5th or 6th International

Would it be better to just start off with the 6th considering the baggage the 5th has with gay ass trots

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Lets go straight to international 7.
You know, for the memes.

You've got terminal 7… leftism cancer. I don't even know what that means, but it's bad.

420th international.

think we should switch to codenames.
Kaby Lake International

Do it like a hollywood reboot and just call it The International.

666 international baby

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I can't wait for The International cinematic universe.

International: Infinity Revolution.

International X?

International 7.0 trotskist splitteroo

$$1^-1$$ internationale

lets make it the 5th and it should go back to the roots of marxism, specifically cockshott's version of internationalism, probably one of the most viable ones, it basically seeks to create an EU like thing but communist, where instead of free trade you have a single economic plan for entire countries

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International X: The Final Delegation

Doesn't cockshott propose a single economic plan and a single giant nation?

well considering he made a proposal for the reform of the EU, i don't think so

Call it what you want. But the winner gets the special title: The Last International.

Better to call it The Postnational.

Regardless of how msny members it has, it'll get to be called THE BIG ONE

I agree with this.

I thought this place was the 5th International.

6th International: DPRK edition

The Bookchin International

postnationalism is a word used by neoliberals. I don’t want to be associated with them.

I say we coopt the term Patriotism. As in the country is the common patrimony of its constituents as opposed to the playground and property of the bourgeoisie.

Those were more or less its origins against Monarchism in the French revolution, we can give it a further anti-capitalist spin.

patriotism is something a trumpcuck would endorse