What can we actually do to improve this Neoliberal Australia?

What can we actually do to improve this Neoliberal Australia?

Are the 'Socialist Alternative' group in Melbourne actually good, or just succdem larpers?

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I always thought that out of all the Western countries, Australia is the least neoliberal with a solid minimum wage, well-paid hard labor and a decent social security.

Our current government is Neoliberal, here liberal party = conservative leaning liberals, Labour party = useless center liberals

We don't really have a solid, cohesive, organised left as far as I'm aware, or at least one that doesn't get much visibility anyway.

And our politics tend to just lag behind the US, culturally we take a lot from them.

It seems like no real left parties really do shit.
I see nothing about them.
Hear nothing.
I mean come on, there's noone that anyone takes seriously.

My party in Germany has good relations with this one

Yeah they're alright. Again though, I don't really think they're doing much.
They tried to run for an election but couldn't prove they had 500 members.
Theory wise I think they're pragmatic ML. They participate in bourgeoisie democracy (unlike SAlt i think) because they see it as another opportunity to spread socialism.
If you wanna know more, legit just email them. Apparently they're good with responding relatively quickly.

Is there a chance to radicalize the Australian Labour Party? I got the impression that the Australian communist movement was sort of neutered by many SocDem and pro-worker policies which didn't get dismantled (yet) unlike in the US or Europe.

The Labor Party (spelled like the yanks do) I believe is pretty heavily entrenched. I don't reckon it can be radicalized more so than the democrats can be radicalized. They got unions with em but they aren't left enough to do shit with em.
I think there are some commies in the labor party, but I doubt it can be turned that far left.

Since Curtin and the infiltration by his party (Curtin was an avid member of and writer for the communist party, a fact most people forget), there have been socialists in about every part of the party. They are just spread too thinly to do anything. The head of Labor's branch in the Northern Territory had to quit for going overseas to fight for socialist groups, for example. If even regional heads and prime ministers of the party can't do shit to turn it further left, I think it's a lost cause.

My experiences with Socialist Alternative and Socialist Alliance have been extremely mixed and disappointing. Socialist Alternative seems to be improving, thank fuck, but they still have no coherent plans of how they will abolish capitalism or what they will replace it with, and seem to stop right at "we will give the workers things lol". Socialist Alliance has gone off the rails of retardation and is primarily a student outlet for idpol.

I keep hearing about them all the time. That's probably just because I listen to Eastern marshlands podcasts.
I like to imagine there is just bat'ko and friends shitposting IRL at rallies.

Our labour movement effectively died in the 70s, as with most nations that spearheaded Neo-liberalism.
We have a single strong and somewhat militant union remaining, however even that has its hands tied with silly regulations and government bodies in place specifically to target it, plus the influence of the cancer that is the ALP in many of its leadership positions.

All of the noteworthy political parties in this nation (excluding KAP, but even that is rather debatable) are thoroughly Neo-Liberal.

Wrong again.
While on paper we do have a good minimum wage.
That is not taking into account the absurdly high cost of living that ensures living with any real dignity on the minimum wage is quite impossible for most.
When you then take into account the purposefully perpetually weak Australian dollar and the extra charges that companies like slapping on goods simply for the crime of being sold to a person living in this cursed continent, buying internationally is often prohibitively expensive in most instances.

The last well compensated 'hard labour' jobs were mine work during the boom of the last decade.
That boom has long since finished and has caused many young Australian who's only work skills and experience were in labouring to flood the jobs market.
This flood has not only helped ensure that the already stagnant wages for the 'hard labour' employing industries are kept static, but has increased the number of people in those industries that are simply under employed and requiring government assistance despite already working a back-breaking job.

We don't really have much of a social security system left at this point.
Almost every metropolitan hospital in the nation is over crowed to the point of seriously ill patients lining the halls of emergency rooms waiting hours at a time for a bed or even a detailed assessment being a common sight.
All the while many perfectly fine wards remain empty and in mothballs (sometimes up to a quarter or more of the total capacity of the hospital) due to the lack of funds available to staff them.

The aged and disability pensions are simply not enough to live on.
This means that elderly people and disabled people in this nation are frequently having to go without food or vital medication just to be able to pay rent.

Most insulting of all is the unemployment benefit.
Even ignoring the economic necessity of unemployment and how utterly unethical it is to punish people for performing a vital economic function.
The 'Dole' in this nation is basically set up to be as purposefully demeaning and cruel as possible by design.
The benefit given to the unemployed has not been meaningfully risen since the mid nineties (when you consider inflation, the rapid rise in the cost of living and that even in the nineties it was barely enough to live on; You should get an idea of how bad it is) and almost every budget there is talk of not only making it harder to access for vulnerable people, but to cut it further.
Perhaps the most insulting part of this being that helping people find work is something that was privatised decades ago; As you could imagine, creating an industry out of exploiting the unemployed (and who are able to directly punish people for not doing what they want, including stopping payments) was a very bad idea and as such 'job agencies' forcing unemployed people into temporary jobs that only last long enough for the agency to gets its 'employment' bonus from the government and the unemployed person is forced back to the job agency to repeat the cycle again is very common.

It is really best to think of Australia as a combination of the nanny-state of Britain with the horrid, naked, humanity hating neo-liberalism of America.

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I actually used to be a member of that group.
While I have been out of the loop for a good half decade now, I do still hold them in high regards.
Almost all of the leadership are 'old labour' types that a strongly committed to class above any id-pol rubbish.
They also are rather heterodox M-Ls, when I was there the ideological focus was on militarising unions and integrating them into the party in a way that on reflection I would call very De Leonist in nature.
Bob Brition is also an around great guy and their headquarters has a really cool several foot tall Lenin bust that was a gift to them from the USSRs embassy in the late 80s.

The biggest faction in the ALP currently is its right wing neo-liberal faction and that is not about to change.
They really only 'support' (read: not only pronounce their hated of) unions at this point to the them being a voting demographic and the unions themselves being mostly Neo-liberal controlled (the biggest union in the nation was literally formed by the catholic church and is still ideologically tied to them to this day).

The ALP is basically just another form of the lottery at this point; It is a way to ensure that the plebs think they have some agency and as such keep them in line.

SAlt is literally an ASIO run controlled opposition group.
Socialist Alliance is ok as far as Trots go.
If any of you are in Brisbane, I would actually recommend the IWW; As of around five years ago or so they were quite free of id-pol and seemed to mostly be pretty cool and non-sectarian old labour types.
One may-day I even helped carry the IWW banner and this was back when I considered myself a Hoxhaist, I would highly recommend them.

It would not surprise me one bit if Reddit'ko was a member of SAlt.
He does seem the type to be suckered in by them.


The left-wing of ALP could get radicalised (some are already anti-neoliberal which is a start) but they don't have much factional power. The right-wing of the party are hopeless (some are literal reaganites) but are being forced to move to the left. The left-wing has a lot more support from general members of the ALP so if the party became more democratic there would be a huge left swing. Also Australia is on the brink of its first recession is 25 years which will probably push voters and parties to the far-left or far-right

What's New Zealand like compared to Australia? I never hear much about them but it seems like they don't have the same amount of neoliberal/hardline geopolitical fuckery as Australia does.

Fight to repeal your gun bans should be priority #1

this is what I always thought

But we have it good here. I'm a poorfag depressed neet, but I live pretty comfortably on Centralink. Although not comfortable enough that the appeal of work doesn't motivate me to get better.

That's a hell of an accusation dude. Do you have any kind of evidence to back it up? It sounds like the kind of sectarian shitflinging that a pack of stalinist dinosaurs would come up with at first blush, I'd gladly reverse my position if you had some actual proof.

I joined. It only costs $25. I havent been to any branch meetings though because im lazy. I was hoping to participate in a sanders\momentum type insurgency to encourage demsoc\soc\dem type policies like workplace democracy. There is no grassroots organisation to call on So we'd need to build one. Itd be cool if anyone wants to get cracking irl on it.

Labor has a rule that non one currently or previously a member of a communist org can join. Luckily i never have been.

tbh. Im glad fash dont have guns here. It makes street protests much safer to participate in. Imagine if any old fash could be a strike breaker.

People seem either apathetic or focused on small minorities as opposed to recognizing the larger system, for example "fuck off we're full" seems to forget about how getting rid of all the minorities won't change the fact the government allows for a housing bubble (while not taking action to build government housing etc.) and bends over to the international rich, white or not.

At least, this is the perception i get reading Australian shitposts on imageboards

I'm interested in doing a grassroots movement IRL and also part of the ALP. How should we go about doing this?

The eternal aussie strikes again
somehow that fact makes me hold scott in higher regards

200% Jealous

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start a vent i guess. Im in bris.

am Australian and can confirm what he's saying about Australia's socioeconomics is pretty accurate.

yeah, I'm not a fan of them either but this is a pretty big one to throw out there without at least justifying it *somehow*

Message me on the ausoc discord.

Im Chairman Meow

Actually, leftypol international instead