Muslim Woman Describes Degrading, Electroshock Torture In Chinese Internment Camp

A Uighur Muslim woman claims she was tortured and abused at a Chinese internment camp where hundreds of thousands of religious minorities are being kept, according to the Independent.

29-year-old Mihrigul Tursun told reporters during a Washington press conference that she was subjected to a degrading four-day interrogation which included no sleep, having her head shaved, electrocution and "an intrusive medical examination," after her second arrest in China in 2017. Tursun claims that the abuse got worse when she was arrested a third time.

"I thought that I would rather die than go through this torture and begged them to kill me," Tursun told journalists at a National Press Club meeting.

China has come under fire in recent months over their treatment of Muslims known as Uighurs - of which as many as two million have been incarcerated in "reeducation camps" in the country's far west to reprogram them for what the government has called "ethnic unity."

Chinese authorities routinely deny any ethnic or religious repression in Xinjiang. They say strict security measures – likened by critics to near martial law conditions, with police checkpoints, the detention centers, and mass DNA collection – are needed to combat the influence of extremist groups.

After initial blanket denials of the detention facilities, officials have said that some citizens guilty of “minor offences” were sent to vocational centers to improve employment opportunities. -Reuters

Raised in China, Tursun moved to Egypt to study English at a university where she met her husband. Together they had triplets. In 2015, she traveled back to China to visit family and was immediately detained and separated from her infant children. After her release three months later, Tursun found that one of her children had died and the other two had health issues. She claims the children had been operated on.

Tursun was arrested around two years later for a second time - while several months later she was detained for a third time where she spent three months in a cramped prison cell along with around 60 other women. The group had to take turns sleeping, and toilets were situated in front of security cameras. She says that the women were forced to sing propaganda songs praising China's Communist Party.

Ms Tursun said she and other inmates were forced to take unknown medication, including pills that made them faint, and a white liquid that caused bleeding in some women and loss of menstruation in others. She said nine women from her cell died during her three months there.

One day, Ms Tursun recalled, she was led into a room and placed in a high chair, and her legs and arms were locked in place.

“The authorities put a helmet-like thing on my head, and each time I was electrocuted, my whole body would shake violently and I would feel the pain in my veins,” she said in a statement read by a translator.

“I don’t remember the rest. White foam came out of my mouth, and I began to lose consciousness,” Ms Tursun said. “The last word I heard them saying is that you being an Uighur is a crime.” -Independent

She was later released in order to take her children to Egypt, but says that she was ordered to return to China. Instead, she phoned US authorities from Cairo and was allowed to settle in Virginia in September.

Tursun joined over 270 scholars from 26 countries last week in a published statement condemning China's "mass human rights abuses and deliberate attacks on indigenous cultures."

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China has hit back against the criticism, stating last month that 15 foreign ambassadors who wrote a letter expressing their concerns over the incarcerations "should not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries." Meanwhile, reports have emerged that over half a million Han Chinese citizens have moved into the homes of Highur Muslim families in order to report on whether they "display Islamic or unpatriotic beliefs," according to the Independent.

The informants, who describe themselves as “relatives” of the families they are staying with, are said to have received specific instructions on how to get them to let their guard down, including offering them cigarettes and alcohol.

China has claimed the Uighur Muslims are grateful to be detained in mass internment camps, saying it makes their lives more “colourful”. -Independent

Beijing added that it's simply trying to bring Muslims into the "modern, civilized" world.

In September, the Trump administration weighed sanctions against Chinese senior officials and companies in order to punish Beijing's detention of ethnic Uighurs and other minority Muslims. Beijing, in response, said it would retaliate "in proportion" if Washington levies the sanctions.

China's ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, said late last month that while the United States was using missiles and drones to kill terrorists, "we are trying to re-educate most of them, trying to turn them into normal persons (who) can go back to normal life."

"Can you imagine (if) some American officials in charge of the fight against ISIS would be sanctioned?," Cui said - adding that "if such actions are taken, we have to retaliate."


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The issue is that the muslim was still alive and not removed like the pest that it is. They are a plague on the world, devouring endlessly like swarms of locusts.

Why bother detaining them. Just deport them to Africa or something.

Unironically based.

kek just to encounter chinks colonizing Africa just to get the same treatment

When whites are gone , my consolation is the souless insectoids of the far east will unwittingly avenge us in the most brutal ways imaginable.

Great, now she is shitting up my country.
Trump is such a kike puppet. There is absolutely no hope for America with such a weak faggot as its leader.

That's a weird way of saying "kikes". Muslims are completely irrelevant.

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Good for based China. Unfortunately she is here. They should have never let her leave.

No surprise with this administration.

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Why are we supposed to hate china again?

They eat tortured dogs, fill the oceans with plastic and infiltrate other countries because their own is such a polluted shithole and they want to escape. There are plenty of reasons to hate the Chinese. AIDS kills niggers and fags. That doesn't make AIDS any less of a disease.

The chinks can do it, why can't you?

Change dogs to pigs and you got the US. I'm an American and China seems much more preferential

Nice try Chen. I'm not an American and I know that China is a bugman infested big brother nightmare land. The only saving grace is that they oppress muzzies. If you are legitimately not a chink and you think china is worth living in you are genuinely insane.

I went to China and didnt get detained… Oh wait im not a terrorist muslim. Funny how that works.

she's muslim.. why not just kill her

Have you ever been around the Chinese? I've lived among them. They're complete subhumans, and that's cause enough for their eradication.

They do this to goatfuckers now but once they gain enough power, they will be doing this to all non-Chinese if you let them occupy enough territory. The red menace is real and Chinese expansion must be stopped.

She’s a three-time offender who is now chilling in USA. The Chinese have gotten so soft.

You are probably Canadian if you think they are decent. They need to stay in their own country.

Simple prevention is not sharing bodily fluids with either of these two. It's as much of a disease as addiction to social media, which targets the low iq dopamine chaser.
A disease is something that might affect people living naturally the same as people mindlessly doing whatever they feel like, assuming there are no consequences, or not having a concept of consequence even.

How long before the ZOG invade them to bring them the gift of peace & democracy?

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Muzzies gonna muzz. Reminder to not believe anything any of them say, specially a single account of some skank that somehow was let go visit Egypt by such a barbaric regime.
This doesn't mean the bugmen do not do this. This is yet another welfare leech with a sob story only the dumbest goy would believe.

Well that's absolute bullshit.

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They most likely see what's happening to Europe.
Because they see what has been happening to Europe, they know that the path that Europe has attempted to go down is not working so well. So what other choice do the Chinese have besides killing or kicking them out to Islam land?

As much as I hate the chinks, I have to commend them on the excellent job they're doing. Not only are they immune to liberal kike shaming, but they will mock them in the process while showing niggers and other skitskins just how subhuman they are.

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The Chinese communist government is due for a collapse within the next 1-3 decades. It's grasping for relevance at the moment. No nation can survive forever by holding its people in a nation-wide surveillance prison.

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But they still tolerate jews.

Based China. Good job.

Wow. China Nazi now.

Fuck off kike. China will remove shekels from your cold dead hands.

Thank you.

Sorry Chayim Rosenblatt. Your colorful dreams will not come true.


The ruling elite of the CCP are not clamping down on the muzzies because of what they see going on in Europe. They are using the people as test subjects for surveillance equipment, poisons, riot equipment, re-education processes, and much more. They are doing this because China is working hard to revert back to some of it's old school communist roots. This is because if current trends were to continue the CCP would be out completely within 30 years. So Xi Jingping seeing this grasped more power for himself and started working to push back against the communist decline. The muzzies provided a good nationalist chinese distraction for the rural areas affected and data for the reasons I have already listed. Don't believe me? Read the reports from prisoners, several have talked about being force fed pills and liquids that had various reactions with their bodies. The woman in OPs article mentioned one her babies died from some medical procedure. I don't trust the media at all especially when they want to portray these people as muhhh oppressed muslims. But, knowing what we know about how China treats prisoners and harvests them for organs. It really isn't a stretch to believe these people. How much do you think baby organs are worth on the market for rich poor genetic incestual Jews that need them for their brood? Millions. Same goes for all the suppression technology and tactics the Chinese are developing. Not only is it useful for themselves, but the Jews will happily buy it from them and even help in the development.

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I want to add that global politics is just a game for China and the CCP. Everything comes down to money for the Jews of the Orient. If they can cheat and get away they will do it. If they can make money they will do it. These backwater muslims are a population in the millions that can be exploited for political, scientific, cultural, and financial gain. The CCP views them as a resources nothing more. Sure they want to clamp down on the religious aspect, but the CCP clamps down on all religion.

The Chinese government WAS due for a collapse but that isn't so certain now. Because of how the CCP has invested in exploiting different ethnic groups for surveillance and suppression research, the country is going to be extremely "stable." There will be no collapse of the CCP without heavy and violent outside influence. With the developments the CCP made, the Chinese won't be able to have a genuine revolution. Even a food shortage won't cause problems as food in China is already heavily substituted with plastic. The people are already accustomed to eating shit, some homes in rural provinces subsist on eating rats and subsistence medieval tier farming. As long as major Tier 1-2 cities in Eastern provinces hold, the CCP couldn't give a shit about the west as long as India behaves.

There is a lot going on in China that most in the West don't have a single understanding of.

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As much as I believe in freedom of religion, Islam is not just a religion, it is a political system as well. Given the chance it is a definite competitor to any established political system. Given latitude Islam would compete directly with the Chinese state, that there would be a response is hardly surprising.

Whether you believe they are right or wrong its definite, resolved action like this that is so fascinating about China. From a historical perspective this also has to be the mildest form of effective religious persecution on the books. As a reminder, e.g. Catholics burnt Protestants at the stake.

The Chinese don't even want to kill the muslims, they want them to stop adhering to a philosophy that is, for now at least, fundamentally at odds with modern civilized behaviour. I have no doubt that they would take the opportunity with the worst of them to experiment with new methods, the dream would be that they find some combination of drugs that cures religion outright, the nightmare of course that what they learn can be used by our intrinsically far more frightening western governments for mundane wrongthink. The Chinese remain amateur compared to the evil the west is capable of inflicting upon its own citizens. The Chinese at least seem to care for the future of the "Han" people, even if not for individual "Han". No western government cares one jot for its own people.

Finally, not to excuse the behaviour, but this Chinese response is far more humane than certain types of non-muslims might reasonably expect in muslim countries. It really is a Chinese matter to be left to the Chinese.

Good posts.
Yes China is a dystopia but so is Islam.
China is the only country pursuing Eugenics currently (besides Israel) and will rule the world unless an Anti-China pan-Asian + USA alliance is formed.

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I feel you there. Once the rest of the world burns due to 3rd world incompetence, bugmen will rule.

The Chinese government is still better than the EU government, as the EU wants to destroy Europeans, while the CCP wants world annexation and Han supremacy under their control.

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You couldn't make it up.

Yeah and? China is try to succeed for the Han where Hitler failed the Aryans. They do this by trying to out jew the jews and their fellow Saturn cultists.

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What if there is (((someone))) behind the raging boner for Uyghurs? Makes sense. People still proud of their tradition. Suddenly a globalistic maniac gov wants to crack them and their society.

They're mudblood serfs. You may as well start singing the praises of La Raza.

I admire the chinese. they dont let fsggy bullshit ethics get in the way of progress.

Depends on the type of progress. The progress the Chinese are working on is great if you want to further the agenda of the Jew World Order.

Good. If the Chinese and the Muslims liked each other then we'd have absolutely no chance.

this is literally like the muh muslim terrorists in the middle east
(that for some reason were 1% or less active as they became after the establishment of israel)
but towelhead man = bad
therefore based communist bandits

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Good. Fuck muslims.

It is well-deserved, Mehmet. Your evil kind have attacked decent people for centuries and only been stopped by your inherent cowardice and nigger tier IQ.

Shitskins killing other shitskins. When is that never not a good thing?

Chinese just happen to be the proper shade of color than whites so it's alright for them to do this in the eyes of many leftists. The fucking bugs harvest organs of illegal aliens that try to get to China but no one talks about that shit.




Apparently i'm a muslim now; thanks for that information, Abraham.
Can you remind me of those grand islamic invasions of 17,18,19, 20th century that we needed to defebd against?

about as irrelevant as a horde of zombies at your doorstep. take care of the kike and the other things will fall into place but dont sit there acting like mudslimes are innocent bystanders.

Good. Muslims don't deserve sympathy. They would do exactly the same to us if they had the chance. In fact, they do it in places like Saudi Arabia.

Those chinks were too tolerant.

Unironically good job China.

t. Zig Forums butthurt.

good. Islam is a cancer, you don't be nice to cancer.

Chinese communist here. This is the only way to defeat jew.

More likely (((NED/CIA))) oy vey was trying to stir up some good old (((terrorism))) there. CCP saw it and destroyed it. The usual suspects are crying "muh human rights".

Nice projection there, shill.

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There is a lot more to this matter. But, I would not divulge it to Zig Forums.

This as well, although in this particular case it really doesn't matter. Do Chinks torture and experiment on people? Sure. Do Muslims lie to gain an advantage over dirty kuffar? Yep. It's a wash.

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Based China (in this instance, but I still hope they're nuked).

The only place to deport muslims to is Hell

So basically bitch is a 3 time criminal who absolutely deserved what she got for breaking the law multiple times. And of course she gets to leech off my taxes and likely continue her crime spree. Fuck the Jew.S.A. China did nothing wrong.

Now talk about the mudshit crime problem in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou and how the government imprisons chinks who dare to speak up against these mudshits, or how entire sections of Yiwu, Guangzhou, and Dongguan have become Little Mecca and the Chinese who have protested against it were brutally oppressed, or does that not fit the shilling agenda?

Not "tolerate", but completely controlled by and worship jews

Gee, I wonder (((who))) this is

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Reducing mudshits isn't how they are furthering the Jew world order you fucking kike shill. Nice deflection though. They are furthering the Jew World Order because they are using these people for psyop, surveillance, and suppression research. What the Chinese learn from crushing these people they will sell and the Jews will buy it or steal it. They will then use that knowledge to clamp down on whites when Europe finally reaches the flashpoint.

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I really don't get what's the reason behind hating chinks. They've succesfully implemented national socialism after all. Sure they did it through US mistakes but they used it perfectly for their own advantage.
They've managed to build self sustainable economy, aside of resources of course.
China manages to kill all substantial minorities and take their lands, Tibet and Ujgur's lands belong to people of Han now.
They implemented number of socialist reforms, taking care of their people's needs.

Are you just salty that they succeed where Hitler couldn't ?

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Sure thing wang.

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Spray yourself.

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What's exactly jewish about them ?

Global report.

It's not really communism at this point. Chinese don't follow a single principle of communism, neither the Marx version nor Stalin one.
The closest description one can give is national socialism.

I honestly don't hate them. I got problem with racemixing and treading on me or my people. As long as they don't do that, we're cool.

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Gas yourself for equating capitalistic kikery mixed with communism is nationalist socialist.

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they are profiteers and they lie

I live in China, Uighurs are a menace just like rapefugees in Europe.

They come to the big cities to steal, scam and to sell drugs.

Normal Chinese cops are scared of them because they roam in packs and are quick to knife you, but when the mudshit problem gets too big they bring on the SWAT team and send them back where they came from.

Eat shit and die, you subversive fat refuse from your mother's cunt

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gee goy, you don't say?

it's muh holohoax 2.0

(((they))) want a destabilized China just like Europe but no kvetching in the media is going to accomplish that…

Exactly. These "muh bug people" fags are completely idiotic, and are shitting on the only defender against Jewish world domination. Seriously pathetic people. The world will become more and more mutted, as China stays pure.

That's a picture of a girl from Xinjiang. It would seem the Aryan used to command a lot more territory in that region some 4000 years ago, even up to the first Emperor of China had "green-eyed" generals with "light long beards" who won for him "astonishing victories". Once he came to power he massacred not only his own people in power but as well those same commanders and auxiliaries.

Its a fascinating yet disturbing history to see since its much more well known the same thing happening in what is now India some 2500 years ago. Is the fate of our lands now going to be the same as back then? I don't really care about the "WE WUZ" part because I'm not after to say that proto-Celts made the Chinese culture but if this is a repeating cycle then its important we be aware of it to prevent its happening again.

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It's called turn a cheek not spread both cheeks you dumb motherfucker.

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Fucking chink shills are all over this goddamned website.


Its current year so we should have concrete proof that this person is legit. There should be a transparant process for determining whether somebody is exploiting things like the legalization of propaganda obama signed into law. There should also be an investigation of these crimes , you know, due process, before somebody using an accusation to push their political goal. How is this difficult?

Delicious irony.

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Long story short. The CCP sucks. The EU sucks. Islam sucks. USA is puppet of Israel is a puppet of the the Rothschilds are minor players in the Elders of Zion… a record that is clearly NOT a forgery at this point.

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The 'Han' are a mixed race brood of serfs. Just like spics. Han racial purity and nationality is a myth, just like 'Chinese' history. They're not Qin, Wuhan, Manchu, Tuejue or Tibetans. No more than some random spic goblin is an Aztec with 100% Mictlan phenotype.

I don't give a shit that they're harvesting muslim organs. I hope their party officials get some rare disease from the transplant. They're a 'race' of bug men and in the same category as Arabs, Turks and other jewish biological weapons.

I want to eat that monkey

The news is probably fake

That is terrible way to treat a human being.
Better believe they’ll do even worse to whites

wtf I love chinks now :^)

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Underrated post.

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