The Death of Stalin

Just saw this movie. It painted Khrushchev as an Angel, Beria as le evil dictator man, and Malenkov as someone who was retarted and didn’t know anything. It also has a black and white freedom vs. dictator dichotomy that most Hollywood movies had. Where Khrushchev was the awesome freedom man, and Beria was the evil dictator.

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In fairness, Beria was indeed spectacularly evil, a real monster. I imagine him as a Russian Patrick Bateman. Likewise, Khruschev was a bit of a Polyanna. He was never the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he always seemed to genuinely care about people. If someone is going to wear the white hat in that story, it's Khruschev.

Cornchev was a faggot but come on, Russian Himmler can hardly be painted on a positive light

It didn’t paint Krushchev as an angel, or anyone. The best that can be said of Kruschev is that he was enough of a pragmatist to realize reforming Stalinism was the popular move, which even Beria agreed with. It’s not meant to be an accurate portrayal, it’s essentially a shouty dramedy with lots of slapstick, like the directors other films. I liked it.


Is it worth seeing?

Except Beria actually was almost comic book tier evil. Even though it does portray Khrushchev as morally superior by comparison none of them are really portrayed as good people, because they weren't.

Word. You're taking it too seriously OP. The movie is basically just the death of Stalin but if everyone involved was a member of the Bluth family.

Really makes you dink.
The anti-Beria people are the dumbest and the weakest race.

Beria was a fucking rapist and a pussy that couldn't even go out like a man. Beria defense force is for gays.

Beria was also way to cozy with the west. Any Marxist, eve the most insane tankies, should be able to see just how trash he was.

Maybe a naive question, but why did Stalin keep Beria around? Was he that good at his jobs? Ethics aside, he seemed like a massive threat and liability

No one except the revisionists (who were a distinct and corrupt minority) wanted to "de-Stalinize" anything.

I mean wasn't Khrushchev kind of a good-willed person?
He might not have done the right things but he had his heart in the right place.

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this is rather impressive animation

because stalin was absolutely ruthless and people like beria were vital to his program

Yep. As intelligence officers go, Beria was the final boss. He had been vital to the war effort. Also, Stalin needed a lot of people dead, and Beria was always eager to do so.

Stalin got overruled, he wasn't a dictator:
Getty and Manning, Stalinist Terror, page 38

Fuck off brainlet

This is the most insane tankie take I’ve heard in a while.

It's not that insane considering that even liberal or conservative historians implicitly agree with it. Stalin got overruled on many occasions, and offered to resign four times.

*according to official soviet history

Nope, this is mostly revealed through the opening of the Russian archives. "Official" Soviet history after Stalin's death smeared him.

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Most ironic was how the opening of the Soviet archives, supposed to discredit Stalin and show he had killed tons of people, backfired and disproved their claims

I didn't get that from the movie at all. The entire committee is shown to be conniving. Khrushchev manipulates half of them by a quick lie.

Beria is played exactly how he was in real life: a power-hungry, manipulative, murderous rapist who had no real love for Stalin or the USSR. Hell, they actually toned him down a little.

Besides, it's a comedy and an intelligent one at that. Now go read some theory.

Saw it today.

I really liked it.

I totally get why tankies would not like the movie but the image of thousands of ordinary Soviet citizens pouring into the capital to mourn Stalin – and the movie making explicitly clear they were doing it spontaneously – will rattle your average normie audience. I liked it when Zhukov punched Vasily Stalin in the gut and the MiG overflight cut off his speech. Good, stand-up guy Zhukov was.

Saw it in a fancy theater for rich people. And holy shit the commercials beforehand. The upper crust really has launched itself into orbit. One commercial for Etrade showed some decadent elite party with people splashing around expensive champagne and rolling around in caviar, then cut to a guy in his room on his computer with the ad saying in effect: 'wanna be a rich asshole like them? Sign up today.' Another was for some elite car brand I had never even heard of – which makes me think I can't afford it.

Anyways, Uncle Joe would've sorted them out big time.

There's a brief Tukhachevsky reference too (I think from Khrushchev when condemning Beria). I liked that. Tukhachevsky got a raw deal.

Stalin wasn’t a dictator
t someone who isn’t even a Marxist.

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russia was part of the soviet union my dude

until they got sick of khrushchev

what even is your ideology

Human Nature, Bookchinism
P.S. how do I spoiler text?

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Of all the the people in the Batko circle, I legitimately cannot sit through any of his content. He's insufferable.

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hi miss piggy

Again, I'm the only one providing a source which is universally accepted in academia and as a result, I get called a mentally ill tranny. Seriously, sort yourself out you cancerous faggots.

It's pretty fucking funny watching leftists attacking liberal and conservative historians for not being harsh enough on the USSR. Really activates my almonds.

His videos against Nightmare Fuel and Otterface are decent. I agree that his older videos are bad.

We should criticize ourselves and our movement more than anyone else. Of course, in an internal fashion. I don't even like Stalin, but I defend the fuck out of him in public.

I watched it, it was alright. It's basically office politics with commies, don't take it seriously.

Even if we concede your claim that archives are an unreliable source, never mind the fact that they almost universally the most comprehensive and reliable historical sources we have, do you seriously think anyone would bother to edit inane shit like that? If you plan on fiddling with your archives, you remove all the shady shit that would be too dangerous to ever show (remove, not edit - better yet don't archive it in the first place), you don't edit the minutes of council meeting #14356. When the US can't be bothered hiding their shady shit, why the hell do you expect the Soviet Union to do it? Not to mention that edits (not redactions) to physical archives are painfully fucking obvious when you're looking at the paper.
Also, Russia is not exactly a communist state any more. Sure, they have a lot of nostagia for the Union and they love daddy Stalin, but they're not gonna go to those lengths to revise the archives.

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Beria was too much of a liability to himself to be a threat.
In a parallel universe, he was a particular pesky serial murderer and rapist who was hunted down like a rabid dog.

I'm sure Hungarians share that sentiment.

Should he have allowed the Americans into the region?

That's a trick question relying on USSR-as-it-was vs USA dichotomy, both being shit options.

Yes, I'm sure too

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Wow, how'd they get so right wing?

weird movie. I was expecting it to be a solid 2 hours of Stalin shitting himself while a kulak woman in high heels steps on his testicles. actually it turned out to not really have an strong anti-stalinist message whatsoever, which is because it's clear the authors probably don't know what "stalinism" is, though it does fall into the Cliche of Soviets killing absolutely anyone at the earliest convenience, e.g. murdering the entire kitchen staff of Stalin's residence for no reason, then killing the NKVD agents who carried it out. In fact, none of the characters make any statements regarding socialism whatsoever. Of course we can point out all the historical errors; pretty much everything, or the actors: the fat bald man plays Beria and the Skinny bald man plays Khrushchev. Zhukov has a massive scar on his face for no reason, and doesn't resemble him in the slightest. probably the biggest concern though is that there was very little humor. either situational or otherwise. it's not dry humor either, most of the punchlines come from raunchy or profanity ridden exclamations. there are some gags where Stalin collapses in his bedroom (or in the movie's case, his office, which doesn't make much sense) and he isn't discovered for some time, or two gags where the central committee must carry his body, but these don't really go anywhere or ammount to much. either they weren't very creative or they realized that they really couldn't do much with it.

He got better in general. I guess it's because he finally grew to the age of eighteen

The story wasn't accurate enough anyway.


hahaha benis

Is that why they kept a lid on them until the 90s?

Is he really that young?

lets see, if America were to fall tomorrow, do you think the CIA and FBI would be thrilled about Russian investigators showing up to look at the de-blacked documents?

Not a tankie but I didn't like the movie. Thought it was too over-the-top and too silly. I enjoyed the previous movie the director/writer did, In the Loop, because while it was a bit silly, it was totally believable given the temperament of the characters in the movie, especially cause most of them were fictional. And that's where the brilliance of the movie lay, it focused on the aides, assistants and lower level people, while the higher level people, the names we'd know, were kept in the background. Death of Stalin makes a comedy out of all the 'big players' and I don't think it works.