So it looks like the US government has decided to do something even worse than the repeal of net neutrality and we can now look forward to sites getting shut down because they don't have the resources to stop objectionable content. Potentially we can say goodbye to anything hosted in burgerland, because apparently even comments or forum posts can qualify and all it would take is a fed or an autist to spam for the feds to seize it. If this happens, best case scenario is a move to yuropoor hosted sites where we get monitored by yurofeds and deal with the extreme hostility they have towards communism, worst case is online discussion collapses in the west. To add insult to injury, it won't even execute its intended purpose of stopping sex traffickers, and will mostly impact the "voluntary" hookers who used shit like backpage for info on abusive johns and other shit.

Should we take this opportunity to radicalize those negatively affected by this or should our primary concern be to establish a bunker in case Zig Forums gets seized?

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Zig Forums servers are in the Philippeans.

Ok, if Zig Forums collapses or is compromised, which is likely, we're fucked all the same by this.

I thought they were in California

Yeah, this news really went under the radar but even before Backpage got shut down (furry dating site) decided to totally pull their site out of fear they would be held criminally liable for alleged sex trafficking or whatever on their service. They have a pretty good summary of it too.


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not content with stealing our hypothetical homes, jobs, self-actualisation etc porky has to progress onto stealing love from the workers too

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Am I wrong or would this mean the end of social media? Or are the standards low enough that giants like FB and twitter can handle it?

Theoretically the law could be read that way yeah, though of course in practice it won't happen. In reality the moral guardians in law enforcement will use this to target sexual minorities.

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enjoy the partyvan

Yeah, there's talk of fetlife shutting down or downsizing as well, given the habits of some looking for a dominatrix.

Potentially, twatter and fedbook have the resources to survive but whatever bunker we may move to after Zig Forums goes or even Zig Forums itself could get taken down by an autist spamming or a fed. Yuropoor isn't a good choice given bongistan's insane censorship and krautland having a law enforcement specifically to spy on communists. This is a rare moment when I truly think burgerland has exceeded my expectations of how badly they could fuck up.

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And you knew about this how?

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Why am I supposed to care again?

Because you're posting on a website full of pedos and furries.

How do you think? It's not 2008 anymore.

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Exact same line as in pic related, and the same one I've had to fucking read over and fucking over since the rumor on Zig Forums that this shit was habbening. You or somebody with a similar casually-dismissive zero-effort style has been blithely confident that nothing bad will happen and have given no or incredibly flimsy, unsubstantiated reasons for like a year now. Enough.

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No, the servers are in the US. The servers were just managed from the Philippines. Same goes for 5ch(formerly 2ch).

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Because as written any website could get taken down if it is believed to house anything related to sex trafficking. Given that the site that was seized, Backpage, is being charged with enabling prostitution or something similar, we can bet that the US government will use this to attack things it doesn't like regardless of actual trafficking activity. This is going to be abused to eventually go after us, and they're merely testing it on the hookers first because no one gives a shit about them.

Yeah, and as such Zig Forums, Zig Forums as a whole, r whatever bunker we might move to could get shut down due to this.

Good news, there's a chance this may be ruled unconstitutional in part or whole, through objections by the DoJ:

Fortunately, this only effects burgerland, and there are ZERO PENALTIES against the use of foreign sites that refuse to abide by its rules, but we can expect that to change unless this whole thing is stopped.

This legislation is tailor-made for three purposes:
1) Provide justification for modcucked venues to implement harsher, more arbitrary, more pervasive moderation.
2) Force unmoderated or lightly moderated venues to hire moderators, or submit to subordination under bigger sites that can afford to do so for them.
3) Shut down anyone who opposes or can't afford moderation.

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Bump. What, if anything, do you anons think we should do about this? Is this a good opportunity to radicalize hookers and steal them from lolberts?

That's not fortunate when you consider that a lot of sites are hosted in burgerland and that a lot of other western countries have some strict penalties or even more blatant monitoring.

It's not unconstitutional to:

Keep someone in prison forever if they refuse to decrypt a hard drive
Assassinate US citizens as well as foreigners without trial
Spy on literally everyone in all circumstances blatant violation of the fourth amendment
Charge someone with murder and sentence them to life imprisonment if they are an part of a felony where an accomplice is killed by police (in certain states like Alabama)

So I wouldn't hold out that much hope. You never know though.

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We should be doing both, as the former would useless if we didn't have a backup board in case the cyberimperialists came for us.


What backup would we use?

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First They Came doesn't even apply in this scenario. On paper this shit already applies to Zig Forums and almost all websites.

They couldn't previously seize Zig Forums or other sites for user posts, this allows that to Zig Forums or whatever bunker we settle in if some "comrade" came along and promoted prostitution. There's a reason that now fetlife or other sites are upping restrictions and not previously.

I don't know what was unclear about my post but I was saying that they're coming for our shit now not later.

And since this makes them do it easier, we should fight it in whatever way we can or prepare for the worst. I don't think the left could survive an assault like this shit allows.

Web hosting needs to move out of NATO outright desu. Your favorite pirate sites aren't using US or EU domains (except *maybe* Sweden) and neither should your other ones. Anonymize yourself, host overseas, and tell others to do likewise.

I don't know why Zig Forums's still using US servers honestly; the owner isn't a US resident and has experience managing a Japanese site, he's just exposing himself to liability by basing stuff there.

Zig Forums is a honeypot, thats why.
Zig Forums BO is a tankie retard, but they were right about one thing: we need to pack up & leave