Does Africa holds the most revolutionary potential in the 21st Century?

If you disagree, which part of the world do you think holds the most revolutionary potential?

The LDC are displayed in green.

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The decaying first world. I unironically think a 1st world state will blow up within the next three decades.

I'd bet it will happen in the next few years.

The places where wealth accumulates have always been the cutting edge of revolutions in human history. I do not expect that to change.

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revolution ≠ proletariat revolution

however I do think the next successful revolution will come out of the first world

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Is proletarian revolution so different? In the end it is just one class which has grown in power destroying another and seizing the state and economy for itself.

Isn't it exactly what's happening to Greece as we speak?

A proper socialist revolution (and not a state capitalist revolution, like those of the 20th century) as a result of which alienated labour would be overcome can arise only when the contradiction between the immediate labour time and the historical labour time in it’s reified form has reached it’s peak within the value dimension and the proletariat has acquired class-transcending (but not class-constituting) consciousness. This contradiction is the highest in those countries where the amount of objectified past labour is the largest, which is why developed countries have the most revolutionary potential.

The goal of the proletarian revolution is not so much the abolition of the bourgeoisie as the abolition of the proletariat itself.

How does intent change the nature of the revolution? Also, given the necessity of a dictatorship of the proletariat, would the goal of eliminating the proletariat have any practical effect at all on the revolution, since it must remain intact in the immediate aftermath?

Roo be like.

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Good meme

but I only say "successful" because with the third worlds infrastructure and comparatively weak armed forces it would be hard (not impossible) to defend the revolution against the terrifying shit like this

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The venerable C-130 is from a different time, but it is indeed a marvelous military aircraft.

What about developping economies? I mean countries with a significant portion of the population living in slums in abject poverty despite having a relatively high GDP and a prominent and wealthy bourgeoisie. Brazil, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Argentina, Algeria, Mexico, South Korea, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Philippines, the UAE, Qatar, Taiwan, Thailand…

Besides I still hoping for an anti-revisionist coup in China, Vietnam and Laos.

Africans have a complete different conception of politics than the European conception from which the concept of revolution originates. They have no revolutionary potential.

Excuse me?

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Obviously. They have been colonized, enslaved, exploited, fucked up in every possible way by Capitalism for a long time. The whole language of "Afrikaans" was made to do that to Africa, to divide & conquer. Once you can't speak or understand others it's easier to just eat the propaganda of the colonist nations in there, you will be ignorant about all else & therefore doomed.
Language is a tool of war too, manipulating it can be powerful. Wouldn't surprise me if the USA later tries to make a language to divide the Middle East but thats way harder there than in Africa.

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Maybe México it is already in an almost secret revolutionary war since 1910

honestly good choice but no. I think it can change A LOT politically but no. It's a great place to recruit tho

The best places to recruit in Europe due to the extreme amounts of Anti-Americanism (and rightfully so) that exist there are: Spain, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, France believe it or not. In that order from most to less. Spain is very revolutionary but it won't happen 1st world nations have a harder time, but you can still gather proletarian from there for an international which is great.

Overall this is all Trump does well, he accelerates & makes that opinion of Anti-Americanism stronger around the globe.

India has far stronger revolutionary potential than most people realize due to overpopulation, severe wealth inequality despite deficit in healthcare and infrastructure, history of leftist tendencies in the founding of its state, and the lingering effects of the caste-like divide in social classes alongside gender inequality that continues to impact their lives today. The current administration is right-wing and aggressive against minorities creating another friction point for leftist factions in the country.

Despite being ostensibly higher in HDI than African countries most Indians live as bad or worse than their African counterparts due to the severe strain on social systems, watersheds, and intensive agricultural practice required to sustain its burgeoning population density. This will only get worse over decades as desertification and shifting of the monsoon belt wrecks havoc on the subcontinent. Famines are already common occurrence, to a greater degree than even Sahel belt nations who have benefited from the climatic changes of the last 40 years. Many of its neighbors are also unstable or hostile, creating a flow of dissidents and insurgents that could rise to threaten the establishment for one side or the other.

True that too. But no I know it too well there is a lot of cynicism there. Sure the Zapatistas are still around & mostly unharmed but it's not the same.

Mexico is a superb place for making communes tho Imma say that much, if you ever want a base for whatever reason consider it. Nobody is going to bother you on it's wild lands & it has plenty of resources to live from: water, vegetation, solar energy, etc.

The safest bet rn if you want to gain experience as a Revolutionary & since it's so easy to join it is Rojava. I feel like a lot of future revolutionaries both soldiers or leaders will come from there. A lot of Rojava is very young, it's has so much future potential due to the type of personalities it produces. Even if Rojava ever disbands the survivors there are experienced & highly useful.

like this

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tbh india seems to be one of the places where the left has it's shit relatively together, literally in the case of sanitation in kerala, and they seem to be the only ones making any real noise about the caste system

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As in most likely to revolution in our lifetime?
Assuming an economic collapse, China.
As in most revolutionary potential full stop?
Europe. In our hearts it's only creature comforts and commonality stopping us, the latter is being swiftly eroded by liberals and leftists alike so it will depend on the former's existence. Wether it will be a rightwing or leftwing revolution is probably immaterial, the hot anger is there underneath.

Racists like yourself have no revolutionary potential.