What does Zig Forums think about using violence against fascists/conservatives/libertarians...

What does Zig Forums think about using violence against fascists/conservatives/libertarians? Is it effective or does it turn the worker against the left?

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I think you guys are complete idiots for being violent. It shows that you aren't able to solve an issue through civil discourse. You know who else does that? Animals. Why don't you assholes behave yourselves and just live your life, instead of trying to overthrow the government? Probably cause u got no life.

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The latter. "Libertarians" in fact can often be pushed to our side when their ideology has received a thorough critique.

violence is bad, you just need to ask the bourgeoisie to give the means of production. if you ask nice enough they will surely give them up.

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Depends on the situation, people involved, what's going on on a broader scale, and a bunch of other factors to the point any answer I could give would be overly broad and meaningless tbh

Violence is useful when it has a goal that is part of a plan. There is no plan behind fighting with retard protesters except to perform a stupid and futile gesture in an effort to change the discourse. However, the idea that antifa's shenanigans somehow turns people against the left is equally stupid. If people believe so passionately in the imaginary power of civil discourse to change the world, then they were always going to be counter-revolutionary.

It's essentially self defense. Nazis literally want me dead, they did it before to people like me. If they're trying to do it again it's in my own self interest to beat the shit out of them.

I don't mean siezing the MoP, I mean attacking political demonstrations like MAGA people and Alt righters.

Literally for what fucking purpose. Fight the Bourgeoisie, not the Right-wing clique of meanies.

Violence against fascists is always justified (and yes, anyone who stands in the way of socialist progress is a fascist by definition)

Yeah but only if there a big threat. Punching fascists with no followings will just give them bigger platforms.
Conservatives are just as right-wing as liberals.So don’t target them if you aren’t targeting liberal.
Koch Brothers types yes. But don’t target libertarians who care about freedom. Instead convince them to become libertarian socialists because capitalism is a blocker to true freedom.

Turn off your computer, read some books, and don’t goon the internet tell you have. You are a retard.

According to alt-right fags like Richard Spencer, antifa has been effective at disrupting their attempts to organize. So there's that at least

I've read more books than you have, fascist.

Burn their skyscrappers down alongside their Banks but I swear if you touch any church or statue .

What difference does that make? Fascist growth is entirely artificial.

You want to know the difference between Heimbach and Hitler? One had the complete support of every German Industrialist. That's all there is to it.

Because, what? You think Socialists didn't physically oppose ol' Adolf in their time? The KDP practically had a fucking street army constantly engaging the Brownshirts during the Weimar period. Flag related.

You're a histrionic fucking Imbecile.


read a book

counterproductive within liberal democracies. optics should be taken into account when planning any pushback.

honestly doxxing is waaaaaay more effective at keeping fascists from organizing IRL.

libertarians should honestly just be left alone since their idea of praxis is to slam their cocks in a car door

", said the zenith of egoist drivel.


Let me guess, are you one of those ebin muh Nashunal Sozhilism-type Nazis? Face it faggot, the NSDAP was the cockholster of the bourgeoisie, and you people are nothing but class-traitors of the highest caliber. Literal cuckolds who are okay with the boss as long as he is your color, while you slave away raising their offspring with your labor.

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Speak English nigger

Because living your life changes nothing, idiot. Capitalism cannot be ended by """civil discourse""". Pacifism is a hearty declaration in favor of the status quo.

As an ex-nazi I wholeheartedly support violence against fascism. It's the most inhumane ideology and rotten down to its core. Its proponents are filled with manipulative psychopaths that deserve to be put out.

I'd rather focus on the bourgeoisie than some impotent LARPers

I'm actually worried most about them because they've successfully hijacked imageboard culture, a culture where people dissatisfied with the status-quo can end up. Maybe I'm just scared for no good reason but I've seen the transition from ironic nazism to unironic nazism and how easily people are swayed ("before Zig Forums, after Zig Forums" etc).

kicking a few dollars to the nsdap does not mean that hitler had the "complete support of every german industrialist", who preferred more traditional conservatives or centrist parties, and would later break with the new regime over rearmament for the coming war

is there any other kind? either way no, I just don't like seeing people push their party line of what history is, in the case of the KPD, they're generally referred to as the "Communists" (while the SPD was the "Socialists"), and their opposition to the nazis during the weimar era is overstated, especially during the late period, where they ignored, or sometimes even collaborated with them against the "real enemy" in the SPD

In fairness, the SPD was a real shit sandwich.

I don't feel bad when literal nazis get beaten up, but attacking demonstrations or random fascists is useless. It only makes leftists look like aggressive scum. Get engaged in discussions with conservatives and liberals. If they're arguing in bad faith, or inconvertible, just pull an Unruhe and cut them off.

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No you haven’t. The word fasicst has a very specific deffiniton. It shouldn’t be used lightly.

not really, they loudly claim that but boards still have uprisings against them periodically


Utterly useless. Every political ideology bullies every other political ideology.

Not the point of the text at all. He's saying that the word fascist has lost all its meaning because it's being universally flung around as an insult.

Violence against useful idiots is counterproductive, because porky will always turn it back on us.

It's the only reason the aut-right hasn't become a major player in western politics.

Depends on the board and the chan. Half/co/ is pretty resistant to Zig Forumsyp horseshit but half/v/ is just a straight up Zig Forums colony. Before I left half/v/ I saw a flutter of resistance against Zig Forumsyp colonization when some users realized the absurdity of the latest scandal- a youtube eceleb got an unpaid voice line (a grunt) removed from a game due to him making a video about his Zig Forumsyp views. Then it was promptly drowned in almost a week of uninterrupted, front page filling autistic screeching about a poor gud conservative boy who didn du nuffin being oppressed and getting fired from his only line of work, which would surely lead to his starvation and homelessness, while those filthy SJEWs removed the one thing that anybody could possibly want to buy that game for.

Of course half/v/ is an extreme example of a board that's been thoroughly id/pol/cucked but still.

Everyday I see stuff like "Capitalist", ">she", "sjw" on completely unpolitical boards.

I’d say 8/k/ is the most heavily colonized, which saddens me.

Violence against actual reactionaries = good

Burning worker's cars or other types of vandalism not directed against the enemy = bad and does harm to the left

Depends on the context. Violence and nonviolence can be effective depending on circumstance. E.g. if you nonviolently protest for a reasonable cause and the fuzz come after you, you can turn public opinion your way. OTOH if some nazis nonviolently protest for an unreasonable cause and somebody clocks them, it tends to turn public opinion against the nazis.

Context is weird that way.

By using violence fascists you give them more power. There is then an excuse to seize more power.


/co/ is resistant towards anything that isn't SJWism.

The far right keeps winning elections all over Europe and the organized left is broken. Where the fuck have you been?

We shouls also use violence againts liberals.

You cannot free yourself from slavery when the slave master uses guns, bombs and starvation to keep you where he wants you.

THAT. When normies and liberals see anti-fa beating up trash cans or fucking up a star bucks it only hurts us. But when some cunt wearing a swastika or white hood gets bloodied up and has to run away its a net positive.


they can be reasoned with but they learn slowly


t red liberal

Everytime I argue with libruls and cuckservatives, they usually state something about hooman nature and when they're out of arguments they say "go to venezuela if you like it that much"
I hate people

There's just absolutely no point to it, regardless of bourgie-type political calculations. The enemy isn't the Right, but Capital, which is disembodied and free-flowing. You can't bash Capital's brains in.

ok dude.

Nice christianism btw. Burn with your stupid ass cross for all I care bitch boy.

Are you retarded? He's wearing the brocialist flag, not the christian one. You can trust a nihilist to turn everything into some stupid ass critique of christianity.

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This tbh

Best post. Couldn't have said it better. Despooked Stirner poster.

Take off that flag you brainlet. Instead of trying to convince people why liberals should be converted you sperged out about christianity for no reason

Punching fash realy turn well in weimar republic. I am sure it will work today. Good night Alt-Right. Fuck nazis.

the left spent most of the weimar period punching each other

It turned out pretty well on the Eastern Front

Hitler rose to power because socdems betrayed the left and worked tirelessly to prevent people from punching fascists.


I been here 3 minutes and In my mind, I need go no further to assure myself of 11 more years of DJT as CIC. booyah

Antifa white suburban girlie men using butch dragon tatoo wannabes as shields couldn't throw a punch to save a muslim rapists life.

Shove yer heads up each others asses and fight for air cocksuckers.

Ineffective and counterproductive. Violence should be used against those oppressive power structures that are already in place: the bourgeois state and its goons and the capitalist class. Fascists, conservatives and right-libertarians are results of capitalism. If you wanna get rid of them, you gotta get rid of capitalism.