Tfw no qt japanese maoist gf to protest imperialism with

Why even live?

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I meant Marxist. Didn't realize I made a typo.

It's ok comrade. We all make mistakes. And don't give up hope. Maybe you can get some opressed sushi bar waitress to join you and the left to fight for workers' rights and anti-imperialism.

A Maoist Jap gf really would be god tier tho.

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i laughed my ass off when jason was so butt hurt about this picture and brought it up in his debate with SoB

I've got an Indian Maoist gf, does that count?

Just get a regular gf and convert her. Most girls are apolitical and just basic bitch liberals with moldable opinions.

user, NEVER stick your dick in crazy. It's just not worth the danger.

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Admission to terrorist organization grass

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Then saying I'm sorry Education history Why should I stop spoofing?

"Tokyo University" "Kyoto University" "Hosei University" "Keio college" Although I'm singing, they are those who graduated from graduating from the middle of the course. Add "title" or "drop out" properly. The left wing = the trend of the intelligence is an anachronism, rightly the brains and the body are the people who everything is living in the 60 's.



Shinzo Anti-Abe


Parent China, North Korea.

Did you have a stroke?

Japs are so spooked and cucked, that country has no saving.

Well "Anti-Japanese" Were a Real thing and did quite a decent job at fucking the image of the leftin Japan for a lot of people

Unironically hating your own country is the biggest cuckery there is tbh and it is the reason why so many people hate on the left just because a small bunch of anarchist retards keeps pushing this shit in antifa groups and scum of the like

I don't much about Japan, but if they do similar stuff as the Anti-Germans do, they are harmful to the left. Anti-Germans have completely and utterly destroyed the image of the left in Germany.

honestly, why even live?

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I know about the Anti-German Autists
but Anti-Jap was on a whole other level
They commited a few dozen literal terror attacks and bombings etc
And called for Soviets/NK to invade Japan and "Destroy its culture which is predisposed towards fascism"

At least they did terror attacks and were pro-NK, pro-Soviet. The Anti-Germans just have a hard on for Israel and the US, call the USSR red fascism and put edgy stickers on street lights.

So they act like Trots but never read a book before? Well shit. No wonder the left is so unpopular in Germany.

By the way, I don't think Japanese culture is inherently fascistic, I think one problem was that they pretty much went from full feudalism to full on fascism with a short period of corporate "democratic" capitalism in between. It's interesting how many parallels there are between Germany and Japan - both got reconstituted in as a nation state arround the same time, with a consverative monarchist clique in power till WWI, a short democratic period till the eventual emergance of fascism - only with Germany it was never really that isolated, whereas Japan was completely isolated since the late middle ages and therefore developed certain … oddities in its culture.

They read critical theory, shittons of Adorno especially. Most of them coincides with post-Marxist views, such as Wertkritiker, who reject class struggle, anti-imperialism, etc. and just focus on the value form.

You know Muke? Imagine him, but on steriods, then you have your typcial Antigerman knucklehead who is gonna put "an imperialist settlement into your Nazi mouth" (I have seen stickers like that).

Oof. Just being critical of everything and rejecting all values that exist in your society simply because they exist isn't really that smart and well… rejecting class struggle and anti-imperialism… hm.

So can we use "post-marxist" as a synonym for radical succdem or red larping liberal now? I kinda feel like doing so.

And I thought it couldn't get any worse…

My god it's people like that who are to blame for normie morons falling for the aut-right "cuwltural murxism" meme.

Like, when you really delve into their theory (remind you, only a small percentage of them actually has solid theorie, they also have a huge amount of just smashies), you may sometimes /kinda/ understand where they are coming from with the whole idea of fascim ingrained into German culture, but in the end it's just cranked up IdPol shit that rejects materialism. What you really gotta criticize is their praxis: I wrote this in some other thread as well, they marched through a small German village once and ringed at doors, telling old people that they should get bombed. I don't know anybody who sympathizes with them.

It's what you said, it's exactly this distorted picture the alt-right has of the modern left, but they look at it and decide it's a good thing. Not all is lost though, nobody on the radical left wants anything to do with them, but they do always appear somewhat prominent in demonstrations, media and platforms.

Exactly! You are pretty woke on this shit and I think I know some of your other posts in that German far left party thread.

Yes. They try to live the propaganda image the Reaktion created just as some neonazis tattoo swastikas on their faces and get steel implants to really look like the monsters in anti-german world war propaganda. Truly ridiculous.

But good to hear that most of the far left in Germany dislikes them. Gives me a little bit hope. Die Linke still is pretty spooked from what I know though but most say truly radical leftists are rare in that party anyways.


What about french maoist gf?

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Anti-Germans are just neocons LARPing as leftists. They should not be regarded as comrades, but as the reactionaries they really are.

Anti-Japanese were also a thing I one point, but I don't think they are anymore.

At least they weren't cucked by US imperialism.

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Absolument. That'd work for me too.

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Might as well just call themselves anti-socialists. Reactionary revisionist scum.

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They should be forcibly removed from leftist demonstrations and be politically isolated.