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What do you comrades think of Meguca/pol/? It's said to be the third largest Zig Forums board after 4ch and 8ch. It's 100% Hitler worship and they say pretty extreme shit there, attempt to influence the online debate with fascist tactics, is there a way to get it shut down? The Owner is apparently some Latvian weeb.


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Archive or bust

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It's a liveposting board, kinda like a cross between a livechat and an imageboard. Archives don't really work on this freakish thing.

Sp00ky shit

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I don't give a shit about Zig Forums

I love when people are nationalist about a fucking tiny ass nonsense country.

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I once knew a lithuanian aut-right dude. How one can be slavic and nazi at the same time is beyond me

The funniest part is that people in tiny nations want to create a situation where their nations would be almost immediately annihilated and absorbed by more powerful nations

meguca is probably one of the better boards, if only because they do fuck all there. most of the nutsaccs who post are self-hating degenerates who prefer to stay mired in depression rather than try to do anything IRL. their idea of spreading the gospel is to spam obscenities in video game chat

they're completely blackpilled which is just how they should be

Unless he was a Russian/Russified balt of course?


Shitty americanized culture permeate everywhere with their dumb identities so Eastern European people bought into the White identity which include them, unlike the previous Aryan concept that antagonized them.

The only reason Zig Forums exists is because 8/pol/ is too oversaturated and Capitalistd for any further political discussion that the two side of the political spectrum - because people still need dogma to think lmao - can be spoken about without it turning into a shit-flinging contest.

Because the Capitalist propaganda depicts not socialism incorrectly, just as it depicts Communism incorrectly. Slavs can be not socialists because Slavs have a culture that can be protected.

Why can't Slavs be not socialists?

"not socialists" = "nat-ional socialist"

It's more common than you think.
Hitler might have hated Slavs, but communists raped and looted their way through eastern Europe.
Lots of people fall into the trap of thinking those are the only choices, and certainly wouldn't choose communism.

Lmao Hitler woulda lebensraum'd the whole of east europe and left you guys to become a servile class, you were literally going to be colonized in the most brutal way possible and now you guys buy literal gringo propaganda. You guys are sad

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Hitler was against colonisation, how would he preserve his own race if his people were all breeding with colonised countries? Only a retard would think that you could make the world only German before the time a revolution came for unfair treatment.


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Jeez idk, maybe by killing off the people who were living in that space of land and then moving in? Like you know, Lebensraum?

Pic is supposed to be you, btw. Just in case you dint get it, since you cant comprehend colonization either

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Hmmmmm. With segregation or anti blood mixing laws like in Nazi Germany? Zig Forumsacks don't even know their beloved Reich's history. Btw. Hitler handed out sex dolls to his soldiers just to be sure they don't racemix with African women in the harsh war times. Truly master race™.

sorry to not lurk more I am from 4/k/ and kinda want to talk with you guy about a problem so sorry to interject in your discussion. Have you never heard of the slavic hole? it was even referenced in a docudrama about the unibomber recently. basically it places the heart of the slavic tongue in the heart of ukraine. kinda interesting. Unless you think that slav is a race which is a rather problematic description for any group of humans. I had thought that the balts were part of the nordic langue groups anyway. Anyway they did have SS corps made up during WW2 it still persists in their culture for some reason

kek what cucks

Wouldn't that have been against the ideology of not socialism if it were to have actually happened?

no? are you huffing paint thinner or are you this illiterate?


Do you even know about the ideology, or are you just going off Hollywood capitalist propaganda?

The economic plan of NatSoc Germany was to centralise the economy within the country to focus on development of German culture and to liberate from debt imposed on by central bankers.

That would contradict the ideology of culture preservation and Naturally selected expansion. Besides, I'm moreso trying to talk about the ideology itself instead of Hitler. Imagine for you you're trying to talk about Communism and somebody just keeps talking about Stalin.

Fuck off cheetah nigger.

Paint thinner it is

Fucking Chads

99% of this board is “gringos”

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Yeah and 99% of people living in spain are spanish, whats your point? Do seppos not have propaganda machines or are you hurt because i called gringos gringos?

Alright, so clearly you've got no idea what you're talking about.

lmao alright

Didn't mean to sage.

ok my guy, just keep dreaming that germany wouldnt have slaughtered slavs because they were considered an inferior race
Reminder that "white race" was popularized by gringo idpol and you guys willfully drown in it

Are we going to start talking about ethics now are you going to keep talking about history.

i dont want to "talk ethics" with someone that defends nazis and slavic nazis, you fucking brainlet, keep huffing that paint back to pol

Pic related is areas the Nazis would’ve genocided. (with the exception of Germanic, areas) Note that all these areas are white.

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ou do realize that racial classifications was started by Spain in Latin America and the anglican concept of “the white race” derives from that.

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Then you're never going to learn how to discuss politics outside of an ideological hugbox and you're clearly too worked up to discuss history so what good is there talking to you anymore.

There was no good reason for Hitler to have genocided the surrounding countries of Europe because him wanting Germans to be the only race was a lie; the primary aim of Hitler's rise was to liberate the countries from degenerate, psychopathic Capitalists and the disbelief in Communism being a working ideology.

Reminder that "white race" was popularized by gringo idpol
Reminder that "white race" was popularized by gringo idpol
Reminder that "white race" was popularized by gringo idpol
Reminder that "white race" was popularized by gringo idpol
Reminder that "white race" was popularized by gringo idpol

Bump for accidental sage.

what did this commie mean by this

gtfo bitch, to lose your roach kind is an ethical victory


Destroying other cultures is no Nationa1 Socialist.


Well thats what he attempted to do the Slavonic culture
Oh also the Yiddish/Ashkenazi culture etc of course
Name me one part of Hitlers Germany's economy that wasnt capitalist in nature
You cant

It was popularized by Spain and Portugal.

Have you even read Mein Kamph?

I have no idea what you are goin on about. I was making a joke bout how apparently the Slavs range extends all the way to Yugo*slavia*.

What in the fuck

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Of course, pan-Eurpean nationalism would only be appealing to those who fall on the fringes of what could be considered white. Actual white people know who they are and there's no though about it.

Spain and Portugal implemented a very, very, very rigid racial cast system in latin America. This was the basis of racism in America. Spain and Portugal also were the first to import Slaves from Africa to use a labor power in there colonies. In comparison to what Spain and Portugal did in Latin America, English colonization of Burgerland and Leafland was relatively liberal.

declare victory and leave, huh? don't forget to screencap so you can act smug about it later

we'd never have guessed

Not really, no

Fam I am Portuguese , you know that Brazil developed what many called a "Racial Democracy" , that wasn't fucking rigid , you had Portuguese people not minding what was the colour of the skin of any native / african , they would marry them aslong as they were converted.

Any but ANY scholar in Colonial Studies can tell you how much bullshit you are spewing out , hell even Walter Rodney someone that I hate deeply would tell you how full of bullshit you are if you think that we were the main "evils" of african slavery .

Next time you can use this easy process to understand the history of colonization :

France , USA , England : Disgusting negros

Spain , Portugal : Heyyyyy Chiquita

We basicly placed our dick in everything, we were one of the first countries to ban slavery, social mobility didn't depend on race and it was common for us to set free any slaves we had if they fought alongside us like it was recorded in the first Siege of Macau

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Sorry, but did you really not read Mein Kampf? I won't even bother translating for you:
„Damit ziehen wir Nationalsozialisten bewußt einen Strich unter die außenpolitische Richtung unserer Vorkriegszeit. Wir setzen dort an, wo man vor sechs Jahrhunderten endete. Wir stoppen den ewigen Germanenzug nach dem Süden und Westen Europas und weisen den Blick nach dem Land im Osten. Wir schließen endlich ab die Kolonial- und Handelspolitik der Vorkriegszeit und gehen über zur Bodenpolitik der Zukunft. Wenn wir aber heute in Europa von neuem Grund und Boden reden, können wir in erster Linie nur an Rußland und die ihm untertanen Randstaaten denken.“

You do realize that you banned slavery twenty years after the South did? (If your Brazillian. Switch South to North if you're in Mexico. Funnily enough, France banned slavery even earlier than both countries, and Britain banned slavery at around the same time as Mexico.)

Also, inter-racial mixing =/= equality. The offspring ended up being inferior to the pure Europeans in status. It was a solid caste society.

And, niceness towards minorities =/= an equal society. Brazil and the Caribbeans were the CENTER of the slave trade, with the South just being a sideshow by comparison. You can almost say that the tolerance of other races perpetuated slavery, while the settler-colonialism of America sparked the death of slavery as western settlers didn't want slavery, with its racial diversification and economic inequality, to spread to their Jeffersonian vision of the 'West'.

You can have an egalitarian, racist society that despises the foreigner and an inequal, multicultural society of plantation owners and peons.

Now, if you're referring to Mexico, Mexico banned slavery a full 30 years after most of the North abolished it in America, and the parts that didn't abolished slavery back during the Revolution.

The reality is that multiculturalism is inherently linked with dynastic states and vast income inequality, while monocultural societies are more well-suited for democratic, republican government and a correspondingly egalitarian economy, whether by small yeoman farmers and artisans or by workers owning their own means of production.

Of course, this is all assuming that these societies are Western/Western-derived and thus have a long tradition of republican/democratic government.

Mein Kampf was just edgy, ironic humour
Hitler was the Sam Hyde of his generation
you commies just get triggered and can't have real humour all you can handle is your SJW feminist trigger warnings

Are you actually retarded or something?

I for one will never forget how all the French were immediately rounded up and gassed after the wehrmacht broke through the maginot line.
You stupid fuck.

Mein Kampf has nothing to do with real National Socialism
Hitler just wrote all that stuff above to trigger the commies and other cucks
he was in fact very respectful of other cultures, in his personal life he thought it was perfectly ok to be white, like a slav for example. nobody should bully or dominate other peoples, thats why Hitler wanted to liberate Europe from the JEws.
and everywhere else too, even the baboon

Thats literally completely backwards
Brazil was the last country in the Americas to abolish slavery and that was only because of Chad emperor proclaiming it unilaterally
This in turn caused the oligarchs to support a coup and form a Virgin Republic

now this is shitposting

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Like I said I am not Brazilian , I am Portuguese we banned it in 1777 and fully in 1869 .

I believe I did not sya that inter-racial mixing was equal to equality , it is very important that if you wish to see someone as equal you see them as human and learn to love them.

Anyways it is not to say that we were complete angels there , of course there was still differences between a pardo and a white man but they ended up coexisting in the "Racial Democracy" that brazilian sociologists like Gilberto Freyre defended.

There are moments in the history of Brazil were our priests were able to stop the usage of Native Brazilians in the plantations .

Of course not all is bright , slavery in itself was something that I am not proud of and if there was a possibility to revive such an empire without it then it would be perfect. At least we were the lesser of most Colonial Powers , the theory of Lusotropicalism explains it very well and hey , for some reason we were the longest European Nation to hold into its colonies to the point where we even have people admiting they were better in the times of the old Portuguese Empire .

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Except they obliterated Europe's cities, enslaved it's people, and then went on a genocidal rampage. (Starving millions in Russia alone)

So that's why the nazis invaded the Soviet Union and enslaved and slaughtered it's people? Really makes you think.

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Read a fucking book

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Sup man still banned from leftypol ?

Yes. It would be easy to get around but I can't be bothered. Body Odor is banning me on sight now, even when I'm not being a total reactionary.
Post that got me banned was for pointing out that the left was eating it's own
Seriously, why are 95% of all leftist organizations and places run by no-fun assburgers? It's always the same pettiness and sectarianism.

Eh I just see it has some "tankie" mentality that ends up trying to emulate the personality of a leader , althought you can't really do that when you have a video of you looking like emo miss piggy sucking on a dick .

Nevertheless I even believe I got less time then anyone on that thread with just a shitpost yet the reasoning for it was plain stupid .

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Anything outside a full ban isn’t really a ban. Besides by 1869 Brazil was independent and that’s after Burger South banned it.