Capitalism Ruining my favorite pastime

Does anyone else have this feel? Has Capitalism completely fucked one of your favorite pastimes?

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Spec Ops: The Line is the only game that tows the correct anti-imperialist Marxist revolutionary line. All other games will be destroyed once socialism has been achieved.

Spec ops is just a Video game adaptation of Apocalypse now
And Apocalypse now was just a movie adaptation of Heart of Darkness

Ive played video games most of my life. I wasn't always a commie but I've never agreed with capitalism. It honestly pains me to think how good video games would be without capitalism. Worse yet most people gamers included can't grasp that concept. Why live even?


They likely wouldn't exist without capitalism.

To be fair most indie games don't do this because they're trying for a particular style, they do this because indie game development is extremely difficult and using a simplistic style makes things much easier. This is also why most pixel art games have shit visuals with poor composition/poor art direction/mismatching pixels/rotating pixels etc, it's amateur work by non-artist coders or designers who just want to have something to show. Only a minority of games with pixel art pick pixel art because they actually want to achieve some kind of style and they're easy to distinguish because they don't look like hot garbage.

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Eh, I can see arcade machines or game consoles not existing without capitalists realizing they can package castrated computers in colourful boxes to sell them to unprepared public. But computer games would likely fare way better than they do now without all the talented people forced into wage slavery and the profit incentive that stifles cooperation.

That's a funny way of saying "forced to be productive, stick to an actual schedule, and see a project through to its end."
All there would be is an infinite number of passion projects that get about 10% completed before they give up.

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The first computers were government funded and built, not built by capitalists. The development of computers was not predicated by the free market. Once these computers became sophisticated enough, the first video games were created for fun, not profit. The concept of using these machines to play with was obvious and did not require the free market to conceive.

Removing capitalism from the equation would have some undesired effects though, like for instance taking EA out of the picture before they could swallow up talented companies and regurgitate their properties into a gooey mess on the floor.

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Not only this but the first video games were hacks thrown together by programmers in their leisure time and passed around for free to entertain each other.

Actually no, I'm simply capable of basic observational skills, which is apparently is considered to be some kind of superpower according to communists.

Oh, shit, I didn't take into account human nature and basic economics! Fuck. I'm sorry guys but I have to join the right now that I've reconsidered.

You have a weirdly schizophrenic view of people.

This doesn't make sense.

Communism is the ultimate consumerist fantasy, a modern Cockaigne.


So user, how's that freeware video game you're making that's going to blow all those filthy capitalist AAA games out of the water?

No, that was a not-particularly-funny, but still rather delicate way of saying "forced to work on shit you hate way harder and longer than physically possible to make a bullshit deadline set by a clueless manager".

Game industry is a horror story even by capitalist standards, and most people who ever worked in it can corroborate that. I especially love ZUN's account of his time at Taito, because ZUN, and because it has a rare happy ending. Most people only leave as burnt-out empty husks.

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I love books.

I can believe it's a tough industry.
I can't believe commies would be able to produce anything more complex than some weebshit visual novel, and even then I'd be surprised if communists could even manage that much.

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But you don't believe capitalism was great until the late 2000's.
Books don't have fantasies, dead tree bark stamped into pulp doesn't have the complex brain structures that fantasy requires. The posters here do though, and their fantasy is perfected consumerism.

The ultimate story is of John Romero, Ion Storm, and Daikatana.
My favorite detail in a story that is wall to wall stupid bullshit like this.

Animal Farm is a satire of the USSR specifically. Orwell was a communist. Read Homage to Catalonia.

Under communism they will have all their creative potential unleashed to create the best games ever made. As for me, I would be an author, a painter, a gentleman and a scholar, rivaling Shakespeare and William Turner, for the reason i'm currently not is obviously because capitalism is oppressing my talents.

Under normal circumstances I'd simply point out all the awesome content people have created and continue to create purely for fun and how easily it generalizes to the entire creative industry.

But boy, you're an anti-communist citing Orwell and claiming to have read his books. There's a more important task of making sure you know how funny you are. Which may be difficult, considering you're also dense as fuck.


Orwell was a democratic socialist who hated communists for pretty much all the same reasons everyone else hates communists.

Just going to leave this right here.

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Yeah, commies would def do that

he was ancom and hated stalinists for obvious reasons, retard.

But that's wrong, you dumbass commie.

Read a book. Marx said that under communism we can do whatever we like and have whatever we want, so that's obviously how it's going to be after we overthrow capitalism, because marx said so it is literally what communism is.

It's not magical thinking, it's dialectics!

A modern example of enclosure of the commons.

His thinking was that demsoc -> socialism. Literally a stepping stone, you dumbass whatever

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Neither of which are ancom or communist. He didn't make distinctions between communism and Stalinism.

Except he did
In Animal Farm snowballs whole point was to show who he considered the "true" communist (Trotsky)
He was part of a Trotskyist-Communist Militia in the Spanish civil war
And was linked to mutliple communist and socialist parties/groups in the UK

So yes he was a Communist
In Particularly A TrotCom

Orwell was literally ratting out commies to the British intelligence community.

He was borderline Senile and was on his deathbed when he did that
Not even even defending it by the way but the way you describe it is clearly false
Search up:

P.O.U.M Spain (Orwells militia)
Spanish civil war
Orwells book on Catalonia

Then get back to me

Was literally involved with socialist/communist causes his whole life

Democratic socialism, although still pretty stupid, is not the same as the utter retardation that is communism.

What do you define as Democratic Socialism?
And do you believe examples of it currently exist?

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Communism is a broad range of ideologies including democratic socialism.

Fuck off, dickpunch.

Video games are reactionary.


Allende's is literally one of the best examples of a democratic socialist policy in action


Read a book.

Marx did not distinguish between the two.

Marx was wrong, about both that and many other things to the point that they weren't even internally consistent.


I'm really hoping that, for the AAA garbage and socialshit/mobileshit at least, there will be legal reforms put in place, combined with a good old fashioned moral panic to scare the sheeple away from the medium. Even here on /v/, where the most spooked "m-m-muh gubmint!" lolbert paulbots have held sway for years, the overwhelming majority of posters can see past their "banning business models is censorship!" nonsense, telling them to get fucked and bring on the government regulation. Once their lootbox & pay2win mechanics are regulated as harshly as gambling, the entire industry will shatter. Combined with the recent furor over Facebook, it might also cut off another avenue of escape into another parasitic business model.

For indy games, I'm not really sure what the solution is. I sincerely thought stuff like Kickstarter would be the renaissance we need, and it's certainly brought back a lot of great genres I never dreamed I'd see again, but it's also lead to so much gaming of the system in its own peculiar way. The only even partial solution I can think of is something similar to the EU/Australia-forced advent of refunds on Steam and such: Specifically, an escrow model to ensure scammy/trashy crowdfunded "games" can't make money.

There was a time, before "indy" bled from the film festival circuit into gaming, back in the era of the unpretentious shareware bedroom coder, when people who weren't capable of or didn't have the time for good art, would simply use ugly but visually clear art. They made no excuses for these graphics, but instead allowed their game's mechanics to speak for themselves.

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You know, I've been thinking that with the whole "facebook makes money off your data" thing approaching common knowledge, maybe we could agitate people to demand their share. Clicking the like button and shit is effectively labor (generating data to be sold) and you could make the case that social media users should get paid for doing this. Imagine being able to convince people that they should be getting paid to use facebook, twitter, and google.

Read. A. Book.

How about telling me?

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What kind of video games would marx play?

There's a browser based on this very "reverse advertising" idea, Brave, by some Mozilla exiles. I admit I haven't looked into it very seriously, though.

I also suspect that growing industry awareness about a combination of adblockers, bots, and trollish combinations of the two like AdNauseum, might be enough to completely destroy the modern tracking-based advertisement economy the web is based around:

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old infographic about the weekly browser thread from Zig Forums

Vicky 2

Tell us your wisdom what Communism and socialism ?

Play your most comfy music and go play factorio.

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What else is different in your universe? is there gravity?

The more important question is, would creation of games for leisure be considered labor in communist society or would it be relegated to peoples work in their free time?

what's the difference?

Would a team creating video games be considered laborers the same as factory workers, and be given access to goods just from that, or would they have to do other work, then work on vidya in their leisure time?

The gaming industry is pretty shitty at the moment. I feel like they release unfinished games only to release the patches later and use that as excuse to sell unfinished products outrageous prices.

In a communist society people are given access to goods based on need, user.

Yes, but those who are able must also work, right?

I used to think the problem with video games was simply a result a a never-ending graphics/expectations arms race. Now I understand these these are simply a symptom of the bigger cause which is the falling rate of profit on investment.

you guys are like Zig Forums blaming the jew for everything when its only most things

Those v1.0 graphics bring on the nostalgia.

it's not a question of 'must' so much as people work, because they want to impove their lives and the environment they live in and that's what labour is. the unalienated labour according to their ability.

user, government subsidies are in no way in conflict with capitalism. you need to answer [pic related] if you want to participate in this thread

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There's an endless supply of older games to play so it doesn't bother me TOO much. I wish the industry would die to get rid of some of the worst elements of it, but that's wishful thinking.

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Professional gamedev (i.e.: vying for more resources than just the time of some nerdz in a basement with spare PCs) falls under the category of "nonproductive" labor, but so do many other industries, from journalism to medicine. Given the material plenty from by our highly productivity industrial economy, I doubt resources would be particularly scarce for even the most trivial recreational industries.

As for amateur gamedev, that would fall under the same "economic" category as the playing of games: Recreational activity itself.

Impressive oldfaggotry, but do you remember the switch from old to new graphics in its initially more popular but now forgotten stablemate?

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There are games with practical uses though, like simulators. Games also have a lot of potential for education. See: Crisis Theory

Subsidies/Bailouts were created during the industrial revolution to prop up major business's because if a economic crisis occurred it could result in these industries shutting down leaving people unemployed and causing a general fuck fest

I think it's silly to still consider them games, when the purpose is not amusement.

The usual distinction in ludology is not that games are only designed for recreation, but that they at least are also. This is much like most definitions of "art" in general, where something must be intended to have significant value simply as an expression for its own sake, but that neither means that it must nor mustn't have any intended utilitarian value in order to be art.

I myself would go a bit further, and posit that good edugames should generally also be fun, while, for instance, good propaganda should also have artistic merit that stands regardless of its message.

I never played Realmz much but the Exile games are some of my favorite RPGs, always wondered if it was any good.