The locations of Google's various data centers are as follows:[2]
United States:
Berkeley County, South Carolina (33°03′50.8″N 80°02′36.1″W) — since 2007, expanded in 2013, 150 employees
Council Bluffs, Iowa (41°13′17.7″N 95°51′49.92″W) — announced 2007, first phase completed 2009, expanded 2013 and 2014, 130 employees
Douglas County, Georgia (33°44′59.04″N 84°35′5.33″W) — since 2003, 350 employees
Jackson County, Alabama[3]
Lenoir, North Carolina (35°53′54.78″N 81°32′50.58″W) — announced 2007, completed 2009, over 110 employees
Montgomery County, Tennessee (36°37′37.7″N 87°15′27.7″W) — announced 2015
Mayes County, Oklahoma at MidAmerica Industrial Park (36°14′28.1″N 95°19′48.22″W) — announced 2007, expanded 2012, over 400 employees[4]
The Dalles, Oregon (45°37′57.04″N 121°12′8.16″W) — since 2006, 80 full-time employees
Henderson, Nevada — announced in 2018 : 1,210 acres of land bought in 2017 in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center;[5] project approved by the state of Nevada in November 2018[6]
South America:
Quilicura, Chile (33°21′30.5″S 70°41′50.4″W) — announced 2012, online since 2015, up to 20 employees expected. A $140 million investment plan to increase capacity at Quilicura was announced in 2018.[7]
Saint-Ghislain, Belgium (50°28′09.6″N 3°51′55.7″E) — announced 2007, completed 2010, 12 employees
Hamina, Finland (60°32′11.68″N 27°7′1.21″E) — announced 2009, first phase completed 2011, expanded 2012, 90 employees
Dublin, Ireland (53°19′12.39″N 6°26′31.43″W) — announced 2011, completed 2012, 150 employees[8]
Eemshaven, Netherlands (53.425659°N 6.8593522°E) — announced 2014, completed 2016, 200 employees
Fredericia, Denmark — announced 2018, planned completion in 2021[9]
Jurong West, Singapore (1°21′04.8″N 103°42′35.2″E) — announced 2011, completed 2013
Changhua County, Taiwan (24°08′18.6″N 120°25′32.6″E) — announced 2011, completed 2013, 60 employees
GCP Google Data Center, India – announced 2017, completed 2019
Google Data Center Graphics (pic provided)
Article: Google Unveils $13 Billion in New Data Center Construction for 2019
Article: Google to Spend $1.1 Billion on New Data Centers in Netherlands

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Facebook Data Center Map (Provided Pic)
Archive: Not Able To Properly Archive
Facebook Singapore Tajong Kling
Sunview Drive
Singapore 627485
Located in Singapore
Facebook Odense Denmark
M. P. Allerups Vej 48
5220 Odense, Denmark
Located in Denmark
120.0 MWs Under Construction
Utility: Energinet
Facebook plans to build two data center buildings that will be 270,000 sqft each. The first building will be completed in 2020.
Facebook Esbjerg Denmark
Located in Denmark
Utility: SYD ENERGI Net A/S
Facebook Huntsville
North Huntsville Industrial Park
Huntsville, AL 35773
Located in Huntsville
970,000 Building SqFt
Facebook's $750 million datacenter project in Huntsville was previously known by the codename “Starbelt.” The data center will be located in the North Huntsville Industrial Park and is expected to launch in 2020.
Facebook Clonee Ireland
Sli Na Chairde
Portan, Clonee, Co. Meath, Ireland
Located in Dublin
Facebook Los Lunas
4250 Messenger Loop NW
Los Lunas, NM 87031
Located in Albuquerque
30.0 Megawatts
400,000 Building SqFt
Facebook announced the planned construction of two data centers in Los Lunas. While still under construction, Facebook announced an additional four buildings to be constructed. The siz buildings will total 2.8 million sqft.
Facebook Luleå
Datavägen 15977 54 Luleå
Located in Sweden
Facebook Forest City
480 Social Circle
Forest City, NC 28043
Located in North Carolina Data Center Corridor
40.0 Megawatts
740,000 Building SqFt
The Forest City location consists of two buildings with 370,000 sqft each.
Facebook Eagle Mountain Utah
Eagle Mountain
UT 84005
Located in Salt Lake City
970,000 Building SqFt
The Facebook datacenter will be a 970,000 square foot building, located in northern Utah County, at the Sweetwater Industrial Park in Eagle Mountain, Utah.
Facebook Papillion Nebraska
Capehart Rd & S 144th St
Springfield, NE 68059
Located in Omaha
200.0 MWs Under Construction
Q1 2020 Scheduled completion
The original plan called for 900,000 sqft data center space and a 70,000 office space. Facebook has since announced an expansion that will bring the complex to 2.6 million square feet. The first data center comes online in 2020.
Facebook Fort Worth
4500 Like Way
Fort Worth, TX 76177
Located in Dallas
440,000 Building SqFt
When completed, the Fort Worth site will be Facebook’s largest data center to date, four buildings connected to form two “H” shapes, plus one standalone center, for a total of 20 data hall
Facebook Henrico
6200 Technology Blvd
Sandston, VA 23150
Located in Richmond
The 970,000-square-foot Facebook data center in the White Oak Technology Park will use solar power and 100 percent renewable energy.
Facebook Newton (Atlanta)
Social Circle
GA 30025
Located in Atlanta
Utility: Walton Electric Membership Corporation (EMC)
Facebook's data center in Social Circle just East of Atlanta is under construction and will be ready in 2020. It will be powered by 100 percent clean and renewable energy and cooled using outside air.
Facebook Altoona Iowa
100 Share Way NW
Altoona, IA 50009
Located in Des Moines
117.0 Megawatts
1,440,000 Building SqFt
Phase 1: 476,000 square-foot, $300 million building built in 2014
Phase 2: 468,000 square feet
Phase 3: 496,000 square feet
Phase 4: The fourth building will be a 'cold storage' facility. SqFt TBD.
Facebook New Albany Ohio
1367 Beech Road SW
New Albany, Ohio 43054
Located in Columbus
970,000 Building SqFt
In August 2017, Facebook announced plans to build its first data center in the state in New Albany. The 970,000-square-foot facility is being constructed on 345 acres in the business park on the east side of Beech Road and south of the state Route 161 interchange.
Facebook Prineville
735 S.W. Connect Way
Prineville, OR 97754
Located in Bend Prineville
40.0 Megawatts
Utility: Pacific Power
In 2010, Prineville was selected to house Facebook's first data center. Now plans are in place for 7 data centers on the campus with up to 3.2 million square feet.

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pdf File from Wikileaks attached


Saved, have a bump OP.

I'm pretty sure there are more than that in Europe. I'm aware of at least one that's not on your list. Never been inside, but given the amount of fibers going there it must be sizeable. Talk to network engineers in big cities. They usually know who's active on their turf.

Not that many people are network engineers, nor do they know people who are. Also where is the place?

Frankfurt, just like Spamazon (and every other major player - it's a very good location for peering due to DE-CIX). There might be a fairly sizeable site in Amsterdam as well (AMS-IX). And given the ever raising electricity prices in most of Europe, I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn of them building major sites in France (lots of nuclear power) or Eastern Europe (lots of coal and increasingly nuclear).

The places where Googlers work are also legitimate targets, now that google deplatform White people that protest our own genocide.

So what is a Zig Forumsack suppose to do with all that info? Shut down power generators in these areas?

No data centers in Africa or Central America. Why are these tech companies so racist?


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Spasiboh, dorogoy tovarisch.

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Tell Google it's been posted here along with explanations to why the genocided are justfied to kill the ones that deplatform them for protesting our own genocide.

Sooner or later somebody is going to shoot up a Google office, and when that happens, the more warnings they were given, the more pissed the families of the dead Gogglers will be at the leadership in Google.

To put it more bluntly.

Google have gone to war against White people, and the result will be the White people go to war with Google.

That would be the first truly cyberpunk shooting in history

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Sometimes I wonder which would be better, from all of these
I frankly want to pull of the news network shooting myself, but these targets are also tempting though. One man has to choose though, you can't kill everything, but you can kill that which infects the rest

There's more than that and some work remotely too.

They're prepared for that. You can't enter inside of their facilities unless if someone pushes a button that allows you in. It's for multiple doors too.

Nasim shot up Jewtube, but she was a moralfag that shot three people in the leg, before she killed herself.

I don't think Google actually get that White people will start to shoot back, now that they have declared a genocidal war on Whitey, since all of this seems to be a game to most progressives.

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Good work, brother.

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That is not really a problem if you are willing to kill people to get in, and besides, it could easily be a googler that does it.

I'm not sure the security guards would even shoot back in stead of flee, since progressives tend to treat such nobodies as shit, so why would they risk die for them?

Fun fact: bullets go through glass.

Incorrect assessment on the security. It takes a special kind of wannabe cop to do armed security. In fact, most of them do the job as something to put on a resume for when they apply to a PD. Most would jump at the chance for their mall ninja hero cop fantasies to come true.

You assume Google have White people doing security, and they don't. Because the engineers are too often white for Google's case, security and maintenance are done by non-whites. (probably niggers)

The Pajets at Google also treat service personnel like shit, so it's not only progressives that breed the resentment.

Indeed, found it quite strange not seeing atleast a few i.e. in Germany, France, Great Brittan etc.

There is also the problem that it might be a bomb, and if Google offices will need to be turned into bunkers because of their war on White people, it will cost them money.

Google can probably afford this, and also the increased salaries that employees will demand for all the extra security hassle, but they can't protect googlers, or their families when they are at home. Google might get a few qualified anti-whites to work for them, now that they have declared war on Whitey, but qualified family fathers will have to quit, if there is a good chance they will end up dead.

Since Whitey is denied the right to organize any resistance, there is not going to be anybody the government can shut down or punish when some lone wolf lash out, and because lone wolfs know every pro-white advocate is under surveillance, they never tell others about their plans. This means that the attacks will be impossible to predict and stop, unless Google have some pre-crime AI that can detect them, and I doubt that.

They are in the countries with cheap electricity.

All I'm saying is that it's extremely foolish to expect there will be zero resistance.

List them - with addresses.

Everything is put out there for your attention. Whether the article or new report supports your view or not, it's there to cause you upset and disharmony or as in 8ch it's here to offer pressure relief from the oppression. Allowing one to get relief from this fucked up realm rather then actually revealing the truth of the monsters that surround us…I digress.. They show you these opposing reports to ensure your attention is diverted from the real issue. The real issue? The truth of this world, the true nature of yourself…the fact that most like to use the poop emoji rather than consider traveling the cosmos on a space ship or to explore it by your will turned into energy, teehee!

what is closest to you?

lists and locations

from my experience, they have niggers

There are the offices, and then there are the data centers, which, in some cases, are only connected to the offices via a tunnel.

for example

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Today, OP is not a faggot, but a real gentleman and scholar. Thanks OP.

Time to escape the Google-Jew. Move to IPFS.

Le cringe

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That I can agree with, but niggers are known to run away in case of danger.

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need a microscope

What did you mean by this? LEL>>13433224

Fucked up. Fixed.

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Nasim was the first shadowrunner.

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I hope you are just memeing but from an objective standpoint:

News network would be the most noticable for sure, journalists would suddenly be a lot less keen to call for murder and war. With nightclub being too local to actually have any effect outside of the area beyond giving political talking points to blue checkmarks. Governments are structured hierarchially in such a way that it is fairly easy to replace people.

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Kys qoomer

Google also announced construction of new data centers in the New Albany region.

Because good ol' Timmy had any problems bombing fed buildings

One need to be as delusional as a progressive, to think that you genocide white people, and not expect a violent reaction, since multikult believers think white people will understand how beneficial that would be to the world, once they are explained how evil and oppressive they are.

Truth is that we can expect a violent reaction when google deplaform white people that protest our own genocide, and there is not anything anybody can do to stop it.

Actually think beyond doing things yourself. Think more in line with how to get others to do your will. It takes years and a lot of mental capacity to break the conditioning and becoming one of us, so trying to win over converts is a fools game when it comes to normalfags. But when you realize how you can impose your will upon others, you realize each user here is an general all his own.

One man is nothing. But a man whom can ensure others follow his will, he is an army unto himself. Let his armies die while he survives, and even more armies shall rise. But you have to dehumanize yourself to face to bloodshed, becoming such a man is not for those whom grasp at the idea they are anything but an mission, quaint notions like mercy, pity and understanding are luxuries. Men in our position have little luxuries left in the face of our peoples genocide. So instead look to the normalfag sheep as the predator does, and think about how you can make them bend knee to your will over the systems.

You are all user's. You can do this and figure it out easily enough I am sure. But don't post it, they will target men whom can do such first because of your outsized threat. Getting the normalfag to actually listen to you thru the years of childlike understanding of the world is going to be…. distasteful tho. This is why the gods gave us that dehumanize yourself message, its going to be soul crushing for those of us with empathy and care. But what choice? To not do this is to condemn our people to extinction.

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Pic saved.

This sort of mentality of "I'm gonna be a general" isn't productive in any scenario, since it is one of the reasons why Zig Forums is so docile despite trying their absolute hardest to turn everything to shit. Twenty construction workers can still make a building with no architects (although having an architect could help make the building less shit) but twenty architects with no construction workers can't even make a mud-hut. You need to take into consideration that you don't know how many workers you have so relying on the assumption of there being an infinite supply of them is incredibly naive.

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You don't get it. WHO is going to be supplying these workers.

We don't have any soldiers kid. So adjust and adapt. You are not going to be some solo ranger, and even if you get ten friends to help, you are vastly outnumbered. So think about how to 'obtain' normalfags in numbers needed. If you don't get it, prepare to be fodder, your life wasted for little despite being aware of why.

Ive got Singapore, is it reasonable to leave NA and EU to you guys? You guys can do way more damage with less people since its all so dense there

Are you boys ready to break the barriers between the finite material reality and the infinite immaterial human spirit?
You are all Player Characters of this current age.
Good luck anons,
卐 卍
卍 卐

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Nasim bump

Archived again

So have I been sent into a new timeline where I can make things matter for the better, and even score a meaningful victory that won't get subverted nor undone like Trump?

HAHA I remember my city being in the running for that 2014 data center that went to Iowa. The town even spent a few hundred thousand dollars just to prep a significant area of land for it.

Thank god they went with Iowa instead. NIMBY for reals. Fuckin narcissistic commies.

The infantile need the milk of maturity before they can see with eyes unclouded. A drop in the ocean is as one consumed with thoughts while lacking in action, yet as a roaring wave is just one person who acts with even the smallest amount of thought.

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If you want to destroy google and facebook destroy the advertising revenue model they are using, its already dying it just needs a viable replacement and that will be the death blow.
Take away their shekels

Thinking that having woven your own web, you will have killed the spider - is it not the spider itself that creates the web? To destroy the spider, it must first be understood as deserving to die by those with the power to squash it. Otherwise, it will continue being a spider all the same.

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criminally unchecked trips & dubs
I hope google and faceberg like to play minecraft

Keep trying, glownigger. Nobody falls for your
shill anymore

This is true.
In order to squash the spider
we must convince those with the power to squash the spider
that the spider is indeed deserving to be crushed.

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Thanks for this.



Susan Diane Wojcicki
DOB 07/05/1968
CEO of Youtube
1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy. Bldg. 40 Mountain View, California 94043
Address 446 Van Buren St. Los Altos, CA
Social Media Twitter SusanWojcicki, Facebook susan.wojcicki
Husband Dennis Troper
DOB 10/31/1968
Married 08/23/1998
Head of Product, Wear OS at Google
1900 Charleston Rd Mountain View, California 94043
Cell (650)-363-0733
Personal Email [email protected], [email protected]
Social Media Twitter dtroper, Facebook: dtroper
Children: 5 (DOBs range from 1999 to 2014)
Ari Troper - Harvard student - Facebook ari.troper
Janina Troper - Palo Alto - Facebook janina.troper
Charity Troper Wojcicki Foundation P.O. Box 1936 Los Altos, CA 94023
Investment Capital LLC Densus Ventures, LLC 216 Park Rd Burlingame Ca 94010
Father Stanley Wojcicki
DOB 03/30/1937
Professor Emeritus of Physics, Stanford University
Address: 825 Tolman Dr Stanford, CA
Social Media Facebook sgwojcicki
Mother Esther (nee Hochman) Wojcicki
DOB 05/26/1940
Chief Learning Officer of Planet3
Teacher at Palo Alto High School
Personal Email [email protected]
Social Media Facebook esther.wojcicki
Sister Janet Wojcicki
DOB: 01/08/1970
Assistant Professer of Pediatrics, UC-San Francisco
[email protected]
Cell (415)-637-0279
Address 212 Edgewood Ave San Francisco, CA
Personal Email [email protected]
Social Media Facebook janet.wojcicki
Sister Anne E. Wojcicki
DOB 07/28/1973
CEO of 23andMe
Address 171 Main Street Los Altos, CA
Social Media Twitter annewoj23, Facebook annewoj
Charity The Anne Wojcicki Foundation 110 First St. Los Altos, CA 94022

Just putting this here

Save and document, repost and spread

Subscribe them to PewDiePie. Every single one of them.

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Grief their Minecraft sever

Attached: 3D Pepe views nuke blast.gif (320x320, 3.58M)

Quadtastic trips lad, me thinks jewgle are up to no good.

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Kill yourself newfag.

What are you doing now?

What's there? A Biergarten? An FBI OFfice?
nice checkpoint going in though (pic 3)

Attached: so what is it 3 interesting checkpoint.png (1366x768 1.8 MB, 1.13M)

You think the one at the top gives a shit about money?

Looks like a datacenter, they go wherever electricity is cheap

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4

Now that Big Tech is exposed, losing, and on the run there will be churn. We need people positioned to be taken in in the next wave of hirings. To poison the well, as kikes love to do so often, against them.

lotta ac

We nuke them tonight. It is happening.

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