Syria NEEDS Trotskyism

I think supporting Islamist Freedom Rebels™ in Syria is the only way to bring down Western Imperialism, ISIS (they are still the smallest evil) and Assad at the same time.

I also think Rojava could use a Trotskyite split. If there are no woke Trotskyites in Syria who is going to BTFO all these Nazi-Fascist-Hitler-Stalinist-Nazbol-Hitler-Hitler-Nazi-Satan-Jason-Reactionary-Hitler-Tankie-BASTARDS like Assad and his baby eating regime?! I mean CNN reported it! My dad is in the US army and will fucking save them babies in Syria and not shoot a single Syrian soldier or bomb hospitals with drones this time… he promised! (everyone who tries to shit on my dad KYS he voted for Hillary and not Drumpf)


It is proven that Assad is literally gassing 1000 children every time the alt-rite Führer Jason Unruhe uploads a video! SO STOP SUPPORTING THIS TANKIE MOUSTACHE GUY NOW OR I WILL GET MY FOLKS FROM r/socialism TO RAID THIS FASCIST BOARD

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There's no trots here fam.

This is unironically what Trotskyites actually believe.ón-sedov-brigade-in-the-syrian-revolution-bf6ebf5ae851

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Syria NEEDS an Islamist army of newspaper salesmen NOW.

Syria MUST be cleansed of fascist Shiite and fascist Alawite SCUM that prop up the butcher Assad.

Critical support to the anti-fascist Saudi monarchy!
An Assadist victory means one thing: a GENOCIDE of all Islamist Sunnis in the region.

We must support ALL methods to prevent this genocide from occurring, including progressive imperialist warfare. Never again!

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I wish you were right… have you seen their meltdown in the Assad meme thread? It was hilarious. They literally called people doubting the sarin gas attacks… Trump supporters… lmao. I wonder if Trots already got taken to another universe by aliens and therefore have no idea what's going on on earth rn.

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Too late. Tankies already beat you to that.
Yes, it's real.

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Fucking Trots lmao

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Read some of the articles WSWS has run on Syria for some actual Trot takes.

MIM was supporting Islamists before it was cool, who remembers the article they ran before the 2008 US election declaring their support for Osama bin Laden?

I assume that was a flaseflag tbh.

That's because WSWS are Orthodox Trots. Ortho Trots take the positions that Trotsky himself would have taken and tend to be as consistently anti imperialist as MLs. Unfortunately they have little influence compared to third camp Trots who cheered for the Soviet Unions dissolution and imperialist proxy groups in Libya, Syria etc.

I saw some articles on that defending Jerry Sandusky. I mean there's contrarianism and then there's whatever the fuck that is.

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Leftcoms wish they were this contrarian

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Too right. Most Trots in the West today are the sort of people Trotsky would have had shot tbh.

Everyone with a brain and the ability to think without indoctrinations by the media doubts this sarin gas hoaxing. I mean… ffs the US have pulled so much shit like this in the middle east before. Even some western newspaper reported that them nice rebel freedom fighters have been reported by locals that said they tried to fake supposed government attacks in order to gain more support from the US to overthrow Assad.

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I think Assad's forces do use gas. They have a lot of it and the Syrian forces are more of a loose-knit confederation of loyalist militias at this point (one reason why they've proven to be more adaptable than your typical Western "think tank" predicted a few years ago). And they might not particularly care what the rest of the world thinks.

But I don't think it follows that therefore Western countries should go to war over it. The Germans used gas in World War I and it wouldn't have justified the U.S. throwing in on the side of the Entente. Same with the Egyptians in Yemen in the 60s or the Iran-Iraq War.

But this is kind of a brutal argument to make because then you'll get accused of "supporting children getting gassed."

Yeah. But I am sure Rebels were able to get hold of gas too if they managed to steal weapons as well before. Also America could have sent something in secret. Anyways… just because you have a certain weapon doesn't mean you are the only one who could have used it and it's extremely sad to see people overreact like this without proper investigation and pointing at Assad because they are too small minded to see the whole picture.

So I found the article this guy is talking about, who can point me towards the statements that defend Sandusky?

I get that and surely some of the Islamist groups have used chemicals as well. But I saw a tweet from the Workers World Party the other day that said something like "why would Assad use gas ON HIS OWN PEOPLE." (It's more convincing in all caps.)

And the answer is because: fuck you, that's why. We're supposed to believe that the indefatigable Lion of Syria is also afraid of the United States – what reason do we have to believe that? He doesn't seem like he scares easily. And this idea that the Syrian army simply couldn't have used gas because it doesn't make "sense" implies that military decisions and actions follow more logic and reason than they do in reality. War is better understood as a long series of fuck-ups and disasters, and the side that fucks up less – or is better at adapting to fuck-ups – is the one that comes out on top.

Fucking based Rebels! Forcing kids to pretend to be dying in Sarin gas attacks to bring the imperialists to invade Syria is truly Socialist and revolutionary!

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fucking lmao… Trots are truly redpilled…

I would like to point out that there has never been any successful Trotskyist revolution.

because it's a Permanent revolution :^)

What about the overthrow of Stalinist Afghanistan by the mujahideen and the Libyan Revolution against the red fascist Gaddafi?

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Libya is literally ancap slavery now and Islamists are running wild since the rebels murdered Gaddafi and left afterwards to fuck around in Syria next.

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Indeed. Permanent revolution entirely located inside of our delusional minds. Fuck all other "socialists" we are the only real ones. Everyone who disagrees is a REEEED FASCIIIST.

Trotskyism is a rape cult

The only Trot group in Syria ended up being chased out by Islamists and fled to Rojava to help the YPG with the siege of Kobani. You can't make this shit up.

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This is shitpost i know but still low quality
Pulling a Maotist and calling the Soviets imperialists aggressors would have been more realistic considering them and trots supports supported Militas that Co-oped with the Islamists
(No Seriously check it out Maotists/Western-Left Literally supported A bunch of Maoist meme militias that helped the Terrorists)–Afghan_War

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