Discord bans NotSoBot and creator for saying "shut up jew" to devs; why oppose digital free speech?

Creator of famous Discord bot NotSoBot, @NotSoSuper aka on Discord, was banned by the developers after responding to a developer request with "shut up jew," and subsequently refusing to apologize. His bot has also been disabled most likely permanently, though the GitHub page is available here if admins wish to host an older copy of the bot: github.com/NotSoSuper/NotSoBot

Users throughout Discord have voiced their concerns that the developers are banning users with insufficient justification. This is the latest controversial ban, as while the average result of such a statement to an admin of a server would be a server warning, mute or in some stricter cases a server ban, this resulted in a ban from the application Discord, and every server therein.

NotSoBot, with arguably the most features and coding of any bot on Discord, was used by thousands of servers and hailed as tremendously helpful in aspects of moderation, creativity, and numerous fun socializing and searching utilities.

Were the developers justified? Harassment and abuse do after all warrant punishment. However, which is more abusive: a user stating one racist insult, or a developer banning a user's access to their friends, social circles, and creations all over 1 racist remark. A user stating a racist insult to someone and meaning it, may warrant a warning or mute, depending on if they truly mean it and the place it was conveyed. But a user stating a racist insult does not warrant a heavy-handed overreaction of cutting that user's social ties and destroying all the work and effort they spent over the course of a year. At most, the developers should have banned the user from their SERVER, but that is only at most and even then it would be overkill.

Users have the universal, self-given, inalienable right to free speech. To have developers abuse their power for such a minor action, is an oppressive act of censorship far exceeding what is reasonably fair and just. If Discord insists on having 0 tolerance with no leeway, we likewise as users have a civic duty to ourselves to likewise have 0 tolerance for this abuse of power.

SEEING AS this information is brought to you by the International Internet Users Union (IIUU); WHEREAS this is not the only place we are relaying this information to; WHEREAS we relay this information in the name of users standing up for their free speech; WE THUS urge you to support your union so we may continue to provide for you, by accepting this Discord server invite: discord.gg/4rUTYXv

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Who the fuck says that's bad, that's an obvious reason to be suspended.

I like Nazis getting banned though. Also, discord doesn't respect your freedom or privacy.

I dont know who this "developer" is and i dont really give a fuck if some Mod banned him for shit talk

Perhaps now people will consider a communication channel where they're not datamined.

This was a developer ban of a user and incredibly helpful bot from the entirety of the Discord application. All users shit talk; by this precedent any person caught saying anything similar even once, could be banned from this entire application. If admins are not held accountable for this behavior when it happens, it can spread to other apps and sites, such as this one. That is my argument for why you should offer a fuck.

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Zig Forums's admins/mods have chosen to be enemies of free speech by bump-locking a thread from public ease of view because it goes against their biases even this discussion benefits our need for free speech on the Internet.

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It's a dumb thread supporting an aut-right shithead that develops a bot for a datamining application that has zero respect for the freedom and privacy of users. I think the BO/mods did the right thing.

Nobody should be surprised that anti-semitic insults towards the developers results in getting banned. I support you in theory but this is a really stupid test case for IIUU. This isn't defending someone's right to their principled political opinion, it's just getting triggered over some edgelord facing the consequences of their actions. Let me guess, next you'll tell me Countdankula is some huge martyr for human rights?

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what was though?

Using Jew as an insult… Obviously? 99% of people who say this are reactionaries of some sort.

Only in public spaces and public forums.

If you come into my house and say something I don't like – I can kick you out.

If you come onto my website and write something I don't like – I can delete what you wrote and block your IP from accessing the website.

If I'm an owner/manager of a internet chat service, and you say something I don't like on it – I can kick you off and ban you.

You have no free speech in private spaces.

Stop using discord, it is a closed source service that doesn't respect your freedom and sells your data to marketing companies.

This internet union thing should be pushing users away from platforms like Discord. Why you would promote such terrible services is beyond me.

Not the user you are responding to. I totally agree with you, but for what it is worth anons have always called each other Jews, niggers, faggots, and a bunch of other shit non-seriously.


They sure fucking don't. I get so tired of burgerlards not understanding even the most basic concepts relating to private property, considering how loud they start screeching in its support at any chance they get.

As a burger even I am confused by this view. Like even online it would be zero effort to host your own irc server off your desktop if you want total control minus legal bs. I don't expect shit out of major social media platforms.

i think the history of the internet shows at this point that you need moderation because if you don't, your space is going to get overrun with psychopaths. it is inevitable. also online communities and these services always have to deal with edge cases that try to push the line further and further without doing anything that explicitly breaks a rule (or they eventually screw up and do). so you need admins who can spot them and shut them down.

This. It's always the same sort of people corrupting everything that was intended for normal people.

Good news, everyone.

The creator of the bot is dead.

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I understand what you are saying, but simply put, you cannot access large swathes of people without using mediums USED by large swathes of people. We try to exist on many diverse mediums. Better to have more embassies than less. We will keep one hand in the mainstream, and one hand in the obscure, at all times. This is the ideal way to gather support. Even Anonymous used YouTube to start the Scientology protests.

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Your IIUU meme will never catch on. Just stop.






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not your personal army faggot

Comic extremely related. When there is no public venue, the imposition of free speech on private ones becomes mandatory.

The emergence of private services like Discord, Twitch, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc. that put not just API development but network administration in private hands represents an Internet-age "enclosure of the commons". Centralized admins being able to orbital strike random shitposters from among millions of users on a whim is an extremely dangerous precedent.

The fact that you can still run an IRC server is merely a quirk of our present day, one under dire threat if open two-way Internet access becomes a thing of the past.

Get fucked. Name one single anything that was ever ruined by too little, rather than too much, moderation. I'll try first:

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But was he a jew? I'm guessing so due to the heavy-handed approach.