ANCIENT ARYAN THREAD # The GOTHIC Swedes are the aryans

Landon Watson
Landon Watson

Long have Zig Forums wondered about the Aryan

Atlantis, IQ, Racial Biology, Phrenology, Hidden History all for trying to figure out…. Who these were

This thread is not for everyone

I know very well it will be swarmed by pagans shills and butthurt southrons over delusions of Grandeur

Nordics vs Meds has been engineered to make discussion impossible

This thread is not about divide and conquer

Let me begin by Quoting the Prophet Jeremiah of the First encounter with the Swedish (Göter) ARYAN

And The Lord God Declared;
Oh Behold a People from a land in the North,
Who's great Empire Stretches on the Earths Utter northern Corner.
They carry Bow and Sword,
They are Cruel and without Mercy.
With a cry Like the Fury of the oceans
They move on horse,

Armed For BATTLE against you Oh Zion." Jeremiah 6:22-23

The Swedes invaded the middle East….. King tanausis….. All is written down read

This People God speaks about to the prophet Jeremiah are called the Goths From Sweden

THE greatest race om Earth…

And The Lord God The Father Declared;
Against you Israelites, I send
A People far from here,
Says the Lord
An Ancient People,
A People which has been existing From The most eldest ages,
A People who's Language you do Not understand
who's speech you do not comprehend
Their quivers are gaping Graves,
All of Them ARE couragous warriors.
They will devour your harvests And your bread,
Devour your sons and your daughters,
Devour your sheep and cows,
Devour your winegrapes and fig trees.

With Sword they Will Destroy the Fortified Cities
Which you do trust in." Jeremiah 5:15-17

The definition of Aryan is the noble people who made Iran

Who was those?

Read history and we find out it was the Swedes


In the year of 600 BC under THE plan and Order of God THE Goths left Sweden and invaded THE Middle east & Greece and conquered all

Under great King Tanausis I quote
From Christian Writer Jordanes In Getica

"VI (47) This was…….

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Josiah Collins
Josiah Collins

"VI (47) This was the region where the Goths dwelt when Vesosis, king of the Egyptians, made war upon them. Their king at that time was Tanausis. In a battle at the river Phasis (whence come the birds called pheasants, which are found in abundance at the banquets of the great all over the world) Tanausis, king of the Goths, met Vesosis, king of the Egyptians, and there inflicted a severe defeat upon him, pursuing him even to Egypt. Had he not been restrained by the waters of the impassable Nile and the fortifications which Vesosis had long ago ordered to be made against the raids of the Ethiopians,

"he would have slain him in his own land. But finding he had no power to injure him there, he returned and conquered almost all Asia and made it subject and tributary to Sornus, king of the Medes, who was then his dear friend. At that time some of his victorious army, seeing that the subdued provinces were rich and fruitful, deserted their companies and of their own accord remained in various parts of Asia.

(48) From their name or race Pompeius Trogus says the stock of the Parthians had its origin. Hence even to-day in the Scythian tongue they are called Parthi, that is, Deserters. And in consequence of their descent they are archers–almost alone among all the nations of Asia–and are very valiant warriors. Now in regard to the name, though I have said they were called Parthi because they were deserters, some have traced the derivation of the word otherwise, saying that they were called Parthi because they fled from their kinsmen. Now when Tanausis, king of the Goths, was dead, his people worshipped him as one of their gods"

Read more about Goths and every word will convince you that they are the greatest people

From king sitacles bringing about an era of power and wisdom to Greece, to The 7 Gothic Empires Stretching from Spain to India……

I have not time to tell you, but this I will say short
Demographics = Destiny

When the Swedes invaded the middle East it was filled with power and the wonders of the world were built

Only with Gothic Blood & our Blood memory was it possible

For let me tell you some wisdom….. Not only had the Gothic Swede conquered all of Europe & and the middle East

It has also never been conquered….. The blood memory is multiplied in power

But as I said I have no time to go through all the Gothic Swedish Empires instead let's go into Genetics

The Aryan which is the Maker of Iran the Swedish Goth has these genetic qualities

* He is an I1 haplogroup Southern Swedish Scandinavian off all of Götaland & Gotland

* He is proto European (NOT INDO EUROPEAN) with the racial traits of one, which is bound to Y Chromozone WITH THE OCCIPITAL BUN, a bigger brainsize and at many times a Brow Ridge (which has nothing to do with Neanderthals as they never existed)

* He has the Highest iq And Mussclemass

Finally we need to address the Elephant in the room

No despite popular opinion R1B Germans are not aryans, despite all rantings of Hitler and his Pan Germanic Theories.. they are INDO Europeans migrating to Europe 8000 years ago, while the Swede Came from Atlantis 14000 years ago

There is no Pan Germanic identity

Imagine yourself this

The Vikings Dominated brittania (R1B) So much the modern Britt calls himself Saxon & Anglo which are Scandinavian invaders

There was a sea seperating them

Now imagine that for the R1B Germans, to a land the Norsemen could simply walk to

The reason for Germany being a 60% latin language and 40% Norse language is due to thousends of years of domination

As these slaves to the south were forced into our ways

Don't believe me? READ NEXT POST

What is Prussia?

Prussians are a Danish Scandinavian people called Teutons who conquered all of Germany

Don't believe me? READ NEXT POST

What is the 30 years war?

A war where Sweden militarily Held 3/4 of All Germany under Occupation and murdered 7 Million Germans 50-75% of all Living Germans

Germans and the rest of the indo Europeans are very much the same, to filthy the Scandinavian blood is their wish

Real power is from the Scandinavian Swede

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Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez

Dropping info

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Easton Fisher
Easton Fisher

Migrations of Swedes

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Colton Myers
Colton Myers

Nords vs Indo Europeans

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Hunter Bell
Hunter Bell

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Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones

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Cameron Butler
Cameron Butler

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Adrian Butler
Adrian Butler

Swedish Empire and Thirty years war

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Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen

More Swedish migrations

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Luke James
Luke James

Indo European vs proto European

Do keep in mind that many proto Europeans miss the Brow Ridge

Haplogroup and y Chromozone linked

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Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell

More migrations and a Gothic invader of Iran Depicted

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Colton Richardson
Colton Richardson

Power in blood

Rus Varangians were Swedes

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Samuel Ward
Samuel Ward

Dumping non Swedish Info

Proto Europeans outside of Europe

And in odd places

Japan….. China….. New America

Refugees of old Atlantis

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Sebastian Kelly
Sebastian Kelly

The strongest proto Europeans took Scandinavia, the weaker ones took other places

After Gothic Swedish invasion of the middle East

Look at all the wonders

Demographic shift

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Caleb Carter
Caleb Carter

Hard to see for the young, but 6/7 wonders built after the invasion and the following golden age 650 BC - 200 BC

Pic related

A non Scandinavian but still good

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Xavier Campbell
Xavier Campbell

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Jack Ward
Jack Ward


1. That the Swedish scandinavians succeeded in all nation building because of their racial superiority.

2. Definition of Nordic; I1 haplogroup Scandinavian. Pan-germanic Out of Africa theorists are nazi mongrells ill intent on ruining THE true Nordic race With inferior indo european specimen.

3. That the past shapes current politics: specifically, that descendants of Swedes are natural rulers, whereas Slavs as in kievrus are natural subordinates. Along With THE rest of THE other races.

4. Swedes who are the greatest of Scandinavians did THE most deeds, whilst occupying THE most amount of land dominating other scandinavians, even amongst Nordics There is hierarchy With THE Swedes att THE Top.

5. That the Göthic Swedish tribe is specifically THE greatest race of Them all, With svear falling Close second.

6. That the slave races (all outside scandinavia) cannot build civilisation on their own, and all major turnings of ages is due To a Swedish or other Nordic migration, as With THE Swedish Getae conquering Greece creating THE era of Power and Wisdom in THE Hellas peninsula With King Sitacles.

7. That we Swedish Goths are THE northern People Spoken of in Jeremiah, THE sea peoples who collapsed BRONZE AGE civilisation, and THE aryans WHO made THE East Great, With THE decendants of King Tanausis

8. That Nordics are of Proto European stock, and has allways been White, that all proto Europeans are decendants of Atlantis, of which lighs on THE Atlantis ridge. That Proto Europeans settled Sweden 14000 years Ago

9. That Proto Europeans exist outside europe creating Ancient JAPANEZE and new Zeeland civlisation

10. That Nordics are Christians, that paganism is An indo european trick To defile US, like the Pan germanic theory. THE pagans Came from THE Middle east into europe With Oden, To a God knowing People already There, this Oden is documented To have migrated To europe 8000 years Ago, after THE flood To defile THE Proto Europeans With Middle Eastern FILTH

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Anthony Turner
Anthony Turner

By Autosomal DNA (Chr 1-22) Swedes are
Steppe_Eneolithic Anatolia_N EHG WHG Russia_DevilsGate
0.403 0.367 0.012 0.167 0.052
Steppe_Eneolithic is 50% mixture of CHG and EHG.
EHG is mixture of ANE, CHG and WHG + Han-like population
Anatolia_N is mixture of WHG and Basal Eurasian + African-like population

Matthew Parker
Matthew Parker


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Austin Long
Austin Long

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Jeremiah Reed
Jeremiah Reed

Alot of people read not and scream nowadays


Nords vs meds psyop made it so

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