Confessions of a Labor Spy

Well guys I am quitting this ass of a job soon so I guess I can spew out some stuff that I gathered across the lifespam of 2-5 years , I am not going to say what company I worked for because the whole NDA shit and how easy they can fuck up someone like me (they really do have the resources for it).

Shit and too easy to get caught nowadays , pay is not good and nowadays even Unions are too found of the corps

Amazon , Google , Etc ; banks right now will not be the most dangerous

Why the fuck do I think I am quitting , I started off as that kid that wanted to build a Resume to apply to the FBI or even get enough money to travel and join Interpol , I heard this kind of a job can really help you get a great entry but it has been the worst years of my life


It is pretty easy nowadays with the cooperation some corps have with the gov , they even gave us "resources" from certain staff

At the age of the fucking Internet ? A lot , we had talks with members working in places like France or GB

I am going to be straight up with you and say that if you honestly believe that they will ever rise if we don't experience a total collapse you must be mental

Monitor Phone Calls , Emails , Etc

Yes I / they used to monitor this cesspool just like leftypol and other boards , with the age of the Internet there are people being payed to look into weird anime threads and try to "decodify" if you guys are using some communication type or something , there are even guys that look into porn threads to gather blackmailing material for future use even if the said person in that picture is not the guy posting it

If I want to be scum at least let me stay at something like Interpol and actually stop the badguys and not some fucking Union

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What tactics did you do in Union busting?

Are you ready to read Karl Marx?

bollocks, proof or gtfo

Why not anonymously whistle-blow to alternate media outlets?

How big is the company you worked for? Can you go more into detail with tactics they use? How devoted are they to spying/sabotaging the far-left and labor compared to other political groups and demographics? Was it just a minor part of the work or do devote a lot of their resources to it? Do they go after non-labor activists, like BLM for example?

meant for obviously

Do you really think no "security institution" is interested in this place?

bit of a waste of money, especially if they were concerned about workers going on strike, what would be the point?

Proofs? Useful/dangerous information? Reason why you write bad?

Just pass information , delay hours with meaningless bullshit like asking the guys that handled the bus to go to a random place instead , etc .

And risk my chance of getting into Interpol ? Nah

Big , really big , they use BLM and other organizations not as enemies but as "tools" by inderect funding

They will give money to this association to fund organizations like BLM to keep the eyes of the public busy .

And they really invest a lot , the workers are so dehumanized that they need to keep fighting Union after Union

Of course we didn't invest all of our resources to this but at best we had 4 guys scrolling through threads and explaining to us if anything interesting happened during our meetings .

Sadly no no and it could be that I was a tad passed out due to me drinking

Is there any way we could identify infiltrators?


I love how these people expect a level of competence from us that just doesn't even exist.

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good luck trying to crack that one lad, sometimes I wished I lived in right wingers fantasy land

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did you make the thread about DIY air defense, or promote other milita-tier shit?


You expect us to believe that? Pics or it didn't happen

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there was this one guy who was talking about how to make homemade Air defense
many suspected it was a fed

I don't know if it was a fed or not but doesn't that just reinforce how much you guys have fucked up in terms of having them on you ?

The Feds have been trailing communists since forever, at this point they are probably better read than more of us.

i dont know what i expected

I think the saddest, but probably the most expected thing from here, is that there have been multiple occurrences of this at the same company. Rather than improve working conditions slightly, they would rather HIRE A FUCKING SPY to union bust.

Like, what kind of scum of the earth people are we talking about here and were is my guillotine.

if you let them take an inch theyll take a mile