Make Zig Forums /left/ again

So I just created this new board for philosophy called >>>/phl/. I've been posting on Zig Forums and Zig Forums for a awhile and was figuring that we should create more boards controlled my /left/ folk so that all of Zig Forums becomes /left/.
With that said I need help setting it up, hoping for it to become a place for /left/ folk to discuss serious philosophy. I have rules in place on the board only because far right people would come in and try to shit up the place. I tried claiming boards beforehand but no dice, so don't come REEEEEing about there being other philosophy boards, they're all dead and nobody can get to them. Anyway come check it out. Fuck Zig Forums.

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i will lend you critical support comr8 but i am already spread then as it is.

Fair, I don't how to advertise at it is too

we will spread ourselves too thin
It's a bad idea since chans concentrate naturally, that is why most boards on this site are so dead and slow.
I's a lost cause, I rather see 8ch closed down than a leftist 8ch.

Possibility too, but the place exists either way

tbh cuckchan's /lit/ board is pretty suitable for online philosophical shitposting

Alright but I won't post there, This place is bad and I want to leave.
Still I hope any good happens to you

cuckchan is an awful place too

you think leftpol or Zig Forums is terrible?
leftpol is literally the best board on Zig Forums, even if the site as a whole is pretty bad.

8ch in general

It'll never happen. We lack the numbers, even more so after Zig Forums's BO meltdown.

i agree. if i werent such a stressed out lumpen i would create my own Zig Forums, with hookers and blackjack.

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That would be cool too


You mean the 8ch left is already thinly spread as it is.

i am the personification of the Zig Forums left.i speak for everyone, comr8

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How do I assign mods people? Anybody here know?

log into your board account
go to your dashboard
go to your settings
scroll to the bottom and click Edit board volunteers
then type in a name and password then click create user

Thanks bud

It would be good, but it requires a mass of people that doesn't exist…

From the "how do I format my text" section of the faq

So are the admins officialy on Zig Forums's side now? If that's true, then literally what is the point of staying on this godforsaken site?

Putting ourselves at a permanent risk of getting shut down or sabotaged by openly hostile admins sounds like a very bad idea tbh.

The site seems technically fine. It's just a lot of the people who use it and run it aren't. Also, do you know about Bunkerchan?

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Exposure. That's why it's such a shame that the Zig Forums BO started banning hella people. Zig Forums was one of the top boards. I have no doubt that people were being exposed to leftist ideas from coming to Zig Forums and then seeing Zig Forums.

Do many new people even come here any more though? I feel like chan culture is dying, just the same old people who were here when it was bigger.

Hard to say. Probably not that many, I agree.


If we can't attract new people, is it worth trying to "convert" the ones and twos from Zig Forums and bring them over to us? Or is it all just too far gone?

I think it's worth having a presence here on Zig Forums.

I agree, but only with an end in mind. Attracting new people isn't a feasible end, so drawing people from Zig Forums has to be it.

Yes, and the rest of the site.

Great, so how do we do that then?
I remember on Zig Forums way back there were lots of infographics and shit people used for this kind of "outreach program"

Oh man, the rest of this chan gonna giggle so hard at the cringey post-modern maoist tactics crackin off here.
Zig Forums can't meme.
Now delete this and ban me because I'm correct.

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u wot m8

Unless you plan to overthrow the sysadmins of this neo-nationalist chan - "saving" this website is an act in futility, if not immaturity (you're supposed to be materialists).

You're hosted in the US.
Until that has been fixed I'm afraid I'm gonna go
Zeronet'd Millchan > Trump Admin. US'd Bunkerchan, m80.

Start a thread, comrade.

We're not all Marxists.


They have to be subtle, though. Baby steps, from neo-nazi to communist.

Sounds like you have an interesting idea in mind. I encourage you to start a thread about it.

Bunkerchan is terrible, Space_ has been told time and time again to fix the same old issue and he does nothing, at this point I'm sure he likes his own filth.
He won't remove the music on the front page, won't fix the buggy CSS, won't fix the obtuse interface.
Bunkefchan is bad and nothing else.
Getchan is better in all these aspects but sadly it lacks HTTPS

I really want 8ch to die down but we need a safe place to go before that happens.

Gotta go now, I will tomorrow.

Good post.

Just throwing this out there, but has anyone thought of creating a Zig Forums board on NNTP-chan (the Tor hidden service)?

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The only instance (right?) that's left is run by a Zig Forumstard/neonazi that has brandished it with jew-memes. We'd need to start an instance with the move (not that this is a bad thing).

I like this idea. Do you know what the state of the existing For chans is?

I had assumed that hosting a node would be the only way to do so, but yeah.

There's only one, but as user pointed out it's run by Zig Forumsyps.

But, assuming those who run this site are actually ideologically opposed to us, we're always at risk of being taken out at the moment we reach critical mass. It's a loosing game no matter what we do.

At the very least we should try to build an actual backup capable of sustaining the leftist communities on 8ch and providing the same benefits 8ch does now, mainly stability, usability and exposure. GETchan and Bunkerchan are fine as temporary backups, but a true replacement for 8ch would probably have to be a similarly big site that people actually use and that offers non-political boards to attract new users from. Maybe 4chan, but as said, chan-culture is dying, and staying on a dead horse just because we are more comfortable with the chan format is pure opportunism.

Why do we concentrate on places where the best we can do is converting aut-rightists anyway? Any site dominated by Neo-Nazis and Sargonites is going to be apalling to idpol-leftists and normies interested in socialism, who both are much more significant demographics to attract and convert for a community that tries to provide an alternative to the ruin that is today's left. Cuddling with neo-nationalists while being hostile to other leftists is most likely going to get us nowhere.

Sounds like a good idea for a backup, but forcing users to use tor would definitely be a big blow to exposure and our ability to grow.

So you're proposing ditching the chan format altogether? That is something that I can agree with but what can we use then?

NNTPchan supports and has had clearnet domains to be federated.

We can take advantage of this infrastructure for now and SEO from social media.

Recruit from occult circles. Send them here to our infrastructure first. Warn them about Zig Forums BO, but maybe encourage them to participate there anyways (to check out the memes and old threads). Zig Forums seems like a jump off entry point from NazBol in some ways.. so send Zig Forums there also. Occultists are leftists 9 out 10 times and generally love trolling and the mysteries of subculture so recruit them from Facebook and Twitter. They should be smart enough to just post leftist stuff or lurk here (occultism is heavy reading), but be easy on them with their esoteric metaphysics. This will bring in maybe a 2000 IPs who enjoy philosophy, leftism and are semi literate enough to read Marx and Hegel. Plus they're invariably activists which give us a base.

Then pull the Bernie crowd in and push them left. With strategic thinking we can likely turn image board culture left.

Then take over an onion board and develop our own specific imageboard in the process.

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So in the realm of Occult you could recruit from:
Discordian Societies (Mostly Leftist Chaos Magick)
Alan Watts Fan Groups
Timothy Leary Fan Groups (Leftist LSD culture)
Robert Anton Wilson Fan Groups (Leftist Conspiracy culture)
Subgenius (Split Weird Culture)
and so on
Probably Tool Army types

Then Bernie pages

Love is the law! Hail Eris! Kek!

The fully anonymous (as opposed to pseudoanonymous) nature of imageboards is very important imho.

For us is important but we may have to ditch it if we want to win over the normie's minds.

magic sucks

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Why? We can do normie outreach on normie platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, whatever, but why abandon this very unique medium of communication?

Magick works!

Seems we're not on the same page
I was talking about starting a new platform and you seem to think it implies we should abandon this one.

What else would this imply? Yes, I agree, we should have a platform that isn't controlled by the NSA or whoever the fuck, but it should be an imageboard or something else that is fully anonymous.

Something that actually has a future. Maybe I'm wrong about chan-culture dying and it's just a fluke, but in that case it'd be worthwhile to find out what exactly has caused the decreasing popularity of chans and whether there is a way to reverse this trend. My bet is on normal people being apalled by the reactionary no-fun hellholes 4chan and Zig Forums have become in recent years. Being filled with with Neo Nazis scares most normal people off.

Chans fill a niche that reddit, facebook and twitter leave open, being central forums that let you focus on the content rather than user profiles and attention whoring and aren't as prone to becoming echo chambers because they lack a system that weights opinions according to popularity. So I don't think they will die completely unless a better alternative emerges, the problem is rather the current userbase that makes everyone except far-righters avoid them.

We can try to participate in left-wing spaces on reddit, twitter and other more popular platforms to advertise our views and establish Zig Forums-like communities, but ultimately we don't want the left to be fratured into a thousend different places. As long as chans aren't attractive to normies and administered by far-rightists, they should be just one of many places to do outreach on, while at the same time trying to build up a central hub where we can encourage leftists from different kinds of social media to migrate towards.

I'm thinking leaving comments on well established threads to promote Zig Forums and the leftist infrastructure is a good place to start. Using socks to inflate the amount of people seeming to suggest coming here, and to also normalize leftist image board culture as a thing that's happening.

I know a couple of influential occult trolls in these circles with a good reach. I'll sway them onto this, and if you know some do the same.

I honestly think we can beef up the leftist underground culture, and the bigger geopolitical socialist movement right here from Zig Forums .. We have to be quick to seize on coming tech's like VOiP, gaming, whatever comes up.. so we avoid Zig Forums seizing them first (too late with gaming, but we can seize it back in with a long game).

A crucial aspect will be swinging them left by ensuring that the discussions focus on Marxist dialectics, and with plenty of bite sized lessons.

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Combine NNTPchan server-code with Infinitychan chan-code for a new lightly left-themed chan, that allows, like the NNTPchan and Zig Forums, the user-creation of boards.

Chans are withering away but neonazis are speeding up the process. normies don't care about anonymity but chans do fell the niche of content over people.
Modern social networks are based on creator-follower dynamics, you find an account you like and followit, even reddit uses this format making you subscribe to specific subreddits.
Chans are based on user-to-user and that's what makes them unique on the current online world, what we need is a new way of offering user-user interactions.
We can't promote our ideologies on other sites, on reddit they ban us on sight, I dunno about twitter, the best we have is real life.

Before this thread I had never seen an occultismfag around here
I really don't know what to say.

The leftists in occult circles opened my mind up enough to read Marx, Hegel, Zizek and Badoi. I owe a debt of gratitude to them for teaching me paradigm breaking deprogramming, psyop and trolling tactics.

At this point I'm way more interested in leftism, and think 90% of occultism is woo doltery. That being said I also realize the recruiting potential in those circles. They have weaponized trolling in marvelous ways, are mostly green leftists and would make powerful allies.

"magic sucks"

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Why tho? What did you make of it?

Gill Tract Farm

That's reallt interesting, you should make a thread about it.
I'm unsure about the potential recruiting people from occult circle, I have a hard time imaging them as leftists plus I don't like trolling, trolling has gotten out of hand in recent years.

"magic doesn't exist"

Magick is real, but it's a mental phenomenon. But that doesn't mean it isn't extremely powerful.

Could you please make a thread on this?

Maybe in the morning.

Occultism is reactionary

what's scientific socialism what's dialectical meterialism hurr durr im a commie witch lauhgahgahglaluhag

To be honest, every time a "pol outreach" or "half chan outreach" attempt was made in the past, it was a completely unco-ordinated, un-subtle, shambles. Posting hammers and sickles all over half chan, and making leftist meme threads, is not going to win any ground at all.

Obvious leftist threads will get filled with shitposting, anchored, deleted, or users banned. They won't serve to convince anyone of anything. What needs to happen is a subtle, slow, and long-term build up of our presence. This is how they can be re-educated.

1) Respond intelligently to half-way decent Zig Forums threads. Search their catalog, and bring decent questions to the front page. Respond with subtly left, intelligent answers.
Do not simply start your own threads like "left thread" - we have to be part of the existing conversations, not just start our own ones.

2) If you are going to start a thread at all, do so by asking a question or linking to some current events and giving a small analysis. Do not be explicitly leftist, but subtly so, again. Other leftists in the program should see these threads and, whether they know its by another leftist or not, respond intelligently - as this is what they are doing with threads like this anyway.

3) Invest the time in properly engaging in what seem 1-1 debates. When you are debating someone, remember; it is not always them you are trying to convince, it is whoever is watching. Use data and statistics and sources where possible to back up your arguments, and engage in them in a genuine and honest way.

Through this patient work, 1s and 2s can be won to intelligent leftist thinking.

That guy's a loon. I don't even like most noise or neofolk, but fuck that blogger right in the mouth.

To clarify, I mean Who Makes the Nazis?, not Adorno.


This is all truth
It's really strange but this thread is split between people who wants an outreach and people who wants a new site, neither has too aware of the long term implications

Sure it is, that's why it concerns me that user wants to bring occultists here.

Meme magic is not real
Memes didn't got Trump into power

we /leftfringe/ now


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in addition to what the other user said, bunkerchan is too connected with leftypol's BO and there seems to be no real effort to migrate people there. Hell, even when leftypol's BO wanted to create an exodus from Zig Forums for very good reasons (datamining, admin bias) there still was no serious effort made from what I remember.

Zig Forums in particular seems to be slowly losing steam. Today we had a spike in users across all boards, which happens for some reason, but if you look at the PPH and visitor count of the top boards 3 years ago we're actually quite smaller today in terms of both users and content.

Will do. I'm launching a campaign later this afternoon across social media to bring them in. Sort of plotting my technique atm.

Maybe 1 out 20 occultist are Nazi. The rest are generally green leftist technocrats.

They're trolling techniques are good for normalization of Marxism, Hegels, Left Wing theories.

It's also good for subverting Right Wing, Zig Forums and Neoliberal gang whom they invariably hate. They just lack coordination, and with development we can overwhelm Zig Forums's coordination.

Occultism is reactionary

Zig Forums tutors reactionaries with dialectics. We're not purists like Zig Forums. They come here because they're anxious and need allies. However, although we become their comrades we try to teach them de way. Reactionaries who land here often come to look up to us, because we guide them. If you want purism go to Zig Forums we're more interested in a larger movement with many different ideas as opposed to a pet ideology.

Maybe not, but it gives /ourguys/ something interesting to develop solidarity with. It also gives them hope and enthusiasm. They make for great memes, and attract new interesting people. It also gives our subculture a cool distinguishing feature.

There are plenty of occultists who realize it's mostly metaphysical psychology. We're not inviting in religious fundamentalist with occultists. We're inviting in intellectuals of a different flavor who are already left wing, and who have the same political enemies.

Great post. M E M E M A G I C K is basically more advanced propaganda.

M E M E M A G I C K is a delusion of grandeur, the moment you want to believe is the moment you fall pray to such bull.

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Proofs or it doesn't happen.

Trolling is only going to drive normal people away
This all just sounds so juvenile.
Now this gotta be trolling
Subcultures are a manifestation of capitalism and bonding over an abstract is even worse. Solidarity over the people we really are and not the people we want to be is what we need.
I can accept this, just turn the memes off

This so much

How is meme magick different than propaganda?

Saying meme magic makes you sound like a retard and is likely to attract retards. So I guess in a way it is sort of like a spell of attraction - for retards.

Naw, saying meme magick is likely to attract countercultural artists who will be able to present our ideas in an effective way.

Gave me a kek.

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It's pepe… but this time he's Murray Bookchin!

Throw Pepe in the trash.

Propaganda is self aware

It will attract teenagers who want a thrill and have no grasp on the longer term means or consequences of their political actions.



Jesus Christ man, did you see that dude hammering nails into his dick on that board …



What about Endchan?

Isn't the administration of endchan even scummier than 8ch's?

This. They might be slightly crazy, but back when I was floating around those circles, I found occultists tend to be very awakened to the nature of the system, and crank out new content like nobody else. We need them.