Tfw Afrikaner porky has done more for space exploration, the environment...

Is he really all he's cracked up to be?

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He has literally done nothing though.Especially with respect to public transportation.

i heard he sent the first man to space and perfectly mapped out the entire face of the earth back in the 60s, all before the ussr

He's smoked some weed with Joe Rogan and sold some dangerous flamethrower things online for awhile. Other than that he's just a rich kid.

His workers did all that, twat.

big brain take


Despite the neoliberal media constantly sucking him off, he hasn’t even come close to the shit he and the media associates him with. He’s founded a luxury car company and produced some nice batteries. Along with his association with PayPal (where he made his fortune to begin with) that concludes all his successes so far. In everything else he’s either been a bumbling failure or the worst sort of “ideas guy”. I’m in the unfortunate situation that NPR is the only real news station that plays on the radio that I can listen to on my commute, and it was absurd to hear those fuck talking up SpaceX for doing a bumbling job of doing what NASA did half a fucking century ago. It goes to show what an insane neoliberal propaganda machine we live in that this dumbass is treated like he’s ahead of NASA for not blowing his rockets up on the launch pad every now and then when NASA is finishing up work on a functional ion thruster that could get astronauts to Mars in four weeks.

To the extent that porkies do anything, maybe that's the case. But materially speaking it's workers who do that shit, not this idiot.

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Elon isn't of Afrikaans origin.

Wew commies btfo

Yeah I mean he speaks like an Anglo Bok so…

Right…. Come back to me when he performs a manned moonlanding, a robotic mars landing or sends a probe out of the solarsystem. Then he is on the same level, and then he needs to do something new.

So was steve jobs. Elon musk is litterally the steve jobs of electric cars.

Also elon musk isnt even afrikaans. He is anglo.


The engineers and workers who he exploits are the source of the innovations

If your a porky maybe. Socialists shouldn't really take such a positive view on a union busting whore.

Try harder next time, OP.

The fact that he's still championing that retarded hyperloop idea should tell you all you need about this guy. Innovator my ass.

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Literally employs lockheed scientists who are backed by the government and provided insider NASA information.
His Tesla cars are decent but over-expensive luxury vehicles, not practical means of mass-public transport
His idea of public transport neither functions nor is any better than a well organized Metro. State public transport of Japan, China, Korea and the USSR prove that state systems are great
In what way
By using old technology that was available for decades? Or maybe by inventing a submarine that couldn't do the job it was supposed to? Or is it by making recreational flame-throwers as if that's a good thing.
literally tried to get rid of workers with robots and attempts to sabotage unions, not to mention his slander towards a rescue diver who criticized his moronic submarine
Rational self-interest for profit
Capitalism awards the rich, not the hard-working.

He might've done some impressive stuff, but the vast majority of his "accomplishments" are the accomplishments of the engineers he employs.

Manned space exploration is fucking stupid. Space exploration is the last thing we need to be worrying about, period. Cosmology is cool, and that's about the only reason to care about space atm. Only mathlets, larpers, and victims of bourgeois propaganda will disagree.

Commies literally get jealous at capitalist innovation. Even Marx was forced to respect it. Heil Musk

Musk is a faggot and his fans are faggots

If Musk is so great why does he have to pay shills to worship him online?


If you look up any of his "projects" it's all old technology invented by other people. He's just another Steve Jobs except he's even less productive. If anything he shows that technology has reached a complete stagnation point in this free market capitalist system. All Tesla is marketing and propaganda with zero substance.

I'm not a big fan of Elon Musk, but come the fuck on. Musk has some knowledge of engineering and physics. Jobs didn't even know how to shower.

i literally stopped reading there wtf is wrong with you?
do you know that like 3 of the biggest transport ships currently in use produce more co2 than every car in the world aand we haven't talked about factories, desertification and food industry yet…
and he literally didn't do shit he just took his paypal shares and spent them on some top tier engineers.
the ussr arrived to space with not 10% of the technology and knowledge available today, a lot of socialist states have planted millions of trees and fought desertification and spent millions on environmental projects that yield ZERO profit.
i fucking hate this union-buster porky faggot, i hope he gets executed by a missile shooting up his ass when the revolution comes, his execution should be special like him.

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