Lula's judgement and the future of the brazilian left wing

Well I know most people here aren't brazilian, but what's happening here us absurd, Lula, one of the greatest presidents this country ever had and a big representative of unions and many workers movements, has had his habeas corpus denied and is most likely going to jail, he is currently leading the election poll, the other candidates are all neoliberals disguised as socdem or plain facist, I'm wondering what the future holds for my country, a revolution seems to be a tempting solution

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Why are they putting him in prison exactly?

He's related to a corruption case that sank him, Temer and Rousseff (I was in Rio when she got impeached btw, weird day).

Generally though, it seems only PSOL have the chance to save the country, and while they are good ideologically they are mostly made up of middle-income intellectuals. They have good people, just not the right kind of support. Regardless, brazil seems to be fucked.

Who does the PT have as a replacement?
I imagine using Lula as an example of injustice will be their strategy now, the release of lula as a point on their campaign and how his release will be a tool against corruption.

From what I see there are three replacements: all of them poll dogshite compared to Lula.

Talking to some Brazilian friends, one possibility they considered is that this is a way for the government to hang the threat of imprisonment over Lula's head, keeping him out of the presidency, while also recognizing that jailing him might set off a real uprising in the north where he is enormously popular.

Or there might be a full-blown Bolsonaro military coup in a few months.

Brazil kind of reminds me of Spain before the Civil War

I doubt a full coup would occur, I imagine they would let bolsonaro get elected then he just executes order 66 and it is all okay because he is the "elected" president and don't mind the army they are just "policing" the cities besides they're communist narcos anyways.

What really upsets me is the bias in the judicial system, there are many right wing politicians who did worse crimes, like paying huge bribes to buy off senator's votes and silence political enemies, also lula must be feeling like shit because 7 out of the 11 minister that voted on the session were nominated by Lula and Dilma, total betrayal

Yeah I don't know enough about the situation. One point the friends made is that the right-wing military officers are not as tough as they like to present, and the army itself is not as "reliable" as it may appear, as it recruits from the same poor populations as the gangs. So there are army units full of guys who happen to be in the same "communist narco gangs" someone like Bolsonaro would want to fight.

WEREN'T basically all other major political figures in Brazil prosecuted around the same time? My casual burger attention to such news may be conflating Brazil with other regional countries, but I thought the sweep that Lula got caught in also tarred all of his opponents?

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Soc-Dems do nothing
And from all accounts that ive heard (Even from Socialist/left-wing Brazilians) is that hes a fucking failure

and yet he is still by far the most popular candidate, so he must have done something right

Bush was elected
Obama was elected
Trump was elected
Putin was elected
And every other Neo-Con and Soc-Dem Panderer that has helped fuck brazil since the junta's thaw has been elected

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along with the second bush term, this is the only one that is true as far as the popular vote goes, but the point is that lula still has significant support despite having served as the head of state for like eight years, plus now they've moved against him

Everyone was charged but his opponents are still free like nothing happened, some of them are even going to try too get elected this year

At least he supports unions and worker's rights, if Lula goes to jail, my union is pretty much screwed and all the rights we have are going down the toilet, there are some groups, like the MST, have said that if Lula goes to jail they will take up arms

If everyone charged were actually thrown in the slammer, what would the political field of Brazil even look like? I can only imagine every party resembling Berlusconi's FI in Italy, "run" by rubber-stamping yes men proxies.

não vai rolar amiguinho, o comunismo ta morto no resto do mundo e hoje foi decretada a morte do mesmo no brasil. não vai ter revolução por que o povo não quer mais a esquerda. bons sonhos com suas revoluções imaginarias.

Officially? Because he supposedly laundered money through an apartment deal, which he had already been cleared of accusations before, so they essentially condemned him while he was under double jeopardy. The truth? The elite is tired of seeing poor people being able to go goo universities. They hate that Lula is giving the "slaves" of the elite a real opportunity of not being slaves anymore.

The bourgeois politicians were charged but then had their indictment archived or put on endless hoops and loops till they expire

Not really, lol. What are you smoking?

And last time I checked, his popularity isn't healthy at all.

And? He still is one of the most unpopular politicians in bugerland

Come on, now. At this point, you're just being silly.