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To siphon off some of the drama clogging brit/pol/ over banning 22 stone for only 6 hours, this thread can be for
and whatever else you can think of that can't be dealt through an appeal.

Also mods are currently in deadlock over banning ttpw with two for and two against.

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If I could make a suggestion, that we don't have a set rules on this board. We British like the concept of common law where whatever the community finds to be ban worthy becomes ban worthy and is unwritten and flexible.

So for example, there's a consensus here that mummy posting is off-topic /politics/ tier cancer so it should be a ban worthy offence, however if everyone here liked mummyposting the opposite would happen.

The great thing about moderating this way is that the moderators aren't restricted to judging based on on an abstract definition of something like "spam".

Just a suggestion lads.

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I agree about not having a set of rules.

I think ginnieposting, mummyposting, big dog posting, gordonposting, etc are all borderline enough that they have to become a mod decision whether the person is deliberately and consistently disrupting the thread (easy to work out with post history or IDs) or are just having some fun.

The only guideline I'd set is that repeated minor offences don't deserve a ban longer than a week and you can't really ban someone for an instance of minor shitposting for more than a day.


i think i should be mod because i'm on here before SA wakes up because he's a luvvie

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Can we agree to banning Statham and any /politics/ on sight? Red is all just him.

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You're the mod you decide.

Thanks for making yourself known.

It's up to the others as well, currently I'm doing so on sight but I'm posting to ensure that we're all agreed on it.

Yeah he's pretty /politics/ tier.

Why ask if you're just going to imply anyone against it is him?

I wouldn't be surprised if all in green was him n'all.


most people want him banned

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He's fine tbh
He's just wrong about his gender

He's is intolerable

The 22 stone lad got permabanned for a shitpost. And all of his posts were getting deleted, even on-topic ones, when comparable posts were being ignored.

I was banned for 6 hours and then later 1 hour, so don't worry. The constant deletion of posts is annoying though, especially when there were similar posts that weren't deleted.

Don't permanently ban posters for shitposting unless its being repeatedly spammed across a VPN, and give a ban reason.

When I see posters like this on the ban list I can't adjust the duration so the only option is to remove the ban.

All mod actions are public so you can see exactly who is and isn't perma-banned.

I had been deleting posts instead of using bans as it gets the message across and most excessive shitposters just hop vpns anyway.

make a infographic of all his posts that made your ass hurt.

here's a idea, not really a rule.
Every time a mod mods a post, consider adding the post to an collage.gif of posts that caused the mod to be some assmad that they modded.
Good for some lulz

Can we post PDFs (it'd be a nice feature if we could)? Also dice options would be nice so if we want a game of risk we can

Just enabled dice. PDFs should already be enabled.

No idea what you're talking about tbh.

You could transfer the board to me so I can try the same solution that works here: adding several mods so the report system is robust, and then overruling any bans which are either unjustifiably given or long.

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Cheers based BO

Pls no more migrations

Are you going to change the CSS at all BO? Something like >>>/aus/ would be decent.

hey shouldn't we make "Lad" the default name instead of "Anonymous"?

We are in a time of great change lad. Its only natural for a germanic people like ours to migrate under newer and stronger leaders. We are in the stage of ethnos formation and have reverted back to a tribal monarchy under SA.

Not enthusiastic about the idea. Its amusing in moderate doses, but decorating every post with "lad" I think would be overusing the meme.

My suggestion to the other mods is when you see a link that was underrated and didn't carry over to the next thread, or one that did carry over that no one cares about because its shit or dated, feel free to edit the links in the OP.

Leave the subject alone though tbh.

He's on the loose somewhere lads.

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i thought it was more of a confession not a boast
i mean, christ, how demeaning

oh gee I wonder why!

What? Fucking hell

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I think those posts should have been banned and deleted but the other mods are free to use their own judgement.

Which posts? I agree with the spam but simply having Ginnie in the post by name or pic shouldn't be cause for a ban or deletion.


There is not a blanket ban on Virginia and if and when any of the mods start behaving like an jobsworth over it, then post evidence in this thread and I'll probably remove them as a mod.

However that poster deserved to be banned for off-topic shitposting before he spammed.

Reminder welshlad is /politics/ and should be banned on sight

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I've never used a trip, lad.

Mods need to lock the old threads tbh, we seem to get a wave of shitposting when everyones asleep.

Why did you leave Zig Forums?????

America will miss you

I said I should be mod because the other mods are sleepyheads

now we have brown pills everywhere

I hope you're happy, BO
I hope you're happy

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First I've heard of it. Post your twitter.

Wew better make one

Enable PM so I can send you the password.

Happy to recruit more mods despite the four I have now doing a perfect job protecting the board and not abusing.

Your post history tells me fuck all though.

What kind of history can you access anyways? Sitewide or just boardwide?

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Ah well ok then

Can someone tell me why I was PERMA banned for posting the real discord link last night, while those who started posting fake links like the other day weren't?

Seems a bit strange to me.

I like how you said I was banned for spamming although making 3 posts IN RESPONSE to those who were part of the discord call posting fake links, and the ban message was that I was "advertising" which is fucking comical since the mods are all part of tthe discord and it is now an "official" branch of brit/pol/.

Oh also the link to the discord found in the steam group has since been disabled to stop anyone else getting in. But I thought you weren't being secretive?

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When I have time I'll look into it.

It was SA and he unbanned this poster immediately after. I checked and the rest of his bans are fair.

Clearly a mistake.

Can we make it a rule to fill up threads up to the post limit before starting a new one?

Brit/pol/ threads*

Flagposters are getting absurd now, all it has meant is that most of the thread is now defacto tripfags.

Most don't contribute nothing to the thread, and the flags NEVER contribute anything positive to any conversation.

It's not even a case of the County flags reducing the country more, all of the home nation flags are equally as bad, and there's no reason not to just filter certain flags as soon as they're spotted

This is part of the reason why 4chan's /int/ and Zig Forums are so shit, too much discussion about completely useless things such as geographic location, or where that individual feels like pretending they're from for that particular day.

If you think the rest of this board could support removing flags then give the proposal its own thread and I'll check the response.

Not going to trigger a shitstorm by doing it on a whim.

I like the flags tbh

The flags are comfy and add a rather nice touch to the board, but it does unfortunately bring another layer of shitposting to the threads.

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Perma banned by SA for replying to a post mentioning discord that was banned.

What the fuck is going on here? Why is talking about a chat room and my concerns that it is taking some traffic such a major offence? It is not divide and conquer. I say the dividing is being done by the discord. What have I done wrong?

Requesting an unban

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No because you're a faggot


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what file did you delete lad? hurt your case?

Good to know you're part of the discord crew also

Maybe add a rule that talking bad about the discord is a perma-bannable offence then we won't step out of line and question traffic being stolen

I tried to screenshot the post history connected to the ban you wanted lifted, then deleted once I realised it didn't save properly.

I'd unban you if you were a normal poster that wasn't banned twice before for ginnie spam, hadn't ban evaded before, and who after this particular ban didn't VPN hop and get banned five times again while continuing the same shitposting about the Discord.

Not going to waste my time learning what this autism surrounding the Discord is until someone is unjustifiably banned.

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That's a damn lie.

Permanent bans are retarded, specially with VPNs tbh. What will happen is what's happened on 4chan: You can't use a VPN, since all VPNs have been banned(well most).

All bans are retarded when vpns can just be used to bypass them. Fuck even if youre illiterate in terms of tech you can just turn your modem on and off.

The only way to punish shitposters is to delete their posts so they loose all those delicious (you)s


Emissary here, just requesting that I be removed as a mod.

Not that I'm against moderation or the board, I'm just not about that much to justify me being a moderator.


You'll see I've deactivated my twitter as proof this is me.


£0.00 has been wired to your bank account.

Happy to add you as a mod again whenever you want.

nothing suspicious going on here



whatever you say moonman XD :^)

I think SA should be demodded due to his discord favouritism/protectionism. It's clear he cares more that the discord can carry on siphoning users off than the board not slowing down. I think many would agree.

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Impossible. The people who moved their mummy posting etc. from Brit/pol/ to keep it contained were still a part of Brit/pol/. They aren't raiding if they come back and mummy post, they're just shitposting. It's like calling Jocks in England foreigners just because they can be annoying.

Stop posting under my flag you weird cunt


SA is a great mod and my only agreement with the Discord-obsessed autist is one of semantics regarding whether he should have been permabanned for repeatedly shilling for inter-forum drama without it being expressly forbidden first. So I may overturn those bans at some point and make some clear rules.

I haven't used it at all but I'd guess the Discord is a less strictly moderated, fast-paced channel which is easier to use when there's not much going on politically, such as in the time immediately after an election. Not going to start purging my mods over it, and factionalise the board – sorry.

I don't suspect it to do long term damage to brit/pol/ any more than the old (Rizon?) IRC did.

y-you too s-s-senpai

It's been a deliberate and rather blatant attempt to d+c the board done by what seems to be entirely one numpty over what is basically absolutely nothing. The traffic that the discord has isn't entirely taken from the threads, a lot of the lads who are out and about have the app version on there phone and are able to enjoy some banter where they'd normally be sitting around thinking "I wish I was at home shitposting". As you said, it'll have about as much affect on traffic here as the IRC did; sweet eff-all.

I actually keep forgetting about the time period bit which is why I just keep slapping him with permas

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Traffic is slower, users have moved over, it's not just video game discussion like you said, it's not just shitposting but politics as well.

Whatever. I'll drop it and deal with the slowed posting speeds.

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You can say the first 2 are banter but the third was the next day when I wasn't talking about it, that was real.

You seemed adamant it was just video game talk so yeah. Maybe be upfront next time.

The third pic isn't surprising; when the shitposting back on Zig Forums got too much I'd just up and leave the site for a few hours, instead people have an alternative to either vent or post whatever they intended in the thread until a mod comes and cleans up the shitposting.

That's why I made it, yet you kept insisting I made it to d+c. It'd be pretty fucking silly to ban political chatter in there when we're a politics-based community.

As a mod of both the board and the discord you should be actively encouraging people to talk politics to the thread.


Please make m.eme go to memi with small first letter and fix the spys filter.



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spies (Nick Lowes, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)
spies (Nick Lowes, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

Fixed, kind of.

As wordfilter has no option to distinguish between upper and lower case, all will convert to lower (e.g Meme/meme->memi and Spies/spies->spies(…)).

good lad

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Please don't use permanent bans


BO I would like to be a mod, I should have a pretty clean post history (apart from an occasional shitpost)

I have a twitter as well.

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You have a clean post history because you've only made 16 posts.

What's your twitter handle?