Bourgeois propganda aimed at kids

So I kind of noticed that for decades media aimed at kids tends to be oozing with bourgeois ideology so not even kids are free from being bombarded by bourgeois ideas. That it is not just that bourgeois media indoctrinates adults but kids too

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*insert all of American pop-culture here*

Have you seen what passes for kids entertainment?

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I would say that the majority of kid's entertainment isn't capitalist propaganda per se, but it's more likeā€¦ liberal propaganda. The idea that the world will all be alright as long as we be nice to people, and being violent is always bad. A lot of folks never grow out of that, and never learn that in the adult world, sometimes you have to stand up and do something to stop injustice - and it won't always be by turning the other cheek.

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Dudes got eye holes

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Why we need antifa


It is not that obvious as if it was then capitalists wouldn't bother investing resources into propagating their ideas the way they do. It also hasn't always been this bad, look at the 1972 Lorax to the 2012 and it is more then hypocrisy as the film goes out of its way to defend the roots of capitalist ideology which the 1972 didn't do, at the end of the 1972 film industrial production of commodities left nothing but a wasteland that killed off even the industry that was exploiting nature in the 2012 Loarx they plant a tree and their capitalist society is in harmony once again. Plus there is the fact the 2012 Loarx never addresses the duel meaning of nature that is raised.

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That's because the West (Anglo culture) is under the impression that childhood is "simple dumb happy-go-lucky eon", that children/adolescents have no pining or personal experiences for social-personal realism. People seem to project their experience/expectation of childhood from their day onto the succeeding generations, rather than accepting kids to adapt to current times. That's why adolescents are the only group that can be stereotyped and generalized without backlash. Even if portrayed "delinquent" behaviors are rare/irrelevant in today's youth.

That's why Generation X/early Millennials (born in the 80s, raised in the 90s) are vindictive to the Late Millennials (born in the 90s, raised in 2000s)/Generation Z. They're not the toothy grinning rugrats who play baseball in backyards, make up imaginary friends, trade cards, theorize about the opposite sex, etc. They have edgy imaginations, enthusiasm for politics, have an eye for fashion/bodily shapes, read melodramatic books, enthusiasm for science, adaptability of electronics.

Even the 72 version is full of capitalist apologetics. The Onceler trots out standard "but look at all the jobs I create" lines and the Lorax has no answer for this. It's subtle but in the larger context what that communicates is that the Onceler is concerned with reality while the Lorax is an out-of-touch idealist. The short film goes out of its way to give the Onceler a "fair shake" in general. The movie is just a bad joke with no coherent messaging at the end of the day.

I always saw this as the Onceler manipulating the Lorax, preying upon his concern for other beings to justify his enterprise. I didn't think the Onceler gave a shit about his workers, but he knew the Lorax would.

I'm thinking from the perspective of the production, where a capitalist studio would probably be uneasy with the book's portrayal. Notably the expansion of the story is primarily to do with the relationship between the Lorax and the Onceler, who gets much more development and sympathetic portrayal (during the flashback portion) than in the book.

I saw it more as the Onceler made his choices on the material realities of capitalism, rather than some desire to be some money hungry 'bad' man.

The problems of capitalism aren't of the moral failings of capitalists, but of the internal corrosive logic that it creates.

Yeah I agree. To the point that I think this is an unreasonably uncharitable interpretation of the character-as-a-character. I'm more interested in the character as a device of propaganda under the control of the studio.

Well in 1972, those manufacturing jobs actually were unionized and pay you pretty well. So, if I were a worker over there, I would be concerned with losing my well-paying union job.

Actually, the Lorax reinforces capitalism by presenting only the views of the capitalist and the environmentalist. The workers were reduced to the status of background characters, their views absent.

Reality is that there is a conflict sometimes between environmentalism and the interests of the working class. They only really correlated when it comes to working conditions and the potential for environmental issues to leak into their homes.

However, this poster is right. The point of the Oncler is that ANYONE can be him. That is why you don't see his face in the short film and book. He is an example of how any person, no matter how moral they can be, can be corrupted by the system that he partakes in. What started as a small, self-employed business, a form of self-liberation, turned into a capitalist empire.

Ok that's even worse than what I had in mind.

I take that more that the writer didn't have answer since when the last tree falls, the factory grinds to a halt and everyone just leaves, pointing out this contradiction can't go on for ever and eventually nature can no longer provide for industrial production and then we are left with nothing.

The 2012 movie has more problems then lacking a coherent message as it activity tries to undermined the messages of the first starting with where the source material ended, the 2012 opens with a supposed utopia while taking place after the Oncler destroyed nature, where capitalism is stronger then ever. The song says they got more then they need and they are living in paradise, the song also suggests pollution is just dumped in the wasteland as they say they don't want to know where they waste goes. Within the film commodifying air has no real down sides, as there is no class antagonism, no poverty within the framing of the film thus the 2012 film didn't give the audience a reason why O'Hare is wrong other then he resisted changing demands of the market (them wanting trees). The film also breaks the connection between production and destruction of nature thus why the film views planting a tree as the solution and we end with people getting out of their gas guzzling air polluting cars to look at the planting of the tree with the film making no connection between the two objects.

The 2012 Lorax Movie is more of a capitalist response to the original, in that the movie says just plant trees and everything will be okay.

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Tbh I feel like there's lowkey a marxist critique of consumerism in here. Is shopkins /ourshow/?

This reactionary garbage.

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No offense but this is too general to be useful. Here's some negation, please respond so we can arrive somewhere better.

It's not merely "liberal" because we all know that the very inception of liberalism involved a globally known bloodbaths of which many idolize (thinking specifically of the French here). Since I'm no scholar on this subject I will point to bits here and there. I believe your perspective is reflective of a anglophone POV. From my understanding liberals outside of that sphere are a lot less stereotypically hippie. A recent example I came across was articles on how the US and UK student-led PC phantasm patrol movement does not have an equivalent counterpart in romance-speaking western-European regions; my reference referred specifically to Spain and France.

Season 5 primer of Friendship is Magic. Starlight deskilled the ponies of the town yet doesn't have production methods to compensate.

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Worse than that, they ignore their own experiences as children and their own non-conformity to expectations. Children are not people in their minds but the embodyment of the concept of a child that the actual child must be molded to match. The truth is that different generations of children have remarkably similar experiences. It's just that childhood is a massive spook that every generation seems to believe in.

So, I hear that the G5 Applejack is going to be hip and urban. Care to comment?

It just misrepresents communism as "fuck division of labor"
Like everyone else who tries to criticize it.
Nothing new here.
What do you think "deskilling" is supposed to be a metaphor for?

I don't believe you

Habeeb it. Also, Fluttershy is a unicorn, and Twilight is an earth pony.

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The destruction of the artisan class. In Canterlot Boutique, the story wanted us to feel sad that Rarity becoming a big capitalist was bad because her labor wouldn't be in the dresses and that her dress is mass produced for mass consumption. In Our Town to avoid giving Our Town mass consumption (as Equestria is a early industrial society where cottage industries dominate) they basically turn everyone into unskilled labor without the mechanization that would drive that.

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The inherent conflict between the profit motive and the desire of an artist to produce art is a common topic in even mainstream media. It is one of those contradictions of capitalism that is impossible to hide. The commodification of art effectively destroys the vision that had made it art in the first place. That show is a sterling example of that, by the way.

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I gotta say, this gave me a dose of nostalgia. In early-2011 I had just decided to take a look at 4chan after a two-year break from imageboards (shit had gotten gay), and the first thing that I notice is that guys are posting pictures from some dumbass kids' show. What really got my attention, though, is that everyone else was completely losing their shit at them for doing so. Pissing people off for the pure joy of doing it is precisely what had made imageboards fun in the first place, so I decided to do some research into this new trolling technique. I got my wife and some booze, and we put on an episode of My Little Pony. We had expected it to be amusingly awful, but we had such a good time with it that it became our regular Saturday Night thing. That petered out after the show started getting stupid a couple years later, but pissing people off with cartoon horses never stopped being fun. To this day I greatly enjoy the anal destruction caused by an image of a cartoon horse.

tl;dr Have a pony. Now your day is ruined.

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That's more disgustingly propagandistic than I expected. It's as if someone digested a bunch of anti-communist tropes from the 50s and decided to eat their own shit for decades, then regurgitated everything sixty years later.

Before the 1920s, kids worked in factories for three-quarters a day. In the 1950s, they had full time jobs and payed rent. Now, thanks to helicopter parenting, kids dont even have a car let alone have to confidence/skill to drive until their late 20s. Childhood was a social experiment that has outlived its purpose.

If you have elementary schoolgirls who can dance and wink seductively and drain grown mens wallets (not that this skill was new), and you have middle schoolboys who read up on Hitler and Mussolini and shout down STEM, "diversity", wave Confederate flags, then I think theyre developed enough to be allowed to have jobs and learn about the tricks of trade of life.

The larger problem is all bourgeois culture propagates capitalist ideals, even in spheres that are suppose to rebel against the mainstream doesn't venture far from the capitalist mindset. Kids consume a ridiculous amount of bourgeois media that frames everything the way capitalists want it to be framed.

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that could be easily solved by making them watch hunterxhunter or something

holy fuck
mccarthyism at its finest

we need to nuke america

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All hail the glorious Toon revolution

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You know, nobody cares about the show itself. It was the fact that fags like you spammed that shit everywhere. Like little kids, who can't understand that forcing jokes amd countless repetition is what makes people angry. I well remember that you couldn't talk about shit on hobby boards without having that shit forced everywhere, like Zig Forumsshit these days, you can't talk about shit without having some EBIN TRIGGERING XD shit. No wonder the people into it went mainly into Zig Forums culture later, it's the same 10 years old mentality that makes some people think spamming a children show in completely unrelated threads, ruining the ongoing discussion is anything more than pathetic.


You must not have watched enough children's TV, then, because it's obvious you aren't much of a functioning member of a society.

how many abortions have you had roastie?

Holy shit I can't believe a loser like you actually exists. Try getting a job instead of getting angry on shitty sites

The puppet (Sam) is a retired sailor. The clip is teaching kids that even if you spend decades working on a ship, when you became too you should get a low paying job.

Oh dear, we certainly wouldn't want to make people angry, now would we? Working people into a frothing rage with images from a children's show can only be a bad thing for us, after all. Why, we would feel terrible knowing that we had spoiled your enjoyment of your own hobby with our pictures of tiny plastic pastel horse people.

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how the fuck was a disney game so class conscious?

Adults themselves are overgrown children. They like to ignore the vices and troubles of their heyday and blame the younger generations for everything wrong in society. Instead of growing up and helping their young, they retreat into nostalgia and binge-spend on memorbilia. (*cough* Baby Boomers/Gen X)

Why is society so obsessed with the hobbies of prepubescents and adolescents? I get that theyre impressionable, but theyre human. I understand that propaganda exists in kids shows, but we should expect this and move on. Childhood is not (and should not) be a separate form of existence. If grown ass adults are still bewildered by life, then why should we expect less from our young?

It is abnormal to previous epochs, for example the emperors of Rome and China didn't give much of a shit what children of the working classes thought about the justifications of the ruling classes, as kids couldn't rebel in any meaningful way. Teaching kids ideals like how the elder should still work after they retire goes far beyond what most people thinks children's media does.

Adulthood is every bit as fictional as childhood is. There is no such thing as "growing up." Even if there were it would be like what happend to the Flower Children who later traded their weed for coke, cut off their hair, and got credit cards and BMWs. Fuck that.

This nigger gets it.

Kids back then were still indoctrinated. They were schooled into being expendable soldiers (and sex dolls for senators) for their empire.

Who could be behind this post?

It was illegal to make a cartoon that was made for advertising until the 80s, then we immediately got Transformers, He-Man, etc
What im trying to say is your perceptions of normality is based on a Ronald Reagan policy

Armies of antiquity indoctrinated youth with the chance of class advancement that wasn't exactly a lie. For example Vespasian went from the son of a money lender in a society where that wasn't that high in the Roman caste system (equivalent to the petite-bourgeoisie), to emperor through his carrier in the Roman army via a military coup. Gaining a position of high command in the army was a ticket to the ruling class given how many military coups there was during antiquity and it being possible to advance that far in the army simply by being highly competent in Rome's military adventures.

Back in 70s, high schoolers were legal smokers. Now, people go apeshit when they see a teen smoke. Normality is relative.

Actually, there are two parallel agendas being made: Collectivism/Communitarian for the youth populace, and Individualism/Independence for the elder populace.

Collectivism:1) "No man is an island."
2) "There is no 'I' in 'team' ".
3) "It takes a village to raise a child."
4) "We're all the same"
5) "It takes two to tango."
6) "A bundle of sticks is harder to break than a single stick."
7) "Blood is thicker than water."

Collectivism says that yearning for adventure, desire to be alone, wanting to be different, sexual awakening, having personal toys is "wrong" and "narcissistic" since it makes it "encourages breaking away from the group" therefore making it harder to "herd the buffalo". Collectivism stagnates the personal maturity of young people, hence "teen angst", "quarter-life crisis", and "arrested development." Anytime a youngster wants to be looked at as human being, not a flesh-and-blood cartoon character, he's labelled a "rebellious" or "anti-social" because adults are control freaks and neurotic overgrown kids who are butthurt about growing up.

Individualism: 1) "Look after number one (yourself)."
2) "Life is what you make it."
3) "Pull yourself up by the bootstraps."
4) "God helps those who help themselves."
5) "In order to love others, you must first love yourself."
6) "Do what thou wilt."
7) "If you want something done right, do it yourself."

Individualism teaches adults that being an adult equates to godhood. Morals are optional, survival is supreme. Anyone who yearns for love and affection is a dreamer, a wimp. That's why when adults go drink and rive, lie, or cheat, we shrug it off and say "life is unfair, deal with it". The older you get, the more "right" you have to fuck shit up, because life is short.

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Maybe equality is ethereal in nature.

This exists

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Not unlike the American military promising benefits and career opportunities for service to post-high school youths down on their luck.
Most of our military servicemen never see a single fruit of their hard work.

I don't know about that. The G.I. Bill and the VA have been pretty damn good to me. Sure, my bachelors degree is worth fuck all, but for four years school paid the rent.

All the tormented souls working for Disney just had enough so they made this gem in spite of the bosses orders.

Then why did conservatvies kick off about The Smurfs and Its a Wonderful Life being communist propaganda?

I've never wanted to guillotine cartoon children before.

Really? I have wanted to guillotine most of them since Scrappy Do.

There is no way this is a real show that has Warren Buffet and Bill Gates in it completely unironically like that.

It is a real show that aired on the Hub Network for 1 season.

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I'd blame their parents for letting them hang around with capitalists all day.

Bill Gates wasn't their only guest star.

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Now that's some hardcore pure undiluted ideology.

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bro there's no way I'm sitting through that. could ya give me a synopsis.

The Bill Gates episode is mindbogglingly unaware of what is going on in its own story. Bill Gates sends the kids to Africa to give a remote village electricity, their lack civil engineering leads to them burning down the school house and lose the water wheel. The kids go back to America after leaving the village in worse shape then when they arrived, at the end Bill fucking Gates goes to Africa and rebuilds the village yet the new water wheel looks just as crap as the one the kids made.

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Because conservatives are fucking idiots.