Leftypol BO AMA

Hi. BO here. By that I mean the BO of leftypol.

Now that tensions have dropped a little I thought I'll give you the chance to ask me anything.

'no'(No proof,No thread)

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Go away
You are un-wanted here

What's with the hardon for Assad? He is actually killing leftists.

Why favor any one capitalist empire over another?

Why do you think that national liberation is better for the people within a given society when it consistently fails to produce actual economic independence?

Why don't you support the Rojava revolution?

In the rare case that you're actually Body Odor: Why did you decide to destroy the board right when it had momentum?

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Nothing. I personally don't sympathize with him. He's the president of a country under attack by the US.

In what meaningful sense is Syria an empire? But to answer your question: if you are not for defending such a basic international principle as sovereignty (under the current constellation) and against imperialism as a socialist you are just asking to be raped when you have your own revolution.

Better than what? Anyway, I don't. National liberation is an absolute precondition for a proper socialist revolution.

I don't think it's a socialist revolution, to be frank, but I'm not "opposed" to them in principle. Having a liberated Rojava and the region's Kurds joining in might actually be better for the region, considering the politically reactionary countries that would be involved (Turkey, Iraq, etc.). However, I don't think that the US, Iran, t*rkey would ever allow that. As a people the Kurds are in the middle of a shitstorm and definitely deserve better.


You obviously know my answer. I don't think I destroyed it. I'm still for an exodus that would involve you guys as well, hopefully.

What do you think the difference between Zig Forums and Zig Forums is?

Today leftpol can afford a much more relaxed moderation than leftypol can. Who knows? Maybe in a year this board takes over in numbers, ours drop, and then we can relax again.

fuck you. you or the volunteers keep banning me for asking genuine questions. never posting there again.

Out of curiosity: what were you asking and how?


You want pics? Sorry but I can't do that. I have to think about my community as well. Having anonymity in the ranks of moderation is an absolute must on such a site. (I love the sucky sucky meme, so keep posting them.)

Besides, remember the last time I showed proof? I just asked the members of >>>/marx/ to post on leftypol more frequently and "some people" (khm) interpreted it as a hostile tankie takeover of the board. Not going through that shit again.

can you prove it ?

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I have a question about marxist doctrine.
Are traps gay?

If you wanted an exodus, why didn't you just use a script to repost all the content from leftypol to a new board? Before purging half the membership? Hell, there are probably a dozen people that frequent leftypol everyday that could have written that in under 24 hours, if only you had just asked.
It really was a missed opportunity.
I don't get why you 'leftists' keep doing this. Every time you have something great, every time momentum is on your side, you decide to take the sledgehammer to it or stab each other in the back

This obsession with defending sovereignty is actually acting against the communist movement.
National sovereignty is a liberal concept used in service of capitalist exploitation. (Yes, even today in Syria) Because the modern state - as Engels described - is first and foremost in service of capitalism. Whether it divides or facilitates, it always enables.
When is the last time national sovereignty saved a revolution, rather than help smother it? Are the people of Syria ultimately better off standing divided against imperialist aggression? Did the people of indochina benefit squabbling amongst themselves while American bombers reduced their countries to rubble? Did the Sino-Soviet split benefit the advance of the communist movement? What about Yugoslavia? Darfur? Biafra?

The national sovereignty of any nation is irrelevant to the interests of the working class. Because neither do the interests of the national bourgeoisie coincide with those of the working class (The modern history of every continent stands in testimony to that), but the proletariat has no country. It's universal characteristic is a not a language, creed or race. It's exploitation. Which is universal.
The borders thrown up by notions of "national sovereignty" ultimately divide what should be a joint struggle for emancipation. And it's as true today in Syria as it was a hundred years ago. Emancipation from capitalism cannot be achieved within the limited confines of nationhood. Even in the face of imperialism.
In fact, to defeat modern imperialism will require global cooperation. With industries being so distributed, no revolution will be able to survive on it's own. Not in Syria, not in South Africa, not in South Asia or the Americas. It's exactly why imperialists have worked so hard to break up larger states and raise new artificial borders. (The whole War on Terror being a big one here)

On the subject of Rojava: It is is flawed not because it's attacking "Syrian Sovereignty", but because it isn't. It will never be able to survive on it's own as some "autonomous" region. As some sort of island of 'socialism' in a sea of capitalism. Nor will Syria itself.
The struggle of Rojava is not just the struggle of the (Syrian) Kurds or Syrians in general. It's also of the workers in Iraqi Kurdistan - and outside Kurdistan, of the impoverished towns and neighborhoods in t*rkey, of the Palestinians against Israeli occupation, against the corruption in Lebanon, or the tyranny in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The whole foundation of Sykes–Picot and the entire post-WW1 order - the very product of imperialist forces.

Every time "sovereignty" is brought up, it is ultimately used against communism, rather than in favor of it.

edit my post in leftypol

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Why aren't you more focused on omenous unfolding events? Such as the foxification of U.S. politics? These seem important to discuss and in need of leading voices to set an addressment direction for the communist party.

Delete your board

Afrin's blood is on your hands. Do us all a favour and set yourself alight perfidious swine.

T H O T !

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Why was i ban for just answering an OP's on what branch of the military to join.

becuz any affiliation or knowledge of the US military is imperialism

We'd attempt the exo differently today. Still can't find a proper host and your superabundant free working programmers somehow never show up.

This didn't happen, also, we don't have "membership." If you haven't noticed yet: this is not an exclusive club, but a sewer.

I never said that it could be, and basically this is the point against which you address your points.

I never talked about sovereignty in the context of a spreading revolution. I personally don't think that this aspect of the soviet model should be tried again, meaning that bordering states should merge immediately.

All in all pretty useless leftcom tirade you got there.

African traps or European traps?


I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with these terms. Could you rephrase the question?

Not gonna lie, it crossed my mind several times. But then I remember all the salt "my board" collects from liberals and pol that I just can't convince myself to do it.

I didn't realize I had the power to direct global military events.

tastes like cum
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Because we don't need more soldiers in the service of the empire, thank you very much.

the people at mewch already developed a scraper and successfully transferred a board from 8ch onto there, i am almost positive i can go to the IRC and find out the person who did it/get them involved. it's hard for me to believe there weren't offers for people to develop one

forgot to take off shitposting flag

I hope your board dies.

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There were attempts just not successful ones. It would be suicidal to move from this wreck of a sight to an even buggier one.

Come now. Is that how comrades speak to each other?

Get on OUR IRC and discuss this.

You're not my comrade, and I find your use of the term absolutely appalling. Zig Forums has, bar none, the worst moderation on the site. I left when you made Hoochie mod and never looked back. Fuck you, retard, I used to like that board before you started shoving your dick into every thread with month-long bans.

She's become a perfectly good mod, ya dingus. She even stopped tripfagging as a sign of dedication. I find it hilarious that people who attacked her portray the same behavior they hated in her before became a serious part of leftypol.

Good to see I was completely justified in leaving and never looking back.

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I told him to join the navy. Where he would not kill people or be killed. As well some people have no choice, it's either starvation or serve. I wuold rather them eat and get payed while not killing people or dying.

Can't find a host as in "can't find the funding" or "can't find one with the right privacy policy"?

Unfortunately that's sort of implied when you talk about "defending sovereignty". If you're not talking about revolution through nationhood, why mention defending sovereignty? Why does it matter?

Then why is sovereignty important? Why would you even care about it if it's not somehow being used in service of communism?

Glad we agree then

And then there's this. What about the soldiers during the October Revolution? Or the ones that defected during the Chinese Civil War?
You're not convincing anyone by banning them. Besides, you were okay with with me posting: an actual card-carrying reactionary. I don't see how being a spooked - but nevertheless interested in socialism - pawn is somehow worse than being an actual piglet.

You've never been on pol then

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Brotherly love just emanates from this Christian.
Except, you know, in case of a non-proxy war.

Because of your ban-happy leadership and silencing of any opposition, our board, our movement, our culture has been cleft in twain. Splitting is the first stage in board death, you know. Whatever momentum we had, you destroyed. We could have convinced more people, exerted more influence, won more hearts and minds to our cause.

It sounds silly, but everyone nowadays goes on the internet. So this is where the great ideological battles are fought. By forcing us to another board, you've weakened our efforts to convince normies, and in doing so, actually hurt the revolution.

Fuck off, resign as board owner and let our people unite.

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Worse. Much worse.

Because a general peace movement yes, one that includes liberals in the US could save the asses of our comrades. What do you think would have happened in Vietnam otherwise? I'm supporting compulsory military service for the same reason.

apply yourself:
This does not translate into a mercenary army.

US conflicts right now are air and ground Focus. it's the best time for US leftist to join the navy to gain experience and not kill anyone. But to be fair i should have said Coast Guard .
Witch if it happens, most likely with Iran we already have ground and air surrounding the nation and would only use the Middle Eastern fleet meaning the likelihood of him going into combat is quite Slim.


Now that the U.S. government is being run from a Hannity echo chamber, and people are being scared by the omens into activism. Why is there practically no discussion on a good way for communists to direct the "outraged by Trump" traffic to the communist cause as opposed to letting them run to Nancy Pelosi and ignoring the problem.

My concern is that a bastardization of deconstructionism dominates our communist discourse with a sense of denial. Plainly, I think we're being wrong footed and our discourse is focused on what's edgy as opposed to effective communist activism. Lurkers and back of class board participants have tasted Zig Forums BO's skill in post structualism, but have become the poisonous side of deconstructionisms pharmakon AKA too stupid to understand the knowledge they try to replicate. They end up sounding like retarded Glenn Greenwalds with no actual time put into studying historical precedents or even paying attention.

This is my single greatest frustration with Zig Forums, internet subculture and post modern society in general.

I like this one.
So, here's the shocker. This coin has two sides as well. If you think that adding a new word filter is "silencing opposition" or that adding a new rule to the already existing ones that remains consistent with its general spirit, the level of quality it tries to uphold, you are, in my humble opinion, delusional and a hysteric. But that would be just my opinion. The fact that to this day "some posters" act as literal infants having hissy fits like "PRINTSCREEN THIS POST BEFORE BO DELETES IT, JOIN THE RESISTANCE @leftpol" or to this day "some posters" can't stomach that you have to write one hundred fucking chars in OP shows that these people use this whole ordeal as an alibi to act out their personal, khm, problems. I'm not even going to mention the saboteur vod, because we established that there's no way of proving for whoms't or whyms't he did what he did, but I think we all have pretty good idea.

So yeah, the other side of the coin goes like this: children get their feelings hurt, they act like children, they are removed and told to behave, instead they create their cool fortress of resistance built from pillows and what not to reinforce to this day this spirit of false rebellion.

I know we won't agree, I just thought you should hear both sides.

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Create that thread. If it's good enough we'll cycle it.


just listen to yourself speaking, holy god in heavens

When you're handing out month-long bans to people who criticize you or Assad, it's a sabotage of the movement. How could you think that alienating your comrades for not being woke enough is helpful at all to the leftist cause?

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Can you elaborate?

Very well, that sounds a bit a better. And yet, I don't see why a peace movement needs to (re)-affirm the sanctity of "national sovereignty". (If that's implied)
Imperialist aggression can be opposed without putting the "nation" on a pedestal.

So how far does this go? If you work with a company that supplies the US military, is that a ban?
Capitalism in it's entirety enables these activities. What's so special about the final person in chain? What about those that enable it behind the front lines?
I've met veterans, and they didn't look like frothing imperialist stooges to me. Most often they were just desperate.

Besides, that still doesn't answer the question: Why did you allow me to post all the time? Why are capitalists that organize and profit off exploitation somehow tolerated? While proles trying to escape poverty, dead-end communities or the drudgery of subsistence - aren't?

No proof.


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Don't get what your tying to say here.

Do u want to re-establish unity between the boards, reunite under a single banner? Or are you happy with the current outcome?
If u are in fact ok with eventually reuniting the board, must it be done with concession to your outlooks? Because you for awhile allowed for debate over a host of issues, but eventually started cracking down on it as dissent. Are u willing to commit to any comprise?

Do you not remember why we wanted her to put on a trip in the first place?

It's a good thing that Trotsky had Lenin's ear instead of you.

it's funny because after the stagnation of Zig Forums due to BO's actions - the board seems like it has become nothing but shitposts, basic socialist101 questions with spongebob pictures in OP, and rarely any expansive discussion of theory

actual leftypol BO here, shit thread. also I like Assad.

Kill yourself, tranny scum.

You're idpol, my friend. Out.

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You're right, I fucking haven't. I thought Zig Forums was shit since day one, first because it was a news board, then because it was a politics board, and then because they started shitting up the rest of the site. And then they followed me here. The only times I've wound up there were by misclicking and I was stunned by the amount of stickies they have.

why did you go dark when the US government shut down non-essential services?

who ya talkin to autismo?


No, the filters were a petty pissant gesture, the same kind of 'I an do this and you can't neener neener neener' shit Moot and Cucknomia have both pulled. Banning people for disagreeing with your opinions was the silencing opposition.
vague fucking bullshit, and nobody liked the new rule any more than the filters
A few posts ago it was a sewer, are you saying you were trying to keep things as shitty as possible? good jaaaahb
Which would mean something to me before I spent like a half-hour of my life reading your propaganda-tier bullshit about how Great Satan America and every man, woman and child in it, is the only evil thing in the world ever.
oh boy a narrative is starting
infants don't do that and you're a thinskinned hotpocketing fuckwit who bans people who disagree with you and your increasingly-divorced-from-reality narrative
Almost like people disagree with you and want you to follow the will of the people, and like having 100 chars is unnecessary bullshit that can be defeated easily with copypasting '100chars' over and over again
you're so smug I can't understand you, what is it you cackling about like a saturday morning cartoon villain?
which you did because you're a faggot and he doesn't exist and/or is you
fuck right off
this isn't your echo chamber, fuck right off
Yeah: it was a falseflag you did after we called you out on nuking the two threads about your autistic meltdown last April
they sure do ;^)

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So if you were just a regular user and the BO suddenly decided to filter "Stalinist", "Maoist", "tankie", etc. to "red fascist" you wouldn't have a problem with it?
Your antics served no purpose but to piss off half the board so you and a handful of likeminded users could feel smug, and you've driven off a good portion of the board's effortposters and content creators.