Would you like shit with that?

Poo found on every McDonald’s touchscreen tested


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Coliforms are everywhere. They're on the keyboard and mouse you used to post this shit thread.

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The curryniggers are spreading their vibrant culture all over

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Did they test the door handles for poop?

literal shitskins

So do door handles. You've already made that deal the moment you decide to walk in.

No one on Zig Forums should ever eat at McDonald's. Let the peasants eat shit.

Curries, mudslimes and other assorted darkie filth, 100% guaranteed.
I wouldn't touch any fast food restaurant in a big English city for exactly this reason, touch screens or not.

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Are you really this desperate to keep your so called "job?"

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Is it truly wrong for Haji to to take a monster shit in McD's, use his hand to wipe his ass and then order with an empty stomach like normal people in Pakistan?

With luck, all the low-end scum eating at macshit will be wiped out completely by a massive infestation of drug-immune bacteria.
If 10 million of the lowest scum and shitskins die within the first year, the only problem will be piling up enough tyres to burn the bodies on.

This is probably true for anything in public that is touched by a large number of people.


It's true for anything that doesn't exist in a hospital. This is yelow journalism.

Nigger I eat McDonald because there’s not much other choice with my work schedule. It’s the only place on the way to one of my jobs and I don’t have time to cook anything. I’m gonna just start eating gas station food.

Not an argument, you fatass

nigger, you could buy some beef jerky and other things that dont require refrigeration and eat them in your car instead of mcgoynalds

Just part and parcel.

its not called the poopoo platter for no reason user


prove it user … i want a detail layout of your weak day by day and I want pictures of locations that back this story up

what a sad life. I dont believe you

not only do you eat there , you eat there too much … whats your weight fat ass???

>poisoning yourself with (((fast food)))

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Yeah and your money is just as filthy. Wash your hands before touching your face and preping your own food.

Must suck to have such shitty immune systems. I only wash my hands if I get something on them or take a shit. All these dumbshits applying alcohol based hand sanitizers every couple minutes are going to die when the next pandemic hits.

That's more than a lot of shitskins are doing. Britain has too many shitskins (one is too many).

Maybe because all your vibrant poo-in-loos wipe their asses with their hands? This is fact. Import 3rd world, become 3rd world.

Global report.

I think I've found the source.


He's making excuses, user. If he wants to rationalise then he can join in the shitskins.

less expensive, delicious, healthy and he knows all of the ingredients that are not some Frankenburger with spicy poo gravy fresh ass wipe, and dirty floor french fries because the dumb ass is White and pissed off the low-wage, low-IQ order-monkey at the drive thru



Reminder that fast food is one grade above dogfood

I have a plant based diet
fuck the dolphins though

People who say this are the laziest pieces of shit. Learn to meal prep, you can make food for several days ahead and you'll save money. Congratulations, now you're not a nigger, even though you're probably a shitskin

Careful with that lettuce, user

How legal is it to just walk into somebodies business and start testing this shit? Also reading about all these diseases that come out of nowhere and just make people sick out of nowhere makes me think either this species is useless or they are creating shit in Langley. I remember tripping once and it was near impossible to find an ideal temperature , I had to keep adjusting thermostat putting on different clothes blanket then id be too hot but cold in some places. I was like holy fuck there's literally some jew pulling levers in the earth so we can never reach equilibrium. The matrix is a documentary this world is just a simulation I've seen it with my own fuckin eyes reality can change right in front of you mandela effect is real watch hitlers middle name will be Carlos tomorrow

someone please think of the boigahs

Do you know how long it takes to cook 6 chicken breasts in the oven? No, really. Go look it up, you fat piece of shit.

Color me surprised

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poo in the mcdonalds loo?

This phrase is even worse than McGoyChow. It's called "cooking" you absolute homosexual. You sound like a 25 year old woman who just discovered a fad diet when you say "meal prep."

Fuck off, fag.

The same poo is on the door handles of every restaurant.

< doesn't test the food

That's one of the reasons why the automated sliding doors are top tier. Shit is on every door handle there is, especially in areas with high homeless populations. Shit, semen, piss, diseases, etc., pretty much the works.


What the fuck kind of job are you working that doesn't even let you enough time to cook a chicken breast?

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Being retarded enough to eat out.

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Pajeet here. Can confirm. After I shit I use my left hand and water to clean the asshole. Then I use soap and water to clean my left hand. Is it OK Zig Forums?

Oh and we use right hand for eating so that we don't have to touch food with left hand. For someone who is left handed it becomes vice-versa. That is why we don't want to shake hands with left-handed people.


When you go home, shower and make 20 sandwiches from the items you bought on the way home.
Put them all in the freezer and transfer 4 into the refrigerator each night you get home, so there are 4 waiting for you in the morning.
If you forget to take your lunch, go without. You won't forget again.

what the fuck is wrong with you people

Go build a toilet, and proper sewage system curry nigger instead of shitposting here.

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In 89 I knew these spoiled brats that worked in the kitchen at Red Robin; they wouldn't wear anything unless it had the RL Polo insignia on it. They were incredibly bitter nasty kids presumably because they weren't filthy rich or wildly famous celebrities. They'd take out a lot of their malice on the food they were preparing particularly the burger patties, blowing strings of snot on it while it was on the griddle, tossing it on the floor and wiping it around on the filthy linoleum with the soles of their shoes then using the spatula to pick it up and toss it back on the griddle. This made the waitresses laugh. All the kids that worked there utterly despised their customers with an almost frightening malice.

I haven't eaten in a restaurant for almost a year and that was only because I was moving across the continent and buying a new home so I didn't have a kitchen.

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There's a reason I wash my hands as soon as I get home if I touch any doors, carts etc.


Shopping carts, in particular those fold out baby seats…Don't let the grocery packers put your food in the fold out baby seats. They've been tested high for feces…baby diapers leak shit all over them.

Thanks for the info.

show me where I stated that faggot.
Pro tip: you can't, because it was your own inference, faggot

This is the completion of the Wojak and Pepe cycle. You see Wojak became a wagecuck and now Pepe has to intrude in on his life.

You implied, with your comment and that picture, that we should have a stay-at-home wife cooking us home cooked meals. At best you'll have a stay-at-home leech who goes to McDonald's for you.

As long as she doesn't insist on physically printing out all her emails on paper before reading them you should just shut up and be grateful for small mercies.

Nothing. We are just different. Just tell me how to clean my ass the European way Zig Forums.


daily reminder that chodekikey is the one allowing this dirty streetshitter to post here

No, that is how (you) interpreted it faggot.
..you can't feed yourself unless you have a "stay at home wife"? Untermensch!

How do we know this "doctor" didn't just have poo all over his own hands?

That's fine, but the common jargon nowadays indicates it's for several days ahead

Hahahaha! I haven't been at McD's for a year and recently I went again and the lady at the counter pointed me at one of those machines and said this is the only way you can place your order now. I was really confused. But I was hungry so I ordered anyway. I felt like a fucking NPC. Totally dehumanizing. That's when I decided that I would never ever go there anymore.

I'm 65. I only ate at a McDonald's once.

I went with some friends in May 1968 but I didn't eat anything; it seemed to be odd looking food even by drive in standards. It reminded me of that Kenner Easy Bake Oven play food shit. I did eat just once though in 1983. I was in a big rush and I noticed they had double bacon burgers for $.50 each. So I bought two. I was sick like I was dying of stomach cancer for 4 days. Horrible disgusting filth. Never again.

I'm sure that had nothing to do with swallowing your chew spit, boomer.

How the hell did you find this place, I'm calling bs. Anyways, never forget that this whole enterprise was primarily designed to be a children's restaurant! Insane! I haven't looked if there were yids involved with the invention of McD but I would be surprised in the slightest.

*would not

M is for Moloch

Us Whites/ Aryan are useless at home cooking. The Poos/ Shitskin and Kikes are well known for home cooked , family at the table meals… Nuclear Family that is.
We Whites and Blacks are useless.

It was invented by to Scots, but it was stolen from them by a jew named Harry Sonneborn through the "Franchise Realty Corporation." Ray Kroc was the front man, but Sonneborn was in charge until 1967.

For me, it's the McChicken. The best fast food sandwich. I even ask for extra McChicken sauce packets and the staff is so friendly and more than willing to oblige.

One time I asked for McChicken sauce packets and they gave me three. I said, "Wow, three for free!" and the nice friendly McDonald's worker laughed and said, "I'm going to call you 3-for-free!".

Now the staff greets me with "hey it's 3-for-free!" and ALWAYS give me three packets. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere at my local McDonald's restaurant, I go there at least 3 times a week for lunch and a large iced coffee with milk instead of cream, 1-2 times for breakfast on the weekend, and maybe once for dinner when I'm in a rush but want a great meal that is affordable, fast, and can match my daily nutritional needs.

I even dip my fries in McChicken sauce, it's delicious! What a great restaurant.

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Lol. Dream more you retard.

Decent enough shitpost.

Really, McDonald's news? Nobody cares. This is not Zig Forums worthy content.

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mcchicken? dont be a nigger eat some chick fila

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trips confirm this

Dubs confirm that trips confirm it!

PSA to everyone on this board
Two MREs can cost about $14 a day from Amazon/eBay and give you 2500 Calories
Nobody touched them with poop fingers, everything is vaccuum sealed
They arent healthy (soy, vegetable oils) but probably better than McDonalds. They dont have trans fats since recently. And they are available 24/7, no cooking needed, finish a 1250 Calorie meal in like 5 minutes. Just bring water

you engsilh do well speaken. you QI high

oh-shit.jpg trips
dubs checked.

McSatan confirmed

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What sandwhiches does ChicFilA sell for $1?

Nod an argumend to be h

Finger lickin gud…shhieetttt….

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Your reply has nothing to do with my reply.
McDonalds doesn't sell MREs.
MREs don't have poop.
You are a shit-for-brains, though.

Why you touch screens? Just go up and talk to the people at the counter. Is this a beta thing where they can't stand social interaction or something?

lurk moar
there are no people behind the counter. the touchscreens are their replacements. this is what happems when burger flippers demand $15/hr

Damn, the downfall of the world in one picture. Can't put down the fucking phone long enough to take a quick shower.

WW3 when?

Unless if you're consistently working 18 hour days, you have time to cook. If you are, why? The amount of money saved by not relying on fast food and convenience will even out, and you'll get taxed less from being in a lower bracket and spending less.

Buy an electric pressure cooker, some can be used like a Crock-Pot, on high you can cook a whole chicken in 30 minutes, or you can slow cook while you're away at work. You'd have 1 pan to clean and a 5 minute meal prep, that would save you $20 a day, more than $700 per year, and you'd be eating healthier.

Not even once.

McDonalds idf in full force

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Do you know you have a freezer? Did you know you can use your weekend to cook a huge portion & store really good food and in the morning to heat it up eat for breakfast and bring the rest you heated up in the morning with you in a canteen or lunch box?

Stop making excuses, there is no excuse to eat @ fucking rat poison from mcdonalds.

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Everything. Literally everything is wrong with the poojeet.