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Just found out this board existed after looking at /dir/ for the first time. I normally keep myself grounded to a single board I won't name, but I just wanted to make some sort of introduction before I get to posting in other threads. I'm fiscally and socially liberal, an avid LGBT supporter, a lover of different cultures and ideas outside of my own, and see importance in keeping an open mind. Will I fit in here? (Pic related, I'm in green)

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You'll fit right in, OP. Most people here are closet liberals.

Speak for yourself.

No, but that doesn't matter, nobody here does. That's the great thing about unmoderated discussion boards, the misfits end up here.

if you were too autistic to gather it from the first sentences, "pic related i'm in green" should have been a dead giveaway
back to /left*pol/

I was refering to you calling it bait. Why would this be bait? What kind of giggles would OP get from this thread?
What socially reactionary views do I hold?

This is what the containment thread is for

I know. Which is why I pointed out how obvious the baiting is.
implying this can't be said about more or less all bait
I'm just taking guesses at your reasons for thinking we are "liberals".

But I wasn't baiting, I am in green.

I'm pretty sure you're just too autistic to actually understand when you're (not) being baited.

It's impossible to take that test and not end up in green unless you're batshit insane. It's intentionally biased to put people in that quadrant, which by the way only covers the mainstream overton window. If you plotted out the actual political spectrum, Political Compass would almost entirely be in the top right quadrant.

No, we're a communist board. If you're a not a burger or yuropoor and oppose US wars, you'll probably fit in better on Zig Forums.

It's because we don't support Assad, Mugabe, or Iran. Opposing capitalists is liberal, anargiddie.

There's no way anyone in 2018 would unironically post the political compass (and not even his own results on it but just "I"m in green") to describe his political position

Assuming that you're not baiting:
you won't fit in, this is a socialist (commie or anarchist) board, but you're free to discuss
actually a good thing as long as it's not in an idpol way (for example you think sexual identity is more elementary than class), in that case people will hate you
Perfect as long as you're critical

You understand that if Assad falls it will not be your YPG master warriors taking over Syria. Opposing Assad gives legitimacy to the imperialist warmachine.
This is not about us thinking Assad is a good leader or anything, it's a geopolitical stance that you spineless liberals refuse to even awknowledge. For you it's always some moral bullshit.

Oh? Because I've only seen it opposed on leftypol and leftpol, while it is widely accepted in mainstream discourse (and on other boards).

did you live under a rock? It's seen as a meme on Zig Forums and far beyond that

Yep, you were right. Should've seen that coming.


I don't use Zig Forums, and OP being a liberal would be using liberal propaganda such as the political compas. It makes sense, see? No need for conspiracies about bait.
You should, you politically ignorant fool. Not everything is about women and gay rights.

Well it's true.


I'm the OP. Just observing the discourse about this post, and only made one further post explaining I wasn't baiting. Try harder.

"Literally everything I don't like is bait" t. leftpol
I think I've had my share of autism for today

/cuteboys/? probably that one

its fine man just start by reading books. everyone here should read books no exceptions. download pdfs there are in achieve.org and those places.

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No you fuckwit, the fact the imperialist war machine is backed by power is what gives it legitimacy. It isn't going to die if anarchists and leftcoms stopped talking about communism and started sucking brown capitalist dick.
You're the one supporting a capitalist liberal from the comfort of a western state, I don't even care for the YPG but one of their volunteers have more spine than a hundred of you red socdems.

I'm always right and tankies are consistently ready to deep throat capitalists if said capitalist currently opposes burgerland. If they put as much effort into real politik as they did irrelevant displays of anti-imperialism, they might win more than 1% of the vote and be able to actually challenge imperialism from somewhere besides their twitter accounts.

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Bullshit. There's a reason why they keep staging false flag attacks all over the middle east; they need support for their "interventions". And you shit stains are eating it up. Posting on an image board is obviously not going to change anything, but where does this logic lead us? Should I just leave your borderline retarded opinions alone because I don't have the might of a nation's army behind me to lend legitimacy?
Being against American intervention does not equal support for whatever country they decide to invade. I have no love for Assad, but anything that destabilizes Syria at the moment is a win for America. Even a communist revolution. Which you obviously know, since they are backing it.

We're communists and anarchists here.
More of a mixed bag when this place is mostly a time out place from getting banned on leftypol.

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if they really were false flags don't you think they would have actually invaded syria by now, instead of going to all the trouble just for what was pretty much a slap on the wrist

Probably not considdering Russia guarantees Syria, and China has agreed to support Russia if it comes to conflict with the west.
Really though, I don't know. But tell me why the fuck Assad would use chemical weapons with the entire UN looking his way just waiting for an excuse to nuke him?

They've been doing it for years regardless of public opinion, hell even this new round of missiles saw liberals like Shaun King voicing opposition to the attack. It is apathy, not public support, that the capitalist empire relies upon and your boring politics that continually fail to engage anyone but a fringe of dedicated anti-war activists don't do anything to stop it. If every anarchist and leftcom who called Assad a liberal suddenly went #handsoffsyria the empire would still attack because they can reasonably bank upon the population shrugging and going back to work.
The acknowledgement that Assad is a counter-revolutionary liberal doesn't mean you believe burger media.
To not treat image boards as revolutionary action and do something else for that purpose. If only you fags treated twitter and lifestylist protests the same way, perhaps you'd be in a position to actually challenge imperialism instead of crying over liberals from your couch.
Maybe with a nation's army you'd be forced to do something but cry over niggas not showing your liberal daddy some love.
That your goal is sustaining the status quo, which is liberal capitalism, instead of communism shows you to be the liberal bucko. Our enemy is the bourgeoisie and stopping revolution because one sect of bourgeoisie may benefit will doom any chances of revolution.

partly because they're effective, but also as a means of putting pressure on trump at a difficult time, to see how he reacts

depends on who the victim is, vietnamese peasants and you might have a point, but I'm not getting all up in arms about a chemical weapons plant or isis

Do you remember the shitshow after 9/11? Do you remember how much the TV told us muslims were gonna kill us all? They did NOT do it regardless of public opinion. They sway public opinion enough that they can go to war.
Either/both will work. And you do seem to be apathetic towards an invasion of Syria, no?
Yes you said this before and it's still a fucking retarded point.
Am I treating this like a revolution? Where am I calling for leftpol organization? Where am I calling for any sort of action?
I don't have twitter and I don't go to protests. But keep on strawmanning me.
Why am I being held up to some standard of "doing something" that you're not held up to?
The status quo requires constant expansion. Read some Marx, friend.
No, our enemy is capital. READ MARX YOU IMBECILE

9/11 was different because that attack happened on burger soil and there was a real panic. Since then every attack has been carried out regardless of public opinion, banking on apathy opposed to agreement as the reason for no effective opposition. Most burgers will forget about Syria within a week of the attack, and place a higher priority on Trump grabbing pussy or Game of Thrones than they do a conflict half the world away because it doesn't directly affect them.
They work for different reasons that require different analysis. Most burgers don't trust or even watch the news, as such we have to treat the situation differently than we would if the public was cheering on Trump lobbing missiles.
I feel empathy for the people, but I accept that there's nothing I can do given the current situation in the US. The anti-war movement has proven to be ineffective and it is a better use of time to organize based around issues I can get folks to care about than to spend valuable effort on something that will not bear fruit.
It's absolutely true, anarchists and leftcoms are an inconsequential portion of the population. Having a hundred armchairs or punks join the rally of various Marxist-Snowflakist parties is going to do fuck all to stop US imperialism given the greater population's apathy. The US doesn't care about our opinions and if our actions did anything we would be having this conversation in a prison instead of on a mongolian throat singing forum.
You're comparing posting on an image board to activism, which is an attempt to change something. Despite both not doing anything, I choose to post here as opposed to waiving signs around with a bunch of weirdos because it takes less effort and I enjoy it more.
So you're preventing Assad from getting attacked by supporting him on an even more niche forum than protests or twitter. That's even more sad.
I'm organizing a reading group and gun club that's had more anti-war effort than your admitted non-action, and I don't even care about Syria.
And the assumption that stopping this expansion is possible by maintaining liberal capitalism is retarded, as is the belief that it is within the power of internet communists to stop one specific example of expansion. Conversely, an example of actually existing socialism that doesn't immediately trigger most people is more helpful than if an oil pipeline fucks Russia or not.
And as the ones who currently benefit from capital, the bourgeoisie are our enemy due to their relationship to production and interest in maintaining the capitalist system.

The invasions after that were carried out BECAUSE of this attack, and you need to keep the hate fueled to keep the wars going. Like saying Assad is using chemical weapons, or Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.
So you are apathetic towards it due to your defeatism and you are deliberately ignorant on the subject because for the same reason. How can you play your cards so poorly when you know what hand the capitalists have?
You are missing the point so hard I wish I could smack you through the screen. I don't give a fucking fuck how inconsequential you are, it does not excuse you having retarded opinions. We are not debating how to stop the war machine, we are debating which side winning would ultimately benefit the communist revolution. protip: not the imperialists
How am I doing that, exactly?
No, I'm discussing politics with comrades on a board dedicated to political discussion. But yeah I forgot, since I love brown capitalist dick, I'm held to a higher standard of communist praxis than you.
Strawman harder please.
Rojava is fucked no matter what. They stopped being beneficial to their overlords and have been left to t*rkey.
And do you think it'll be beneficial for the market to expand into Syria? Do you think it'll speed up or slow down the overthrow of the capitalist class?

Most couldn't pick Assad out of a line up, and are vaguely aware of him at best. They simply do not care what the US does halfway around the world because they are so far removed from it.
Because I understand that my hand won't let me win this gambit and to focus organizing to something that is possible to win.
Smack yourself. There is no victory that will benefit the communist revolution, and inconsequential posts about how supporting liberalism is bad or ok if the US is against it does not impact the US's offense or Syria's defense in this regard. You going out of your way to declare your solidarity with the syrian people against imperialism is your version of the christfag declaration of keeping someone in your prayers, it isn't going to stop the bad shit happening and only exists to assuage your ego.

You correlated image board posting with legitimizing the US war machine, as if they came to Zig Forums to see if the anarchists were down with them bombing Syria before carrying out the operation.
I gave you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you ran with your Marxist-Snowflakist parties activities or at least went twitter tankie, don't get mad at me because your activity is limited to e-fellating on a chan.
How is that a strawman? Everyone involved in this conflict is capitalist, Syria could very well negotiate a deal with a firm from Russia or China to help export oil or otherwise make use of resources. This won't slow down expansion, but rather have it occur with capitalist powers outside the west.
Rojava's usefulness is to radicalize people outside of the region, and if anything its defeat may help that. Most 20-somethings can't remember what socialism looked like and having an example of it that doesn't immediately spook them and shows an increase in quality of life is a benefit to organization. Rojava getting killed stresses the need to amass resources before revolution, which frankly few if any socialist orgs seem to have a plan for and less are actually doing.
The market is already in Syria, it hasn't even been socdem for well over a decade and the existence of a western oil pipeline isn't going to change that. The revolution will most likely start in the first world as it decays, Syria's economic future doesn't impact this and the war benefits it if it stresses resources of capitalist empires and creates discontent at home. Given reactions to the bombing, what reactions there were are negative not because of imperialism, but because for a quarter of the price of shooting missiles the pipes in Flint, Michigan could have been replaced. Organizing along those lines and taking a tone of self-interest, instead of the moralistic anti-imperialism found within groups such as the PSL, would be more effective than staging a protest that will be largely ignored by anyone who doesn't already care about US imperialism and is willing to wave signs around for a few hours.

>>>/liberalpol/ is more suitable for you.

pic related
Highly doubt it, liberal

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The sheer amounts of edge on this thread is embarrassing.

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