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Post any memes, theory, pdfs, OC related to Syndicalism, Deleonism, anarcho-syndicalism, Syndicalist Writers, etc

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Gonna need something on these guys. A manifesto anything would be good.

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No bummery please

This is a pretty good starter
You could also check the Socialist Labor Party USA's website for more information

Go fuck yourself, De Leon.

Haywood was part of the anarcho-syndicalization of the IWW; the post-De Leon period where it grew and actually became a relevant labor union with force and a reputation. Before that it was the pet project of an Orthodox Marxist autists who had such strict rules to the union that it hardly went anywhere. People then rewrote a lot of rules to the union, to his disliking as he promptly left - the rest is history.

"The bummery" is what De Leon in derision called the lumpenproletariat, which was the sole reason the IWW is even known in socialist circles / still exists today, over a hundred years later.

I used strong hyperbole so as to not need to write an essay.
To be clearer:
>DeLeon wasn't an actual autist.
>Nevermind I'm not gonna retract it - the guy was a fucking autist

t. bum

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Is this really the best you can do?

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ow the edge

The IWW post-De Leon did some good things for workers, however has not been revolutionary. Industrial Unionism without the direction of a party, following a Marxist line is completely impotent and Anarcho-Syndicalism should be done away with completely.

That being said I still have my sympathies for the Wobblies, despite the infection of bummery.

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And let's be real, the two fold tactic needs to be updated, while industrial unionism under the party should remain, a socialist organization should look something more like Hezbollah or the IRA. Maybe a three fold tactic, the party, the industrial union, and a paramilitary revolutionary militia.

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You make reactionary memetic contributions to the online left.
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The issue I've had trying to read DeLeon is it seems the overwhelming majority of his work was either speeches or news articles.
A very minor complaint but would prefer if he wrote something in book format. He had like 1 book didn't he?

He wrote a collection of essays but never a large theoretical work like Capital or Materialism and Materialism and Empirio-Criticism. More State and Revolution length stuff.

Two Pages from Roman History for example books.google.ca/books/about/Two_Pages_from_Roman_History.html?id=KI9PvgAACAAJ&redir_esc=y

>He actually isn't an Anarcho-DeLeonist

Pierre when are you going to make your rebuttal to Nightmare Fuel? Sage for off topic.

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