How are we going to fight the neo nazi militias once the next civil war kicks in?

How are we going to fight the neo nazi militias once the next civil war kicks in?

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we cry and become transgenders!
then WE win! glorious victory it will be indeed yes!
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Seriously, we need to start preparing now to defend ourselves and those the fash are going to target. We can't leave this stuff until the shit hits the fan, because then it'll be too late to stop the killing. In this sense Antifa, while generally ineffective, is good in that it normalizes and builds a base for general antifascism.

Shoot them. It's not hard. They are retards who think that target shooting is military training. Anyway, Militia fuckwits are hardly a concern when the police look like pic related.

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There mostly fatguys and soyboys. Not a threat. Cops and the military are the real threat. Atomwaffen has what, a few dosen men?

Maybe in California, but by that point California police won't even be allowed to touch firearms.

No, the point was that we should be worried about the cops, not dumbasses with ARs. Militias have been shit since the Napoleonic wars.

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No, California is neoliberal with a gay flag, not anywhere near Communism. The Rust Belt is the most left-wing part of America. Seattle, New England, and St.Louis all a seconds, and thirds. In fact California is home to reactionary ideas like the Dark Enlightenment.

Not true, leftist militias like the YPG have been pretty good. Right-wing militias are pretty shit though.

maybe the ones in your county, the ones in my country are a multi decade nightmare going back to the cold war

The book I posted on the OP talks about vietnam vets organizing nazi militias and modern nazis getting training in the army.

Why the fuck are you worried about Right wing militias and not the Bourgeois State? Reconsider your priorities you fucking Leftoid.

Antifa are a bunch of weak pussies that haven't killed a fucking fly so far are you serious.

which antifa?

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Vietnam vets are in their seventies. Besides, the ones who actually know something about how an infantry unit trains and fights tend to lean more towards us than they do the nazis.

As for nazis in the military, I highly doubt it. Being racist is something that you stay shut the fuck up about in the military, because if the wrong person hears you saying that shit you will be receiving an unpleasant visit from your First Shirt in the morning. The military is not going to put up with that shit when the ranks are so wildly diverse.

Another thing you have to consider is that when you are in the military your best friends and the people you rely on the most probably are not going to look very much like you do. They are not even from the same state that you are from, and they do not talk like you do. Some of them even speak a lot of Spanish. Being a part of a group like that tends to challenge one's prejudices. By the end of a tour, you will be seeing things a lot differently than you did before you took the oath.

at this rate it looks like they're all going to kill each other, so I wouldn't be that worried


Back to r/The_Donald with you.

The FBI dosent start civil war against its own paymaster

There isn't going to be a civil war the world doesn't work like that anymore, stop living in the 20th century.

Because civil wars totally stopped happening after the Cold War ended.

Atomwaffen follows the Sinister Tradition of the Order of Nine Angles, so I would not under estimate them. they are also quiet anti imperialist

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Judging by how pathetic the lot of you sound. I am sure you'll be put down by 11 year old girls with AR-15s.

Order of Nine Angles grew out of hippy culture which was into the put-on, what we now call trolling. Who knows what if anything they really believe in.

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Form our own militias in reaction and shoot them?
I won't be an internet tough guy and say it'll be easy but I'm pretty sure the biggest threat won't be them.


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Context please.

iirc it was revenge for Killah P


You're right. It was a shooting of Golden Dawn members (2 killed, 1 wounded) in response to Killah P's murder. So much for antifa just being LARPers.

By killing both right & left sjw's as well as commies.

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i think a U.S. civil war look like american political 'terrorism' currently but extrapolated. neo-nazi groups are all about banner drops right now and flash mobs, which are designed to induce fear and terror without being violent. one of them in my state dropped a banner outside cowboys stadium with the words 'take a knee back in africa.' that was 'patriot front' but there's only a handful of them in dallas.

a violent version would be dropping bodies from overpasses in the middle of the night – which is something they would do if they could a get away with it.

it'd look like the mexican drug war. nothing glamorous or nice about it. the cartels do that in order to threaten their rivals and also provoke media attention which they manipulate. neo-nazi groups in the U.S. have a similar method when it comes to dropping flyers. it might only be one guy but it induces local media panic.

incidentally, a houston neo-nazi gang called the whomsters is now talking about creating a 'logistics' force that can rush large numbers of guys into flash-mob rallies really fast, and are planning what they term a 'summer of hate' with three torch rallies: one on the east coast, one in texas and one in california. some of these guys have connections to white-power prison gangs involved in drug and arms trafficking.

An America civil war would involve a lot of terrorism, but it would have standard military fronts as well. Think Syria, but a lot bigger.

That's a Japanese porno game waiting to happen.

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North America is big enough to be several theaters. Another civil war in the United States would be an absolute bloodbath.

God you people love jacking yourselves off no?

First of all, a civil war isn't going to happen unless MATERIAL CONDITIONS go to shit. I'll repeat, MATERIAL CONDITIONS. For all the evil capitalism perpetuates in the U.S., there's still some semblance of a middle class. A few tattered social programs to keep the poor from dying off, a central bank that's managed to keep the economy propped up with quantitative easing, and a widespread belief that elections are the only legitimate vehicle for political change. More importantly you have a functioning welfare system for combat veterans PLUS preferential treatment for veterans in government jobs - more on that later. Right now, people aren't so desperate that joining their local militia seems like a good idea compared to doing nothing.

Yes, you have an nucleus of fascist shitheads (who seem quite eager to buy overpriced tacticool chinese AR hardware, but that's another story) eager to alternately hole themselves up in the Idaho wilderness or start up death squads. But every insurgency needs support from a sympathetic populace. You need civvies willing to supply insurgents/terrorists, provide them with shelter, share information on government/left troop movement, and refuse to talk to authorities. And they have to be willing to risk their property and freedom by doing this. The sympathizers for these aspiring einsatzgruppen are mostly petty bourgeois """small business owners""" many of whom rely on government contracts to stay afloat. If/when the government strikes back, how many of these people are willing to put their MoP on the line so tradcathmeguca_1488 can cavort around shooting cops in Boise?

The aut-right likes to assume that when the fabled Happening finally Happens, they'll be joined by millions of veterans and on-duty troops who will defect and start 1776 all over again. Besides the fact that a lot of the U.S. Armed Forces really isn't that ideological or in any way political, many of these veterans benefit from free medical care, G.I. Bill provisions and preferential treatment in competitions for government jobs. If they desert or defect, they risk all of those benefits. And who's to say that whatever vicious fascist state that replaces the U.S. government wouldn't continue to fund said programs? Fascists haven't exactly been known for signing deals in good faith. Also, the armed forces has been integrated for decades, and a healthy majority of white servicemen and women place more faith in their comrades regardless of race. These people are more likely to see ethnonationalists clamoring for racial purity as a threat to be put down.

Beyond this, most of the people who are eager to join a right-wing insurgency have zero combat experience. They're about as effective as the communist peasant militias the naxalites in India use as a rearguard to allow better-trained cadres to hit targets and flee with few casualties. Put these guys in a combat situation and all that time at the range will mean jack squat. There's veterans here and on Zig Forums, and they will all tell you that hitting a paper target is way different from hitting moving targets while chaos reigns around you and you could get shot at any moment.

As it stands, the biggest threat to left movements in the U.S. are still the alphabet agencies. Keep an eye on the fash and hamstring their organizing capabilities through peaceful methods, but don't obsess over them - it gives them credibility they don't deserve.

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the neo-nazi militias are really really fucking small I'm not fuckin worried at all. Also it won't happen there is no revolutionary potential in 1st world nations they're the problem currently, not it's society exactly but their politicians doing wars outside.

Explain this gif to me

Sounds like a moral victory.

And dropped.

This is some funny shit. Keep going.

Anyone serving any kind of combat role in the military is going to be a right-winger. I'm speaking from experience here.

According to a 5 second search on google, systemd is a process used in various linux distributions that's controversial because it has become overly big and so many things are dependent on it that many distributions are forced to include it. Apparently this goes against the 'unix philosophy'.

Hence, gentoo or gulag.
Pottering is a shit.

LMAO at leftists doing anything to fight nazis. Guess what? State forces are already raiding people's homes and rounding up mothers picking up their children outside schools and Zig Forums celebrates this as a victory for workers.

When nazis start pogroms against disenfranchised minorities, leftists will celebrate it as a victory for REAL workers.

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Is the pharmacy late with your medication or something?

People here support the Trump administration rethoric against immigrants lol

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There’s a difference between deporting immigrants who didn’t fill out immigration form, despite being perfectly able to do so. And rounding up minorities who lived here for a long time. Burgerland has extremely lax immigration laws. If you want to stay just fill out the fucking form.


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I think you are confused, there won't be any civil war. Rightcucks only shitpost from the comfort of their homes, they won't ever dare to do anything IRL.

1. There wont be a civil war, at least not in the next 100 years
2. We also organize into militias
3. Have you seen the people who are in those militias? They are either young out of shape Zig Forums nerds or fat old dudes who cant run a kilometer with out vomiting with some few exceptions.

america has no revoltionary / civil war potential nothing will happen. be real. in 50 years maybe but by then all conservatism will be dead.

it will just be capitalism vs those who do not want it.

Not just the nazis want you dead, millions of army veterans, and the middle class will happily go full stalin on your soy fed thc filled asses.
I suggest a good pair of running shoes

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Has anyone got a clue as to what a civil war constitutes?
When is it declared?

"…the French, exhibiting the emas­
culation that comes so naturally to them, translate the
American "Civil War" as "The War of Secession." They
do so to demonstrate their determination to side
unconditionally with the victor whenever the victor is
also the State. The only way to lose this habit of giving
civil war a beginning, end and territorial limit-this
habit of making it an exception to the normal order of
things rather than considering its infinite metamor­
phoses in time and space-is to shine a light on the
sleight of hand it covers up.
Remember how those who wanted to suppress the
guerilla war in Columbia in the early '60s preemptively
gave the name "la Violencia" (the Violence) to the his­
torical period they wanted to close out?"
TIQQUN - Introduction to Civil War

We in it now.
No one declares civil wars. It started when people started donning the MAGA caps and the fucking navy seals started flying the TRUMP flag instead of the flag of the US army. It started when there was no need for poor people, when the jobs were automated, when the industries entire generations relied on generated wealth for other people who then gutted the necessity for workers and left them out on the street to starve. It started when people made millions and millions of dollars from private prisons and private security and private property.

It's now. It's happening. If you're content to wait until sides are drawn you're fucked. If you want to hide 12 million immigrants in your attic, you're fucked. Get an outfit, train martial arts, have others join your gym. Seize those means.

Really says it all.

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A good bunch of Rhodesian SMG's were direct copies of the UZI.The thing that will never suprise me is that Israelites give no shits in "cleaning" their guns so most of the time you can see the serial number on them.

almost like guns and cars makes this irrelevant