What things except shooting up a school will get me attention of every teen girl across the country?


Look up EliottSupremelady.

Now I don't want to shoot up a school, but is there something less edgy and not criminal one can do to get on tv?

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wew lads, the spectacle is strong in this one


Shut up, fag and help me get the girls.

It's honestly pretty okay and watchable.
I don't like Rudi as much, because I can barely understand what he is saying with that extreme accent.

Be a fucking mumble rapper.

Meh he has a point. Capitalism rewards violence so it’s little wonder that women are more attracted to violent men. Man hating feminists like yourself never want to admit that because *gasp* it might make women culpable, but you sure as shit will blame shit on the patriarchy (another word for all men).

I wanna help the shit outta you.
You rage, you lose, you'll get the fame but no cute busty beach blonde gf, my strapping young eurasian fellow.
The normies will tell you to lift and become ripped, strong, and jelq for that MASSIVE fuckboy dick, but if a fat conniving uncle tom in his late 20s who has accomplished nothing with his life can bone a chick with a barbie bod 5 years younger than him, then you can too! Just make sure she's been pumped and dumped by douche bag white guys over and over, and be a different race than her.
Nice guys ALWAYS finish last, but that doesn't mean they don't fuck. Just be an insecure loser who's obsessed with racism being "alive and well" and then date a chick who used to carve swastikas in her chest and heil hitler Derek Vinyard style.
/Rant Over

Okay listen, you're going to be respected less for being a white gentleman than if you're a any other race of Muh Supreme (Hypebeast) Gentleman. Anti-white sentiment spews from white womyn's feminism which blames all problems on white masculinity, when white culture is literally the most tolerant out of all cultures considering we all let ya hang with us cool kids in the kool kids klub, but hey if you wanna promote white genocide by demonizing Mr. Right archetypes if they have fair skin and blue eyes, then go ahead assholes. Blacks don't care about punching nazis. If you're a Nazi Hunter, you're a fucking faggot.
If these entitled narcissistic douchebags respected their same-race boyfriends more than douchebags with different skin colors, then I wouldn't have this hot-headed anxiety. Imagine cultivating yourself as a man, but identity politics are fucking you over.

Elliot Rodger was a complete tosspot hipster who should've learnt how to present himself better, work on himself, rather than feeling entitled to everything because he was a spoiled rich kid cunt who precociously had everything handed to him. What a joke.

I am also gay

Problem solved, lmao

you and I are gay

No I like girls with short hair nigga

What makes you think that I am a nice guy? I am not.
I basically like gentle femdom, but with the genders reversed. I like domination and contrary to the average imageboard user, I like to be the one who dominates.

I am gay for guys with short hair

an erp board for faggots to erp in

I am gay and I am in good company

yes, you are

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I am gay, I amy ga, ay amiga

Have you tried to … stop being gay?


Yes, I know the article is actually pretty unremarkable, but that clickbait headline is just hilariously bad.

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this might just be the greatest clickbait title of all time