the master as long as he does not yield to blood pollution by mixing with lesser races." Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

If it were the Mexican army rushing the border, I'd agree with you; but considering the number of Americans who rush into Mexico for spring break…

Nostalgic as fuck. Back when it was safe, we used to cross into Mexico on foot as teenagers to drink beer at the Tijuana strip clubs. I remember coming across that massive ditch at 2am. Creeeepy and no way in hell its safe anymore.

Sage for off-topic.

Fuck you, and fuck any more tourism or any relations whatsoever with Mexico. War is war. If you weaponize shitskins and takeover an entire region of the US as the spics have, that's war.

How desperate can they be if none of them are willing to wade in the canal to get to the other side?

honestly he had 2 jobs keep immigration in check legal and illegal and second protect gun rights he has completely failed

That's called tourism you retard they always come back. The mexican invasion army is rushing the border everyday are gang members, thugs, low IQ savages and all of them are biological weapons.

Cartels won't be happy that all entry points are now lockdown mode. I fully expect them to start venting that anger on these "migrants".

I don't really care if non-Whites are redpilled or not. It shouldn't be my problem. All I want is to not be racially exterminated. I don't even want to rule over them or take their land. I just want to be secure in mine.

Anything is better than diversity. Even being poor. Poverty you can recover from. demographic displacement and forced assimilation is permanent.
Multiculturalism exterminates the native culture.

When will conflict break out between Mexico and the States?

So why aren't you mad at Korea? If, as you say, settling in certain areas of the US is an invasion of the US, then you should be bitching about them too.Millions of those fuckers in the US. ~5 million in California alone! How about Germans? 46 million Germans in the US. Surely that's an invasion force!


There needs to be a race war first but that's definitely in store for later.

What's IQ you fucking piece of shit? What's ability to assimilate and function in society?

You disingenuous pieces of shit will be up against the wall right alongside your shitskin pets

He's probably referring to the natives of Siberia, ie the Asian part of Russia, which wasn't a part of Russia til Russia ROFLstomped the Mongols. As one would expect, Siberian natives are typically semites, turkic peoples, and mongoloids. These people aren't ethnically Russian, but they're from Russia.

The citizens of the US are heavily armed, Paco. If you think they're going to keep taking it up the ass so you can slow-burn coloninize Aztlan, you've got another thing coming.

user the time is long past allowing enemies to live in their areas at this point one must crush the enemy absolutely or face
Germans and Anglos are the people that make up the majority of the whites in the US they are the real Americans , we need more of them and to get rid of the roaches from latin america.

After the new Senate takes its seat. Mexico will invite us in willingly to exterminate the cartels. Screencap it.

We should collect all these bastards and literally ship them to China. Because, you know, multiculturalism and all and China has literally none.

heres a jewtube multistream if anyone wants it

Trust the plan

Only 1/3rd of US citizens own a firearm.

Mmmmm I love the smell of LARPers. How many brown people have you killed today? Oh, none, because you're too much of a cuck and need other people to do things for you.

That's a very good point.

Isn't that obvious?
The problem is that the neo-cons control immigration policy. And they hate White people.

This is what they did in Europoor before the 'migrant crisis' shit really kicked off.
It's a shit test.

Betcha 30 internets Trumps fails it.

What is your purpose exactly Zig Forums? no one likes shitskin invaders (even the normal fags) you are not going to change anyone's mind on that and Trump & the US are pussies that won't fire on them.

Real invasion will start when it gets hot apparently heat is the engine that drives shit skins (and drugs of course).

You mean legally enter at the border with a visa waiver passport, for tourism?


when las vegas is no longer profitable

why are they running away anyway

You never even had a country to be invaded in reality.

Every border guard and soldier there to help them should be given the longest bar chainsaw to stand guard with. When they get rushed by thousands of smelly mexican'ts they should greet them with roaring howling chainsaws waving in the air, severing limbs, necks hands feet with torrents of hot stinking blood spraying everywhere.

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Watch these illegals get gassed and scatter

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The illegal horde started in the southeast corner of this map; instead of going to Cancun, the high-price resort town in the middle-east part of this map, they traveled ALL THE WAY through Mexico to the NORTHWEST corner of this map, which is where they stayed camped until they started crossing. I'm sure they could have gone to any other place in Mexico along their journey to find work or food, including the places where rich people go to vacation, but they went the length of one entire country to get into another. That is, at the least, highly suspect for people that just want to relocate to a better place. If everywhere south of the US is really so terrible to live, maybe the US needs to push south and make it better by force.

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