Srs question for pro-workers

This is directed at those who want to improve workers' standing (not tranny degen social activists). What do you see happening when third worlders outnumber you in your own country?

When the 68 Autism Level crowd spots you, will they listen to any claim of "ally"ship or economic theory as they throw kids off mall roofs or put gas-filled tires around your neck?

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The 68 Autism Level crowd already outnumber us in America. They elected Trump and are overly obsessed with brown people. I agree, we must deport all subhuman fascists before we can have socialism.

I doubt the poor fed, almost starving and illiterate workers of the soviet revolution were particularly smart, so i will do whatever Lenin did to lead them towards a socialist path.

So the thinking here is that machete-wielding African muslims will *somehow* become pacified in the same way as suburban MAGA housewives? Is this your sincere opinion?

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No need to pacify them, just direct their energy towards something more productive like throwing the children of the bourgeoisie off mall roofs and putting gas-filled tires around the necks of landlords.

Dumbasses are the foot soldiers of every revolution.

You realise as economies develop birth rates slow down. IF you would stop being such an illiterate fuck and help brown communities to develop, primarily by not stamping on them, the birth rates would drop and it would all be chill. But instead you are a humongous faggot

Fascists are as violent as machete wielding muslims, you're just mad that liberals screech at you when you express your violent tendencies.

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Go back to Zig Forums sweety.

Fair enough. Day 1 they throw all the rat-faced parasites off the roof.

Day 2 their lights go out, and you get to go tell DaQueefa what her 8 fatherless sons' shifts will be at the power plant.

By they way, they're all in their 20s and have never worked a day. And they know your neighborhood still has power.

very cool hypothetical, hordes of savages directly imported from the poorest parts of africa wielding machetes in american neighbourhoods is the funniest visual Zig Forums has provided me

… who do you think is running their power plant right now? It's still workers.

Yes very satisfying if limited to bankers' McMansions. Then what?

My point is they don't give a shit about economics, you're just whitey with an apartment/car/macbook that still works.

reactionaries in 'non WASPs don't count as workers' shocker

If they attack, we shoot me, if they don't, because we attacked them, then it's a cool racial draw.

*we shoot them, don't know how i wrote that wrong

Yes, the working class keeps things running for the non-working classes. I know you want to liquidate the 1% at the top, my question is about the much larger one that would rather kill you than be told to work.

You are assuming things, you don't have any proof niggers will massacrate the whites as soon as they singlehandedly kill porkies with their nigger powers.

The problem here is that you're projecting your racial consciousness onto large groups of people when the reality is that most people, especially workers, don't think about the world purely through those terms, especially when their fellow workers are from all walks of life, including white. That's what happens when you actually spend time working in the real world rather than shitposting from a suburban basement. If you were really scared of being outnumbered and beaten and things really are all about race then why are you here concern trolling with us as oppposed to appealing directly to them? Is it your persecution complex or do you just know that we'll win?

First, this is doubtful. The vast majority of people in the US work, even among immigrant populations. Hell, one of the arguments against mass immigration from third-world countires is that they are taking all of the current minimum wage jobs away from already established Americans.

How are you under the impression that the non-working poor are a larger class? Workers make up the majority of every country.

Doesn't exist, so it isn't a problem.

I dunno what "racial consciousness" I'm supposed to have as a mutt ("go back to /pol" = lol). But I can tell you I live in a city that gives blacks everything they need or want, and they still attack people on impulse.

And it's not the pigs, it's anyone not black. Girls working retail, guys in construction. I get it even being obviously mixed.

And we keep bringing in more, killing the chances of the few who actually want work. What's your plan when they come to your neighborhood?

Not larger than the working class, but much much larger than the elites at the top, and large enough to make everyday life dangerous for the white working class.

You can't be serious, visit any major city. Remember how Bernie from 99% white Vermont looked when the BLM warpigs shoved him off stage, even as he advocated for them? This is my concern.

Continued because the post sent early
Second, if they don't work they don't receive any services. In order to receive services in a socialist society, one has to work. With the gurantee of employement and the prospect of financial security, I find it hard to believe that the majority of people would not seize such an opportunity. And third, there were socialist leaders in other countries who worked under harder conditions than the ones here and with less educated populaces. In fact, education and improvement of living standards raise general Autism Level and prevent the poverty spirals we see in capitalist societies which ensure that entire masses of people become statistically less intelligent by generation.

But I can tell you I live in a city that gives blacks everything they need or want, and they still attack people on impulse.
Everything they need? there's no universal healthcare in America and blacks were never given any reparations, only got fucked twice again by Jim Crow laws.

I'm not American, so I can't speak for them, but I live in a muslim ghetto as a white guy and have for most of my life, and the same unfounded stereotypes exist for muslims in my country.
Yes, crazy comes from all races. Most BLM people, particularly those from poor backgrounds, were overwhelmingly supportive of Bernie.

It's a racial consciousness built on the same idealism that petit-bourgs have, you don't live in a city that gives Blacks everything they need or want, because the city doesn't give anyone (Including "whitey") everything they need or want, just like the rest of Capitalism. This is evident when you spend 5 minutes looking at the relationship between crime & poverty and then understand why Black people "still attack people on impulse". You must be very detached from reality, just like the rest of the middle class in Suburbia.

Who is bringing more? The majority of Black Immigration into the US, what little there is, comes from Middle & Upper Class families from the Caribbean & Africa. Most Black people do work, do you think that Black people are magic and aren't subjected to the same ability to need to work as everyone else? I'm from London, grew up in what you'd call "the projects", they're already here, many of them are my friends & neighbours, and I can certainly say that they're not any worse than the Romanians or Polish or Irish Gypsies, let alone the "British" people. It's almost like the relationship is between poverty and uncivilized behaviour and not some spooky racial essentialism.

Thing is though, there's actually another reason why Blacks are worse off in America, and it's got something to do with history. You see, the rest of the world outlawed slavery of their own people in the middle ages, especially in Europe, but the American Capitalists needed to keep Black people as free labour, and this only even ended around 150 years ago, compared to the thousand or so years in Britain, where slavery was ended in the 11th Century. It's not possible, in an already established Class Society, which reinforces the position of Blacks at the bottom of the heirarchy, even below the Working Class, to elevate so many people in 5 or 6 generations. How many White Americans make it out of the working class each generation do you think? Not many at all, especially now, with Neoliberalism having a terse grip on things, most peoples projected outcomes are worse than their parents. What exactly do you expect of people who started even lower on the ladder? If you want to solve the problem, you need Communism.

This doesn't exist anywhere for anyone in any American city.

A bunch of retarded liberals being retarded liberals doesn't suddenly invalidate the vast majority or the history of blacks being involved in socialist politics like every other race. The Black Panthers were a group which did the complete opposite if what you're saying, as well as many largely black socialist groups.

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don't bother. sheltered white kids from the suburbs who are into leftist bullshit never actually interacted with the north American pavement ape or their Africoon cousins in any real capacity. these idiots still they'll be able to convince the boons of the wonders of socialism right up to the point where their Lilly white suburbanite throats are being sliced in a vodun african which doctor ritual.

unga bungalow imagine the smell!

Lmao literal opposite is true, most of you subhuman stormnigger untermenschen are flabby little retards from the suburbs with petit-bourg parents. This has been proven throughout history and is true even now.


famalam go drink in private with a white person that lives in any major diverse metropolitan area in the us, even the worst of the soy guzzling libcucks will start talking about placing the boons back in zoos after three drinks, it makes Even me an avowed racist blush

bye bye

mr baboon is it true boons to society eat white skin?

You might want to correct this to "that the working class isn't only white".

is this what the Chapo cuck house calls a "mask off" moment? or is it just a Freudian slip?

your primitive monkey brains will never defeat us

They have no "ability to need to work" when provided housing, food, transit passes, and cell phones, as they are in my city and countless others.

The few who do "work" sit in government offices doing almost nothing, but most of their community thinks just showing up consistently is too demanding.

I'm telling you don't bother, these idiots actually believe niggers commit violent crimes to "feed dey keeds" instead of FINNA the new air Jordans

lel literally implying office monkey jobs aren't mostly made up of white people

Don't care about middle class libcucks they get the bullet first. They're just the same as you faggots when you get down to it. Scratch a libtard and a fascist bleeds every single time without fail.

The blacks have been proven to be class conscious revolutionaries before.

Which isn't even a direct response to op's question

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How are you this divorced from reality that you think meagre scraps of welfare are all that people need? Most black people, just like most other people, work because they have to. There are more working class people than there are lumpen, this is just a fact under capitalism. This is how we know you don't leave your safe little gated communities, terrified to be around working people.

There is not a city in America with guranteed free housing or enough services to make it so any of any race person does not need to work. Nearly everyone has to work to obtain a base living standard, and the majority of the few who are unemployed are unemployed temporarily or are due to lack of occupations available.
Statistically impossible. The largest occupation in the US is being a truck driver anyway, so that makes even less sense.

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funny because i kno plenty of overall racist poor whites that after a few drinks will admit to racism being silly and start talking about executing rich people. definitely not all of them but enough that the fascist "common sense" about white tribalism falls apart. almost everyone in my immediate family would be ready to fight you if you started calling blacks subhuman.

Never said it's ideal, but here they're given enough "meager scraps" to constantly stuff their faces with junk and McShit, to the point of morbid obesity.

I walked by the govt-provided housing they trash, on a daily basis, enough to see there are thousands sitting around. Comfortable enough to go out attacking any other race, regardless of class, out of boredom or because they want new GlobalCorp bling (shoes, phones, jewelry).

why is this garbage thread not anchored yet, jannies do your job

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This is how the US operates. Quick cheap food is addictive unhealthy food and it's advertised four times more then any expensive healthy option. Even medium-income restaurant food is unhealthy. I can't even think of a "healhty" food chain in America, save for a few pricy ones.
A few thousand sitting unemployed in low-income housing does not equal the vast majority who are employed and pay rent. This isn't even an argument when the system we are vouching for would require work and would put an end to the poverty spirals which intellectually degrade populations over time. Poverty does not create a noble population, not for any race or anywhere in the US.

because your hatred of "boons" is totally arbitrary, ahistorical, and antisocial. there is no evidence of racial disparity to the extent you fags claim, especially as causation for violence or criminality

and arent u black urself boonposter? why are you so cucked?

don't minimize my life experiences and don't tell me what to do you disgusting white suburbanite

I hope the nogs you defend so much eat you alive one day

lol shut up becky

your condemnation of entire race based on socioeconomic factors out of their control is completely illogical. "race realism" is pure pseudoscience, and you're retarded for believing it.

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How do you explain this?

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race realism is incontrovertible and you are the retard for refusing to believe your lying eyes

I would bet whole months wages you're the suburbanite, besides boonposter, we still remember when you made that thread saying u were becoming a commie. It's already happening, stop resisting so much.

I admitted to warming up to the hypoyheitval idea of communism after being at the bottom of a fifth of gin after listening to Billy brag songs for an hour straight, take whatever victory you need but niggers will remain a plague literally until the end of thyme

Yeah it's McShit, but African Kwaynes still love it. You gonna be the one to take it away? I've seen them set their kids on people over flip phones

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Can't fool us boonposter, remember a lot of us used to be like you, and yet here we are. Have you ever asked yourself why you spend so much time here? What do you think the real answer is lad?

i spend a lot of time here because I like to hang out of a my political comfort zone but also to spite the tranny bo who needs to ban me literally every single time I post

Yes? You'll have to do this for people everywhere, for every race. Do you think that lower class whites in the west or south are going to take it well either? The US already gets into fits over extremely minute sin tax laws and restrictions, do you really think that straight up removing fast food companies won't come without frustration either? Again, poverty statistically does not create nobility, and to fix the problems of society difficult decisions which might not be appreciated in the short term must be followed through.

Do you also waste time talking to cockroaches or rats?

Come join the Zig Forums server lads
you wont (will) regret it

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Doesn't exist. Those that claim so like the unofficial one are autistic faggots who are not associated with us and use it so they don't have to post here.

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They don't riot or attack random people on the street or transit. I've literally never been personally threatened by groups of whites or seen the violence that's considered "normal" here.

And if anything I look closer to black, so think about how crazy it is I'm so much less safe around them. You white kids are in for some rough years.

Nothing you said was an argument and its almost entirely anecdotal. Sankara had to contend with an entirely illiterate uneducated African populace, and was able to establish order and provide education to the majority of his people. Both Hoxha and Tito had to contend with a country/countries that had a long history of blood feuds and ethnic conflict, and yet we're able to unite the totality of their people together under a single cause and establish civility. I'm not really sure what point your trying to make here here, because all of the revolutions of the past dealt with worse conditions and a more divided people than we have now.

They kill more every summer weekend, in a single city, than the Congressional commission could find "white supremacist" murders in 17 years. And that's while being fed and entertained with all the superficial media distractions GlobalCorp can think of.

If you think you'll be able to reason with them when your revolution creates the slightest disruption to their lifestyle or asks the slightest bit of labor, you're dreaming.

Entertainment =/= conditions which cultivate a healthy populace
The revolution isn't made up of random lumpenproles who don't do anything or have no will to do anything ever, they are made up of working class individuals. Whether or not you like it, the vast majority of blacks in the US have to work to survive. The history of labour in the US is filled with blacks doing the exact opposite of what you're saying and organizing within socialist circles with other proles. You keep saying that it will never happen, that blacks will never do anything which may require effort or distrupt their lifestyle, but the history of black labour says something very different. I'm in trades and have worked with other black mechanics, to say black proles don't exist and don't advocate for workers rights is a bold faced lie. I don't care about your kvetching about race, all I care about is creating system which cutivates a healthy and educated populace. If I have to work with people of other races to do so, then I will. If I have to go through other people who oppose such work, then I will.