What is "Post-Left" Anarchism?

So from what ive gathered "Post-Left" Anarchism is basically ythe umbrella term for all types of anarchists that differ from the general Social-Anarchist concepts?
You know like Primitivism Egoism 90s-Punk Anarchy etc?

Correct me if im wrong plz…
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Some relevant notations:
- Post-Situationist
- Anti-organizationalist (organizationalism is to them the definition of "leftism")
- Egoist
- Fully insurrectionist

Primitivism is distinct from post-left, no matter what anyone tells you. Anti-civ on the other hand is compatible with post-left and as of later years has become more clear. Many post-leftists on the other hand finds Zerzan to be silly / spooked (the primary theorist of anPrim).

I think of post-left and egocom as synonyms.

Lifestylism and rejection of collective action in favour of individualism, eating out of garbage cans and living on fringes of society without any attempts to change it or build a better one.

"Post-left" anarchists reject leftist praxis, and instead just want to hang out and live on capitalist waste that results from capitalist inefficiencies.

Fuck bro isk I just don't like taxes or police

The irony is that post-leftists probably influence the existent further towards real communism than you will ever do in your rank-and-file, dying, irrelevant orgs that requires dues to keep your legal, public offices up and running and plastered with propaganda from the 30s and 40s. I bet you've never even squatted a bombed out bank office or burnt down the office of a multinational.
>i-it will alienate the proletariat!
Someone's not reading history. It's not the prefiguration that sets the stage for a transformation of things. It's the collapse.

I think the post-left / libertarian municipalism "chasm" was fucking unnecessary. It was perpetuated by Bob Black in his "masterpiece" Anarchy After Leftism: theanarchistlibrary.org/library/bob-black-anarchy-after-leftism where he entered into a nasty polemical shit-slinging fight against Bookchin's then emerging theories.

Jason McQuinn by contrast (another influential post-leftist) supports federalism: theanarchistlibrary.org/library/jason-mcquinn-post-left-anarchy-leaving-the-left-behind

Also Stirner is fucking based and Bookchin's anti-Stirner arguments and pro-morality arguments are weak as fuck.


It's an umbrella term for anarchist critiques of the left and collectivist anarchist tendencies, such as ancom, social anarchism or ansyn. The post-left mainly critique the fetishisation of work or workers, protests, ideologies, syndicates… Those critiques can be useful to remind people that anarchism isn't only a struggle against capital, but also against all forms of authority in general.

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It's similar to modern Left-Communism in that it distinguishes itself as a rejection of some components of the left it sees as counter-productive and attempts to moves past. Some of it is great like Tiqqun/Invisible Committee, but like Left-Communism it also contains indecipherable screeds or over-saturation of edginess and pretentious while neglecting substance like Bob Black. You can consider them to be the opposite of Platformists and Communalists and pic related contains some of their lit that will give you an idea of what they're about.

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basically when communism happens leftist politics won't be needed anymore. So thats about it. It should just be called POST-POLITICS Anarchism tbh.

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Is the difference between Primitivism and Anti-Civ the same between Zerzan and Kaczynski? Because at the end the goal remains to live in hunters-gatherers societies, it's just Zerzan who's more idealistic about it and Kaczynski who's more realistic.

Kaczynski isn't even an anarchist.
For a post-left anarchist anti-civ theorist see Wolfi Landstreicher.

If there's no civilization there's no state, he's an anarchist by default even if he does not want to.

weak brah
Pre-Left Anarchism when?

If post-leftards were right, the USA would be a fucking anarchist utopia because of all the gang violence by now.

This picture really shows how low anarchism has steeped. Over half of it are meme tendencies.

Edgy, idealist liberalism.

Post-left anarchism is both worthless and dangerous.

There is actually a difference. Wolfi Landstreicher, an anti-civ anarchist, criticized primitivism in general and Zerzan in particular.

You make it sound cooler.
Now I'm interested.


count me in.

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