On the Topic of Satanism

I Remember a thread back on /left*pol/ where quite a few people claimed to have been Satanists in their Fedora-Athiest/Liberal days

A. What does Zig Forums think about Satanism? do you think that is just Ultra-Liberal Edginess or is it good on account of how much it Pisses off the Reactionary Christian right

And on the off chance one of those Ex-Satanists see this…

B. Whats the Difference between the Athiestic Satanist meme shit like the Church of Satan etc and True believer Autistic Theistic Satanist shit like The Order of Nine Angles Etc?(The Tards that Gut themselves and Stab themselves in the head as part of some Ritual or some shit)

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In my edgy Nietzsche fanboy days (when I was like 15-16) I regularly listened to the satanic mass (because I genuinely liked the music): youtube.com/watch?v=yDbaRBEAxwU
I'd call those last ones the "meme shit", not the first who are more of an individualist philosophy thing tips fedora Or well, on second thought they're both meme tier.

Church of Satan is basically Randianism with some random personal ranting from LaVey (muh psychic vampires) and pleb-tier "black magic" thrown in. As a "philosophy" it's babby's first egoism. You literally should read Stirner instead and take away far more about egoism. As organizations Church of Satan and the Satanic Temple are just scammy liberal "anti-clerical" identity clubs.

From what I know about ONA, it's quite different even to other theistic forms of Satanism. Instead of just turning Christianity on its head and saying Lucifer is good and YHWH is evil, it openly states that evil and tyranny are good and we should cut ourselves to summon the Dark Gods into the world. Basically Black Metal lyrics turned into an actual cult. Honestly I wouldn't even classify them as Satanists, they're sorta their own thing. They just appropriate Satanist aesthetics because they're evil and edgy (and Nazi aesthetics, even Communist aesthetics sometimes).

As for what I think of Satanism? There are some ideas associated with it that are definitely good, like radical liberty and anti-clericalism. Honestly, it wouldn't be a bad aesthetic for the Left to adopt to reach out to edgy nihilistic teens, just be mindful of associations with mainstream "Satanist" groups that are liberal idpol garbage. Also to counter Zig Forums's muh crusades and whatnot.

Critically support Comrade Lucifer in his struggle against heavenly imperialism!

t. used to be a semi-theistic Satanist, not sure anymore

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Edgy teens are the workers of tomorrow.

I think Satanchan's meltdowns were a highlight of Zig Forums and the thread she posted her tits in response to a satanget may have been the best thread on the board.

Anprim is literal caveman

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anyone have screenshots of these? or the pic of her tits

Her tits weren't that great, not even the best tits posted by a Zig Forums user. Someone used to have the screencap and tits but all I got are memories.

All satanism is utterly reactionary. Both secular/Laveyan and theistic.

There are better ways to piss them off than supporting other reactionaries. This is like praising Hitler to piss off Zionists.

Doing anything purely to piss off ‘x’ means embracing a dialectic of opposition defined by the thing you hate. Satanism is a great example — it could not exist without Christian moralism as its starting point of opposition.

Aren't you in for a shock, Galdys.

ChristCom Gang does not approve

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I'm fine with Satan, the Jewish filth of LaVey needs to be gassed and shoved in an oven.

Satanism is literally /ourguy/


Woke af tbh

Laveyan Satanism is shit but the Satanic Temple seems pretty good, still think it's a bit spooky but overall cool.

Which path did you follow out of curiosity?
Also posting a relevant blogpost cause why not

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meant for

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When dealing with reactionary Christians avoid culture war and talk about economics. Culture Wars have no winners.

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The Satan of the Bible is /ourguy/ Dunno about Satanism itself.

What were her meltdowns about?

Exactly this. Socialists taking sides in this liberal-comservative Culture Wars is the most idiotic waste of time.

Reach out to working class Americans in the million tiny towns and neighborhoods around the country instead of wasting your time with highly intellectual debates such as le soy does not decrease testosterone xDDDD. I'm not expecting anyone to convert people immediately, but learn how to communicate and tailor your ideas with and to the proletariat.

She would claim that Satan was the high priest of Atlantis, that she kidnapped a Jew and he showed psychic powers by calling out to other Jews, that she would fuck demons on the astral plane, shit like that.

I think you might be surprised about the amount of confused "individualist" adolescents who are drawn to writers like Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky (which you could say are "related" to satanism since they're also part of the frustrated edgy teen starterpack; with the difference that they actually have literary/philosophical value aswell).
Obviously I'm not talking about some niche group of autistic LARPers who literally perform satanic rituals as you seem to imply.

The Satanic Bible is pretty short. I recommend reading it as a parody of Christianity. They basically took Christianity and inverted it, and that offers an interesting perspective on what's wrong (and not so wrong) with Christianity.

Holy fuck nigger I thought this was going to be some shit like she was depressed or something.

Don't associate a perfectly valid philosopher with a meme ideology. This isn't the Noughties any more mate, these kinds of edgy subcultures are for the most part dead.

That being said. Communists -not "the Left"- could learn from Nietzsche. Master morality is desireable as it is inducive to a Socialist movement not being full of depressed hedonists that think Marxists should respect them because they are fat, mentally ill, suicidal, gay, etc

But they will join out of edginess and not out of sincere concern for the economical condition so they will easily outgrow socialism and then become anticommunists

Our answer to every cultural conflict is that in capitalism those issues can't be resolved and if they appear to be resolved it's because a new injustice took over the previews one
Only socialism can give man control over their lives to live them correctly.

Far as I'm concerned the ONA needs to have their kneecaps and false idols introduced to a sledgehammer. And the CoS are just being edgy pseudo-humanists and blaspheming for the sake of blasphemy or larping metalheads. I like Kamelot too, but that doesn't mean make March of Mephisto into an ideology.

burn in hell heathen

Oh no she was a self-described nazi who thought the roman empire was socialism and that every ancient civilization was aryan. Should would say some pretty dumbass shit everytime she would appear, and that was funnier than her posting her ok tits in response to a satanget asking for tits.


Yeah this attitude seems like it comes from someone who has never met working class young people. Do you think all they do is go to work then go to sleep or some shit?

Joy of Satan though. nazism+++

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If I post her tits will I get banned? Honest question, need a moderator or board owner response.

I'm neither, but no. Just spoiler the pictures.

Going to need something better than that.

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well look at the fresh rules in the pinned thread, only lolicon and illegal-in-US material is disallowed.

lol how do you know she wasn't bluffing? Is there a timestamp under that imposed text of yours? If not that may as well be some random pair of omegle tits.