Is being trans idpol?

Is being trans idpol?

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It's pretty reactionary

idk maybe, I just wanted to stop wanting to kill myself / boobs

Stand in the way of trans liberation and you will be crushed by the army of the masses.


I mean if it makes you feel better. I'm not gonna judge.

Obnoxious Trans women are just into sadomasochism

No. Being trans is not political, so it's not identity politics, it's just… identity. Political pro-transness (I'm sure there's a better word), at its basic level, is not idpol either because it's not divisive. It can be idpol when done by liberals, but then again, FUCKING LIBERALS shit everything up with idpol.

plot twist: thinking that gender identities are fixed is the real idpol

its not idpol if it isn't made into a defining political identity
I think the prevalent 'trans ideology' is quite gender essentialist which is more or less reactionary, gender abolition on the other hand is emancipatory
its also gay as fuck

I don't get that comic

Enlighten me. The way I understand it, it's basically the body map in the brain not aligning with the body map present, and the rest follows. Anything more to it?

Me neither. Hurt my head thinking about it.

Of course it is idpol. The only way to not be idpol is to be a one-dimensional instrument of Marx's will, his perfect servant, with no identity or sense of self other than that.

No. Having an identity is not idpol, putting it at the forefront of your politics creates idpol.

Idpol doesn't mean "d.egeneracy". That's Zig Forums muddling the waters.


hegel would be proud

Once "gender" becomes something that subsists in the brain, it follows also that gender identities are generally essential and largely immutable: "I feel like a woman because…" the personal identity aligns with a particular laundry list of "feminine" personality qualities, preoccupations, desires, etc. That would imply there is something in the brain that makes these things "inherently" (or in essence) feminine. It's one of the assumptions behind the various mainstream solutions for GID.

We have this thread every fucking week, comrade

I don't think this alone explains much, so allow me to elaborate:

You can be "American" in the sense that you're a US citizen, born into and raised in the country's culture, speaking its language, etc.
You can also be "American" in the sense that you wrap yourself in your country's flag, stand for its anthem, believe all its founding myths, live vicariously by its economic and military strength and dedicate your
The latter is identity politics par excellence. The former can be called "identity" in the sense that it's something you share with a certain group of people, but it's really just a part of your unique personhood.

In trans case it's actually pretty easy to tell the two apart. Non-idpol trans cares about their sex, transitioning is just means to an end to them. An idpol trans will instead be preoccupied with their trans-ness.
(Of course a non-idpol trans can at the same time be an idpol man or woman, because idpol is a drug with helluva many faces.)

Not exactly.

It works this way: Our genes cannot encrypt a concept as complex as gender identities. But they can control the brain's "hash function" to make sure it stores gender information it got from environment to a specific part of the brain, then add to that part of brain neurological stimulus urging us to conform to traits of one's sex and sexually pursue those of the other.

Obviously, it's a crude, unreliable mechanism. Sometimes things get mixed up and you get sexually attracted to your own gender. Sometimes things get mixed up and your gender does not match your sex, or your brain thinks it has a different sex altogether. And at that point, indeed, your sexuality and gender identity is basically immutable. But at the same time, from god's (society's) vantage point gender traits are perfectly mutable and in most (non-biological) aspects non-essential.

You mean the army of 0.3%

This but unironicaly

I think you're allowing the "brain = computer" analogy to direct your thinking too much and in the wrong direction. Regardless, your conception doesn't seem so much to solve the problem of gender identity being genetically essential. Instead, it pushes it further back into genes that work as a mapping from gender-related cues in the environment to a specific sexed/gendered part of the brain. Gender remains as an essence here, just in a slightly more abstract way.

Interpolation seems more likely and relies less on having a speculative gender identity pseudo-hash function gone awry. "I'm the wrong gender because of these feelings" becomes the imaginary problem that replaces the problem preceding it: "I must be this gender because of these feelings, and by purchasing these modifications of my body I can find happiness with my self."

That isn't to say I'm opposed to people having sex changes or taking hormones, as it's this society's solution to a problem it also created. I just think the basic framework for it is false.


fug forgot to sage the Zig Forums bait thread

eh, when I wake up in the morning and squeeze my boobs, its all worth it


IDpol is making your identity your politics. Being trans doesn't make you IDpol, just like being black, white, gay or straight doesnt make you idpol.

The original was this

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Ah, now it makes sense in terms of overall format. The OP made no sense from the hypothetical POV of a trans creator. The bully is made out to be the good guy through emotionally abusing people.

Transexual - Of course not.
Transgender - Yes, gender is a spook.

Transgenderist- The only thing I am is a trans, neither man nor woman

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I'd say "being" trans is physiological (incl. psychological), while I wish "transism" became the term for the politics of trans issues.

1. Don't namefag on an anonymous imageboard. It's obnoxious.
2. Harry Benjamin, I take it: There are a lot of Benjamins lol.

We're able to have cybernetic hearts and very soon to grow babies in tubes. What's the time-frame for being able to actually tackle the problem of transsexualism through applied biology / biotechnology? At least two decades? More? The hidden nugget I find fascinating about the trans phenomena is how it can contain a transition towards close to anything. I mean let's take the clear example of what Japan is going to be on top of. Trans-nekos. Tbh I've always wanted a tail since I was a child.

Theres people born with tails but it looks absolutely horrible. Youre going to be needing some skilled plastic surgents to make sure it looks somewhat presentable, and it will need to be either fully covered with hair or the end will have to have some fluff, because a naked sausage looks nasty as shit.

Of course not a deformed rat-like tail. Something like a lemur tail. I'm talking decades in the future.

make me

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Of course I can't. I was just giving you advice so that you don't have to have your posts ignored by the overwhelming majority. Ultimately it's up to you in terms of how you choose to engage with a community of non-account using equal-contribution participants as well as how you are then perceived and ultimately interacted with as a result of that.

I did

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No and excluding trans people from proletarian struggle prevents class unity and is therefore reactionary.

Why not a troll tail?

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OP is more realistic though.

If you want to cut off your dick / Turn it inside out or vice versa then just do it
What reason not to do it asides from Muh Morals tier arguments exist?


Lost the link, but they apparently have successfully conducted experiments in in vivo genetic modification of male mice to suppress the mechanism which kept them physiologically male, resulting in the mice's genitalia basically inverting into quasi-vaginas. In the nineties. Specifically ninety two, IIRC. Yeah. It's not a problem of technology.

It is based in the identity of the individual, so yeah

it's dialectical

How can't it be? If identitarianism didn't exist, what would trannies even do?

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Not if you, like the person in the OP, take blockers and supplements from a very young age.

There is another reason you want to kill yourself. A lot of trannys kill themselves, despite their "successful" transition and despite looking more passable than Rebecca Sugar.
But it's considered transphobic in our current day and age to investigate these leads, because God forbid, getting to the core of that problem may actually stop people from mutilating themselves.


Do not pretend that you have any concern for the lives and well being of transpeople.

Since it's frowned upon for ideological reasons, I don't even need to pretend.

That's child abuse though.

That picture is actually funny.

You should have gone through with it.

Any self respecting gobbunist would recognize that crossdressing culture is a sign of liberal fun.

To answer your question OP, trannies have been adopted by the liberal left to create victims out of otherwise mentally ill white men. Chopping your weiner off is one of few ways a white male can become a member of the victim class anymore. Why work towards class solidarity when you can just take a pill and grow a pair of tits. Never mind that you still have a penis, and any alternative will lead to you dilating a fake hole in your crotch until you die.

Not letting your son grow into a qt femboy is abuse

As for the guy below, what's your problem. Who really gives a fuck what someone wants to do to their own body, does it really affect you?

socjus tankie detected

Fuck off, anti idpol isn't embracing right wing idpol.

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Stuff like that is the reason why leftism is a joke in the west.

As for the topic: If you seriously think trans isn't IdPol, you're deluding yourself. Most trannies and troons are just crossdressers who do not seriously suffer from genuine gender dysphoria. At some point you have to grow up and stop dressing like a girl.

this shit is the real idpol you dumb fuck

It's a fucking joke you sperg. I don't say that shit in a serious context. From what I understand delaying make puberty isn't a super big deal if that change your mind, you can just go through it later. Pretty hard to undo it though.

No idea why I typed like that, I meant you can go through male puberty later.

Also wtf is a troon.

I agree there may be a problem with 'transtrenderism' esp. with young people but that doesn't mean every one that calls themselves trans is a poser.

The idea of being trans in the first place is a liberal creation to promote victimization. Theres little to no evidence that being trans actually exists and the only reason it's in the DSM-5 is because of popular demand. It's a make believe identity.

These are some hot opinions alright. So where did you get your PhD from exactly?

Or let me guess you're a le rational skeptic so you don't need qualifications when you have 'common sense'.

The only evidence for trans existing are some vague behavioral studies and some vague experiments with greymatter in the brain.


You can say the same about most any mental disorder, it's not like you can go study 'element borderline personality' in a lab so see how it works. Everything in the DSM is somewhat opinion based on where one condition is divided from another. But clearly there are people who strongly want to be the other gender, and no conventional therapy seems particularly effective, what other solution do you suggest?

biologically impossible

Wtf does that even mean? There are people who want to be dragons. Or do you mean changing your gender is impossible, well there's no easy solution like changing your DNA but what's wrong with getting as close as possible? Like I said it literally doesn't affect you at all.

People shouldn't do things that aren't real

There is evidence of a "third gender" more or less emerging genuinely in culture, such as the hijra in India or the wakashu in Japan. However, these are graceful integrations of gender dysphoria into culture which truly do walk the thin line between genders, and have nothing to do with the current liberal bullshit of "I'm a woman now omg must transition asap" which is basically reactionary gender essentialism. No wonder transitioned individuals end up killing themselves, but to actually criticize their theory is not allowed, instead it has to be lesbian "TERFs" or "toxic masculinity" because dykes still don't want to fuck them.

Troon is radfem-speak for tranny, it's somewhat popular with reddit radfems

Is this really the best argument you have?

The thing is, in most cases you just make yourself unhappy. I'm sorry, sometimes you just have to make due with your body that you're given. Transwomen can never be women. It's the hips, the jawline, the way they walk, etc.

Don't even get me started on the fact that in most leftist parties you can get on a women-only list simply by saying you're a girl, even if you don't have the reproductive organs.

A troon is somebody who says they are the opposite gender but make zero attempts to actually trying to come off as such and then flip when you misgender them.

Anarchopac for example.

False teeth aren't real teeth. Should toothless people starve to death, instead of deluding themselves into thinking they have teeth?

tankies have the worst takes

I fail to see how the fuck it's 'liberal', what does that even mean in this context? I don't have an issue with the abolition of notions of gender but that shouldn't interfere with what individuals want to do.

I can't say much about the suicide, I mean transgender people have much higher pre-transition too so it shouldn't really be that surprising. Gender dysmorphia is a mental condition so it doesn't seem that surprising it's often comorbid with other conditions either.

If you are going to have an issue with transgenderism then again I have to ask what alternative you have for these people.

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Well gee maybe this is why people advocate for giving trans kids hormone blockers etc.

I think I get it now, this is a TERF thing right? Women only shortlists are idpol horseshit anyway so that's one problem b solved.

Does it really affect you if someone else wants to call themselves a woman?

That's not quite what I said, I said their hardcore gender essentialism that often even outperforms the one of social conservatives is. Most transwomen act like a bizarre barbie fantasy barbie and enforcing reactionary gender stereotypes for women (tons of make-up, drinking mimosas, being hysterical). Basically confirms autogynephilia is real.


Again how does this affect you at all? Some women are stereotypes, some men want to be female stereotypes. Most importantly, nobody is going to force you to fuck transgender women/men so stop being so fucking spooked.

I'm not sexually attracted to female bodybuilders, that doesn't mean I deny their existence.

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I honestly believe most of them would be happier trying to live in the body that they were given. You can still be an effeminate man.

Also, don't politicize a fucking mental condition. To talk about "trans politics" is like talking about "schizophrenia politics". There is a trans flag, do we also have a flag for schizophrenia, paranoia or depression?

I said hormone blockers, fucknut. I agree that we should be 'cautious' about giving medication to kids but that doesn't mean just not doing it ever. I don't think anyone denies that we should put transgender kids through rigorous evaluation before medicating them. Your worldview is so bizarre, it's predicated on the fanatical belief that there's no difference between men and women but also that men must never ever be allowed to be women.

When right wingers want to make treating depression illegal then maybe we should.

Try not to be dishonest you chucklefuck.

It doesn't AFFECT ME. I'm giving my opinion on shit. Lots of things don't affect me and I have opinions on them

Needing to eat to survive and wanting to slightly improve your beyond repair mental health by chopping your dick off and destroying your body are two different things.

How else am I supposed to take the statement 'women being effeminate is reactionary'?

And you're right, I'm not transgender either, but when things don't affect me I generally lean towards letting the people it does affect do what they want.

It means exactly that you sick. Are we talking about hermaphrodites or a mental condition? Kids can't grasp sexuality before puberty, personally I didn't even know if I was attracted to men or women before I was 12. Now I'm straight. Don't give your kids "hormone blockers", they have every right to fully experience masculinity and feminity themselves.

Try to gaslight me all you want, science actually agrees with me.

But I thought that was 'gender essentialism'?

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Thats all fine and dandy, but these trans people are subverting far left movements to make them all about trans politics.

It's not about being effeminate, it's about enforcing stereotypes which are historically enforced due to the oppression of women. Read Simone de Beauvoir and Silvia Frederici. Also notice how many of these transwomen also consider themselves feminists and advocate full lipstick feminism.

You truly are an enlightened individual


Forgive me if I don't care about the minutiae of your personal brand of "I can't believe it's not idpol!"

begone xir

So transgender people are exploiting you now? Do you really not see why people like you get so much backlash?

I have an issue with full blown queer idpol too but the solution isn't pretending queer people don't exist. Oh, and while we're on the subject, feminism has done far more to kill leftism than transgenderism ever has, so maybe you don't exist, eh?

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Unironically start with Engels.

I'm getting backlash for merely giving my opinion on something because the left is obsessed with oppression olympics and feel like to white knight 0,001% of the population and attracting the wrong type of people. Most trannies are into leftism because they are trannies, this is why you have an overhwhelming amount of weird gender shit in literally every second leftist Twitter account in the bio. When they then decided to post a photo my toenails roll up because I think that this mentally disturbed person talks serious politics on her/his Twitter.

At least feminism had virtuous approach in the beginning, trans politics have always been cancer. Liberal ideology co-opts everything anyways. Also good job on misinterpreting me once again.

does anyone have a copy of this dojinsoft

also to address the central question people who obsess about trannies and will go to great lengths to deny that they exist are wreckers on the same tier as the radlib clinton supporters who spend 80% of their time hating berniebros

begone wrecker

Also sex with 3D traps is objectively better than sex with cis women

this is the official Zig Forums party line and I will fight any revisionists who wish to deny me tight transbutt