German antifa communist organizations starts inquisition against conservatives


The left wing extremist organisation ZPS "Zentrum für politische Schönheit" (Center for political beauty) led by a former Stasi agent Anette Kahane started a doxxing campaign against protesters who took part in the Chemnitz protests.
This website
allows users to post all the personal information about the shown individuals they want.
One shocking option allows users to directly contact THE EMPLOYER of the individual to get them fired.

This group works together with the socialist parties in parliament (SPD, Bündnis90/Die Grünen and Die Linke) on multiple projects.

Main website (Ger)

Media is not covering this, help Krautland not to become a socialist snitch state (again).

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Idk what the fuck that is supposed to mean, and it sounds kiked.
I would say we. Should use the same tactic against antifa and others, but most don't have real jobs. However, what we should use is their identification to reward these people or give them jobs. Every time you see someone outed by Jews for doing something they don't like, try to help them out and give them a job if you can. We should be giving fellow supporters jobs so that we are self sustaining and can say anything we want in public without fear for our jobs.

They aren't the enemy.
Treat the cause, not the symptoms!

Anetta Kahane has nothing to do with the ZPS, you're confusing it with the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.

The ZPS is a bunch of left-wing "artists" and this is an "art project". Who knows wether the people in their database are even real.

t. German


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communists are always the enemy.

Now you know what to do with all that old DDR material in your grandmothers attic user.


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"German" companies


Nigger got taken care of by Germans. Mutts ordered the puppet government to make an entire foundation dedicated to a nigger.
BRD GmbH and Muttmerica must burn.

Can you really get people fired in Germany the way you can in the US? I thought Euroland is all socialized to where it's impossible to fire anyone unless they miss work for a year or kill someone on the job.

SoKo = Sonderkommission = special commission, implying it's an official police investigative panel
The absolute audacity of these faggots

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That's complete BS as a swede who actually habe firsthand experience you can easiky get anyone fired. Just claim you need to downsize workforce for economical reasons. There is no controll of wether the claims are true so the firing goes through 100% of the time.

Wouldn't be even a surprise if the police are also involved.

History has shown that these things never stop. They cannot be beaten by reason nor logic. They have zero interest in allowing self-determination for the goyim; and in the case of the White Caucasian of Euro-descent, he is their most worthy opponent historically thus their number 1 priority for elimination, erasure from history and the first head mounted on their game-hunting wall. There is only one way to beat them, one-at-a-time, all or nothing. They've made their choice long ago.
How will you decide White man?

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so are neocon cuckservatives

For a thread with so few posts, I notice a large percentage are shills advising against action. That means only one thing:


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thanks for telling us, schlomo

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(((Anette Kahane)))

The most ugly Jewess ever seen.

Fuck off, Zig Forums. Commies rats are the problem, not the symptom. The symptom is trandgenderism, open borders, and all this other shit we're dealing with. Your sick fucking ideals are the problem. Your ideals create the foot soldiers who go off to education, advertising, and all manner of other industries, and spread interracial propaganda, marxism, distorted history, white guilt etc. It's all you. You're the fucking problem.

Leftists are the dumbest fucking people on the planet. I can't wait for shit to hit the fan so we can get rid of you for good.

You'll be killed with them you jew sucking commie scumbag

Anette Kahane is also as far as i now employed by facebook germany, she is in fact a former stasi informant.

How is this legal in germany?

FFS Germany do something about these faggots already.

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Thread is about your commie brethren you disgusting kike.

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It's not. The thing is the people who could put a stop to this work for the same people these guys work for.
Immigration without proper papers is also illegal, but look how this is turning out.

it's legal behind the scenes, the exact same political powers are in lock step across every medium and they will never acknowledge it

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t. jews

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Always the same fucking story with these faggots

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The only way to beat the opposition is to be the opposition :^)

germanons need to do some counter attacking

Their site's IP-address seems to be protected by Cloudflare, but if you look through the historical data,
one IP-address is interesting:
Allegedly they collected the search requests (saying the "neonazis" searched themselves)
and created a list of possible neonazis.
They claim that pic related is part of their code.
How legitimate are their claims and anyone know, if is there some more dirt on them that can be dug with these informations?

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german anons.. steal guns and kill kahane, skin her and hang her from a lamppost

That's not code it's a database entry. Marco from the AFD searched 14 times.

That certainly makes more sense, thanks.

Communism is the weapon the Jews are using to destroy the world. The Jews are the enemy, but so are their footsoldiers. Leftism is like a cancer of the mind. Cancer cells can't be saved.

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Now's the time to invest in skull masks

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So sick of these kikes and their projection. They are the most racist people in the world that hide behind claims that Judaism is just a religion. If that's true why is Judaism matrilineal? Why is the kohanim bloodline required to be racially pure going back 1000 generations to be a kike priest if Judaism is not about DNA?