Yanis Varoufakis: Marx predicted our present crisis – and points the way out


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Nice statement I guess though I'm not sure how 'known Marxist says Marxism is solution' is news

Marx and Engels predicted capitalism would soon collapse and they described the capitalism of their era, nowhere did they describe economies of today. “nestle everywhere, settle everywhere, establish connexions everywhere” isn't an accurate description at all.

its published in a liberal newspaper and also nicely ties Marx to the present status of the world.

It isn't? Capitalism has become so globalised and universalised that it reaches even its sworn enemies and outsiders, in the currently-closed Kaesong Complex for example. In Africa it is the Chinese who have lately been taking on the mantle of capital expansion in building low-cost manufacturing plants in Ethiopia for example. The global proletariat is equalising: the rich western proletariat is getting poorer while the Asian proletariat is getting richer, no doubt soon to be followed by the African proletariat as development expands there.

No, it isn't. Just like "electricity will spread everywhere" isn't an accurate description of electric technology in the current day or how "there was gunfire everywhere" isn't an accurate description of the second world war. Varoufakis is grasping at straws here, it's the central marxist ailment of cold reading, something they do worse than craigslist mediums.

aren't you just confused about the difference in use between 'accurate' and 'precise' or 'exact'?
'there was gunfire everywhere' is an accurate if figurative statement when talking of WWII, but not a precise or exact one.

If you use accurate in that sense, it would make the entirety of Varoufakis' a massive non-sequitur. There would be nothing to said prediction that would make it "truly astounding".

that's a matter of interpretation. I'd say it is at least moderately astounding to predict the globe-spanning, interconnected nature of the economic system and its homogenising powers only from what he saw of capitalism in the first part of the 19th century.

Marx predicted that industrial capital would eventually subsume finance capital but instead we have become financialized to a degree no one ever dreamed up.

Unless the commonly held notion in Marx's time was that the already ongoing economic globalization would come to a halt, I don't see anything astounding about Marx's prediction. What Varoufakis is doing is pure projection

I can't speak with much authority here, but as I understand the lack of systemic analyses and critiques of capitalism were the very reason why Marx was held in such esteem for offering one. On that notion it most likely wasn't a commonly-held belief that capitalism would 'take over the world'.
do you mean anachronism? that is to an extent unavoidable when discussing works over a hundred years old, and not necessarily bad either: he isn't writing history here.

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I like Varoufakis but I'm just not sure how it got in the Guardian, that's all I'm saying. Chill bredda.

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What did Yanis mean by this

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Ostriches don't actually bury their heads in sand you know.

probably that we on the Left don't have the organisational structures or political power to take over should there be a severe crisis of capitalism, and that we should work towards that, while recognising that we can't act like we live in our ideal world already: we need to act and react according to current, present situation

So because of the fact that capitalism isn't literally everywhere you say that they were wrong?

Even the DPRK still uses money and imports stuff from other, capitalist countries.

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We have no orginisaiton

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Uphold Marxism-Hatism

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