4/pol now supports /ourguy/ Corbyn

How does that make you feel?
Is Britain saved? Will the radical left and right unite to purge the liberal heresy?


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I am not even mad. Fuck war in Syria! Fuck imperialism and neocons! For a greater tomorrow!

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They reservedly support him, it's a bitter compromise on the war though, they still think he's about "gib me dats" and won't let go or explain why fucking Dianne Abbot was a bad idea given that most of them are virgins, they're willing to ignore public ownership of the railways, universal minimum wage (instead of pic related), free university tuition etc because Corbyn had sex with Abbot. This is apparently an argument that I've heard 20, 30 and 40 something year old men make!

But it's good, maybe posting the occasional lefty news articles like the Morning Star or from the Canary on what he actually stands for might inspire one or two of those ignorant reactionaries into eventually becoming defenders of the working class.

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Whoof, on the one hand I wish leftpol moved as fast as that board, but on the other hand they're mostly retarded.

still fun to post in that topic though

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No, it's just that we're not a bunch of consumerist zombies who don't care if a traitor reigns their land, as long as that traitor would reward us for our support.

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I feel like we get stuck on ideals. Like, yes, Corbyn is not ideal and we want something better, but there's literally no reason to give passive support to him, it literally takes nothing.

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Hey, I love Corbyn, I'm a dedicated revformist, I was talking more about the 'muh 100 gorillion' guys.

That's the irony of it all, none hold money as their master more than the socialists to whom there is nothing that cannot be solved with more funding.

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Traitor? Go on do elaborate. As for rewarding support as you put it, he is actually working in the interests of the working class (btw that's not a byword for "poor" as you probably think it is), isn't it funny how serving the public interest is suddenly rewarding support apparently, as though unifying the minimum wage is a favour and not justice to those who are being ripped off being younger. Or that removing the parasitical private invests from the railways is a "reward", have you been paying attention to what is going on at East Coast Rail?

So you're really going to tell me that this Corbyn (see 34 year old clip it's only 1:34 long) guy you're worried about is some kind of traitor to his people:


Money makes the world go around in capitalism, try paying your bills with your platitudes and see how far that gets you.

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okay then

…what the hell do you think socialism is?

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What you're basically saying is that politicians should not """reward""" (protect the interests) of the people who vote for them. This is apex cuckoldry.

This was an actual talking point in our mainstream media actually just so you're aware, I remember that even the BBC accused Labour and Corbyn of BRIBING young people during the last election, so he's clearly fell for the bait, a shame he took it in without thinking about it.

Ooga b00ga Socialism = Liberalism = J3ws u dumb gommie! Gommiesim is when the gobernment gibs free money to niggas and everyone is lazy but somehow there are also starvations and every leader is a Jew and rich and greedy so da chwite man has 2 pay da nigs even tho we are da superior race but fuckin subhuman J00z keep opressing us!!!1!

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Wait, he fucked Dianne Abbot? I've seen that lunatic in interviews before, shame on you Corbyn. Never put your dick in crazy.

Or blindly loyal, from what is likely to be your perspective. Corbyn holds a so-called "anti-imperialist" worldview, meaning that whatever the situation or conflict, he will cheer, lie, play down, fabricate, deceive and manipulate in favour of the side that is deemed to be anti-imperialist, which means standing in opposition to the west, Britain and America (in that order). All his reasoning and argumentation is instrumental to this principle, so much so that he believes himself to have the honesty of a saint. (your pic being an excellent example of this, Corbyn was a staunch supporter of the IRA, using every opportunity to provide assistance and PR for them, this relationship is incomparable with the communication lines that exist in near every war. Corbynites have forfeited their context awareness, if Corbyn were to eat a baby, they would point to Thatcher also having eaten mammals, and a lot more of them than the one baby that Corbyn ate, which if you think about it was a principled act to reduce the human carbon footprint and also quite like how Abraham sacrificed his son to god, Saint Jezzah, the absolute boy! ).

Corbyn is among the section of the British left which created the moral breakdown in which grooming gangs are less of a concern than those who put conscience before correctness and describe them exactly as they are. For Corbyn, there is no difference between what is real and what is right; a neuroticism that needs to constantly fabricate itself in order to sustain itself; there are no grooming gangs, claiming otherwise is racist scapegoating of minorities, it is racist scapegoating of minorities because the place of muslims in the anti-imperialism paradigm is on the good side. Even when their cognitive dissonance is stretched to its very limits and cannot be held any longer, the Corbynesque shrug it off with an obligatory non-admittance about there also being English rapists and the grooming gangs being a logical consequence of austerity.

Whatever sums of money, public services or affordable railway tickets Corbyn might promise (and won't deliver on, as the incremental nature of the welfare state is already reaching its limits), it won't be worth it, for what I would give up would be my sense of worth itself.

Money is no Atlas, socialists are the mirror-image of Ayn Rand's objectivism in their ontology. Try buying the family a man works to pay his bills for. Try buying an end to the utter moral deprivation, the ruthlessly banal opportunism and the familial predation that drives so many to an existence in which paying a bill can only ever be an afterthought.

The sum of its particularities.

What I'm basically saying (described in terms for basic say-ers) is that I'm not a rent boy who will let the absolute boy sodomize me in exchange for some cheap railway tickets.


You're dead inside and your sole concern is the padding of your coffin.

May the last man turn off the light.

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when we rid ourselves of the chains of capital, that's when we'll truly be free

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On the contrary, it is the left that actually seeks to allow the working class to achieve their full potential as individuals.

No, he stands in opposition to the rulers of those countries, who would send the working class to fight and die against the working class in another part of the world merely so their rulers could reap the profits. If war is right, let it be declared by the people
Why shouldn't the Irish (or anyone else for that matter) rule over themselves? I thought you "nationalists" claimed to be all about that sort of thing
Please enlighten me as to when Corbyn or anyone else on the left has expressed anything but outright condemnation for sex trafficking.
Your "sense of worth" is based in being subservient to the ruling class?
What the hell are you even talking about?
So you have no clue what socialism is, got it
That would be pretty difficult when you already have your rulers' cocks jammed into every orifice

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As an Accelerationist I am really pleased by this development OP. thanks for letting me know about this.

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