Spooked and proud

I'm spooked but why shouldn't I be spooked? You can't give me a reason that isn't "stop liking what I don't like" and gay moralising that makes you spooked. Me believing in spooks and acting upon them is just me defying the fact they don't actually exist, and doing that makes me a a more virile person with a more life-affirming worldview than you will ever be.

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Appeal to spook man is what retards do who think they have uncovered the pinnacle of philosophy. Unironic Stirnerposters are probably nihilistic 15 year olds going through their edgy phase The other half are probably trolls who post Stirner to piss people off (I know I do)

The only spook here is that you've misunderstood Stirner's point enough to think that to be the case.

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Because spooks make you act against your own interest.

washing bears are so adorable

You really need to read Stirner. He's abused by children for sure, but if you think his philosophy is just solipsism like Marx, then you've been hit…. you've been struck by…… and smooth apparition!

Because debating issues, call them spooks if you want, helps filter ideas for a society in order to see what's best for them. You can believe something sure, but can you back that up as being in the interest of not only yourself but your fellow egoists?

Debating is gay

Debating things isn't going to get you anywhere and won't change minds, let alone filter ideas on the behalf of a whole society. The ideas that win out after your faggot filtering process will be the ideas of the ruling class. Even if you were to have the most successful ideas, the average person is too comfortable with their Netflix and Burger King to even entertain your ideological preaching. The movements of the twentieth century that changed minds and then succeeded did so because the system was up shit creek, didn't have things under wraps and was able to be threatened with alternatives that could be sold to the average person.
None of this is true today. Up shit creek today still offers far more comfort to the average person than it did back then, the system is constantly developing ways to keep things under wraps even if things suddenly were to get as bad as they were back then for the average person, and no alternatives that aren't milquetoast controlled opposition will be taken seriously so long as the previous two points are the case. For a look at how devoid of revolutionary potential the average person is, look no further than the fact that the Arab Spring "revolutions" all seem to coincide with spikes in food prices. Most people are perfectly willing to tolerate continuing inflation and a declining standard of living, so long as they are able to keep their bellies full today.
The revolutions of the future are going to be in third world countries and will either be put down or succeed depending on whether they have been orchestrated by the CIA. The future is liberalism until something on the level of every major city being nuked or total human obsolescence occurs and totally destroys the current system physically. Debating political ideas on the internet is now and will continue to be the domain of bored zoomers and autistic outcast incels who will never achieve anything political beyond huffing their own hot air. The average person gives a shit about as much as they do about Jehovah's Witnesses at their doorstep and this will NOT change. If you post on Zig Forums, anything that changes any of this will most likely kill you in the process anyway.

Cool your autism for a moment.
My post was in the context of a society with already established socialism, and not the modern political climate, everything you just said is right but not in the context of my post. Debate there is different since it's deciding what policies to implement and what not, if people choose to stay apolitical so be it.

how the fuck are we going to get there if this is the case nigga

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Gun down everyone in the way fool, like you said debate is not for this world, only for the next, now is the time to force it's head down and rape it.

what if your own interest was a spook? like you weren't meant to exist so acting with your own perspective, the correct one, without regard to law or social order and that no other judgement exists outside their own?

gun down people with what army?
how do we assemble it?
how do we organise it sustainably without infiltrators and bickering?
how don't we get ringleaders and members arrested for buying piping from home depot and fertiliser?
how to we wage war against the governments of the entire world all at once that are all in the pockets of the same people?
how do we get the common person to aid us during the war instead of the hand that feeds them when helping their communities?
how do we fight tens of millions of soldiers, policemen, bureaucrats, teachers, businessmen, accountants, postmen, HR agents, politicians and lumpenproles, in America alone, with our somehow still in one piece and not compromised revolutionary fighting force?

It's over.

Epic blackpill, just accept your fate and let the planet die because you feel like you won't be able to convince grandpappi Gene into fighting for us.

What are the chances we could stop it in reality though?