Tfw no thicc antifa gf

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solid thread

She really does have a nice ass though. If you can already see it like that through cargo pants, imagine how she'd look like in shorts.

Still a shitty thread, so have a sage

Where is this from?

Why don't more people just tear their stupid commie masks off?

Never put your dick in crazy.

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You sound like a boomer, faggot.

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That's the funny part; you commies are utterly ashamed of your own beliefs to the point where you can't even bear showing your face in public while supporting them.
Even literal neonazis are more confident about their beliefs than that.

Good for him, I hope he's changing his diet as well.

Tfw no thicc antifa bf…
w-wait… *looks at pic*
Never mind….


whatever u say pol/yp

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What group/symbol is that?

Ignore the woman and look at the men.
The absolute state of Antifa, they probably haven't even loaded their guns and they expect to fight people like

Hardcore Nazi's, they're pathetic as always but I'll give them respect because unlike Antifa they actually killed 15 people so far.
Antifa hasn't even taken down a single real Nazi.

yeah they dont need to cover their faces its not like theyre on the FBIs watch list or anything

Still a bullshit excuse for covering faces

Yeah it's real hard to kill innocent people who don't expect it. I don't think anyone ever accused Nazi meth gangs of not being rabid thugs enough, that's different from LARPing as an actual fighting force.

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"Atomwaffen encourages members to burn the United States flag and the Constitution"

Sounds like they have a lot in common with Antifa, and they're a literal terrorist organization.

It's easy, and we should to it to fascists too

Everyone in this thread is a retard but me holy shit.

Tell that to Richard Spencer in Michigan.

Fucking idiot

Is this what anti-imperalism looks like.

Last I heard he was still alive, and is a household name after the media tried to turn him into a scary boogeyman.
Nobody had ever heard of him before they did that.

For what it's worth I agree with that but the fascists are hardly doing anything courageous by murdering random people, if they had any balls they would attack major institutions.

Richard Spencer now admits the environment is too hostile for him to make public appearances or attend rallies, I agree he should have been killed outright but antifa has been effective at shutting him down. It's not their fault the 'le rational centrist' media is so dedicated to taking the side of Nazis.

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Like I'm looking for "respect" from someone who admires a bunch of depressed, suicidal whackjobs who murder their high school girlfriends' parents when they break up with them. You're a child.

Getting your life destroyed and going to an US horror prison surely is nothing to be such a pussy about am I rite??? Based xd

Richard “We need more idpol” Spencer has been neutralized. He is a significantly less of a threat than before. Also we destroyed the Traditionalist Worker’s Party. There dead and gone.

Are whatever arguments he makes so convincing that you have to go straight to chimping out?

How exactly do you reconcile "white supremacy" by worshipping an arab who practiced judaism, and who's #1 teaching was "love thy neighbor as thyself"?

Nazis are sociopathic and addicted to violence, they need to be 'physically removed' if you will for the safety of society. Any pretence of peacefulness is always a cover for their real motivations, Nazis are also born liars and snakes who will never be truthful until they have the power to enact their fantasies, hence bizarre euphemisms like 'peaceful ethnic cleansing'.

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Really? They've always seemed straightforward to me. "I don't like being around people who aren't white, and want my own white place to live." Far moreso than the 'I love diversity!' types who cross the street to avoid being too close to a black person.

First time I've heard of it.
Makes sense in certain countries, but any serious separatist movement in the U.S. would naturally be militarily destroyed.

how is that not a victory?

You're forgetting that the majority of actual fascist sympathisers are crypto-fascists that pretend to be mainstream conservatives or libertarians or 'traditionalists' or somesuch other thing and only occasionally give the game away. Of course you see edgy Nazis on the internet but when speaking publicly they usually try to dress it up as something non-violent.

Is that really the example he used? Now that's funny… and those arbitrary boundaries haven't been biting us in the ass ever since and causing no end of conflicts?

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No you dumb nigger. Nobody wants to get doxxed or identified.

No wonder stormtards always get infiltrated by the Feds. They can't even think 3 seconds ahead.

Didn't Micah die like a bitch from an ove rsized RC toy with a bomb? IIRC he ran into a corner and urinated before it blew him away. Wasn't he also a virgin who got booted from the army reserves for stealing panties?

Dude is the first guy to get killed by a robot. That's pretty fucking rad.

That being said, I don't agree with radlib. Black Nationalism, as with all Ethnonationalism, is against the Interests of the proletariat.

Death by robot already happened in 1979, son:

Well, guess we'll never be able to discuss torturing and killing Andrew Anglin because as we all know, Liberal ideology decrees all violence is the same. Except when the police arrest and kill people combusting a herb and breathing it in. Because that's not violence, that's just the law.

it's to delay pigs and I'm tired of explaining that to you ogre and ogre

fix your site jim

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source on any of this or back to choking down cocks

He was a carpentry and masonry specialist in the reserves, so calling him a war veteran is a bit of a stretch. And if you red the article it does mention the panty stealing, which is something only a thirsty virgin would do. I do't know why the meme posted portrays him as handsome and stoic when he was just an /r9k/ tier black nationalist incel

I dont think we should kill anyone, just jostle them around, tar and feather, to let them know there will be pushback if they ever came ro power.

hmm, which of these two personalities is more fostered and pervasive among the armed forces…

Are you in middle school, and there are plenty of virgins in the military. He creeped on a girl and went into beta rage when she didn't fuck him.

You better be supporting Atomwaffen in their struggle against American imperialism or get banned for being a Cypto-Trotskyist.

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Can’t wait for Zig Forums to defend Atomwaffen fighting on the side f t*rkey in there struggle against American Imperialism in Rojava.

Thick in England means very stupid.

Under communist, only thing I will eat is that ass.

Then I starve to death and die.

I don't think literal communists have any right to throw stones on this issue, seeing as how most threads about "convincing others" here is always about being "subversive" and "propaganda"… like you literally have to trick people into accepting communism.

Thick means the same thing in the US. We are talking about thicc.

People who are attracted to morbid obesity and use words like "thicc" are also very stupid.

t. skinny no ass

larping bums lol

t. nigger

FBI doesn't have any records on Atomwaffen actually.

Antifa didn't do anything against the Trad workers party, it destroyed itself because the leadership consisted of incestuous wife beating trailer trash

why even live comrads

Wew lad

disappointed in you lot tbqh

Who knows

If they were cute, they wouldn't be part of antifa

Good post

Good. Nobody needs you in our communist utopia. Well, in Labour camp you could be of use for ud though. But you wouldn't starve to death there either except you voluntarily starve yourself.

fuck off, I think

Chads in the military are grunts, fighter pilots, SF, para rescue, etc… Not Carpentry and masonry specialists in the reserves. And chads don't have to steal a girl's panties they can just ask and she'll hand them over. Your boy was a mad, black incel


you know the ass fat when it fills out baggy cargo pants

That sounds like the beginning of a great fetish
Imagine CIA agents trying to slip you some MKUltra goodness and you mindbreak them with your bepin instead.


Boy, you guys sure do love talking about me.

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Who's the trap behind you?

Sup Andy, glad I'm not the only alt-righter on this shithole.

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I've been banned from Zig Forums for stating Attomwaffen was against at least some facets of US imperialism actually. I didn't screencap it so I can't offer any proof but some people may remember my posts in the DPRK general, I was using a Stalinstache flag if that rings a bell.

The Virgin White Trash vs The Tyrone Black Nationalist