The only genuine revolutionary Marxist party within the US is the Spartacist League (ICL-FI)

The only genuine revolutionary Marxist party within the US is the Spartacist League (ICL-FI).

The Spartacist League rejects liberalism, social democracy, bourgeois nationalism, and Stalinism in favor of the revolutionary traditions of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky.

It is the only party to suited to be the vanguard of international proletarian revolution.

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Weren't these guys in favor of supporting isis or something?

I love how all the splitting has caused these trot groups to have these
Bizarre alphabet soup names
Trotskyism has never achieved a successful revolution though

I don't think it was ISIS
Some Trot groups did support the FSA Though

Nice entryism, moron.

Aren't those the pedos?

Possibly but whoever runs the World Socialist Web Site or whatever it's called has run an awful lot of articles saying Jerry Sandusky did nothing wrong.


I know this is probably a troll thread but these guys are legit scum. Good job tainting Trotsky's name with paedophilia;

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The International Communist League (Sparts) was the forefront of revolutionary Trotskyist politics until it degenerated in 1996. Internationalist Group on the other hand, keeps the genuine revolutionary traditions of the Spartacist League while rejecting its subsequent degeneration.

Join Internationalist Group to truly reforge the Forth International.

that was an italian ML party
Tankies are cancer

I love how every little Trot group with a few hundred folks announces itself as "the only genuine Marxist party" or "the last spark of revolutionary socialism" and then proceeds to say MLs are vanguardist sectarians.


None of these groups do anything except radicalize liberals. It has absolutely nothing to do with worker organization.

Trots being Trots. Your entire ideology is a complete joke.

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Nah sorry I don't support Isis so I don't think I could be a part

Wait, is this the same Spartacist League which supported pedophilia and ISIS?

I prefer the Sportacist League

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What's with Trot groups and weird sex stuff?

'Democratic centralism' is a euphemism for sexual coercion and rape.

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Spartacist League and the Inernational Communist league have two "branches" present on my campus. Both are run by 40-something year old white guys who hate each other. I constantly see them on campus and both try and sell me their shitty ancient newspapers. They literally both fought each other to try and win me over, absolutely cartoonish and futile. The old left is so defunct, red-liberal activism needs to die.


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