Unpopular opinion thread

this is like the containment thread but for actual leftists, let's say for demsocs onwards, capitalists gtfo to quarantine, anyway I'll start off with some hot ones

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If Anti-Germans Dropped the pro-Zionist stance then it would be an ok ideology as part of the wider anti-State/Anti-Nationalism movement
Anti-Japs are already ok

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I think I got two or so…

1. Achieving socialism in a country once at a time is by far more realistic than utopic international revolution since Marx's predictions for the development of capitalism weren't accurate

2. National liberation or pride in your culture also is nothing to be ashamed of and can even be used to unite your people under a red flag just as Fidel Castro did in Cuba

how so?


Marx said international revolution would definitely work out if all proletarians world wide unite. Sadly capitalism doesn't simultaneously evolve or decay in every country the same way and not every country has the same conditions so his prediction that capitalism will collapse everywhere at the same time has pretty much turned out to be wrong if you take a second and look around in our modern world.

let's all gang bang on the street instead of dancing or having fun or making traditional festivals which are fun for the whole family becuuuuz somehow it's evul ghost

Fuck off please

the point is that the world is increasingly globalised and so all "countries" are inextricably linked

sounds like fun to me

both are frowned upon in plenty of traditional cultures

it is literally impossible to have a good time around children or old people

I would be lying if I said I didn't expect this thread to go this way, I just didn't think it would be so fast

So what? Still doesn't make the prediction right.

Yeah I expected this from an antimoralistic order hating hedonist antifa moron such as you

I never said you shouldn't question your culture but here in the west we don't have child sacrifice as a weekly ritual and our festivals are about togetherness. Wake the fuck up and look around.

That's your subjective teenage opinion and not an argument against traditional festivals where young and old can enjoy themselves.

Stop being such a smug moron and grow up. This thread was for sharing unpopular opinions so how did you expect it to go? Everyone says what they think and leftpol watches in silence? Yeah. Nah. You were the one that started shitting on what I said so don't cry about me not being happy about your premature "analysis".

it doesn't make it wrong, history didn't actually end in 1989

how dare you call me antifa

the point of festivals are about quick rewards for exploited masses used an opportunity to moralise to them about how some guy from history died horribly for them or whatever, I'm not saying you can't have your little tea party, just don't make it political

early 20s actually

like this, but I thought we'd maybe have some real talk before the inevitable tankie spergout

Self-exploitation is pure nonsense.

Please calm down. You are making people upset.

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Palestine lost a long time ago. It sucks but its the truth.


Patriarchy in the west doesn’t exist.

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My Gott vhat if the opposite was true? What ve zee here in zis, Antifaschistische Aktion, is not some sort of immoral, transgressive, do-vhatever-you-vant type of social hooliganism. No! Their entire raison d'etre -sniff- is to exist in total opposition of ze Right, which, you know, is the very embodiment of this, ah, pathological, nihilistic hedonism like, "Let's go over to zis town, shoot some black people, rape some wymin" and so on and so on, that they are not allowed to pursue under Western, liberal social order.

So vhat we actually have here is -waves hand- Populist Right reactionaries fighting for the dissolution of Western society in the name of protecting it, and, ah, Leftist radicals coaxed into helping preserve liberal status quo they would have previously tried to destroy.

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A massive reduction in energy use and consumption on the part of the developed world is a necessary precondition to a global socialist transformation. A "first world" standard of living is in no way sustainable or capable of being extended to all of humanity. A way of life that is both compatible with a socialist mode of production, and capable of being sustainably adopted by all human beings on Earth, is the most important material project of the Left. Any refusal to do this will mean the death of internationalism in favor of the most crass ethnic, national or religious chauvinism.


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I have heterodox views about the North Korea situation and there's always some part of it that upsets somebody whether left, right, liberal or tankie.

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I would say that those positions are popular outside of the communalists.


Buckle up for these takes

1. Out of all the leftist YouTubers, despite being dumb, fat and illiterate, I'd only expect the Roo to actually support a real, violent revolution, because he's the only lower income prole amongst them who grew up amongst white trash and worked at a gas station.

2. Islam is more anti-capitalist than Christianity. Yet ironically, Christianity is more compatible with communism.

3. Communism was invented in the Bible.

4. The communism of the future will be very technocratic and not democratic at all.

5. Sex and gender are interconnected and not a dichotomy - which is even taught in gender studies.

6. Anita Sarkeesian is actually kinda cool and a pleasureable human being. She's never said anything wrong, liberal or outrageous.

7. There are Jews in socialist orgs in the West who are not socialist but just try give Jews more privileges. This, of course, is also true for other ethnicities in socialist movements outside of the West

8. Zizek is a hack and the stupid man's intellectual. His fans literally praise him for not being intelligible

9. Marxist theory is actually quite easy to understand, and Capital is particularly easy to read.

10. There are some things Pol Pot did right, and he wasn't a CIA puppet, also the Vietnamese are revisionists of terminal proportions and I'd not have supported their invasion of Kampuchea.

11. Mao was a better communist than Stalin, but a worse leader.

12. Siding with the liberal establishment is more deadly for any socialist movement than siding with the alt-right

13. Fascism is a very narrow term and shouldn't be used in the 21st century

14. Late 18th century enlightened absolute monarchy and multi-ethnic empires such as Habsburg are preferable to liberal democratic capitalism

15. Some criticisms neoclassical economists make of Keynesianism are true. Of course, they are 100% wrong when it comes to Marxian economics

16. I'd rather hang out with Sargon and shoeonhead than with 95% of self-proclaimed socialists on YouTube. I actually believe Sargon isn't a bad guy, but he has digged himself into this niche which now secures his income, so he keeps to pander to a right-wing audience and is dishonest in his politics. As a friend, he's probably decent.

17. That Jordan Peterson mobilized a mass movement is terrifying and unpredecented, and all attempts at explanation from the left are lacklusters so far.

18. Trotsky was narcisstic, but overall not such a bad guy

19. There is something extremely fishy about 9/11 but I can't put my finger on it

20. I like openly greedy and disgusting Ferengi-style porkies more than the neoliberal happy-face capitalists. I generally prefer honesty.

21. Marx was wrong about colonialism developing productive forces, look at India.

22. Labor vouchers are a terrible idea

23. Reactionaries make better music than leftists. On the other hand, leftists make better movies.

goddamn son you're blowing my mind with all these takes

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Antifa is cancer and so are radlibs, otherwise you are 100% spot on

Like clay

1. This was disproven when the Rojava revolution happened.

pick one

can we have a international language that use no Latin nor Cyrillic, like Syllabaire inuktitut
And don't sound Spanish.

I'm sure post-peak oil would enable the collapse of the rate of energy use and consumption in the west. One could argue that this would be the greatest opportunity for a global scale revolution since 1917. Eco-Posadism when?

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Fuck off, I've been on imageboards since a fucking decade

Fite me on any of them

Christianity is more compatible with communism because it presupposes the duality between state and the church, laid out on particular by Augustinus of Hippo in De Civitate Dei. Even in the middle ages, when the Holy Roman Empire had prince-bishops, there was still an argument about who appoints the bishops as secular rulers which caused the emperor and the pope to go to war against each other. Islam, on the other hand, is always political and focused on statecraft. As such, it is more tolerant of minorities but very intolerant towards non-Muslim rulers.

Its almost like newspeak.

I remember reading a report from the Bundeswehr stating that a future lack of fuel would significantly impede the ability of the army to carry out large scale operations abroad.

Peak oil confirmed for comrade in revolutionary struggle against western imperialism



The already have nuclear powered subs? How long tell nuclear powered jets?


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pick one

Esperanto is nowhere near expressive enough and doesn't even get rid of its European roots. We're stuck with English as the world language for now. Our efforts would be better spent modifying English to suit our purposes than fighting the tide of capitalism to get another language accepted. Liberals have had some success in getting political language to catch on. We should give some consideration to taking control of English as a living language.

Marx said capitalism killed patriarchy. There's certainly remnants left, but they're mostly irrelevant shit like taking the father's surname.

These are not that unpopular.

Labor vouchers are probably unnecessary in a hypothetical revolution today. AFAIK there aren't any basic necessities that can't be produced post-scarcity any more. Luxuries could be distributed according to a "basic income" or something, but necessities could just be made available.

We need an insurrection.
Civilization is shit.
There is no difference between domination by private institutions and domination by the state
If I can't say nigger I'm not free

You can say nigger all you like, and niggers are free to dislike you for it. The reason "n-word privileges" remain such a thing is that myopic/narcissistic white people can't fucking let it go. There is no rule about when it's OK to say nigger. There is no permission you can be granted that makes it all good. Some white people get away with saying nigger because they understand the context and use it in a way that doesn't communicate racism or chauvinism, and typically in such a way as to attack such things.

It's as expressive as any other modern language.

Here's a popular opinion: you should resign from your mod position.

You can leave now.

I agree with the Sarkeesian thing. The reaction to her was deranged and all out of proportion.

Sark is just a run-of-the-mill puritan who chose feminism as her vehicle instead of religion.

Do you have any arguments as to why she's so horrible other than HURR IDPOL? I haven't watched all her stuff but most of the things she says I can get behind.

Well, if being against the commodification of female sexuality makes you a puritan, then so be it. I'd rather have a "puritan" feminist than lipstick feminism.

Where does she take this position?


How is the portrayal of female characters in popular culture not commodification of female sexuality?

opposing portrayal of female characters doesn't imply it's on the grounds of opposition to commodification of female sexuality

that's not how burden of proof works

Incels are the result of new historic material circumstances and are a legit group of marginalized people.
They are the purposeful creation of third wave that are actually crypto female supremacists. They want women to die alone so that these mostly gay feminists can have sex with them, and to reduce the population. These men will eventually start dieing in mass due to the neglect they endure.
I think the scariest thing is that groups like weird twitter are trying to make them the "BIG OTHER" and the rhetoric being directed at them is very Zig Forums like.
This attempt at making incels "THE BIG OTHER" is actually a second wave eugenics movement. Making eugenics about physical disabilities is to obvious, it will move on to marginalizing people with "mental problems" or more like, people that won't shut up about their problems. Marginalization and persecution of inceldom will move onto people that are unhappy with other forms of capitalist alienation.

Race, sex and sexual orientation will cease to divide the proletariat. New idpol classes based on shared physiology will take their place and be marginalized.
Incels are the best example of this, the group is treated worse than Nazis but has only a handful of kills attributed to them meanwhile the right-wing kills several hundred people every year. This marginalization will expanded to others, like say people who suffer PTSD, or believe in conspiracies. Your online presence and social media will be used to gauge what group you are in.
If you think you are clever by not having a social media account think again, your profile will be determined by what your peers at work and play say about you.

Has she said anything that she supports such a thing? I agree with her criticism about the portrayal of women in popular culture, no idea why you autistically shriek about it or make shit up like "she's a puritan who chose feminism instead of religion".

I'm guessing the people who have a problem with antifa itt are burgers.

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1. yep
4. plausible
8.can get behind
10. yep
13.Should be made to mean more than when people are mean to brown people
16. sorta
17. yep
19. yep
22. no
23. list me good reactionary music

Incels are legit fucking nuts. They're marginalized by culture that fails to socialize people properly and an economy that has lots of poor people, but they're still crazy. Just because someone's marginalized doesn't mean their theory of their situation is accurate. Thinking that feminism created the situation intentionally is batshit. Thinking feminism created the situation at all is silly. Aspects of feminism do actively make these things worse, but it's not causing social and economic conditions to be shit in the first place.

Not actively supporting something is not the same as opposing it.
Some of her points are valid, but she has to scrape the bottom of the barrel in order to keep up the cycle of production, and much of her initial impetus for doing the work comes from a place of personal revulsion toward the subject matter. Vid related. youtube.com/watch?v=Afgtd8ZsXzI
Pointing out that her criticism amounts to "it's problematic that this appears in video games" is puritanism and that her basis is feminism isn't autistic shrieking.

A lot of antifa is a bad joke, especially burger antifa, so you're probably right. Shouldn't take away from the good things antifa accomplishes.

Tbh I think the main problem is refusal to engage with people who define themselves as open to discussion. Dips like Sargon don't count. He only got labeled a skeptic after he got popular from whining about liberals.
Not enough unfortunately. There's still loads of christian bullshit in burger textbooks.
Got a source for this? I'd be curious to read about it.
Conservatives tend to be pretty on-point with criticism of liberals, and I suspect if the overton window was farther left a lot would be comrades.

has he ever provided proof for this, would not be surprised if he grew up in a culdesac or whatever

so not communism then

this is true

the only thing he did right was not putting up a good enough fight against vietnam

wouldn't say we should "side" with any non-left group, but critical support is another thing, that being said, gun to my head I would say libs are better than trumpcucks

even to describe groups that literally identity as fascist?

read marx

this is also true

this is not

Responding to new recruits by plopping down six books' worth of PDFs as a requirement for entry into any left movement is stupid and drives away people who just want to agitate and fight porky to improve their lives and the lives of others

a lot of anti-colonial movements are basically ethnonationalist movements cloaked in left-liberal jargon

people who actively support the DPRK are retarded

immigration is a secondary issue in most western countries and should not take up a majority of resources

a lot of trans people will detransition in a decade or two, and society will see the current hysteria over bathrooms and the like for the moral panic it is. The trans activists who are currently pushing hormone blockers for kids and affirmation-only approaches to medical care will eventually be struggle sessioned out of society

social democracy will win

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t. muke

1. Liberation Theology is the truth.
2. Stalin was right to get rid of Trotsky.
3. Left Coms are enemies of any struggle.
4. I think that left Keynesian is a valid way to begin the process towards socialism.
5. Socialists should limit their contact with movements that put personal autonomy beyond all other measures of human interaction.
6. Liberals are harder to get then conservatives.

Communists can still be religious as much as they want. It's a matter of basic personal freedom. The only thing we should be against is the organized abuse of religion as a tool of controlling the masses.

elaborate on these plz

I feel like the opposite would be the actual "unpopular opinion" here

Why because they support an actual Socialist/Leftist Model instead of Suc-Dem'ism that devolves into Neo-Lib?

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What were you expecting from someone who wines about bums but doesn't have a job?

imperialism is the highest stage of feudalism, read kautsky

mkultra, literally gives you a false state of consciousness

if he had stepped down instead of ordering repression then the war would never have happened, and before I get muh cia, the guy was hardly an avowed enemy of the west by 2011, given his tacit support of the iraq war

I'll check him out. Could you give a tl;dr
Acid being used in mkultra (which isn't an unpopular opinion but a fact) doesn't make acid "essentially" a CIA mind control drug though.
Might be true but surely NATO was guilty there too
didn't he piss them off by nationalizing the economy or something?

This is unironicaly good book for understanding conservatives. They view political struggle in a very highly prevented version of class struggle. Where class has nothing to do with economics, but has to do with culture. It’s pretty interesting. This book also shows you why the left should not get involved in the culture war,but at the same time shouldn’t attack New Atheists for breaking down Christianity in America.

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late stage capitalism erodes the ability of nations to engage in imperialism, especially war, as they are all to interlinked, so instead they have to co-operate, as far as I know he never said imperialism was the highest stage of feudalism though, that's my thing

they might not have invented lsd but they definitely saw its potential

eh I feel nato only got involved really towards the end of the first conflict, and that the current resurgence, while not a great sign, isn't as deadly

pretty sure libya was opening more to foreign investment at the time, but either way I don't think it would be worth starting a civil war over because dealing with an undemocratic state is not entirely different to dealing with a private company

It may not be a literal mind control drug, but covertly pushing mind altering drugs on the population, while overtly outlawing and punishing their use is an excellent way to control the masses. I recall Aldous Huxley talked about this in one of his works.

Did you mean: idpol?

We should put maximum effort into Public Relations
Step One is doing everything we can to get Tankies b& from social media


wtf I love antifa now

or not

because none of this applies to central European Leftlib Antifags

okay thanks comrade
so what do you mean by

pol making leftypol the boogeyman of everything they think is bad online is good, in fact we ought to encourage this, making leftpol and leftypol seem larger than they are is point number one, this in effect normalises having extreme left wing opinions, because if people think a lot of other people have left wing opinions those will seem more normal, point number two is that making it seem that we sabotage pol all the time makes us more powerful in the minds of poltards, which encourages them to come here initially to get revenge, and then end up changing their mind

Muslims are way better off in Israel than Jews are in any Muslim majority country.
Muslims are way better off in any Christian majority country than Coptic Christians are in Egypt.
Even with the Rohingya Muslims' dystopic situation, you're generally better off belonging to a Muslim minority in a non-Muslim majority country than belonging to a non-Muslim minority in a Muslim majority country.

Otherwise, completely agree.

These might be true but it's also a bit silly. Why would you need to make these comparisons or "rankings" of who has it better.

Which page of your ass is this from?

An ecologically-minded one world government with central planning.

Women aren't human.

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Worst poster on leftpol

You can tell this guy's a loser shut in nerd, fuck off and go outside, lift weights or something.

Get laid, this is how I used to behave when I was a religious cretin back in my teens, yeah and not only that he's unhappy too.

It's embarrassing to see you speak with authority on social relations when you don't have a grasp on it yourself.

Losers who cannot get laid have always been a target of ridicule. This is nothing new.

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I think that this is the most important part. Zig Forums completely lies about left(y)pol. Zig Forumsyps come here ready to own the libtards with their hot takes about idpol, and are then confronted with economic theories explaining their alienation. This combination of learning that they have been lied to by Zig Forums about what we stand for, and being given a reasonable theoretical underpining to their struggles that isn't "niggers are dumb and it's the jews fault", is very good for conversion I think. The unfortunate part is that few Zig Forumsyps are curious enough to venture away from the hugbox and check out the nasty scary left(y)pol boogieman, but I think that we convert a large number of those who do.

All workers not involved in production are lumpen.


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t Rich John

Good praxis tbqhf

In b4 leftypol BO bans me from leftpol for not drawing a little middle finger next to "armed forces"

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Well yeah, if you have the means to "multiply food infinitely", then your shitty system might work, instead of everyone starving to death like every other time it's been tried.

at an international level, feudalism is competing systems of legal-political hierarchy, the more successful of which project influence abroad, financing their early capitalism through imperialism, but that this rots away in the highest stage, along with other facets of the nation-state

*production, consumption distribution and exchange
read marx

Unlike Capitalism where famines happen because it's more profitable to keep taxing the peasants and forcing them to grow cash crops
Or because it's more profitable to export the crops grown instead of selling them to the very people growing them.

It's morally significant.

Actually she's a con artist who probably doesn't even believe the crap she says.

Or how about we take existing production and distribute it more efficiently instead of wasting it frivolously, especially when it comes to animal feed.

That and make use of underutilised capacity.

But according to your logic it's better that we let excess unbought food rot, waste grain on inefficient cattle farming, let agricultural fields go unused all whilst people starve and are malnourished even in the first world just because some imaginary numbers (ultimately the result of human abstractions) on a spreadsheet won't be as high as they could be or that said numbers might result in a dreaded minus symbol in front of them.

Do you get dividends from agricultural investments? I ask because you're clearly doing the lord's work.

So we should abandon enlightenment principles because societies exist without said principles according to this line of thinking.