Does anyone else use GNU Social / Mastodon here?

Does anyone else use GNU Social / Mastodon here?

Facebook + Twitter are not good for Leftists..

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I'd really like to tell Facebook and Twitter to fuck off somehow but the problem is I still despise "social media".


Like the idea, but imageboards are better for politicsposting and it doesn't have much of a community for my other interests.

I've heard one if full of nazis and the other is full of sjw. Plus if your normie friends aren't there then what's the point?

It can't be a social network if you're anonymous

I think there is a leftist mastodon instance but I'm not sure if it's even a thing.

smdh tbqh fam

That's interesting, my experience with mastadon has been that there's only leftists, generally more idpol type but leftists nonetheless.
My main problem with it is that it's dead

I read that as "idol type leftists". Damn shame. All I wanted was Idol leftist gf.

My problem with it is that it mostly feels like a Twitter for programmers/developers, since I don't know anything about that I feel totally out of place there.

As for the leftists yeah is mostly sjws, nothing bad with that I mean I am all for d.egenerates having a place to be without having to deal with pepes and trads and the occasional reactionary tankie.

There was a Bunkerchan Mastodon instance but I think it's dead now.

Anybody else not have facebook or twitter? I was thinking about setting them up but at the same time I can't find a reason to do so, anybody know the benefits? It's been years since I had anything

I'll wait until there's a debian package (and hence software stability).
I like the idea.

Since you need to ask you probably don't need them.

For me is a way to fight crippling loneliness while still engaged in conversations that interests me, mostly about theory or whatever.

Hmm, seems about right. I just saw a video about the benefits of Facebook and it opened up with how would Facebook benefit your life and I stopped it right there. Mostly because I thought to myself and figured I haven't had Facebook or any social media since 2013 or 2014 so it's probably changed so much and I wouldn't recognize it and I don't see how it gives me anything I can't get from a google search.

That isn't really an issue, the issue is that the online friend i already have aren't there.

All tech advancement are always adopted first by tech people and yest it gets kind of annoying when those stemlords get pretentious.

I remember that, no surprise if it is dead.

facebook is good if you have normie friend or have a business.
Twitter is for shitposting.

I think I should but I still only use these chans for social media.


Mastodon wrests content from corporate control and federates it, which is good, but the very format of Twitter and many other social media platforms is the real problem.

I actually do


Can you dumb it down so brainlets like me are capable of understanding what you said

Anyone can run a Mastodon server, as opposed to Twitter where a corporation runs all the servers. This means that Mastodon doesn't rely on a single organization to operate. It's decentralized. Regular folks, "the people", are in control of the network.

We need federated clones of other social media like facebook, tumblr etc, that'll give people a wider palette to chose from ans get comfortable.

They're run by private companies

But red flag user also thinks that cloning twitter is a bad idea

Client-server architecture is by definition centralized. It does not give control to "the people", it gives it to private server owners. It's like exchanging the evil gubmint for an ancap private defense agency - you get entities structurally incentivized to be much more authoritarian and eventually end up with a centralized monopoly anyway.

Twitter is mostly feuding microcelebrities and their fan clubs. Its structure encourages cliquishness and sniping (sub-tweeting). Imageboards are far superior because they keep out the people who want the ego boost from the posting points that plague other platforms.

this is why i like the idea behind
it's a mastodon instance, but collectively owned and managed by its members

Yeah, but anyone with the technical knowledge and resources can operate a server.

We need publicly owned servers, community run servers.
the problem is not centralization but the people the hardware and are the few dedicated lefty instances, and their local feed is god tier

this is the future guys, just make an account on a pub instance, or several, because you have the freedom to do so. then watch for the instances you like to open their registration.

use a pseudonym, like "anonymous" and don't post pictures of you standing in front of your apartment and you should be good.

GNU/Social or as I've taken to call it lately, GNU plus Social generally have one homeless loser nutsac on their instance who cares about free speech and that's it. For this reason, many mastodon instances created a blocklist for GNUsocial instances. And yes Mastodon (especially

The middle way is Pleroma, which is being developed largely by lain and jesus the registration is open what are you waiting for lads

.. especially are peak rose-holders but you have the freedom to block them / not federate with them so you win either way**

Someone should make a bot on dtluna's instance that just posts this picture every hour.

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This weirdo really advocates that parents don't have to feed their children …
That should tell you all you need to know.

Mastodon won't send me a confirmation email no matter how many times I try or wait…

wat do

Ah shit, registration isn't open yet, can anyone handle me an invite?
And how does that work?
>The middle way is Pleroma, which is being developed largely by lain and jesus the registration is open what are you waiting for lads
Eh… what does Pleroma offer that the others don't? And how is it the middle way?

better than any other rightist.

Use a different mail or check your spam box, seriously my twitter confirmation got lost there.

🅱reddy sure has open regs today

Even if people control social media instead of corporations, the mindset that social media fosters isn't conducive to productive discourse. In fact it's all probably detrimental to our mental health.

I think you'll have to elaborate on that one mate.


sure, [email protected]

I already follow you

Only because we're still copying corporate social media. Once social media is more firmly under our control, we can start making design changes for mental and social health.

Disk space issues. Space_ made some noises about sorting it but has yet to do anything, after a prolonged period of waiting. Tempted to run up my own instance of diaspora (ISIS disseminated propaganda on that, so it must be good), but frankly most of the people on social media platforms are not people I want to talk to.