Why Can't The US Gov't Pull Themselves by their Bootstraps? Learn to code!

Just had a political discussion with my righty dad about Andrew Yang and universal basic income for the first time in a while. It reminded me why I don't argue much with him.

I'm not sure how to help you with that. That is just how the US government works and the agreement we have with them for living in the country
What do you mean?
Because that's not how the government is structured. If you want state-run businesses I'm fine with that, I thought you just wouldn't want a Facebook run by Obama.
Can you give one example of how that might work?

Skip forward about 10 minutes of me just trying to understand what he means and then realizing he really means exactly what he said.

EBT isn't free money. It's free food-
(Holy fuck this is like when a little kid knows a big word)
Right, but you can't spend it on everything, there are restricted things.
Which is why it's better for them to just get $1k a month instead of $200 in restricted money.
Also, EBT and UBI are not the same thing.
And also who gets the benefits.
Yes (they're literally only both government benefits retard).
Yes it is.

Then he laughs for five fucking minutes about how I'm retarded for saying I get nothing from our discussions. I'm not being dense, am I Zig Forums? Am I really the retarded one?

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OP here with an update. This upcoming election will be the first time I can vote and he said he's going to vote for me since I don't know anything. He said he's going to have me write in "no confidence" and I replied with "People say by voting for an independent you're throwing away your vote but that is actually throwing away your vote."
Then he said that if you aren't voting for the majority party in your district you're throwing away your vote.

We argued about the 97% chance that Hillary was going to win. He said the media lied about it but I would think that would disincentivize democrats from going out to vote and make Trump supporters go vote. He disagreed, because muh left wing slant.

So, if you vote for Andrew Yang is that throwing your vote away any more than writing in "No Confidence," which is not a candidate? I say no because at least there is a chance that Andrew Yang would win if you were literally the only person who voted. If you voted no confidence no one would win.

There's nothing "socialist" about UBI even, unless you are some kind of a lolbert. There's a reason Bernie is against it.

No confidence or plain not voting sound good, since less turnout = voting in a way

That's a really interesting idea, I'm surprised he was almost onto something.
He didn't want me not to vote though, he wanted me to spend my voting day going and voting for his dumbass website.

Hell no it ain't voting. Vote for SPUSA or something. A potential American Lenin will only know how close the people are ready for him by voting turnout metrics. When working class people go out in the rain en masse to vote for socialists he will know it's time.

If you don't vote, Porky wins since it's his objective to turn people off of voting entirely and leave it to the lunatic boomers reactionaries and evangelicals.

arguing about who to vote Head Hitler in Charge definitely great use of your time

Just put him in a retirement home

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Bernie is against it because he is right wing you dense liberal.

I don't even need to read your story to know the answer

What does this asshole just dine and dash? Every business charges money for services rendered.

OP, leaving aside that Yang is infantile and you need to READ MARX, what the fuck is your dad's problem? He can't decide your vote for you. Vote whatever you want. But actually you should vote for Gravel or the Granola Granny if anyone.

Kind of unrelated but kind of related I just remembered an interesting anecdote. For the non-Americans on this board. In The USA we have SATs which are actually a private company that you have to pay to take the test from, so only people who are trying to apply for college take them. What we do have which is given to every student each year are state standardized tests. So all the kids who aren't trying to get into college are apt to just bubble in random answers because they can't be bothered trying to actually find the right answers to any of the questions. It wasn't until high school when I had a teacher spill the beans to us about this practice.

You have to take these state standardized tests UNLESS your parents sign you a waiver saying they don't want you to take the test and then you get to just dick around on your phone or whatever while everyone else is doing the test. Our teachers were practically begging the retards to get this waiver from their parents instead of just filling in random answers and turning it in because what the state standardized tests actually do effect is the funding the school receives, and the ease at which any student applying from that school to a college can get admission. Because what the state does is average all the standardized test scores of every student in that school that year and then give the school a collective grade which is used to determine funding and also is used to weight GPAs from different schools against one another when applying for college. So if you go to some hood school where half the people are getting like 20%s or whatever because they're just filling in random bubbles then the colleges look at your 4.0 GPA and say, well student A has a 4.0 and student B has a 4.0 but student A went to retard school where the average is a 36% on the standardized tests so their GPA is worth less than student B who went to a normal school where the average on the standardized test was 78%.

Tell him to fuck off, holy shit what a terrible dad, personality wise.

kill all boomers tbh

You understand that you both are just arguing for different types of capitalism right?

UBI is a capitalist program

yes you are

Sorry I didn't argue with my far right boomer dad for anprim user. I'll be sure to do that next time instead of arguing for a program that he already thinks is communist. I already don't learn anything from discussions with him, I would prefer to not let it devolve into simply dismissing ideas based on what he thinks communism and socialism are.

he doesn't even sound far right

well you argued in favor of capitalism.

It is a lot easier to talk to the right about things without engaging in overt communist thought.
For example your dad will always reject liberal policies, rightly so.
Instead it would be better to talk about the role of bankers dealing with the economy, unearned income in the form of rent, talk about the commodification of aspects of our lives by capitalism.

You're being idiotic because you feel like there is this sort of debate when really its better to have a discussion on common ground and for some reason you argue in favor of liberalism to conservatives.

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Boomercide WHEN?!

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OP abandoned thread