Call me ignorant, but, why are there so many power cuts in North Korea?

Call me ignorant, but, why are there so many power cuts in North Korea?

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Because its access to energy is highly limited by the constant blockade
Its important to remember that NK has a GDP on par with Gabon and fucking Mali but yet even the Anti-Communist U.N Is forced to admit that it has a "High" standard of living

The lie about NK being some Apocalyptic hellscape is just that a lie

Because they have limited resources due to being sanctioned by the rest of the world.

It's a third world country.

And let me guess, the trains run on time as well?

There's some middle ground between "it's paradise on Earth!" and "It's a neonazi shithole full of concentration camps and starving people!"


Steaming take

I bet polyps believe this unironically.

No Thorium

Zig Forums like the DPRK

[citation needed]

Not saying you're wrong. Just provide a source for that bold claim.

The latest figure from UNDP is an HDI of 0.766 in 1995. This was during the Arduous March, and conditions today are clearly much better.

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Statists please explain this:
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They have a curfew just like in many other nations.

That fucking sucks balls.
Like which? I've never heard of this except for very special cases (terrorist attacks)

True, it's "only" a shithole full of concentration camps and starving people, but not neonazi (yet).

IIRC thailand had a curfew when under military government or something

the only thing I have is this:

Cool. Thanks.

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It's power grid is disconnected from south korea.

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Im 95% sure he likes Mao's China not Deng/Xis hina and even if he did its still not fascism

Move your mouse over the flag you chucklefuck, it says "Maoism"

can't fool me with that flag miss piggy

modern maoism is basically people who want to integrate into the modern chinese sphere of influence (even shining path to an extent)

MZT was alright I think but one cannot know

Uh no. Most modern Maoists (MLM) hate China. MZT was literally just a bunch of ML's who sided with China in the Sino-Soviet split.

Go to bed, Kim.

The country literally relies on food donations from the rest of the world like every other communist hellhole.

Meanwhile, South Korea imports more than 70 percent of its food.

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